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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch7

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 7
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Chapter 7
Elegant Game Esports Club, also known as EG, owns a strong and experienced LoL team that has entered the World Championship five times, thrice claiming the championship and twice knocked out during the semi-finals.
In the current line-up, besides the King of Mid Lane, Gu Zixing (Game ID: Siler) who is feared by his opponents in the World Championship, both the jungler Qi Chen (Game ID: Deep) and support Yao Le (Game ID: Listener) are also main pillars of the team. Together, they have made outstanding achievements in the Championship for the club.
Gu Zixing and Qi Chen were both part of the line-up for the three Championship titles, while Yao Le was previously the renowned mid laner of TR, a team that is equally matched with EG. But for unknown reasons, he gave up his role at TR and willingly took up the role of support and vice-captain at EG two years ago during the summer split, aiding EG in clinching the Championship titles.
Many have speculated that Yao Le was completely thrashed by Siler in the mid lane, which is why he stooped to take up the support position in EG. This made it seem as though he would rather be scrubbing the floors on a deluxe cruise than the captain of a (sinking) sail boat, but it was a story that many people believed.
Afterwards, Yao Le was under criticism by the media and TR fans for a very long time. Fortunately, he is one with great mental fortitude and did not let these rumours affect his performance. In fact, it drove him to become an even better player, bringing EG an overwhelming victory in all three lanes over TR during a regular season game.
But a hero does not wallow in his past glories. EG started going downhill in the past few matches with the mid laner Gu Zixing making multiple outrageous mistakes in games.
This was a red alert for EG as they prepare for the World Championship.
Gu Zixing wears his jacket and slowly walks to the meeting room with Qi Chen. Gu Zixing walks in front, with Qi Chen frowning behind him.
“What’s wrong today?”
“What do you mean?”
“Everything was all right during practice. Why the slip up during the match?”
Gu Zixing turns around, looks at Qi Chen and says, “Why is it normal for other pro players to make mistakes on stage, but not me?”
“Well, because…” you’re Gu Zixing. Qi Chen wanted to blurt that out but decided against it after giving it some thought.
Qi Chen knows that Gu Zixing may look calm on the outside and can even casually play a ranked game after losing a match, but he is actually more upset and stressed out than anyone else when they lose.
EG has not been performing and have fallen from first place to second in the league. Gu Zixing has even lost some weight due to all the pressure. But he has kept mum about it and has been silently shouldering the immense pressure from the club, the public and the fans. Gu Zixing might not have even said a single word about the game, if not for the close friendship between him and Qi Chen.
Because he is Gu Zixing, he cannot make any mistakes.
And everyone seems to believe this ridiculous statement.
“Also,” Qi Chen changes the topic, “When you speak to the manager about that... don’t get too agitated if they do not approve it.”
“I won’t.” Gu Zixing continues walking and says, “Someone else will be the agitated one.”
Both of them walk into the meeting room and see Manager Ren, Coach Chen, three other team members and two substitute players watching the replay of today’s match. The coach, with a poker face, stares at Gu Zixing and Qi Chen entering the room.
The screen is replaying the third team fight of this afternoon’s match, the particular one that brought the team to a complete defeat.
In the video, Siler was playing Orianna where he moved away to dodge a skill from the enemy’s ADC. But the enemy’s top laner appeared from behind and stunned Orianna. Yao Le, the allied support who was playing Janna, wanted to give Orianna a shield but was blocked by a wall created by the Ultimate skill of the enemy’s mid laner, Taliyah.
EG Siler on the red side, slain.
The high damage dealing champion, Orianna, died carelessly as the first kill in this team fight. Losing a carry prompted EG to retreat and defend the turret, but the enemy’s jungler managed to catch EG’s ADC Tang Xuan.
Double Kill!”
It was too late for the allied support, Janna, to move up and save the ADC. But the champion took a step towards the ADC in a state of panic, which gave the enemy support, Rakan, a chance to knock her up. As both of EG’s carries have already been erased from the fight, the enemy’s ADC Caitlyn did not hesitate to flash in and kill Janna with a snipe.
EG’s top laner and jungler, with the more mobile champions, disappeared from the enemy’s vision and did not turn back.
This team fight ended with 0:3, costing EG the advantage that they should have gotten in the early game.
Coach Chen is boiling with rage, while the manager pulls a long face.
Coach Chen’s name is Chen Shuo. Though a coach, he is only at his early thirties and was a pro player himself before retiring to be a full-time coach. He is extremely experienced in the field but known for being short-tempered.
Silence shrouds the meeting room as Coach Chen rewinds the video to the start of the team fight. Gritting his teeth tightly, he taps hard at Orianna on the screen with his finger, before forcing out a sentence, “What kind of shitty positioning is this!”
Before Gu Zixing could answer, Yao Le takes over the conversation.
“It was my mistake, the team fight happened too fast, I wasn’t looking at the carry’s position.”
“Don’t be too eager to take the rap!” Coach Chen slaps the desk angrily and violently points at a few locations in the jungle. “Look, look, look! See for yourselves! Not only were there no wards in the enemy’s jungle, your own jungle is pitch-dark! Look at how the enemy team was doing their vision work!”
Coach Chen switches the perspective of the replay swiftly as he speaks, which displays the enemy’s view. It shows that a few critical locations of the jungle are “brightly-lit” with wards.
“Tell me, how can a blind win a fight against another with normal vision! How do you expect to have an edge in the late game when you lose all your jungle camps in the early game!” Coach Chen turns around and looks at Qi Chen. “And you!”
“Yes sir.” Qi Chen lowers his head, displaying total submission.
“Remind the support to ward the jungle if he doesn’t!” Coach Chen points at the screen and continues, “Count for yourself, how many of your jungle camps have been stolen!”
“Yes sir, I’ll be sure to make a count,” Qi Chen nods quickly. “But Yao Le is the vice-captain, while I…”
“Vice-captain, big deal? Vice-captains don’t have to place wards?! Does it mean the captain can just AFK in the base?!” Coach Chen shifts to look at Gu Zixing and shouts, “Huh?”
Team captain Gu Zixing, who is falling asleep, jerks up straight immediately when Coach Chen yells. He hurriedly waves his hand, “No no, of course not.”
“But I’d rather you’ve gone AFK than pull this shit!”
Qi Chen finds it hard to contain his laughter.
“What the hell are you laughing at? Have you finished counting how many jungle camps you have lost?” The Coach stares at Qi Chen and says, “One hundred push-ups for losing one jungle creep, two hundred for one dragon!” He pauses and adds, “Five hundred push-ups for one Baron!”

“But they stole two Barons…...
Qiao Yanzhou is sitting in front of his computer, feeling a little unsettled seeing that the name of “ThoseStolenBlueBuffs” darkens.
He’s unsure why, but he has a very strong feeling about this.
Maybe this ID will never turn green again…
Although Qiao Yanzhou did not ask about his identity, eventually he is certain that person must be quite respectable in the Esports field, even if he is not Siler.
Qiao Yanzhou gets up and pours water into a bowl of instant noodles before continuing to queue for another ranked game.
Looking at the time, Qiao Yanzhou thinks he might stream another three to four hours so that he can reduce the number of streaming hours in the next few days.
Let’s try playing Annie in the mid lane next. Qiao Yanzhou rubs his hands, feeling good about himself after winning two games.
After 60 seconds, the system finds a match and grants his wish to be the mid laner.
Qiao Yanzhou hovers his cursor over Orianna yet locks in Annie, the dark child.
As the game loads up, Qiao Yanzhou gobbles two mouthsful of noodles before he enters the game.
Welcome to the Summoners’ Rift!”
Author’s notes:
Dragon: There are different types of dragons (or drake), including Infernal Drake, Mountain Drake, Cloud Drake, Ocean Drake and Elder Drake. One type of dragon will spawn at different times throughout the game. Killing different types of dragons gives different boost to the team, which I will be explaining in the story.
Baron: A.K.A Baron Nashor. It is extremely difficult to kill but gives very powerful boosts to the team that slays it. A Baron can usually conclude the game, which is why team fights break out at the Baron’s pit as they contest for it. However, the player loses the Baron buff once he dies.

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