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Cold Sands (Beyond the Frore Dunes) - ch29

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Cold Sands ch 29
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XXIX Choices

The atmosphere of war suddenly intensified over night.

Xu Zheng is a quiet man with a determined air. Clad in black armour and holding his personal sword, he bows to Heng Ziyu and me before turning to leave. I watch as his tall figure disappears into the masses.

Using the gloomy evening as cover, twenty thousand elite soldiers leave discreetly. They are going to set up ambush for the Yan along the path to the capital in hopes to stall the southern descent of the steel hooves of Yan, and in turn buy more time for defense preparations of the capital. A winding line of shaky torchlight snakes out the city like a red serpent disappearing into the dark night.

The soldiers left to defend the city all hold their spears up, lower their heads and bow. That is the martial ceremony of the highest respect in Great Ruiperformed only for the warriors who are not returning.

I hear a low sigh from beside me.

Night comes but sleep does not come to me.

I can hear the distant sound of the water clock. I haven’t had any shuteye yet and am still gazing at the gloomy hall. After some time, I feel a sudden rush of frustration so I put on a robe and leave the bed. Immediately, Liu An rushes over.

I am going to the walls,” I tell him calmly.

Liu An speaks quietly, “It will be daybreak soon, Your Majesty. Why don’t.”

I leave before he could finish.

The moon is in the middle of the tranquil night sky.

The city gates have long been closed and only the night guards are patrolling along the walls. The campfires crackle and embers burst forth, seeming extra clear in the silence.

I sigh and lie on a crenel, gazing at the pitch black sky.

The capital is still the capital but in my eyes, it has lost its beauty and luxury. And the days of glamour, wine and girls have gone too far to reach.

The prosperity and liveliness of Lake Yu and the bustling clamor in the markets is still the same but I wonder how much of those things will remain when that day comes.

And if I will make it out alive.

I taste a bitter tang in my mouth and close my eyes. I’m not sure where to start organizing my disarrayed feelings.

“Your Majesty?”

Startled, I whisk around to find Heng Ziyu standing behind me in inky black armour as dark as night. It appears he hasn’t gotten any rest yethis sword is still by his side. He’s looking straight at me, not paying attention to any etiquette.

“You have not rested yet?” I ask casually.

He replies with a serious expression, “Aren’t You here too, Your Majesty?”

I could not find sleep so I thought I would take a stroll,” I say smiling. “I know You have had a long day. Better get some rest.”

I’ve taken a few steps when I spot out of the corner of my eye that he is trailing behind me and soon he catches up to me. I look up a little at the sparkling stars in the black backdrop. “It sure is quiet.”

He looks up too before looking back into the distance ahead. “It won’t be anymore very soon. I wonder how things will be when the two sides clash.”

I chuckle helplessly, “What else? Bloodshed, death, suffering, skeletons everywhere.”

“Your Majesty.” He turns to me with a doubtful gaze. “Are You afraid?”

I let my smile fade and shake my head. “If I was afraid I would probably be in Yening south of the Qihe River by now.”

Our footsteps are slow and light, making the quietest noises against the limestone

“It’s just that, well, I feel bad for dragging You into this.”

I chuckle a little while looking downward. He immediately frowns and argues, “What are You saying? This is part of my duties as Your subject.”

I turn away to the same-old night sky.

I have to say that our relationship seems to have gone past the initial weak alliance and there seems to be this thing called trust slowly blooming.

“I could understand why You had sent Duchess Yu Qing and the Eldest. The other officials and royalty, however…” His question trails off.

I look back at him. He’s gazing at me, waiting for my explanation.

They all think I sent the duchess and the young son away for personal reasons but this man is cunning enough to see that I have an ulterior motive.

He’s still watching me with a serious expression. I laugh, “Why not be straightforward about it if You have already guessed it.”

His expression changes as he speaks through clenched teeth. “Could it be…a back-up plan?”

I drop the smile and turn my head, “Honestly speaking, I do not know what the future holds or whether I will live or die. If I die, then they can declare Duke Yu Qing’s eldest emperor in the South and continue fighting the Yan. The natural barricades of the Qihe River are easy to defend and hard to attack. The Yan are not adept at fighting in water and they have a fight of their own back home. With that Great Rui will be able to live on in the South.”

He opens his lips as if to speak but falters.

I would have lost the people’s faith if I had relocated in the beginning and fighting back would be even harder to accomplish.” I spit, “Not to mention, I would be laughed at by the world, how the Rui are just spineless fools. Even if we won, our sons and daughters would have to live with the ridicule and shame! Even if I had to die I would want to die nobly!”

Something moves in his eyes; it looks like he’s touched.

“You are betting against high stakes, Your Majesty.”

“High stakes? Yes, I am. But,” I turn to look at him. “Did you not do the same thing back in the day? We are the same kind of people from that point.”

He stays quiet and looks away into the distance.

I do, too, and rest my hands on a crenel.

“Do You still have family, Marshal?”

“I have always been away from home and have not married. My parents have both passed away. There’s only my younger sister, Heng Zixiang,” he says with a gentle smile.

“Ziyu, Zixiangvery good names,” I say with a smile of my own. “Perhaps it is time to consider marriage at this age now, Marshal”

“My sister always says that she must be consulted before I get married. My parents doted on her a lot and made her quite bossy and often stubborn.”

I can’t help remembering Xiao Qinyun. I laugh, “I see. I had originally thought about marrying a princess off to You when the war ends for the immeasurable contribution You have made to the country.”

“Is that really true, Your Majesty?” He freezes and drops his smile. 

“Taking a princess’ hand in marriage is fit for Your contributions.” I squint as a few morning rays peek over the horizons in the east. “However, all the princesses still in the palace now have a temper, too. I am afraid You would be the one to suffer.”

I can’t help but smile and shake my head. Between a royal-born princess and his beloved little sisterI don’t think even a champion warrior like him is able to escape the troubles of having to deal with familial affairs like these.

“Your Majesty,” he asks quietly after a silence. “I should not be asking this but, well, why have You not named an empress or consort yet?”

My stomach twists up and I say in a self-mocking tone. “Thank You for the concern, but no one knows what is going to happen. I cannot just leave them widowed for no reason. Plus, these things should be between two people in love.” I look down and pause. “And I don’t think I can ever…”

I murmur. “Not again in this life…”

The rays grow brighter and brighter, staining the east pale white. The dark plains turn into a rich green colour under its radiance, extending to the horizons as though boundless.

What a beautiful realm.

The two of us do not exchange any more words and only cast our gazes off over the vast stretch of flatland. The clouds churn like the ocean and the sunlight bursts through, shooting over the battlements towards the wispy clouds on the other end of the sky.


In the secret chamber, the Wraith leader is kneeling before me, handing me a thin piece of paper with his head lowered. Liu An takes it and passes it to me. Calmly, I open and read it.

I have to admit, the Wraiths are quite efficient. They arrived at the Yan capital in the shortest amount of time possible and quickly got in touch with all sorts of parties, including the previously existing ones. Not only have they gotten in contact with people working for the two princes, they even obtained information from the inner palace.

I remember when I was still in the Yan camp, Murong Yu mentioned that his father was ill, but according to their information, it seems the emperor’s illness has worsened and he even fainted several times. Administration has gone to the left minister, the royal guards to the second prince, and the troops stationed in the capital to the third prince.

While the emperor is too sick to oversee the country and the prince royal is out at war, the maternal branches have started to act up. The left minister has tried his best to suppress them but to no avail. More and more people are getting involved in all areas and it has just become a mess.

The empress may be the emperor’s wife but she doesn’t have his affection. The emperor has always preferred the prince royal. He had been disappointed by the second and third prince’s disregard towards his generosity. The empress’ elder brother, the right minister, has always been trying to get the second prince the throne.

Amongst them all, the second prince has the highest hopes to ascend the throne. He was born to the emperor’s wife and his uncle is the right minister. Through many years’ efforts, he has controlled the royal guards and plots to usurp the throne.

The prince royal has no support from his mother, only the support of the left minister. The left minister belongs to Empress Dowager Xiao’s clan. The emperor has agreed and promised to marry the left minister’s daughter and the prince royal. The left minister has a strong footing and a lot of influence throughout the court. Once the prince royal takes his daughter as wife, it means he will be under the protection of the Xiao clan. No one would dare easily disregard the power of the Xiao clan.

I hold the paper above the candle and the flames leap up to devour the words. Bits of ashes flutter around.

As I gaze at the dark yellow flames, the past flashes before my eyes and makes my heart ache.

After a long silence, I ask in a raspy voice. “Have you seen the princes themselves?”

The Wraith shakes his head. “In reply to Your Majesty, no, but we have met with their people.”

“What is the situation?”

He hesitates for a moment. “According to the report, they were interested in our offer but did not express any wish to cooperate. The second prince even said he would only consider it if Your Majesty personally wrote to him.”

I scoff silently to myself. I doubt it’s just a written letter he wants. I’m afraid I have to stamp my imperial seal too.

“They even said that whether they will or not depends on Your sincerity.” He presses lower to the floor after seeing my expression.

Sincerity, huh. It’s none other than giving him what he wants. As a mortal, desires never stray far from fame, profit, power, authority, wealth and sex. A few more back-and-forths with him and I’ll know exactly what he desires.

I wave my hand. “I understand. You may retire for now.”

He leaves with his back bent and Liu An follows him out. I feel exhausted all of a sudden so I collapse on a comfy rug and let my mind wander.

If they say so, that means I have a chance to reach an alliance with them. If I invest everything into lighting the Yan army’s backyard on fire, then they surely won’t have the pleasure of entertaining the frontiers; if Great Yan falls into an unstable state, or even the emperor passes away, the left minister would not allow the prince royal to be away from the capital. He would definitely order a retreat. Even if it’s not the entire army, the prince would need to return at the least.

I’m betting against high stakes and so are they.

It’s just that I’m betting the future of Great Rui while they are betting their future welfare.

The only similarity is that we are all past the point of no return.

One careless move, one wrong step and what awaits us is a bottomless pit.

I sigh softly and close my eyes.

I don’t have a second choice.

I spring up like a fish out of water. I lay out some letter paper, grind the ink, pinch the brush tip and start writing.

“From the Emperor of Great Rui, to His Highness, the Second Prince of Yan…”

I start chortling as I write. Thank goodness no one knows, or else those old farts would get caught up on the way of addressing. Those old farts love wasting time on these useless matters.

Names aren’t important at all right now. Anything is fine as long as I can keep my country safe.

I don’t know how long it has been when I have finished. I shake out my sore wrist and glance down. What I see gives me a fright. Damn. I wrote six full pages. I remember back when I would rack my brains out but still couldn’t even get one page done when Master Liao used to make us write essays. I guess people just perform better under pressure.

With my head propped on my hand, I carefully read over the letter and after much consideration, take out the jade seal and stamp it. The stinging vermillion design sinks into the paper with a thud.

Dynasty of Great Rui

Seeing these words, I laugh out bitterly.

If the past emperors heard about their seal being used on this flimsy piece of paper, they would probably be so angry that they cough up blood.

After slipping the letter into an envelope, I write in lively handwriting ‘Dear His Highness, the Second Prince of Yan.’ I summon the Wraith and hand it to him.

“Deliver this to Yan hastily. It must be given directly to the second prince and tell them I will agree to any condition as long as they cooperate.”

The leader nods in obedience. I get Liu An to take a sizable amount of treasures and money out of the private reserves for the Wraith to bring along.

I have to admit that this method is despicable but I’ve no choice.

I walk over to the windows whose blinds have been lowered by the maids. Between the bamboo strips, I see that outside the hall the night sky is filled with rain and still pitch black. The sound of the wind sounds chilling to the bones.

Suddenly, I feel the cold coiling around me. I hug myself and back up against the cold wall.

It’s been raining constantly since autumn began. The South has always been plagued by floods and even though there has been no news about it yet, I doubt it’s anything to rejoice over. The war in the North is already taking all the resources so if the South floods then we really…

My head starts pulsing with pain and there seems to be sharp ringing in my ears.

With an entire empire resting upon the shoulders of one person, he is bound to tire even if he were made of steel. Yet I do not have the luxury to be tired.

While I sit on the throne above all else, those kneeling officials are obviously sneaking glances at me. They are watching from deep within the palace; they are watching from the treacherous court; they are watching from the warring chaos.

I shut my eyes and curl into myself.

I had hesitated and wondered if it’s worth giving my all for a country that fills me with sorrow. However, I have no other choice now. Father has told me with his actions that this kind of sacrifice must be made to prevent the loss and destruction of this land and establishment.

This makes me laugh out of pity.

But why must my love be the price?

The rainwater trickles down from the roof in uninterrupted streams. Beyond the blinds, rain falls in solid sheets and black clouds line the horizon.


The capital is under heavy security by now. Entrance or exit is not permitted. Fully armed soldiers stand guard and patrol every street corner. The rich and poor alike all stash their food for emergencies. The government distributes food to those who haven’t gotten the chance to evacuate and helps them settle down.

Those officials who always looked so relaxed finally know the meaning of working like a bee. They all know the more time they save and the more that gets done, the probability of winning increases and the chance of surviving increases.

After the morning court and after reading through the memorials, I decided to go for a stroll on the wall. I reach the place where Heng Ziyu discusses the war with his generals. There are a surprising amount of soldiers and officials coming and going.

I draw near and signal for the guards to remain silent. I see many captains and generals around the military map, surrounding one person—Heng Ziyu. He has changed to dark, casual attire that accentuates his unique air which, along with his determined and confident speech, makes him seem more like the champion that he is.

I stay there quietly for some time. They don’t notice me and only focus on the defense plans. I feel relieved and leave.

Only after a few steps, I hear his voice. “Your Majesty.”

I turn in time to see him striding over, looking stern as always. “Your Majesty is here early today.”

“There is nothing more important,” I reply with a smile.

He nods and I walk into the room. The soldiers perform the rituals before leaving discreetly. I pace to the map and he trails behind me.

“How is Your injury?”

I only think of the recent assassination when he asks this. Almost reflexively, I touch the injured arm and feel a faint ache. His burning gaze is filled with concern. I look back and say, “Many thanks for the concern. It is fine now.”

He says after a short pause, “I did not have time to remove my sword that day when I heard the commotion inside. Bringing weapons into the palace is supposed to be punishable by death. I–”

I interrupt him with a dismissing wave. “You are overreacting. If it were not for You, I would be with Emperor Shun by now. So in that sense, You are actually my saviour.”

He falters for a moment before recovering. “Please do not say so, Your Majesty. However, what You did afterwards was very impressive.”

“It is just that every emperor must bring his own people to the court,” I sigh.

Heng Ziyu takes several steps closer. “You’re completely different from the person I knew before becoming emperor.”

I take a few steps away while keeping the same face. “How could one possibly know the future?”

He nods, smiling. “That is absolutely right. I entered the army not knowing the riches in my future. You probably had no idea when You were just a Golden Guardian that You would be the supreme ruler that You are now.”

I crack a small smile.

Heng Ziyu still talks with the arrogance and pride of a powerful official and lacks a bit of respect but he is still easier to converse with than the others. All those old farts have been scared witless by my purge and don’t dare make a sound. They are always shaking like a leaf as if I’m going to kill them.

How pathetic is it that I’ve come to this.

“But Your Majesty seems to still be troubled. I often see You quietly brooding.”

I look back at him. “Marshal, do You really think I can be happy being the emperor?”

The autumn wind has turned cold and harsh, sneaking into my clothing.

Looking up at the sky, I sigh. “In the others’ eyes, being the emperor and being able to rule and control everything is the most awesome but none of them know the unease and worry that the throne has brought upon me since day one.”

I took the mission when disaster was imminent,” I scoff. “Securing the country is my duty; I am the emperor after all. But if I fail then I automatically become a sinner and will be shamed upon eternally.”

Heng Ziyu’s expression seems to change a little but he doesn’t speak.

I shrug. “It is not a fair deal at all.”

“Then,” he asks quietly after some hesitation, “Why did You choose this path?”

I raise my two index fingers. “If there were two paths to choose from,” I wave them and say, “One is death and the other is becoming the emperor, which would You choose?”

He holds my gaze and answers steadily, “Staying alive is the most important, of course.”

I nod and lower my hands. “Then there is Your answer.” I sit down and pour myself a cup of tea.

“Having grown up in the streets, I do not know too much about aspirations and righteous principles,” I say while running my fingers along the edge of the cup. “I did not study well from my master. What I am doing now is solely based on my own judgement.”

He raises an eyebrow. “How strange for Your Majesty to say that. You might have an extraordinary background but how could it be that You grew up in the streets?”

I don’t want to talk about the horrible days so I just laugh it off. “The world is full of strange things.”

He sits down beside me and rubs on his sword handle while watching me. I face another direction and drink my tea.

We’re temporarily silent.

I don’t like his gaze. It is too mysterious and seems to be able to observe my everything right through my own eyes.

His sharply slanted brows show inquiry and worry. His gaze shows no fear or reverence, only undisguised inquiry which exceeds that a subject has for his ruler and holds within it certain other meanings.

Forcing my unease away, I stay unmoved.

Perhaps at a different time and different place, we could become a model of the perfect ruler and subject. However, there aren’t that many ‘perhaps’ in this world. He wouldn’t be satisfied with just a high position, wealth and power. He wants to rule the world and have his name heard by everyone.

This position isn’t what I had wanted to begin with.

“Your Majesty,” he breaks the silence finally. “If I may ask, do You really plan to die defending the capital?”

I reply steadily, “I thought we have already discussed this before.”

The sword wobbles a bit but his expression remains unchanged. “You are the crux of this nation. If You really…I am afraid that things would take a turn for the worst.”

I look back at him. “Through all those battles, have You ever backed away from a perilous situation in fear?”

He frowns and replies slowly, “But that is my duty as a soldier. Your Majesty is the ruler of this country; there is no comparison.”

“Do not forget that I was once a soldier, too.”

He doesn’t respond but only plays with the sword handle with his eyes down.

Just as I stand up, I hear a racket coming from the city walls. The soldiers’ cries sound panicked and rushed. I’m startled while Heng Ziyu springs up with his sword in hand and heads out the door.

“Allow me to look into it, Your Majesty.”

Not even bothering to reply, I hurry after him. The two of us raise our heads to see what’s going on while dashing forward.

I hear the drumming of horse hooves from outside the building. Someone comes riding in. “Urgent report! Urgent report!”

We share a look and I feel anxious. Heng Ziyu says in a low voice, “I fear it’s from the frontlines.”

As expected, the person looks exhausted. His armour is stained with blood and he is wounded in many spots. He dismounts with the help of others and kneels down, shakily holding up a military report that he gets out from his breast pocket.

I order for him to be taken for medical attention before unfolding the report. A pungent odour of blood fills the air at once. I frown at the brownish-red page.

Xu Zheng led twenty thousand dragoons to Luo Yuan and stationed the men along the road. Two days later, they clashed with the Yan cavalry to the north of Luo Yuan. The two sides fought a bloody battle. Yuwen Yuan, using his advantage of more advanced troops, ordered for the left and right wing to attack from the two hills. The twenty thousand dragoons did not budge and battled with the Yan.

The awesome battle dyed the world red with blood.

The Yan pushed Xu Zheng and his men until their last breaths and killed them all. The plains of Luo Yuan became filled with corpses and hoarse cries.

Not able to keep reading, I close the report but the bloody odour seems to have coiled around me.

I feel something on my wristit’s Heng Ziyu’s hand.

“You must not show it, Your Majesty,” he whispers as he holds on tightly.

I feel my throat constricting. Nothing comes out.

Xu Zheng, that quiet and determined man, shed his blood for the last time for this country. And what he and the twenty thousand men got in exchange for their lives is stalling the Yan’s arrival for merely three days.

Three days.

“Your Majesty, this is our last chance that they have given up their lives for.”

I turn my head back a little and meet with Heng Ziyu’s gaze.

He’s right. I don’t have the luxury to mourn the dead. There are more important things waiting for me to do.

My head spins and my legs feel wobbly. The moment I step into Tai Qing Palace, I can no longer support myself. My legs buckle and I fall short of the doorstep.

“Your Majesty.” Heng Ziyu holds onto my arm and hoists me up.

His gaze is so steadfast it makes me feel at ease.

“Rest for now, Your Majesty, and allow me to do the rest.” He helps me sit down. He looks worried.

I just feel like my head is cracking open. “Thanks, Marshal.”

Exhausted, I shut my eyes. Twenty thousand human beings have become one with the earth, never to exist again. I’m in a stupor as I laugh. I thought I already knew that this was going to happen.

The evening winds start blowing through the rows of palaces and the candle flames flicker. The sky is gloomy as though signaling the approach of a storm.


The following day, even more unsettling news reaches the capital.

Delegates sent by the marshal of the Yan army have come requesting that the city gates be lowered in surrender.

Seal, like the one used by Han Xin
Due to the cultural importance and prestige of Chinese writing in the Sino-sphere (i.e. China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam), seals like these were the equivalent of modern day signatures. Some even had multiple seals for different purposes (e.g. personal, business, official). Nowadays, it is still common to use seals for official purposes, though personal seals are rare to see in China, but common in Korea and Japan.

Traditional doorstep

At first used for keeping out rainwater, the doorstep later developed into a symbol of an obstacle. "To run into a doorstep" means to run into a problem. Another interesting fact, when visiting a temple, men must step in left-foot first while women right-foot first. It is said doing so means heaven while stepping with the wrong foot means hell for the person. One must also remember not to step on the doorstep as that means you will straddle between both worlds and not be able to reincarnate.
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    @ nii_san..Nice dysfunctional family you have ^^...Mines pretty crazy and weird..and yup we love are daily arguments :P
    @ayszhang: Ur really impressive...Seriously thats a hell lotta languages u know...Hope u get your dream job :D
    @eye44can1 and @no name: I started off one these novels by Harlequin and mills and boons too (my mum's hidden treasure's) when all my Enid Blyton's, Roald Dahls, Anne Fines, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drews, and the list goes on were read and reread a couple of times and the local library didnt have enough reading material to keep my school vacations occupied...Some of the mushy stuff were really good and some were just well so cliched that they became fodder for my weird sense of humor (still read them once in a while for comic relief)..Mum looks askance at me and goes you are really horrible (shes a total cheesy romantic)...I remember i read Anita Blake series when I was in the throes of denial that I took real pain to read the twilight series at my friend's insistence and sat up the entire reading it before my exam and even when ahead to read it two more times later on (the horror)..That period i went into overdrive searching for all possible supernatural related books and Anita Blake left my goggle-eyed and totally feeling that she must be having real hard time keeping track of all the guys in her life (poor thing)..Ahh its been a long time since i revisited those days..^^

  120. If you are ancient then I am a fossil. 1985 is the year for me. I remembered that when I was in high school, I had a least 2 thick romance/smut books in my school backpack to read during lunch break and recess time (and re-read some of my favorite so much that they are so bended). In between my romance/smut reading, I read literature such as My Town, Big Brother is Watching You, The Lottery, The Grapes of Wrath, 1999, Romeo & Juliet and others. I am very impress of your reading lists. Yeah, family members don't really under us dirty minded girls (or maybe it is me who is dirty minded) because I too have family members who said why am i reading these kinds of smut but you know what I learned a lot of interesting words (and some that I never heard before) by reading these smuck.

  121. AZ, really. I am so happy that I am speechless. More hugs and kisses (or maybe you don't want it from an old fossil) from on top of No name's hugs and kisses. Muchas gracias, xie xie, arigatou, cam on and good old American thank-you.

  122. He he he....My vocubulary increased manifold too....Yup they sometimes don't get it...we tend to need total escape from reality sometimes....Ranking real high in my forever loves and go to's are all books by P G Wodehouse, Roald Dahl, Gerald Durell, Charles Dickens, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Rick Riordan (have really big soft spot for this fellow), Jeffery Archer and John Grisham and in the romance/ smut category Johanna Lindsey, Kathleen Woodwiss, Julie Garwood, Nora Roberts, Karen Hawkins, Susan Johnson, Susan Mallery, Julia Quinn, Jennifer Crusie (the few I can remember of the endless list right off the bat)...
    Worse my useless waste of a space darling li'l (Quite the bean pole now) brother is a complete philistine...He uses books as a paper weight and for instant pressing of his T-Shirts..that lameass..Ughh

  123. OMG! That crack me up about your lameass of a brother. You should tell your bother that books are meant to read and not for pressing his T-shirts (who in the world press T-shirts), and if he wants to press his T-shirt, he should hot iron them. Oh that right, your lameass of a brother and maybe other lameasses somewhere around the world.

  124. Nii_san, I like your funny ranting, and I also like your way of thinking and mathematical equation hopefulness for 1000 comments.

  125. Nii_san, tears are falling from my eyes, and both of my sides and stomach are hurting from LOL too much. Is Mrs_san and nii_kun playing favorite with nii_tan? Growing up in my family, there is no favorite. Everybody has to do their share of chores. Since I couldn't cook worth of sh_t, I had to either sweep the kitchen floor, or vacuum the living room or washed the dishes.

  126. I never tried posting as guest so iunno. But theres a 'edit' button next to the 'reply' button for me o.o

  127. OMG D:< How could books be used for shirt pressing?!?! *rages*
    You guys read so much romance >_< Honestly, I never read English ever... I've only read Chinese, Korean and Japanese romance (and most of them are BL surprise surprise...). I guess being a dude, I just kinda cringed whenever I saw a romance book and the fact that most romance novels out there are about heterosexual couples doesnt rly help....
    Yeah so I read fantasy and horror a lot. My fave is the Demonata series *u* ofc LOTR and the likes are classics but I like to leave the mainstream stuff u know? (Maybe thats why I started reading BL cuz it's not mainstream? XDD)

  128. nii_san's comments are always brilliant *u* she has the full potential of being a writer cuz she has what we call in Chinese 腦洞 (lit. brain hole). It means she has creativity that goes beyond her brain! It's like she has a hole in her brain and its information overload!!! XDDD

  129. Lol....I gave up raging at my brother a long time ago ... Its a pointless waste of energy getting angry at him ( remembers something really irritating about that bum and aims a handy pillow at his head) ....I literally read anything I can get my hands on....Personally I love authors possessing a whimsical sense of humor...U should try reading romance stuff to have a laugh at it...I swear I have recited some paras out of the Mills and Boons to my mom aloud and then rolled around on the floor chortling away...of course she whacked me on the head for making fun of her ^^... LOTR is like an all time epic....couldn't really fathom the fact that most of the people I came across in India were totally unaware of the series..Really felt screaming at the top of my lungs HOW CAN U NOT KNOW LOTR and WHADDYA MEAN U DONT WANT TO READ CAUSE THE PRINT IS TOO FRIGGING SMALL....BUNCH OF BOZOS...Strangely I cant bring myself to read books written by Indian Authors somehow ( read really few and only highly recommended stuff) ..Maybe coz its too close to home..

  130. I'm curious as to how English is used in India. Like what kinda status does it have? Cuz i know there are tons of other languages in India as well. Are you guys taught more than one writing system at school (ie English/Roman alphabet and, say, Punjabi)

  131. Except the really poor...most opt to go to English medium schools....most of us are fluent in at least three languages...English, Hindi and the native language...Nowadays English is generally the first language taught...Personally I'm fluent in English, Hindi, Gujarati (my native language) and Marathi (the local language used in Mumbai)...Though not fluent I can understand Sanskrit, Urdu (not completely), Punjabi, Sindhi,Kutchi (basic stuff), Parsi ( very similar to Gujarati), Bengali (passably), Rajasthani and a little bit of Kannada (coz of friends from different communities) ...I know basic French coz we had it in our school curriculum and I just started learning Japanese a couple of months ago^^...the script for most North Indian languages is the same "Devnagari"....Gujarati is based on Devnagari but is slightly different so it takes me a really long time to read Gujarati stuff...Bengali written language is a totally different ball game unless u yourself are Bengali or brought up in Bengal...South Indian Languages are well impossible...The li'l bit of Kannada I know is coz I was trained in Indian classical music...and we had to learn to differentiate between Hindustani Classical and Carnatic ( south Indian) classical....there's a clear differentiation between North and South because the people from North are supposedly of Aryan lineage and those from South are of Dravidian lineage...North East languages are real challenge too...They are similar to Nepali...There are a huge number of local dialects that only the local communities are aware of...Like Konkan is an off shoot of Marathi...No Konkan likes to be called Maharashtrian..yup its really convoluted...Its so diverse that we stopped keeping track of it all....and many of us including me have this real horrible habit of stringing a sentence with words from 4 different languages when talking informally..

  132. Wow *o* that sounds so complicated!!! See, I only know a bit about Punjabi because theres a lot of immigrants from that part of India.
    I totally understand the stringing multiple languages together thing! As a polyglot, I realise that if the listener or my partner in the conversation knew all the languages I knew, i would be switching in and out, using the words/expressions/structures that fit my thought the most. But when I'm aware the other person only understands one or two then I have to suppres those other languages.
    I do wonder though, how the cultural aspect of it stay intact. Like, say for English, do you guys have a lot of self-made words/expressions etc. enough to be called "Indian English"? Or do you mainly follow British or American English? Like, analyse-analyze, lift-elevator, awesome-brilliant. (I'm not talking about pronounciation). And there must be so many things in daily life that don't have a word for it in English so I imagine you HAVE to add Hindi/Gujarati/etc in there to make up for the insufficiencies. >O< I dont know what im talking about anymore lol. I just get excited when it comes to languages >w<
    Different scripts must be such a hassle... lol For once I feel glad for Chinese script! Haha. One script for all the languages spoken OvOb

  133. I'm most comfortable speaking English so often its the other way round when I don't have any idea on how to express something I speak in English...n there are some things that are spoken in the language it is referred to in the most for example say "bitter gourd" we call it "karela" at that's we use in normal conversation....I think there comes a point at which people stop bothering about what language they re such personally I use British English...there's no such thing as Indian English unless of course one refers to the typical accent used....though we do have something like "Hinglish" where a lot of Hindi slang is used, the humor of which would be lost when translating into English..more often than not if the first language learnt is Hindi or the Native Language, the person will a real heavy accent while speaking English...Since English was the first language I learnt I have a relatively less accented English ...sometimes that accent is so pronounced for some people u literally end up wondering where English is lost in all that...French and Portuguese are primary languages too in certain places in India...Yup there are loads of Punjus settled in Canada and the UK....Most of my extended family is in the US/New Zealand/Kenya...Particularly Atlanta...and we are really big on family here.....if the immediate extended family is not in the same house or building ...they are generally in the same locality in most cases...Mine's the new age nuclear family coz when my grand parents were alive they insisted on living apart...they loved their freedom too much...even now when I tell Dad that I want to live separately when I earn enough...He goes like OK we'll buy one more flat in the same building...yup d kids here are quite spoilt....but luckily I have really easy going me in most cases at the heart of it ultimately a family which may look like a completely modern n westernized one, would often be really really traditional in their outlook most of the time...that
    kind of puts the younger generation in a bit of a fix and leads to quite a bit of confusion ....While lots of people harp about freedom of doing things one's own way...Acceptance by community still ranks really high for most people.

  134. maaan 5 ?!
    woow, you really love languages :)
    i speak my language, enliglish, my frech is super bad and i started studying it since my seconf year in primary school !! (now they changed it to the third year) and i still can't understand a word ><
    as for me i'm studying japanese, and that is all at the moment ^^

  135. Oh i thought u were in france? :o

    Oh wooow. :D so many ppl learning japanese here! みんなアニメ好きか、日本語が魅力的すぎるか( ̄▽ ̄)

  136. nope not from france.. somewhere across the sea^^ (not ready to say where yet)

    yeepp, anime influence! that's i loved japanese^^ (i started by naruto, my sweet sweet naruto and sasuke)

    hmmm let me seee.. i konw these みん , i know this ニ , i know this 力, and i know these るか, that's about all i know ><
    don't be fooled when i say i want to learn japanese, remember, nii_san is the laziest creater in the whole wide world >< compared to the master ayszhang, i am nothing, i mean you're soo young, yet you speak so much languages? not just that you also skipped some grades, you're awesome !
    i wish i was like you ><

  137. noo, not really, actually i had some money to buy a phone before entering high school, and mom bought one (i didn't like though) and then her phone beroke so i gave her mine (more like she just took, and repaired her phone! not that i care) soo goodbye for the phone, and i don't want that no ore, i want either a laptop or a tablet (i want i a laptop more ><) i'm saving some money for it anyway, and uncle will probably help me to buy one, because i really need it (just an excuse to have it though)
    as for nii_kun, he doesn't really prefer either of us on the other (i still remeber when we were children and nii_tan wasn't born yet, we used to play a lot, and we didn't own a computer at that time, it was great, memories sight~)
    what bothers me is that he has a laptop and i don't, and he a has a smart phone but i don't, and also he has three old phones but i don't >< i want everything he has, well he is an adult and worked to buy those things i'm just acting spoilt :(
    and about the phone he gave nii_tan, it had nothing but some old games so she playes with it, and after the bettery was dead, he didn't find the phone charger !! soo, the end of her phone XD
    whatever, the time will come when i have whatever i wish for ^^

    As for my gender, i am a girl indeed, in my family a boy then two girls :)

  138. Haha, i see the names cofused you XD
    it is actually Mrs_nii..
    Mrs_nii and nii_kun aren't favoring any of us, it is just our everyday fighting spirit taking place in the house,
    i'm sure all of us think that they as wronged it goes like this:
    Nii_kun:"leave me alone for God's sake, can't i have a peaceful moment for myself without you screaping and shouting like a little babies?! i wish i go back to being a child, adult life is soo boring><" (he's not that old though, he is 4 years older than me, so he is about 20 or 21, he's bithday is in May so he'll be 21 by then^^)

    Nii_tan"GOD! why do i have to be soo wronged! just because i am a child doesn't mean you can treat me like dirt! and why does that stupid sister of mine think that she can control me, just because she is older?" (me and my sister are 8 years apart, soo she is 9 years old now, she was born in January ^^)

    Mrs_nii"Why won't these kids shut up and let me work?! they are no longer children, they need to help me without me telling them what to do. I wish i didn't give birth to you! Ungrateful brats!!" (well you probably know the mother's nagging, i'm sure i'll do the same thing with my kids, actually i nag a lot at my lil sis myself)

    it's just what each person feels, so i pretty much don't pay it any attention, as long as i can use the computer (escpicially in thursdays) i am 1000000 percent great ^^

  139. you read a lot don't you??
    you make me like i don't read that much (because i am studying i do not have that much time to read and there aren't libraries in my 'village' >< but i will be borrowing all books in my school for summer if they let me ^^)
    i am not a hardcore reader, those aren't the parts that interest me and i i can not imagine those things !!
    i'm more to the mistery and crime type of girl, and i looovee horror, but i don't usually find books that really really are good because what they bring to our aschool is mostly for begginers and those who have weak hearts, so i went once and seached for horror stories in internet, andi was reading this very short but exiting story and I SWEAR , my computershowed me a face or a ghost or something !! i jumped of my seat !! i was like stuck to the screen and then that thing appeared and i was like WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, luckily nobody was home !!
    and that is the reason why nii_san reads internet horror stories with the lights on :)

    i love watching sports anime more (never tried reading it and it looks boring in real life, but only one libero in real life i loved soo much! she is a japanese one i saw her once but i didn't look further about her nor vollyball...

  140. i see the discussion has become too big i got lost ><
    i just wanted to say that my litle cousin just became a year old and we celibrated her birthday yesterday (although she was born in the 19th, a little late), i wish i'd give you some cakes from the birthday, if you only see her, she is suuuuuuuuuuuuper cute, and when she was just born she was so small i could put her in my pocket (not that small though ^^) and her hands and feet were soooooooooooooooooo smaaalll !! super super super cute !! And clothes although we'd buy her so small clothes they were still so much bigger then her!! Now she started walking and has 2 teeth, and is trying to say Mom and dad, although she always call for her dad but when she needs something she calls for her mom XD poor her, her daughter calls her only when she needs her, but is soo eager to be with her father !! soo cute

  141. Ohhh I see ;D Either across the channel or across the mediterranean. That narrows the list down.
    Omg yeah I remember I watched one episode of Naruto under my friend's persuasion... and the first thing I thought, THESE TWO MUST BE SHIPPED TOGETHER!!! hahahaha
    >o< So you've just started! Hahaha. Best of luck on your Japanese studies! OvOb

  142. Yeah my phone was lagging so much when I tried to expand the entire discussion TUT
    >_< idk babies are only cute when they're not crying and fussing

  143. thanks a lot for your hard work. :)

  144. You're welcome :)))) thanks for the support

  145. Hehe, blooming~ I like that word XD

  146. Like a beautiful flower in spring ;D

  147. Not my cousin, she is still soo cute even when she keeps crying (well if i was her mother i'd ptobably get annoyed><), if only you'd hear her voice, and she is stil too small!

    i just came back from school, and this sudden realisation hit me !!
    nii_san was sooo shocked you couldn't imagine that, i almost cried in the middle of the road ><
    since i'm 16 (not yet 17) the azir, my cute little kouhai, could she be olther than me ?!!!!!!!
    Nooooooooooooooooo, ayszhang, make her younger than me so she can really be my kouhai T^T
    or is it okay to just be my Kohai because i joined before her ??
    (say yes say yes say yes)
    wait.. who joined first, me or her (say me say me say meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) !!!!!!!!

  148. thank you for your hard work. merci pour votre travail qui est comme toujours très apprécié. Vive la team chinese BL translations

  149. I decided to come out of the woodwork and comment; I want us to reach 300 comments so that we can get a triple update. Keep up the good work. I'm just anticipating the day Murong and Han will meet again.

  150. De rien :) et merci beacoup pour votre amour <333

  151. THIS IS SPARTAAAAA (anybody?)

    Thanks for the comment~ lets aim for 300 hehe

  152. XDDD yes if you joined before her you are her senpai. And you did join before her OvOb rest assured hahaha

  153. >< today is very bad, can you guys comfort me ?? pleaaaase, i can't make it without you, even some empty words are fine with me, anything please...

  154. What's wrong? :o is it the stupid immature kids at school again?

  155. a stupid immature girl from the other class, took a picture of our English teacher when he was explaining something to the girls yesterday, and then she photoshoped it into a ridiculous and humiliating picute then posted it on facebook to make fun of our teacher!
    not only that, also the girls whom he was explaining the lesson for were captured!!
    the administrature found out about it and an uproar happened!!
    the teacher refused to teach us (we had a setion with him this afternoon) although we did not do anything and the girl wasn't even from our class, he was really angry and refused to talk to us, when we tried to give him advices he wouldn't accept!!
    i kept crying that setion because on top of English being my favorite subject, i think the teacher won't talk to me anymore !!!
    i went to the infirmary with my friend who was trying to calm me down and the nurce told me that a secretary actually had a problem and went to talk to our English teacher in the morning and he just blew up on her face, just screaming and yelling at her when she did nothing, that secritary also went to the infirmary after the scolding and was crying too !!!
    See?! that stupid girl, once i know who she is i'm gonna cut her to pieces (not really)
    After crying my eyes out, i felt like i could faint at anymoment, my head hurt me sooo much, and my legs couldn't carry me, luckily my friend was right beside me..
    :( i'm really really sad, i had some aspirine when i went back home and i swear i feel like i turned crazy, i feel unconcions yet i am fully awake, i feel angry yet i'm laughing like crazy, sometimes even sad.. ><
    i can't even, know what i'm feeling no more :(
    this last simester is like hell to me! it feels like the worst moments in my whole life!!
    Not just that, i have 3 tests tomorrow and i can't revise, English, physics, science, i am good at all of then, after i understand in class i don't really need to revise anything at home (plus all teachers teach great)
    But if reached to the extant i can't take anymore!!
    i really feel like i'm in hell!
    fortuanatly, there is just a week left and then we'll do our exams and i'm out of that high school..
    i really need to be patient and pray nothing worse would happen by the next weel !

  156. Omg :( that girl deserves to be kicked out! No teacher deserves that kind of treatment. But on the other hand he probably should have handled it better. As a teacher he should set an example for the students and to react to an immature teenager like that just lets that girl get what she want - cause trouble and make herself feel powerful. You guys shouldnt let her do that. Worst of all, you shouldnt make yourself feel so bad :( poor nii_san <3

  157. noo, he doesn't know that she did it!
    we do,we tried to tell him but he said he'll find her by himself and another boy (the boy is the one who put in on facebook)
    you don't know how much this teacher suffered to teach us, he always laughs with us each session even when he is mad, he tried his hardest to make English easy and simple for everyone, and explains everything as hard as he could, in the end he was treated like dirt!!
    And this student, in his session she was not a noisy student, she used to try to be active in english just a little bit though, so no one could ever suspect she did something like this!! I regreted everytime i smiled at her, or talked to her happily! i regret knowing her!!
    And the girl who appeared in the picture (my firend) got heartbroken, she was so shocked that she cried soo much, and that girl who caused all this problem actually came and told her that she was the one who took the picture and laughed at her face!! Like nothing happened, my friend was so shocked, tears stopped flowing! I wan't even there, it all happened yesterday, and knew of this today, and a while ago i was with my neighbour (another friend who studies in that class) and we talked about his matter, she told me everything she knew about this accident, and we cried a little then now i'm feeling better.
    But what bothers me most, is that I, was not is the picture nor am in the other class, cried as though my life depends on it! i wonder what is happening to that one who was in the picture too!!
    And trust me that girl is surely out of the school along with the boy, andi promise if i see her, i'm gonna attack her, i don't care about her, she ruined the year for while it was already ruined !!
    We all love English soo much, and we know how much effort our teacher did to teach us, and to smile at us everytime we study with him, even if he was mad because of the noise caused by both of the classes!
    It also bother me that tomorrow i'll have to see his face again, that expression on his face, he's lost, he didn't believe that a STUDENT whom he always thought of as a brother or sister, do something as horrible as this !!
    Forget it, i'm usually positive, but this is too much for me, it doesn't matter anyway, it's only another week i have to bear with.. just one more week and i'll be out, i'll forget everything and come here, here is a better place for me ><
    Yep, poor me :(
    well happy i can tell you how i feel, it always helps to calm me down soo.. from now on, you'll have to bear with me until i stop reading, my coments will be, babbeling about my life, stupid rantings, as well as my feeling ^^ i'll be bothering you for sometime (see how quickly nii_san recovers :)) annnnd don't expect any meaningful comements anytime soon (but who knows? i might write a meaningful comment about the chapter right now ... buuuut i didn't so it's no big deal)
    thanks for being here ayszhang, sorry for bothering you though ^^

  158. Aww <333 no im always here to listen to your ranting. They say one person's sadness is halved when shared with a second person and one person's happiness doubles when shared with a second person :') ofc i would also love to read about your thoughts on the story XDDD

    I really hope your teacher gets over this incident :( he sounds like a great teacher. Shame on whoever that participated in the picture taking and posting.

  159. thank you so much, you don't how much that means to me (or you do^^)

  160. Reallyy ...... Then lets keep up....

  161. I know! Let's comment more on this discussions page! Though sadly, I wasn't able to keep up with my pace these past few days. Busy with work. :(

    @ayszhang: i would just like to know, what if we weren't able to reach those 300 comments, and it is already april 30, would your triple release gift be null and void?

  162. Me too! I was reading the comments too and kept on back tracking the previous comments just to get the flow.
    And as for babies, i feel the same with ayszhang, they are only cute for awhile. After 2hours, please someone get them back!

  163. Omg! So even if im one of the oldest (in age), everyone here is my sempai? Since i only found out of this website around least two weeks ago? Wow! That's a nice feeling since im the eldest in my family :)

  164. Dont attack her nii_san! Stop yourself or else you will also get in trouble!
    And i think it is just okay to rant it here cause after you're done with it. It would like a burden has been lifted from your shoulders. Besides, we are here to listen. Just sorry for the late reply. Been busy.

  165. I hope too that the teacher would find again his desire to teach cause good teachers are so scarce in the wolrd. we cant have them stop teaching.

  166. Sasu x Naru, they have one of the best fanfics out there!

  167. @shruti ashar, wow! We're the same age! 1990 is the year baby! Im planning to go back to school either to upgrade my profession or try a new branch of science. Just saving now for that expenses. And i also read anita blake in search for all vampire stories after reading twilight. At that time, i crave those sensual bites. ;)

    Ohh, no! I just realize again, how a pervert i am! With a request at ayszhang for more smutty stories! Gosh!

  168. :O I guess I didn't specify a time period did I?! I guess I'll release 3 chaps in the week that 300 is reached on this post? >_<

  169. Theres just too much man(ninja?)love <33

  170. I believe that Han realizes that Heng wants something from him. He keeps talking about about Heng's uncomfortable gaze being directed at him. He's just pretending that he doesn't notice or understand what it means. I don't blame him; the last thing he's concerned about is romance. Plus I'm all aboard the MurongXHan ship.

  171. Is it too late to wish for a happy ending for MurongXHan? I'm keeping my hopes up, but it's looking very unlikely. ~sobs~

  172. ;D you got it! smut coming right up (after CS is done orz)

  173. Yeah >_< I think you're right! I think he did the same thing with Murong back in the beginning of the book.

  174. ; u ; there's always hope my dear

  175. HIIIIIIIII Its been such a long time since I posted a comment!!(I hope you didn't forget meeeee 😭) I'm sooooooo excited for the next chapters!! I can feel that they are going to meet again!!! 😍😍 I'm still in china so I'm not sure when I can read the next chapters again but ill try my best~~~~!!!! I'm expecting more chapters ^﹏^

  176. Hey~~~ how could I forget you?! <3
    Oh my how did you get here if you're in China :OO

  177. I always thought...year of the mule is more apt for 1990 than year of the horse...he he its nice to know someone had a similar reaction to twilight....we just love our studies huh...I'm a commerce student through and through...I'm at the final level of the Indian equivalent to the CPA....yup real real dry and non happening profession and I'm at the final level of in profession speciliasing in Corporate Law...what fun....but hey on the bright side if I pass either in the near future (fingers crossed and hopefully I don't nod off while giving the exams) salary almost doubles n I get an instant promotion...huzzah to no skimping on buying books and pigging out.. :D

  178. That would be awesome ayszhang! Cause by april 30 there would be the release of chapter 30. And if we reach 300 comments before may 7, you would release 3 more chapters right? Then that would mean release of the chapter when murong yu and han xin meet, right? Right? *desperately begging you to assure me, kneeling with my hands clasp together like a prayer.

  179. Had a training thing at office building exercise....use straws to build a tower (what are we 5) 8.30 in the night...when the brain was filled fully with 'damn I'm so hungry' and 'aaarrghh I wanna go home'...really did not appreciate that activity...quelling the urge to poke the training coordinator in the eye with the f***g straw really took a toll on me....I mean come on straws...really straws should be joined together only when u want to steal pop from your neighbour's glass...not to build towers.

  180. don't worry, i wouldn't attack her !! Ohh come onn, i'm super weak!! and i'm like a chibi infront of her!!! She'sooo shugeeee, she's as tall as a boy!!
    Anyway, she was kicked out todayy (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) or she kicked herself out as i heard.. (either way Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay)
    Buuuuuuuut, she took a picture of the philosophy teacher and posted it on facebook!!!!
    The phylosophy teacher was soo scared yesterday (she was scared of her father) that she started crying and wouldn't go teach that class.. poor her, she is also a good teacher, she always tries her best to make phylosophy simple for us even though it is soo noisy in her class, and she always helps us with the marks!!
    Well, the ending of a kind heart >< a soft heart can't live in a cruel world :(
    Whatever, i felt better after ranting it all here ^^
    thanks for replying although you're busy

  181. Hahahaha, it's soo funny when i remember it!!
    i opened my English book this morning and found out out .........!!!!!

    that we finished English lessons and that is why he won't teach us XD i bet he said it on the spur of the moment, he sure was mad and shocked ><
    well, he's better now, he was laughing with us this morning as usual, and he canceled the test he was going to gice us today to tomorrow ^^

  182. Hahaha, poor Shruti Ashar!
    it must have been soo tiring, reminds me of myself when i am hungry and there are still two hours till lunch time >< i'm always hungry at that time, whether i eat breakfast or not, that time i always get hungry, and i complain to my friend "aghhhhhhh, i'mm sooo hungryyyyyyyyy><" and my friend who spent two whole years sitting beside me and whoo sooooooooo fed up from me is like "aghhhhhhhh, GOD WHYYYYYYY?! WHY IS NII_SAN OF ALL PEOPLE MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!! shut up, shut up shut up!!! that's it, i'l buy some chocolate sooo SHUT UPPPPPPPPPP!!!!
    and i'm all teary:"ohh, my friend, i love you soo muchhhh, you're my bestest friend" but what i really think is' Yeeeeees, plann A succes, works all the time ^^'
    Poor you, Straws? Really?! it must have fell!!!! it's always falls doowwn and crashes on the floor when ever nii_san tries to make it, and that is how nii_san stopped building towers drom straws or cards or anything that can easely fall down, because it always turns from entertaining to maddening that i'd actually crush it all myself from anger ><

  183. Lol.....just stick to Shruti (..Ashar is the surname)...Yup straws...what was really ridiculous was looking at my Senior Manager whose like a 48 year old guy struggling to fit two measly straws together..I wanted to go its ok ill die of embarrassment on behalf of you......We managed to make the tower...52 inches...promptly fell after 5 mins...By the end of the session everyone was so spazzed out that the towers (remnants more like) became head gears (really stupid ones...U know the kind those 3 idiots in that cartoon Ed, Edd and Eddy would probably wear)... in school invariably I too used to get hungry exactly an hour before lunch...And I happened to be a first bencher (in a class of 65)...The beauty of it is the teachers never pay attention to those on the first bench..So i literally ended up sneaking bites from the snacks box hidden in the desk drawer right in the middle of class..^^But what a dependable friend you have...Friends who feed you are the ones you should treasure the most :D

  184. i sit in the first table, usually i'm not payed any attantion not only because i sit there, but also because i am very active in class so they go for those aren't really active (more like sleeping) in class!

    maaaaan, for a guy his age he must be never get embarassed ha??
    and he have to be person who doesn't get angry fast, cause if i was in his place and those straws wouldn't fit in, i'd cut them peices and vend all my anger on those straws !!

    *remembers the cards incident* sightttt... poor cards, although they were my favorite buuuuuuut, it was such a horribe scene! the most terrifying one!!!Cards cut to a very small peices were thrown on the floor T^T, after sometime they were gathered and thrown in the trashcan!!!!!!!!
    Who killed the cards?????
    Who else? *looks away innocently*

    Yeeeepp, those friends are te best, must never let go of them XD

  185. Why in god's name are you doing a team building exercise at 830pm?! And is that done after work? Wow! All you must be irritated at that time. You should have complained in your comapany to feed you atleast before all that exercise. They should know, no one can function properly when they are hungry. Rest and food are one of the necessities in life in order to function, well plus ayszhang's translations. :) ;) :)

  186. Agree completly, *nodds head* we can not live without ayszhang ^^

  187. Mandatory Trainings...The session started off at 10 in the morning...A hall was booked in five star hotel and all...real nifty...Sure food and everything was there... real tasty too (strangely these hotels suck at cooking proper Indian Food..not a prob for me really..I stuck to the pasta and the baked fish)...but yup the training session did stretch out a bit...Coz of intense debates and questions and blah blah...some new tax law is hopefully coming into force next year in India so lots of hooplah about that...ayszhang i hope you noted that...Your translations are necessary for our spiritual survival ^^

  188. Yup he left me impressed too..Im telling you my team members were literally going...calm down Shruti...U cannot threaten to hang the trainer by the toes on those lovely chandeliers...Finally saw sense...through the haze of red ....Its a pain logistically and the chandeliers were too pretty to be accidentally broken while attempting to hang the knocked out unconscious trainer by the toes...I turn vicious when not fed apparently...Bet cutting up the cards was really really soothing for the soul :)

  189. wooooooooow, we've got a muderer here!!!

    I can feel Shruti, i can feel you, when someone is hugry do not provoke him or he'll just turn into a mad man, a killer, a monster.. a buggy man, a sleder man, a... anything from those horror movies !!!!!!!!
    Never ever ever ever, evvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeer, go near a hungry Shruti !!!!!!!!!!!!!!