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Spring Once More ch12

Translator: ayszhang
Editor: Marcia
Beta reader: Dairytea

Spring Once More chapter 12
(Traditional Chinese cover scanned by Dairytea)

Chapter Twelve

I think my jaw just hit the ground after finally getting a good look at Wang Rui.
I knew that he must be effeminate to have been targeted by Chai Rong, but I’m having a hard time shaking off the image of Hero Wang in his prisoner getup. In my head, he should be a real man’s man with perhaps a few delicate facial features, but this man before my eyes – oh my, oh my…
A long, almond face, lily-white skin, ink-black eyes that seem to be wet with ripples… His hair untied, bound in bed by the five flower tie,[1] his white robe making him seem all the more thin and fragile… Oh dear lord… No wonder the young prince went so far as to kidnap this tanhua on the street in broad daylight. If I were gay, I wouldn’t let this juicy piece of meat slip by me, either. Seriously, dude, why you gotta look like this?
Well, at least he still has one redeeming trait – his voice. “You foul dog! You may kill a man but not humiliate him! The bright heavens above govern all that is below! Your sins of lust and delusion shall be punished by heavenly judgment! If you’re still a man, kill me now!”
I straighten myself. “Good Hero Wang, let us have a conversation.”
Hero Wang scoffs indignantly, “Between a man and a beast can be no conversation!”
For crying out loud, this pretty boy is a fucking nerd who only knows books.
I pull a chair over and sit with my legs crossed. “My good hero, this prince comes before you today to ask for forgiveness. I was wrong to have done those things. I lost all my virtues, and am no better than a swine or a hound. But after nearing death, I had an epiphany. I have decided to return to the side of virtue and abandon my evil past… In other words, I will not force you again!”
Wang Rui howls in laughter. “What is this I see? A jackal or wolf quitting meat? A tiger or panther fasting for Buddha? How comedic!”
I sit closer to the bed. “Brother Wang, I am offering my most sincere apologies, and I pray that you can forgive me. Let us forget all the unpleasant matters of the past. From this day forward, I wish to be a friend to you.”
“Forget?!” Hero Wang continues to laugh.
Then it occurs to me. Why of course! No regular ol’ guy would want that to happen to them. It’s bound to cause some lifelong trauma whether the act was successful or not. Wang Rui’s laughter becomes more and more unsettling and really gets to me. I move in a little closer.
“Her- I mean, Master Wang. I know the old Chai Rong deserved to be struck down by lightning for what he did, but I’m telling you that Chai Rong died by your hands. You’ve done society a favour and had your revenge. The Chai Rong you now see before you is a new man. I’m talking to you as a fellow man. One should let the bygones be bygones, and with his head held high he is still a good man through and through.”
His laughter ceases and he turns to me. “Knave! No need to dress in sheep’s clothing. All the lives of the Wang household lie in your hands, so I can do little but obey. If you dare, let my house go, and dispose of me alone!”
Now I’m just frustrated. It’s clear I won’t be able to reach him this way any time soon. I guess being a gentleman takes not only a kind heart but even more patience. Sighing, I approach the bed. Wang Rui lets out a disdainful scoff and shuts his eyes in preparation for whatever his fate may be. I flip him over, and he shakes as if he were zapped. Seeing the pathetic sight of his eyes squeezed shut and teeth gritted, I really feel like a fucking bandit about to rape some village girl.
Sighing again, I make quick work of the binding. His eyes are still closed and his jaw clenched. I’m feeling a little ticked off now. Hell, do I really look like a fucking pervert! I throw the ropes aside and tidy my sleeves.
“Believe it or not, Master Wang. I ain’t that pervert Prince Chai Rong from before. I’m a man who loves only beautiful girls! Your house is still in the hands of the empress dowager, and I can’t do anything about it for the time being. You stay put here for a few days, and when she lets your house go, I will let you go, as heaven and earth are my witness. Take it how you will.”
After taking my stand with passion, I turn and stride off in a proud manner, chest thrown out, back straighter than ever.
Out the side chamber, into the courtyard I go. It’s really nice out. The early spring sun is not too strong, and it’s perfect weather for a stroll. I enter a walkway that leads to a rock formation. I manoeuvre around the rock and come to an open space – a large, clear lake. The emerald ripples gleam under the sunlight. On the other side is a nice stretch of grass decorated with numerous Taihu stones of varying sizes. I find a rock and sit down facing the water.
Heaving a big sigh, I wonder aloud, “I hope I’ll find my way back before nightfall.”
“Oh dear, is the prince lost in his own house?”
I turn as a man in black steps out from behind the rock formation. A chuckle escapes me.
“Long time no see, Master Su!”

[1] An ancient roping method. The binding is looped around five essential point, the neck, arms and wrists, with the arms folded behind. This is standard for prisoners charged with serious crimes.

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( Wang Rui is actually a pretty boy?! *A*  )

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