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How Dare You Attack My Support! by Liang Ci

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia
Editor: Ayszhang
3/18/18: synopsis edited
Title: How Dare You Attack My Support!- 再打我辅助试试?
Author: Liang Ci - 凉慈
Genre: E-sports 电竞; Romance 爱情

Author’s synopsis:
Qiao Yanzhou is a video gaming streamer.
Gu Zixing is a professional gamer.
Qiao Yanzhou is a big fan of Gu Zixing.
Gu Zixing is Qiao Yanzhou’s idol.
Qiao Yanzhou is a quiet fan.
Gu Zixing is a cool and charming man.
Qiao Yanzhou is a couch potato.
Gu Zixing is a world champion.
A ranked game brought the two together, and the chemistry between them takes an unexpected turn…..
Not long after:
Gu Zixing: Xiao-Qiao, am I still your idol?
Qiao Yanzhou: Yeah.
Gu Zixing: Can I kiss you then?
Qiao Yanzhou: Sorry, who did you say you were?

Author’s Comment:
1v1, HE, video gaming and romance each take up half of the plot. This novel revolves around the game “League of Legends” (some of the setting may be different from the original game, but it will not affect your reading experience, so let’s take it easy). Gaming terms will be included at the end of the chapter, so no matter whether you play this game or not, you are welcome to come and take a look! This story is fictitious: all professional gamers’ IDs are unrelated to actual persons, so please do not assume their identities QwQ. Every Chinese pro gamer is the best!!

Translator Summary:
Qiao Yanzhou was an easygoing League of Legends streamer who idolized the god of eSports Gu Zixing. But both of them had an unexpected first encounter in one of the ranked games, and Qiao Yanzhou thought Gu Zixing would now carry him to the top of the ranks. Little did he expect that this encounter would drag him into the world of competitive eSports, and he would bid his relaxed and chill streaming life goodbye.

Translator Comment:
Introducing a different BL novel genre that is really popular in China right now – eSports novels (电竞文), where couples fight for pride and glory hand-in-hand in the video gaming scene. You’ll be surprised that most of the readers are not gamers themselves! This was my first eSports BL novel that got me into this genre, which explains why I hope to translate it. It is a really light-hearted one, and the couple is so sweet that I enjoyed every word. It also has an interesting plot that peeks into the lives of these professional gamers with exciting battle scenes! The author included notes on the game along the way, so fret not even if you are not a gamer! It’s my first time translating a BL novel, and hope that I am able to capture Qiao Yanzhou’s amusing character. Enjoy!
Chapters: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17...129

Pdf files: (Chapters will be compiled into pdf files.)

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