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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch9

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How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 9
(Reminder: To read the translator's notes, hover your cursor over the words underlined with dots.)
Chapter 9
Qiao Yanzhou and the allied jungler coincidentally score 11/1/11 and 1/11/1 at the end of the game with Qiao Yanzhou receiving the well-deserved MVP of the match.
Of course, this is his first MVP since he started streaming for hours in the afternoon. He scans through his chat window and finds his viewers getting less toxic. His victory is also a hard smack in the face of those who said that he was being carried.
Though the game ended, the war between these two is still ongoing…
FlowerPrince: come lets 1v1
FlowerPrince: let daddy teach u a thing or two
Qiao Yanzhou is seriously getting a stomach ache in front of his computer from laughing too hard. He eats two mouthfuls of cup noodles and even chokes while drinking the soup.
No more words, he sits up straight and cannot wait to enter the custom game created by the opponent. Qiao Yanzhou chooses Rek’Sai without any hesitation.
This is also known as The Siler’s Special.
Typically, when Siler thrashes another mid laner hard in the first match, in the next game he does not hesitate to choose the same champion as his opponent in the previous match… and continues to beat the crap out of him.
This is how Siler “schools” the opponent in playing a certain champion, an effective way to completely crush the enemy psychologically.
However, whenever this happens, the “Mother Theresa” type of fan chides Siler for being too narcissistic and disrespectful to the opponent after the game and demands an apology.
Hah, what a joke. Siler is capable enough to be narcissistic, so why should he apologise?
Very soon, FlowerPrince is also finished selecting a champion. But Qiao Yanzhou is stunned when he sees the loading screen.
FlowerPrince chose Lissandra, the Ice Witch.
That punk actually dares to choose a mage champion with his more-misses-than-hits mechanics? Qiao Yanzhou shakes his head and feels a little sorry for him.
Sigh… such arrogance and ignorance…
When the game starts, Qiao Yanzhou buys a Doran’s Blade and grabs a potion before walking towards the mid lane. Typically, he would get Doran’s Shield instead to play it safe, but facing such an opponent, Qiao Yanzhou feels he doesn't have to.
Although Qiao Yanzhou has never laned against him, just as expected, he is playing in such a cowardly manner that it is becoming amusing.
After killing two minions, Qiao Yanzhou sees a message in the dialogue window.
[ThoseStolenBlueBuffs is spectating]
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: custom game?
BoatIdlingBy: yeah, teaching my boy to respect his daddy
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: wow
Seeing that the Master himself is online again and even taking the initiative to talk to him (though not much), Qiao Yanzhou feels relieved.
Actually, it would be extremely difficult for Rek’Sai, the champion that Qiao Yanzhou selected, to win over Lissandra in the early game. Rei’Sai has a much shorter attacking range, deals lesser damage and even has to risk losing some health by taking a combo of Lissandra’s attacks just to kill minions.
But this opponent doesn’t seem to realise this and take an advantage of it. He continues to farm safely under the turret.
He even misses a minion now and then.
Qiao Yanzhou feels that this 1v1 has become rather meaningless and keeps still beside a minion wave.
Rei’Sai has a funny action command: after pressing Ctrl + 1, this Void Burrower will stamp his feet making a “boom” sound.
Qiao Yanzhou starts triggering the command by pressing Ctrl +1 whenever FlowerPrince misses one minion. Hence, the game screen goes:
-When he misses one minion
-Misses the second one
“Boom! Boom!”
-Misses the third one
“Boom! Boom! Boom!”
Qiao Yanzhou is laughing so hard that his stomach hurts even more, he can even feel his instant noodles coming out from his nose.
But even in this situation, Qiao Yanzhou still manages to win 20 CS more than his opponent.
The opponent realizes that he is being humiliated and casts the “Frozen Tomb” to stun Rek’Sai. Ice gathers around Rek’Sai’s feet before Lissandra throws a spear of ice.
Aw, damn!” Qiao Yanzhou was almost going to lie down and chill as he did not expect his enemy to attack in rage and humiliation.
He waits till the frozen ability is over and launches a burst of attacks at Lissandra before giving her a hard bite. Lissandra is taken aback by the attacks and retreats behind the minion wave.
Rek’Sai then burrows into the ground and retreats to the turret as well, before recalling back to base.
What a jump scare.” Qiao Yanzhou mutters. He notices the amount of gold he has gained.
All the farming just now was enough for him for buy a small item, but Qiao Yanzhou is torn between a defensive item to continue bullying his opponent and a damage item to finish up the game.
In the end, Qiao Yanzhou decides on getting the damage item.
He leaves the base and swiftly moves to the mid lane by diving and making a tunnel but does not see the FlowerPrince anywhere.
Now, what is this brat up to…”
After 20 seconds, the opponent shows up again, and Qiao Yanzhou can’t contain his laughter anymore after seeing him.
The enemy is carrying a blue buff with half of his health left, and his body is glowing with green light as he recovers with a potion.
Needless to say, this smart aleck went to take on the blue buff alone and has almost gotten himself killed by it.
Qiao Yanzhou bangs the table as he laughs. What a retard! Am I playing with a monkey?!
Unable to stand any more of such stupidity, Qiao Yanzhou does not give Lissandra any chance to kill, or rather, miss any more minions. Instead, he flashes in and bites the enemy, taking away more than half of the remaining health before the potion could recover any more health.
Lissandra wants to cast a Skill E and claw Rek’Sai, but she manages to side-step and successfully dodge the skill.
Rek’Sai then follows up with a Skill R which makes her untargetable and gives her a series of attacks that push Lissandra into an inescapable fate. Now, Qiao Yanzhou is only an auto-attack away from killing his opponent, but he makes a tunnel and retreats to the turret.
Rek’Sai stomps her feet at the turret.
First Blood!
It turns out that Qiao Yanzhou used the Ignite spell on Lissandra just 0.1 seconds before he tunneled away. He reaches the turret just in time for the spell to take away Lissandra’s remaining health.
The blue buff that Lissandra painstakingly took is now on Rek’Sai.
[All] BoatIdlingBy (Rek’Sai): thank u sir for the blue buff!

FlowerPrince (Lissandra) leaves the match
“Tsk.” Qiao Yanzhou sees his opponent fleeing with tail between his legs and says, "Why bring this upon yourself?!
At EG Esports Club.
Gu Zixing stares at the computer screen slightly amused by how Rek’Sai has managed to make a fool of that Lissandra.
Whose match are you watching? You look so serious.” Qi Chen walks in and gets curious as he sees Gu Zixing staring intently at the computer monitor.
Nobody’s.” Gu Zixing turns around and looks at Qi Chen. “Done with your push-ups yet?”
Nah.” Qi Chen gulps down a mouthful of water. “I’m only done with one creep’s.”
A hundred?”
A leg of it.”
A hair of the leg.”
Gu Zixing snickers.
Why am I the only one doing push-ups when everyone has their own share of mistakes?!” Qi Chen plops down on the sofa in Gu Zixing’s room.
Because you are our dearest little darling!”
Don’t make me gag,” Qi Chen says, rolling his eyes. “Coach Chen is now letting you off because he is making a request from you. Otherwise…”
Gu Zixing does not answer.
So… did you give him an answer?” Seeing that Gu Zixing is avoiding the subject, Qi Chen questions him directly.
Gu Zixing frowns and says, “You’re annoying.”
Okay okay okay, no more questions.” Qi Chen notices a familiar ID on Gu Zixing’s monitor as he comes closer.
BoatIdlingBy…” Qi Chen thinks for a second and it dawns on him. “Ohmylord! Are you keen on this guy?”
Take a look at his positioning and movement predictions.” Gu Zixing points at the monitor and explains, “I played another game with him after you left, and his game sense isn’t bad.”
You like him?”
Not really.”
Don’t be stubborn,” Qi Chen chuckles. “Wanna ask HR to find out more?”
Maybe next time.”
Oh c’mon, are you that shy…” Qi Chen cannot stand Gu Zixing being overly reserved and always hiding everything at times.
But before Qi Chen can continue, someone knocks on Gu Zixing’s door.
Yao Le appears this time around.
Qi Chen is mildly surprised, but he takes a look at Yao Le and Gu Zixing before standing up.
I’ll go now. You guys can talk.” Qi Chen heads out leaving Gu Zixing and Yao Le alone in the room.
Gu Zixing remains silent. He stands up and takes a bottle of drink from the shelf and puts it in front of Yao Le before sitting on the computer chair.
Coach told me about it…”
Oh.” Gu Zixing lights up a cigarette looking uninterested.
Yao Le sighs and says, “Zixing, I know you’re unhappy with me. But this arrangement is made by the higher-ups. No matter how god-like you are in game, you can’t possibly not follow their instructions.”
Gu Zixing looks up, and Yao Le zones out momentarily as his eyes meet Gu Zixing’s innocent-looking puppy eyes with long lashes. Yao Le swiftly shifts his gaze away in the next second. But this unnatural avoidance in eye contact makes the atmosphere even more awkward than it is.
Our personal grudge or the team’s survival, you make the call.” Yao Le stands up and pushes the door after finishing his piece.
Before coming to this room, Yao Le had come up with hundred and one things to tell Gu Zixing, but he swallows everything the moment he sees Gu Zixing. He has a strong feeling that he will be eaten alive if he does not leave this place immediately.
Maybe it is because only Yao Le knows that this man is not as innocent and pure as he seems.
Just as Yao Le is leaving the room, he hears Gu Zixing’s cold voice.
I don't mind being the ADC.”
Yao Le spins around in surprise when he hears that. He sees Gu Zixing looking at him while leaning back in the computer chair with a smirk across his face. 

“But I demand my support to kneel down and lick my feet.”


TN: Didn't include the author's notes this tiem around as it is self-explanatory in the translated text.

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