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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch6

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia
Editor: Ayszhang
Sorry for the delay.  Here is How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 6!
Happy reading~<333
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Chapter 6
Qiao Yanzhou scrambles to bot lane after getting the support item, Aegis of the Legion.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): ward bush
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): clear minions
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): huh? me?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): I’ll do it if u don’t
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): aight aight
This ADC first gave up a kill and now he’s even giving up his minions? Isn’t he overdoing it? Qiao Yanzhou is in disbelief.
He sees Xayah attacking the red buff and walks over to place a ward at the nearby bush. But he notices that the ADC stops and takes a step back when she’s one hit away from killing it.
Huh? He’s gonna give me the red buff too? Is it Christmas?!
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): why steal my buff?
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): oh? it’s not for me?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): ……
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): ……
Now, this is embarrassing.
Fortunately, the “docile and accommodating” ADC does not seem to be annoyed at all and moves towards the bottom lane with his dim-witted support. Xayah places a ward and hides in a bush while watching his support clumsily clearing the minion wave with his low-damage attacks.
Asking a support to clear minions alone in the bottom lane may throw him into fits of anxiety. If the movement or the reaction of the support is delayed by a split-second, he may instantly die from a gank. But Qiao Yanzhou is relieved to know that Xayah is quietly sitting at the nearby bush. What’s even more reassuring is that the person behind Xayah might be Siler!
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): how many minions wld u miss if I shoot a feather?
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): bruh, pls no
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): see that cannon?
Qiao Yanzhou sees that he is going to seize that siege minion and hastily sends two signals.
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan) signals to be careful!
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan) signals to be careful!
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): just messin with u lul
WTH, this guy cannot be Siler. My Siler is not that childish… Qiao Yanzhou tells himself.
After clearing a minion wave, Rakan’s level is now the same as Xayah. Just as Rakan decides to stop farming, his ADC stops him.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): keep pushing the wave to the river
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): but they’re fighting at mid
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): just focus on urself
Qiao Yanzhou has a strong inkling as he reads the messages from the ADC – in this game, besides the red and blue teams, a third force is coming into dominance… and that is the bot lane duo of the red team.
That’s right, Qiao Yanzhou and his ADC. Though the duo is at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, their excellent movement and positioning during fights, along with their ability to mercilessly forsake their teammates, are unsurpassable. Coming with the dust and gone with the wind, they continue to farm minions at the bottom lane like two morons, knowing that their teammates are going to be thrashed by the enemy.
These two bottom laners travel around the map to either farm or kill, like a happy couple spending their simple lives on the Summoners’ Rift. It’s even unbelievable that the support is carrying a red buff that usually belongs to the ADC.
Needless to say, there must be some drama between the two.
When the minion wave is nearing the river, Qiao Yanzhou can feel a chill running down his spine after taking down the last minion.
Someone is here!
Seeing that the allied ADC is nowhere on the map, the enemy team wimps out and disengages. Instead, they decide to take a safer route - gank the support in the bottom lane.
The moment Qiao Yanzhou feels someone is nearing, he sees that his champion is being marked by the enemy jungler. But Xayah remains composed and continues to hide silently in the bush. He casually places another ward.
Luckily, there is no enemy ward in that bush.
The enemy’s jungler is coming for Qiao Yanzhou, but he is unsure whether there are other teammates coming along.
Qiao Yanzhou dodges a skill by the enemy jungler by side-stepping. But right before he could flash away, he runs into the Wall of Pain created by the enemy mid laner, Karthus, which takes away half of his movement speed.
Shit, I’m dead meat now.
If Xayah is not around, Qiao Yanzhou would be ready to take his hands away from the keyboard.
Stupid mid laner, does he even know how to inform MIA?!
Seeing Qiao Yanzhou’s health bar rapidly diminishes as he receives attacks from the enemy’s mid laner and jungler, Xayah finally flaps her wings and enters the fight. She shoots several feathers towards the two enemies and triggers a critical strike.
The enemies probably did not expect that the ADC would be hiding nearby watching the support taking his own sweet time to clear the minions. The enemy mid laner, Karthus, is now in an awkward situation: thinking he could finish off Rakan, he used up all his skills. Now all four skills are in cooldown.
Xayah leaps towards the enemy jungler, ignoring Karthus. Half of the jungler’s health is taken away after receiving two darting feathers from Xayah. Qiao Yanzhou follows up with a skill Q, which barely deals damage but helps to regain a bit of Xayah’s health.
Xayah takes the opportunity to strike by triggering her Ultimate skill, which successfully takes the life of the jungler after showering him with a series of darting feathers.
Karthus realises that he is now the dead meat instead of Rakan and decides to run. But Rakan knocks him up and cancels his Flash.
Qiao Yanzhou sees that his ADC is dashing towards Karthus, ready to deal some basic attacks while saving a skill for the kill. Yet, Xayah throws a feather that slightly misses the target.
Just when Qiao Yanzhou is wondering whether his ADC is intending to give him another kill, the allied mid laner, Fizz, appears. He flashes in and casts his Utimate skill, dealing a ton of damage to Karthus, whose skills are now ready to be cast. Karthus places the Wall of Pain in front of Fizz and gets ready to escape, but Fizz quickly flips the wall with skill E and deals further damage to Karthus with a combo of skill Q and W.
Qiao Yanzhou, seeing that Karthus is dying, wants to give a basic attack to bag his third kill of the game, but several red exclamation marks flash at the feet of his champion.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah) signals to be careful!
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah) signals to be careful!
Qiao Yanzhou has no choice but to give up this kill to his mid laner, Fizz.
Seeing Fizz delightedly take the kill, Qiao Yanzhou is having mixed feelings.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): aren’t u having too much fun with stealing kills?
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): more like u gave me a lollipop and slapped it away
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): gave me hope and now a nope
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): made a promise to break it afterwards, I’d rather you not say a thing
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): are u afraid of loving me? hv u forgotten my tears?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): im gonna afk if you continue
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): love ya too~
As Qiao Yanzhou is typing away, he moves Rakan towards Xayah and hits a command that creates love bubbles around the champion. As he is using the Valentine’s Day skin, this action fills the screen with lovely pink bubbles around them.
Of course, Qiao Yanzhou understands that his ADC gave that kill to Fizz to make sure that his mid laner can become stronger. Though they are now the third dominating force in this game, the ADC still wishes to strengthen the team as a whole.
Logically speaking, it’s hard to win the game if the support and ADC are the ones with good KDA and not the rest of the team. Therefore, ensuring that your teammates get stronger by giving up some kills is part of the objective of the game as well.
Whatever, as long as I win the game.
After Fizz gets the kill, the tables start to turn for the allied team.
They win a team fight with one death for four kills at the dragon pit, as the ADC comfortably deals a continuous amount of damage under the protection of his team mates.
Seems like the ADC’s efforts to set up kills for his teammates are not wasted, as they are very willing to protect him during the team fight.
The game then goes smoothly, where the bot laners join back with the team to push the minion waves into the enemy’s base.
The enemies’ mental strength seems to be weaker than their turrets as everyone votes to surrender after losing the third team fight, before the allied team can push another lane.
Qiao Yanzhou stares at the destroyed Nexus and looks at the chat window at the bottom left corner of the screen.
He actually had muted the enemy’s top laner when he asked if his ADC was Siler. He did not want these external factors to affect his performance in game.
But as the game ends, he unmutes the chat again. Sure enough, the discussion about the identity of his ADC is still ongoing…
Qiao Yanzhou bites his lips.
Should I ask him?


Meanwhile, at EG Esports club in City S.
“Hey, the manager is calling you out for a meeting.”
The person speaking sits on a gaming chair, looking at the destroyed Blue Nexus and the word “Victory” on the screen with an expressionless face.
“Still playing with that support?”
“How’s his skills?”
“Uh huh, are there even any godly skills that can please our Siler’s eyes?”
“Oh, but he is skilful enough to sub you.”

Siler stands up and takes a look at Qi Chen who is standing in his room with an amused face. He smirks and walks out of his room after pulling his jacket from the back of his chair.


Author’s notes:
Dragon: There are different types of dragons (or drake), including Infernal Drake, Mountain Drake, Cloud Drake, Ocean Drake and Elder Drake. One type of dragon will spawn at different times throughout the game. Killing different types of dragons gives different boost to the team, which I will be explaining in the story.

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