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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch8

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 8
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Chapter 8
Though Qiao Yanzhou won his lane in this game, he feels that it was not as smooth and easy as having that godly player around.
Qiao Yanzhou is playing Annie who is facing a champion named Cassiopeia, also known as the Serpent. Cassiopeia deals a huge amount of damage with shorter cooldown timers and a longer attacking range than Annie.
However, the enemy, Cassiopeia, did not manage to gain an edge in the laning phase as her immobility allowed Qiao Yanzhou’s Annie to gain 10 more CS than she.
After casting four abilities, Annie will be able to stun the enemies for one second when triggering the fifth.
Qiao Yanzhou, seeing that he is winning in CS, makes a quick calculation on his cooldown time and number of abilities used. He gets ready to stun the Serpent with a combo of abilities so that, even if he does not kill her, he can reduce her health enough to make her recall to the base. This will result in Cassiopeia missing out on one minion wave allowing Qiao Yanzhou to gain additional gold to build a secondary item. Annie’s advantage during the laning phase gradually snowballs in this manner.
Qiao Yanzhou rubs his hands as he plans for victory.
However, change is the only constant.
Just as Qiao Yanzhou is planning to stun Cassiopeia after killing the last minion, the allied jungler calls for a gank at the mid lane.
Qiao Yanzhou welcomes the gank since having a kill is always better than winning a few minions. But little did he expect that the jungler would appear, triggering his skill Q and hitting the siege minion that Qiao Yanzhou wants…
“FUCK! MY CANNON!!” Qiao Yanzhou yells. But he can do nothing to save that minion as well as bagging that gold.
At the same time, the streaming chat window is focusing on a different issue…
Anonymous 1: what has the cannon done wrong to make u want to fuck it
Anonymous 2: he… even the cannon…
Anonymous 3: hi im the cannon
For a moment, Qiao Yanzhou feels his world has darkened. But he hurriedly signals the jungler, who has missed his ability, to quickly leave his lane. He is now unable to stun his opponent, and if his jungler continues to stay in lane and shares the experience points, he may be one level below his enemy for the rest of the game. If that happens, the game will be difficult to win.
But this jungler seems to have lost his mind as he flashes under the turret after casting another ability.
The enemy mid laner sees the jungler pouncing on him like a mad dog and hastily retreats. The jungler casts a third ability where he unfortunately tunnels behind the enemy turret. Without any minion waves, the “mad dog” dies after taking two turret shots.
“What a pro jungler.” Qiao Yanzhou claps as he watches the jungler display a series of brain-dead mechanics. “He actually takes a minion, misses three abilities, flashes and dives the turret and dies as first blood… Wow, what a pro.”
Though Qiao Yanzhou was betrayed by his own teammate, he does not say anything in game. Everyone makes mistakes, and he just needs to be careful later. But to his surprise, the jungler starts flaming like a lunatic.
FlowerPrince (Rek’Sai): mid u blind? Idiot
WTF? He takes gold and experience points from my minion, feeds the enemy first blood under their turret, and he is now calling me an idiot?!!
Qiao Yanzhou is triggered. Though he does not flame in game, he is not to be underestimated. He will torment this jungler in his own way.
A smile creeps across Qiao Yanzhou’s face as he plans to give the jungler a hard time in this game.
Qiao Yanzhou recalls to the base and walks back to the mid lane after getting his items. Seeing that the opponent, Cassiopeia, is missing, he pushes the minion wave and informs his team of a missing enemy. Thereafter, he clears the raptors camp that is near the mid lane which has just respawned.
FlowerPrince (Rek’Sai) signals to be careful!
FlowerPrince (Rek’Sai) signals to be careful!
FlowerPrince (Rek’Sai): mutherfucker y ru taking my camps!
Satisfied, Qiao Yanzhou walks back to his lane and continues farming as if nothing has happened.
Seeing the mid laner’s attitude, the jungler becomes even more furious. He hurries from the top side of the jungle to the mid lane intending to steal a minion wave from Qiao Yanzhou.
Unfortunately, the enemy mid laner suddenly appears from a bush. She casts her skill R which stuns the allied jungler who is dashing towards the mid lane like a raging bull. Cassiopeia then releases clouds of poison that make him see stars while Qiao Yanzhou watches and strolls around.
The enemy jungler, Nunu, appears from another bush. A ball of ice from Nunu, together with Cassiopeia’s poison, reduces more than half of the allied jungler’s health. Cassiopeia then bags the kill after launching two poisonous fangs.
The enemy must be feeling puzzled at the situation – the mid laner was just nearby yet they were able to kill the jungler without any difficulty.
Qiao Yanzhou was wandering around with no intention to save his jungler. He did not waste a single ability for that fight, and even danced around the jungler’s dead body by pressing Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, 4.
Hmph, take my minion, and I’ll sing and dance over your dead body.
FlowerPrince (Rek’Sai): mid u mfking piece of shit
Tsk, won’t he ever learn? Qiao Yanzhou frowns and clears the top side jungle camp of three murk wolves.
Now, the allied jungler is already two levels behind the enemy jungler thanks to Qiao Yanzhou’s effort.
But Qiao Yanzhou is not doing it blindly. He pulled this prank on his jungler after seeing that the bot lane and top lane were doing well, and he was also winning his own lane.
However, nobody can predict what will happen if this jungler ganks all three lanes in such a careless manner.
This jungler is really… protecting his enemies while stabbing his own teammates.
Regardless, Qiao Yanzhou does not respond to his flaming and focuses on winning the mid lane.
Since he already has two kills, the enemy mid laner is now a pain in the neck. Even with phenomenal positioning, it’s unavoidable to receive a blow or two and that will already cost half of his health.
Suddenly, the top laner sends a signal.
OnceUponATime (Jarvan IV) is on the way!
Oh! Things will be much easier if the top laner comes for a gank!
Qiao Yanzhou feels confident as he knows that the top laner has solo killed his opponent twice.
He gets ready for his stun upon casting the fourth ability as he continues farming. The top laner hides in the bush near the mid lane and finds out that the enemy did not ward the river.
Here’s our chance!
Qiao Yanzhou stuns the enemy mid laner and misses one siege minion. But he does not mind as killing the enemy with two kills gives more gold than a siege minion.
Once Jarvan IV sees that the enemy mid laner is stunned, he flashes and casts his skill R on the enemy, locking her within the circle of terrain that it creates. Meanwhile, Qiao Yanzhou triggers his Ultimate skill and summons her pet monster. When the enemy mid lane is almost dead, the allied jungler suddenly appears from nowhere wanting to steal the kill.
The top laner sees through his intentions and takes the kill with his skill Q, and Qiao Yanzhou only manages to get an assist from the kill.
But that’s better than having the jungler take the kill.
FlowerPrince (Rek’Sai): fuck u two retards
OnceUponATime (Jarvan IV): u mean I can take ur top jungle camps?
FlowerPrince (Rek’Sai): fuck off
Shortly afterwards, Qiao Yanzhou sees Jarvan IV clearing the jungle camps near the top lane…
He can hardly contain his laughter.
BoatIdlingBy (Annie): y ru always flaming? u hv no friends?
BoatIdlingBy (Annie): ur parents dnt love u?
BoatIdlingBy (Annie): unhappy with ur sex life?
Qiao Yanzhou clears the murk wolves camp as he types on and leashes the red buff for the bottom lane ADC.
BamBamBi (LuLu): hahahhahahahha
The allied support laughs while the jungler goes all silent. The allied ADC joins in.
RedHotChiliPepper (Kalista): annie come get this kill while jg is not here
BoatIdlingBy (Annie): thank u sir!
Qiao Yanzhou hurries to the bottom lane. He is not being greedy here, but if he does not get a few more kills and build more items, it will be difficult for his champion, Annie, to win the enemy mid laner later in the game.
Qiao Yanzhou walks along the river and hides near the fork to the bottom lane waiting for his chance to attack.
Two long spears are already piercing through the body of the enemy ADC, and once Kalista sees that the mid laner is ready, she casts her skill E which pulls out the spears from the enemy. The allied support fires a magic bolt towards the enemy ADC to reduce its movement speed, but the attack is blocked by the enemy support.
Qiao Yanzhou seizes the chance and flashes in towards the enemy support. The enemy ADC wants to save his support, but little did he expect that it was only a distraction. Qiao Yanzhou casts a stun on the ADC instead which was ready while he was on the way to the bottom lane.
Yet the enemy support has not given up on Qiao Yanzhou and continues his attack. Seeing that Qiao Yanzhou is going to be killed by the support and the turret, the low-health ADC hurries over and uses the heal spell, saving Qiao Yanzhou.
The allied ADC gets greedy after recovering some health and deals two auto-attacks to the enemy support. The allied support takes the cue and flashes in with her skill R. As the enemy support is now one hit away from death, the ADC pulls out the spears from the support with skill W and takes the kill.
This team fight isn’t too bad.
BoatIdlingBy (Annie): thx bro
RedHotChilliPepper (Kalista): np pls come again~
Qiao Yanzhou walks with satisfaction towards mid lane and sees the jungler quietly hitting the krug camp.
Qiao Yanzhou sees that his skill R is ready and casts it on the monsters, taking the whole jungle camp that the jungler was painstakingly trying to kill.
FlowerPrince (Rek’Sai): fuck u
BoatIdlingBy (Annie): seems like u nvr learn
FlowerPrince (Rek’Sai): I dare u to 1v1 me after this game
Hah! What a joke.
Speaking of one-versus-one, Qiao Yanzhou is not afraid of facing anyone in this rank. Not forgetting the garbage mechanics the jungler displayed earlier, Qiao Yanzhou feels that if he does not make him sit down and bark, he will be sorry to his mother whom the jungler cursed earlier.
BoatIdlingBy (Annie): sure, but dont u accuse me of bullying a kid later

Author’s Notes:
Winning lane (in gold and items): It means that your creep score is higher than the opponent’s in your lane. (Farming means to gain gold and experience points from killing the minions. It’s the main source of income in game.)
Stealing minion waves: It means to clear the minion wave of the lane that is not yours, such as a bottom laner taking minion waves at the top lane.

1v1: Two players face off in a game, one-versus-one. Most 1v1 games do not go all the way to the Nexus. The player who takes the first tower, or the first to reach 100 in creep score, or who kills the opponent, wins.  

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