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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch4

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 4
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Chapter 3

Make a guess?
Qiao Yanzhou feels a twinge of anticipation after reading ThoseStolenBlueBuffs’ reply. But he quickly brushes it off after collecting his thoughts.
Thinking about it, the SPL Spring Split is now in full swing in S City. At this crucial moment, if any professional player has the time to climb the ranks using his smurf account, he is likely someone at the bottom of the bottom-most level of the team, and a small fry at most. Then again, this Orianna player’s mechanics and game awareness are so outstanding that Qiao Yanzhou is having second thoughts about his identity.
BoatIdlingBy: maybe… ure nt a pro
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: why?
BoatIdlingBy: shldnt pro players be practising right now?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: who says so?
BoatIdlingBy: c’mon, it’s common sense
BoatIdlingBy: SPL has been on for some time
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: oh rly
BoatIdlingBy: ……
For some reason, Qiao Yanzhou is wondering whether he even knows what SPL is.
BoatIdlingBy: senpai, can u use ur mic, lazy to keep typing
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: nope
BoatIdlingBy: ……
As the game loads up, five champions from the allied team arrive at the red side of the Summoner’s Rift.
The champion that ThoseStolenBlueBuffs has chosen, Xayah, is wearing a cape of beautiful feathers. She flaps it and strides out of the base a few seconds later. Although some say that Xayah has recently lost the “God’s favour,” as she has been nerfed multiple times, the design of this character is still awfully charming.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): want a kill?
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): dreamin of it
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): lets go
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): where to?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): get a kill and steal a buff
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): wow so pro
Qiao Yanzhou initially thinks he is joking. After all, no ADC would be so foolish as to invade the jungle along with a support. Little did he expect that his foolish ADC would seriously march straight into the enemy jungle!
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan) signals to be careful!
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan) signals to be careful!
YangYangYang (Pantheon) signals to be careful!
However, he turns a blind eye to the multiple exclamation marks appearing on the map and continues striding towards the enemy jungle as if no one else is on the Rift. He even fearlessly places a ward.
YangYangYang (Pantheon): AD what ru doing?
YangYangYang (Pantheon) signals to be careful
It’s already no surprise that he chooses to remain silent to the jungler’s question. Qiao Yanzhou has no choice but to follow along with the ADC in case he dies as first blood in this reckless move.
Xayah carefully scouts for the enemy and places a ward on a bush right behind the enemy jungle creep. But they see no one.
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): we gonna hit it?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): make a choice, kill or buff
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): kill
Qiao Yanzhou replies without any hesitation. He has mentally prepared himself for a journey of no return.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): ok lets go
Xayah moves towards the bottom side of the creep while Qiao Yanzhou observes his movement. An ominous feeling grows in his heart.
Sure enough, the enemy’s ADC and support are hiding at a blind spot nearby. They are pretending to help the jungler to leash the blue buff, as if the jungler is there.
However, they do not manage to deceive Xayah. Before the enemies notice them, Xayah shoots a feather towards the enemy’s ADC and surprises them. Qiao Yanzhou follows up with a skill W that deals damage as well as giving the ADC a knock-up. Xayah immediately throws two basic attacks that greatly reduce the ADC’s health. When the kill is only one basic attack away, the enemy’s support, Morgana, is intending to cast an ability that binds Qiao Yanzhou. But as they have the upper hand in this fight, he is not worried at all. Even if he is bound, he is sure the enemy’s ADC dares not attack.
But to his surprise, Xayah burns a flash to take the bind for him. Qiao Yanzhou is so shocked at his move that he accidentally attacks a nearby jungle creep.
The jungle creep leaps up and attacks the enemy’s ADC, who is low in health and yet to take the healing potion.
First blood!”
Now, this is awkward.
Qiao Yanzhou finds it both funny and embarrassing at the same time.
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): what a powerful creep
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): if u had attacked the adc, that kill is urs
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): sry sir
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): what a waste of my flash
Oh. It struck Qiao Yanzhou that Xayah was trying to give him the first blood earlier by taking Morgana’s bind for him.
Isn’t that overboard…
But even if Qiao Yanzhou practises for another fifty years, he will never reach this level of mechanics and game awareness. This is especially apparent as Xayah could flash in so decisively and timely, though it was only for his support to get the first blood.
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): r u in a pro team?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): didnt u just ask this qtn?
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): but u didnt answer
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): farm first
Xayah continues to kill the minions one by one after avoiding the question.
One kill and one minion wave are enough for Xayah to become so powerful that the recent nerfs have no effect on her. And although Xayah is nerfed, Rakan is still a very strong protector. This makes their laning phase a breeze, and Rakan’s Ardent Censer is well on its way.
An ally has been slain!”
Double kill!”
Nevertheless, as the top lane falters, the edge over the enemies at the bottom lane seems to be insufficient for a certain victory.
The enemy’s top laner happily takes a double kill after a failed gank by the allied team. Qiao Yanzhou is unaware of what happened as the bottom lane is in a close fight, but he remembers a phrase that goes: “Kill one get one free.”
Qiao Yanzhou shifts his view and sees that the health bar of the enemy’s top laner is still a third full.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): focus
Qiao Yanzhou knows instantly that prompt is meant for him. His hero obviously stopped momentarily when he shifted the view to the top lane, but the fact that this did not escape the Master’s eyes… Qiao Yanzhou shudders at his sharp observation.
The failed gank costs the jungler a blue buff. Qiao Yanzhou becomes anxious, but the Master is still unwavering. It’s five minutes in, and he does not miss hitting any minions. He even manages to harass the enemy’s ADC to half-life. Qiao Yanzhou thought as much, because Xayah is strong in the early game after all. If she is unable to pressure her enemies now, it can still turn against them in the late game.
[All] FiFiBear (Garen): Is that adc siler?
Qiao Yanzhou loses his focus upon reading the message from the enemy’s top laner. His mind goes blank for a moment before walking into a position that almost causes his death.
This gives the enemy an opportunity to strike, as the enemy’s support binds him to the ground and the ADC starts attacking by throwing two long spears at Qiao Yanzhou. Just as he is about give up and push his keyboard away, Xayah heals him in time and retracts her feathers that drive the ADC away. She then side-steps to shoot another two feathers before triggering her skill R to deal more damage.
Those Stolen Blue Buffs (Xayah) is asking for assistance!
Qiao Yanzhou wants to retreat. However, since the enemy’s ADC is dying and Xayah seems to want the kill, he flashes in with a skill Q and a basic attack to finish off the easy-to-kill champion. The enemy’s support wants to attack Qiao Yanzhou as he living with a sliver of health but backs off after more of Xayah’s feather attacks.
But by far the most shocked in the audience of this thrilling performance of mechanics is Qiao Yanzhou.
Xayah’s stunning effect only lasts for 2 seconds, but he somehow managed to signal him in time to get the kill.
Is he really Siler?
Qiao Yanzhou’s face stiffens as he reads his stream’s chat window.
CockroachWannabeQiao: HE IS SILER, u r being carried bruh
InsaneBee_Fan: I will stream myself eating 3kgs of shit if he is not
IHaveBigMelons: dude use your brain man, siler just finished a match
That’s right, Siler lost so badly. It’s impossible that he would play ranked games straight after. It just sounds ridiculous. Qiao Yanzhou shakes his head and laughs at his ignorant viewers.
Double kill!”
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): rakan, no more kills for u if u dun come nw
Author’s notes:
Invade: Entering the enemy’s jungle to steal their jungle creeps, denying them gold and experience points.
Crowd-control (CC): Abilities that impair the enemy’s movement, including stuns, binds, silences, etc.

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