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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch5

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 5
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Chapter 5

Qiao Yanzhou is inexplicably touched by the message.
He has been a LoL player for at least seven years, and this is the first time he has come across an ADC who zealously gives up kills for a support.
They do say that a good support is always bloodthirsty. Qiao Yanzhou decides to accept his offer and rushes to the bottom lane after respawning.
But he does not expect to see the poor ADC hugging the turret as he is being pushed in by the two enemy bottom laners.
The same Xayah that was so cocky and arrogant a while ago seems to be having a hard time right now.
Hah! Even the Master can lose his ground. Qiao Yanzhou marvels but hurries to offer his assistance. Just when Qiao Yanzhou wants to leap towards Xayah to give her a shield, he receives signals from the ADC.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah) signals to be careful!
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah) signals to be careful!
Two red exclamation marks emerge at the foot of Qiao Yanzhou’s champion. Xayah seems to be asking him to pull in the reins, as he probably does not want the enemies to notice him.
But what plan does the Master have up his sleeve? Judging from his less-than-perfect health bar, is he planning to sacrifice himself for a kill?
Never disobey the Master. The poor support, having been thrown out of the fight by the ADC, loiters around for a moment before sullenly moving to the jungle and sitting in a bush providing vision.
“Please Xayah, don’t screw this up,” Qiao Yanzhou mutters.
The fight between the bottom laners breaks out within a split-second. Seeing that Xayah’s health bar hits a dangerously low level, the enemy ADC confidently throws a transparent long spear towards Xayah. But Xayah dodges it, and that giant spear misses her frail body.
Xayah is ready to engage, but as she shoots three feather-blades in quick succession, the enemy ADC walks into the turret range and gives Xayah a basic attack.
The turret aggression is being triggered. It gives two afflictive hits to the squishy enemy ADC. The enemy support casts a shield on her ADC and creates a poisonous area behind the turret which is initially meant to scare the opponents away. But Xayah takes a seemingly suicidal move by leaping towards it and landing on the poisonous area, receiving continuous magic damage as well as a hit from the Thunderlord’s Decree. At the same time, the turret aggression shifts from the ADC to the support that already has a flashing red health bar.
The enemy support is living with an extremely low HP after taking a heavy shot from the turret, and Xayah bags the kill with a basic attack.
Xayah is left with only 10 health points at this moment, and the poison is still in effect.
Omg, Xayah has weak defences. She’ll definitely die even with luck on her side, Qiao Yanzhou thinks to himself.
Just before he plunges into despair, the poisonous effect halts.
Xayah gets away with 3 or 4 health points.
And… she’s still holding onto the Heal spell?
This Xayah player’s mental calculation is so precise that it’s spooky.
Is he a robot? Qiao Yanzhou is dumbfounded.
Meanwhile, Xayah composedly clears the minions and recalls to the base after strolling to the back of the turret.
Qiao Yanzhou bites his lips as he watches Xayah’s recall animation. There’s only one word that comes to his mind.
This ADC must be Siler.
I don’t care anymore, he IS Siler.
Besides Siler, there is probably nobody in this world who does not trigger the Heal spell when poisoned and left with a mere 10 health points.
But Qiao Yanzhou is not dumb. He does not intend to pry further. Siler will reveal his identity if he wants to, and if he does not, it will only create more awkwardness between them by asking too much.
Qiao Yanzhou tsks and tells himself not to brood further before the game ends.
After the ADC kills the support in a 1v2 situation, the enemy duo officially loses their lane.
But the mid and top lane are not doing well at all.
The turret at the mid lane has only half its health left, and the top lane is a bloodshed zone to ganks. The jungler who was initially sceptical towards Xayah’s skills has muted himself after being heavily suppressed by the enemy jungler.
After all, the bottom laners managing to take down the first turret without help from the jungler is a smack right in the face.
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): I think we’re losing
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): its jus a bad early game, now follow me
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): where to?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): recall and get sweeper
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): I’ll get u a kill at mid
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): and u buy aegis after tht
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): ah… ok
This ADC will be a perfect mum. Qiao Yanzhou mumbles.
But he still holds a high regard for this possible Siler, especially when he talks as if the mid laner has already been killed.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): go mid
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): sweep the top-side bush
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): if no wards, flash in and ult
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): I’ll follow up
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): save ur dmg skill to snag the kill
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): its all in ur hands now
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): forget it
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): what if mid steals the kill
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): I tot I saw that mid laner carrying a blue buff
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): no worries sir, I’ll get it
After a strategic discussion, they split up with renewed energy to carry out their own missions. If it were any other ranked games, Qiao Yanzhou would be badly flamed by his teammates for stealing any kills. But he becomes a shameless “kill-stealer” because this ADC has his back.
Qiao Yanzhou sneaks to the bush as instructed after getting the sweeping lens. He checks for vision and unfortunately finds that the bush is warded.
Qiao Yanzhou wants to leave after clearing the ward, but Xayah makes a surprise attack. The champion jumps in from the back of the enemy’s turret and fires a purple feather on the enemy.
The allied mid laner, Fizz, is startled by her move. He never thought that the one planning an ambush attack behind the enemy’s turret would be his team’s ADC. This is a direct insult towards the team’s jungler.
Nevertheless, Fizz jumps towards the enemy’s mid laner with a skill E, finishing up with a skill Q and W combo, dealing a huge amount of magic damage to the opponent.
Xayah then follows up with two basic attacks. Just as Fizz thinks he can get a kill and continue farming, the enemy jungler pops out from the side of the turret. Fizz is so shaken up by the jungler’s appearance that he misses his skill on the dying mid laner.
But this presents a chance for Qiao Yanzhou who has been watching in a nearby bush. He casts the skill that he has been saving for this moment, which goes straight towards the mid laner and finishes him off.
You have slain an enemy!”
And he collects a juicy bounty of three hundred gold from killing that mid laner!
Molecule7 (Fizz): wtf is this sup doing??!
He is probably mad at a support getting kills in such an underhanded manner. Qiao Yanzhou can smell the hot fumes between each and every word of that rhetorical question.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): buy aegis with that bounty and come bot
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): but everyone’s heading top
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): what if there’s a team fight
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs (Xayah): whose sup are u?
BoatIdlingBy (Rakan): ok be right there
Author’s notes:
Heal spell: One of the summoners’ spells like Flash, Ghost and Teleport. It’s an additional skill that players can choose to bring along, and each champion can carry two spells. It’s typical for ADCs to bring Heal and Flash.

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