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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch2

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 2
(Reminder: To read the translator's notes, hover your cursor over the words underlined with dots.)

Chapter 2
Qiao Yanzhou unknowingly finishes three ranked games, yet finds it hard to be in form. He lifelessly clicks on the next game and reads the chat window on the left of the screen.
Anonymous 1: he actually reached challenger with such shitty mechanics? boosted much?
Anonymous 2: rubbish, unsubscribed
Anonymous 2: eye-hurting mechanics, so noob
Qiao Yanzhou is actually less composed than he seems on the surface after reading these messages. But he can’t say anything to defend himself. He is really in a bad form today, is indeed hurting people’s eyes and deserves to be criticized. He quietly lights up a cigarette, takes a drag, and fiddles with the lighter.
The streamer does not utter a single word, nor communicate with his viewers. The rare silence of the stream and the unceasing criticisms in the chat window create a depressing and awkward atmosphere.
After a minute, the system message pops up to indicate that a match has been found, and Qiao Yanzhou is saved from agony as he quickly clicks “Accept”. He really can’t stand the awkwardness for another second. Sometimes he questions himself: why does he have to put in so much effort only to be criticized by a bunch of strangers?
The system assigned him to the mid lane. He is usually excited to be assigned as one of the “Carry” roles, but not today.
After thinking for a few seconds, Qiao Yanzhou types a line in the team chat: “Player 3 swap with me, bad form today.”
Player 3 is being assigned to the support role, which appears to be an assisting role that is less demanding.
However, there is a problem: player 3 does not reply.
And Qiao Yanzhou is unfortunately the first player to pick a champion. When the timer reaches the last 10 seconds, and seeing that player 3 has yet to say a thing, Qiao Yanzhou selects a support champion and clicks “Lock In”. After choosing the right runes, masteries and summoner spells, Qiao Yanzhou senses that the chat window in stream is rolling again.
Anonymous 1: what a pussy
Anonymous 2: u gonna throw the game boi
Anonymous 3: shitty streamer, u’ve been losing games the whole afternoon
Qiao Yanzhou briefly reads the chat and tells himself that if he is going to read that window again, he will kill himself by gouging his eyes out.
After players 1, 2, and 3 from the enemy team and player 2 from the allied team all have picked champions, it is the turn of player 3, who was originally assigned the support role.
But this player has yet to speak a single word, let alone pick a champion. The champion icon remains empty and blackened.
When there’s only 10 seconds left on the timer, player 3 finally appears in the chat, looking amusing with a silly ID.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: ??????
After sending a string of question marks, player 3 immediately picks a mid lane champion. The selected champion stirs up a whirlwind in Qiao Yanzhou’s already perturbed mind.
He chooses Orianna! That’s right, it is the champion that Qiao Yanzhou’s idol Siler picked in the game today where he missed two Ultimate Flashes, dove, and was killed by the tower. Qiao Yanzhou is not being biased here, but it’s true that all the competing regions recognize Orianna as a byword for Siler, not to mention that Siler is the only player who has two skins specially designed for him in one champion.
“Damn,” Qiao Yanzhou curses softly, inhaling deeply from the cigarette. Another message pops up in the team chat.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: Do people even fight for support role in this game now?
Qiao Yanzhou twitches the corner of his mouth upon reading it and starts typing.
BoatIdilingBy: sorry bro, bad mood today
BoatIdilingBy: hv to go sup cos i’ll throw the game if i go mid
Another teammate joins in the conversation.
TQ_Kitane: What happened bro, still playing games after a break up?
BoatIdlingBy: I didn’t break up with anyone
TQ_Kitane: Then y ru in such a bad mood
What the hell, this guy needs to shut the fuck up. A frown finds itself on Qiao Yanzhou’s face, but once he notices that this wordy guy is using the EG’s icon, he is a little more in the mood to talk.
BoatIdlingBy: EG lost
TQ_Kitane: Psh, is that why? were you even surprised they lost? I mean Siler only got so much up his sleeves. i’d lost hope long time ago”
Another teammate also joins in.
Mayfly_o: Silers losing it, he might retire after the spring split
TQ_Kitane: not yet, he’s only been playin pro for a few years. But most likely they won’t let him play anymore so he wont scar any more eyes
Mayfly_o: since EG’s only getting worse, why not support TR. They’ve the best performance in the SPL now
To be honest, Qiao Yanzhou is triggered by what they have just said. TR and EG are the oldest teams in the league and have a bunch of die-hard fans, so it is inevitable that these two teams would go head-to-head.
Fans from both teams even compete with each other: if TR fans make a poster, EG fans will make a video documentary the very next day. Members of the two teams do not seem to be on good terms, either. Reportedly, there has been friction between the two leaders for some years now. TR has even tried to buy EG’s players, and news on these two teams keeps emerging. This is why, under such circumstances, it irks Qiao Yanzhou to see people trying to convert fans to TR after EG’s defeat.
BoatIdlingBy: Siler’s not that bad, I still quite like him
Mayfly_o: oh my, we got ourselves a die-hard EG fan here
Mayfly_o: aight, for the sake of the game, lets not offend anyone
Mayfly_o: we can add each other as friends and continue afterward
BoatIdlingBy: k
Though this teammate is a fan of the loggerheads, he seems like a level-headed and calm guy.
TQ_Kitane: Omg, bro I just saw your history
TQ_Kitane: you’ve been using orianna to climb the ranks, no wonder you like siler so much
BoatIdlingBy: nt really…
They enter the game as they chat, and it has only been the three of them talking. Player 3 has not said a word since, and neither has player 5, the jungler.
Once the game starts, poor player 3, who has been denied the support role, quietly walks to mid lane. Orianna is a champion who looks like a ballerina with robotic features. Having a small and slender frame, she sways adorably when she walks. But Qiao Yanzhou looks at the frail-looking character and suddenly feels bad for the bro.
As the game commences, Qiao Yanzhou and his ADC TQ_Kitane start farming in lane after helping to leash the jungler by reducing more than half of the jungle creep’s health.
Though this TQ_Kitane is talkative, he is still quite good at hitting the minions and poking the enemies.
TQ_Kitane: harass less and save ur mana
TQ_Kitane: lemme farm and dun push the minion wave too far up
Seems like he is a passive farmer, but it’s good, so that he doesn’t feed the enemies.
First blood!”
TQ_Kitane has not even finished clearing two minion waves when the unsympathetic voice of the female in-game announcer breaks the news.
WTF? First blood and solo kill within 10 minutes? Qiao Yanzhou is astounded.
The kill came from the mid lane. Qiao Yanzhou shifts his view to that lane and sees Orianna leisurely healing herself while farming minions beside the enemy’s dead body.
Damn, who the hell is this guy? Qiao Yanzhou is taken aback by the uncommon display of a first blood solo kill this early in a Challenger game.
At the same time, TQ_Kitane and Mayfly_o have started spamming “NICE” in chat.
Comparing the creep score, the allied mid lane is already 10 creeps ahead of the enemy. It is obvious who has the bigger advantage in the early game.
This player is good… why did he go for the support role earlier when he has such good skills? Qiao Yanzhou wonders. It would have been a waste of his talents if Qiao Yanzhou hadn’t asked to swap roles.
Mayfly_o is also farming well in the top lane. The game is leaning towards the allied team.
The support role can actually be either easy or difficult depending on the ADC’s skills. It’s fortunate that TQ_Kitane is doing well by harassing the enemy a lot.
An enemy has been slain!”
Double Kill!”
Again? The system message is glistening before Qiao Yanzhou’s eyes, giving him that pinch of reality.
Qiao Yanzhou briefly looks at the timer – it hasn’t even been 10 minutes yet. Double kill in mid lane? But this time it started with the enemy jungler ganking the mid lane and coincidentally meeting the allied jungler there. It was a typical situation of getting fucked after failing to fuck them up, as the two of them worked together to finish off the two enemies… with both kills naturally bagged by the mid laner.
Damn, he’s good. Qiao Yanzhou starts to respect this player a little, but before he fully comes to terms with it, the allied jungler is communicating to get ready for a gank.
Coming to bottom lane straight after mid? Isn’t that too hard core? And the two opposing bot laners seem to have enough HP to sustain this gank.
While Qiao Yanzhou is still hesitating, TQ_Kitane gets ready for battle as if he is a general who has received an imperial decree, but it’s clear that the enemies are retreating. Qiao Yanzhou takes the opportunity to throw two magic balls that go in different directions. After much harassing, the opponents dare not come forward anymore, and the jungler turns back to farm. TQ_Kitane continues to farm under Qiao Yanzhou’s protection.
“I can finally win a game.” Qiao Yanzhou tells himself.
Author’s notes:
Some gaming terms in this chapter:
ADC: Marksman-type champion with long-ranged skills, mainly deal AD (Attack Damage), while Mages deal Ability Power (AP).
Farming: A.K.A. CS-ing (CS = Creep Score), refers to killing minions on the map to gain gold and experience. It is the main source of income in game and a basic mechanical skill.
Gank: A common strategy in MOBA games, refers to having one or more players ambushing, flanking or teaming up against the enemy. It can also refer to having a plan to outnumber your opponent or to using skill advantage to finish off enemies and exerting pressure in lane.
Jungle: Areas apart from the top, mid and bot lane.
Jungle creeps: Neutral monsters within the jungle. Killing these creeps boost player’s damage stats.
Warding: A.K.A. vision. There are many spots on the map that fall under players’ blind spots (e.g. bushes, jungle, etc.) Players can put a ward to provide vision in a certain area for a limited time.
First Blood: The first kill in game.
Solo Kill: A kill achieved without any assists from teammates.
Translator comment:
I hope the terms are not too much to understand. As the story goes on, it doesn’t really matter whether you know exactly what some of those terms mean. Just enjoy the story ^^ However, I don’t mind explaining further if anyone is interested to know more about the game!

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