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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch3

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 3
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Chapter 3
Fifteen minutes into the game and the first blood tower has already been taken down. This is all thanks to Qiao Yanzhou and TQ_Kitane’s decent teamwork and the unexpected ganks from the roaming jungler and mid laner. The mid laner is still playing very well, while the top laner is equally matched with his opponent.
A team fight suddenly breaks out at the 17-minute mark. Top laner Mayfly_o initiates the fight with his champion Galio flashing in and taunting the enemy. Qiao Yanzhou follows up and stuns the enemy’s highest damage dealer ADC before silencing him for 1.5 seconds. As the health bar of the enemy’s ADC rapidly diminishes, Orianna hurls her Ball towards the ADC with the intention of finishing him off. But the enemy is supported by Sona who stuns Orianna with her Ultimate skill while Orianna is standing right in the middle of the enemy team. The enemy’s mid laner, Vladimir, seizes the opportunity to drain a huge amount of Orianna’s life dealing a ton of damage by finishing up the combo with one basic attack and skill E.
It is no surprise that, at this stage of the game, the enemies are definitely making every effort to take down Orianna as she deals the most damage but, at the same time, is very vulnerable. They are bound to shower her with all their “love”.
Our ADC should trigger his Ultimate. Qiao Yanzhou is a little flustered as Orianna’s health is not enough to hold out for another few seconds.
During the team fight, the health of the opponent’s mid laner, Vladimir, is already low. Orianna should be able to survive if TQ_Kitane releases the R skill to kill Vladimir. TQ_Kitane is probably hatching the same idea as he shoots a huge frost arrow towards the enemy. Unfortunately, he misses the target. The arrow brushes past the enemy and flies away.
The ADC picks this moment to miss his Ultimate!?
Qiao Yanzhou is so mad that he accidentally lands a hard kick to the corner of the table. Though grimacing in pain, he does not stop clicking his mouse and ramming his keyboard.
We still have a chance!
Seeing that Orianna is free to move again, Qiao Yanzhou quickly casts a magic shield on her. But Orianna keeps her cool. She unhurriedly gives Vladimir a basic attack and skill Q, following up with a Flash spell to move away from the enemies. All of a sudden, Orianna turns around to engage the enemy using her skill W after Q to slow them down. She immediately activates the Ultimate that has been saved for this moment, pulling all four enemies towards her Ball. With the Ghost spell, she quickly walks towards the opponent’s support and mid laner and deals two basic attacks. Seeing that the enemy’s jungler is going to jump on Orianna, Qiao Yanzhou throws a skill W to silence the enemy in the air. As the cooldown time for the Ball has ended, she throws it twice on Vladimir reducing much of his health. Orianna’s abilities seem to have left a mark on poor Vladimir’s head, as the Ball darted towards him and his support, hitting the bull’s-eye. The series of abilities was cast seamlessly and effortlessly.
NICE!! Although Qiao Yanzhou is filled with admiration, he does not take a breather. Casting his Ultimate skill on Orianna, he heals her and gives her a boost in size.
Vladimir is killed after Orianna’s combo of skills while their support, Sona, survives with a sliver of health. Orianna apparently has no intention of casting any more skills, seemingly wanting to leave this kill to his teammates. TQ_Kitane takes the cue and finishes Sona off with two basic attacks without showing any guilt for missing the Ultimate skill earlier. The enemy’s top laner and jungler are also unable to escape from death as the allied jungler flashes in and stops them from fleeing. After a series of hand-to-hand fights, they score an ace.
Qiao Yanzhou’s interlude on cloud nine is cut short when he notices the jungler carrying both the blue and red buffs.
Hm? Don’t tell me…
It dawns on Qiao Yanzhou that their jungler was absent during that earlier team fight! It seems that, while the team was having a narrow escape in that fight, he made use of the time to clear the enemy’s jungle and even stole two buffs!
Yet, despite not having the jungler, Orianna could 1v5!
Qiao Yanzhou is bemused as he stares at his champion’s recall animation. The team receives a message from the mid laner who had been silent since the game started.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: gotta say im on par with siler
Huh? Qiao Yanzhou is speechless.
It’s true that his mechanics are good but…. How dare he compare himself to Siler? Who could be more shameless!
BoatIdlingBy: siler is definitely better
He is irreplaceable in Qiao Yanzhou’s heart, after all.
The jungler finally joins in.
LLSYOO: ure still speaking up for that noob dog?
The victory in the previous team fight seems to have loosened up the two quiet players.
BoatIdlingBy: he’s nt
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: i agree
LLSYOO: bullshit
BoatIdlingBy: u like siler too?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: nope
Qiao Yanzhou tsks. He was thinking he had finally found a soul mate but is disappointed when the Orianna player denies all of that without hesitation.
Nevertheless, it was an effortless game. Qiao Yanzhou’s team won the game with a kill score of 21:7.
Seconds before the enemy’s Nexus is taken down, TQ_Kitane and Mayfly_o have already flooded the chat window spamming, “Pls add me, mid and jg!”
But neither of them responds.
The game ends and switches to the end-game screen. Looking at the crazy amount of damage dealt by the mid laner and jungler and the mid laner’s more than 240 CS at the 23-minute mark, Qiao Yanzhou is filled with… peace. Considering the number of surprises in this game, he is suspecting that these are professional players using their smurf accounts in this team.
As Qiao Yanzhou gets ready for the next game, the “Friend Request” window flashes.
“System message: ThoseStolenBlueBuffs sends you a friend request.”
Huh? Qiao Yanzhou is dumbstruck for a brief moment but accepts the request quickly, as though it would disappear if he hesitates for another second.
Qiao Yanzhou sends him a message right away after adding him as friend.
BoatIdlingBy: senpai!!
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: lets play
An invitation to form a party immediately pops up at the corner of the game window.
BoatIdlingBy: ?!?!
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: didn’t u say that u’re not in form? I’ll carry u
BoatIdlingBy: but I’m streaming right now
BoatIdlingBy: it won’t look good to be carried while streaming right…
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: u mean u’re gonna show the world how u drop in ranks?
Qiao Yanzhou is annoyed by that and feels like giving him a punch, even though he is absolutely right.
Qiao Yanzhou accepts the invitation eventually but only sees the two of them in the party.
BoatIdlingBy: the jg earlier isnt ur friend?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: nope
BoatIdlingBy: I thought he was, both of you had good synergy
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: I can synergize well with u too
Qiao Yanzhou chokes.
He still believes that they are professionally trained regardless, especially from the way they communicate and coordinate. Though the God of Orianna himself refuses to admit it, those two must have discussed tactics and practised together before.
Since the Master does not want to reveal a thing, Qiao Yanzhou does not press further and gets into a duo queue with him. This is unprecedented as Qiao Yanzhou has always really despised the idea of being carried by someone else. Even his current Challenger rank is a result of him slowly working towards the top. But the Orianna plays earlier were really amazing, as though it were Siler himself playing a ranked game with him. And why should he say no when he can win a few games as well as learning a thing or two from the Pro?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: I will play AD, u be the support
BoatIdlingBy: Huh? hm… ok
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: prefer otherwise?
BoatIdlingBy: no but I hvnt seen enough of your orianna
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: u wanna learn?
BoatIdlingBy: yeah
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: will teach u 1 on 1 when there’s time
Qiao Yanzhou is excited and elated. Speaking of Orianna, besides Siler, Qiao Yanzhou has never thought highly of any other Orianna players. If some other player offered to teach him how to play this champion, he would roll his eyes as if he had heard the stupidest joke. But Qiao Yanzhou accepts this offer with no hint of contempt. In fact, he is so thrilled that he even wants to screenshot the conversation to keep as proof in case the Orianna Master ever denies his promise.
The system found a match, and they enter the champion selection screen.
This time around, ThoseStolenBlueBuffs hesitates and picks Xayah, an AD champion that attacks by throwing her feathers. Xayah was only released recently, and Qiao Yanzhou has tried her out before. But after getting seriously nerfed in the last few patches, Qiao Yanzhou rarely plays this champion anymore.
Qiao Yanzhou would be sceptical if someone else were playing this champion. But since it’s the Master himself, Qiao Yanzhou decides not to interfere and selects a tanky support, Rakan.
After clicking the “Lock In” button, Qiao Yanzhou receives a private message.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: a perfect match
Qiao Yanzhou knows what he means. After all, Rakan and Xayah are an item in the official lore; they come from the same tribe and carry beautiful feathers on them. The game developer even created a video of their love story and specially designed a pair of Valentine‘s Day skins, making their story sweet enough for all singles to be green with envy. Since its release, this pair of champions has become “the couples’ special.”
Since he was the one who brought this up, Qiao Yanzhou decides to be the “perfect match” for his Xayah and puts on the Valentine‘s Day skin.
YangYangYang: bot lane, pls dont troll
Qiao Yanzhou sees the message after he is done selecting the champion skin. That player must be feeling apprehensive as well because of the recent Xayah nerfs.
As usual, the Master does not reply. Qiao Yanzhou is not surprised anymore and sends him a private message.
BoatIdlingBy: do u hv the valentines day skin?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: nope
BoatIdlingBy: what do you hv?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: I dun hv any skins here, its a smurf acc
BoatIdlingBy: challenger on smurf acc??
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: yeah
BoatIdlingBy: are u a pro player?
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: make a guess?
Staring at his ambiguous reply, Qiao Yanzhou has a hunch that things are not as simple as they seem.
Roam: Jungler’s role, refers to roaming in the jungle to provide assistance to the top, mid and bottom lane, looking for a chance to gank the enemies.
Laning phase: A.K.A. farming, refers to champions in lane killing minions during the early game to earn gold and experience, as well as harassing the enemies.
Team fight: As opposed to the laning phase, champions leave their lanes and gather to fight. The result of the team fight usually decides the result of the game.
Basic attack: Champions dealing attack without using any abilities.
Buff: A jungle monster that gives an increase to the champion damage values. Red buff gives health and increases attack damage, while blue buff increases magic damage and reduces cooldown time.
Skin: An alternate appearance for the champion.

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