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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch1

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia
Editor: Ayszhang
Here's the first release of How Dare You Attack My Support!
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Chapter 1

Qiao Yanzhou feels that he has been in bad form recently but is unable to pinpoint exactly which aspect. It may be due to the new League of Legends’ 7.7 patch.
Qiao Yanzhou is a League of Legends streamer who signed on with streaming platform ToothCat. Though standing at an average popularity rank, his monthly earnings are enough to sustain himself. League of Legends (LoL) is currently the most popular e-sports MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, with many big-scale annual competitions. The most prominent tournament, SPL, is holding its spring split stirring up lots of publicity, and Qiao Yanzhou is indisputably a loyal fan of it.
It’s already half-past five. Qiao Yanzhou blankly stares at his empty streaming report and heaves a sigh. This means that in the remaining week or so of this month, if he doesn’t stay at home and stream all day, his pay will be heavily reduced by the evil streaming platform. If that happens, not only his rent and bills, but also basic needs such as food will be at stake in the following month.
Yet, Qiao Yanzhou doesn’t seem too aware of the severity of the matter. He slowly wakes up and sits up on his bed, ruffles his messy bed hair and looks around in a daze.
Where’d they go?
Damn, did I finish the last one…
Disappointment and anxiety fills Qiao Yanzhou’s initial dazed look after failing to find his pack of cigarettes.
He seems to be more afraid of running out of cigarettes than of having to sleep under a bridge because he is too lazy to stream.
The taste of nicotine is still lingering in his mouth, and he is not thinking straight. The hangover from last night appears to have taken its toll on him.
Qiao Yanzhou does not usually drink much. Though he will not be K.O.’d just by drinking one glass, he definitely cannot hold more than one and a half glasses. Liang Dong asked him out for a drink last night, with the initial agreement to talk about life, dreams and future, and nobody was supposed to drink too much. But in the end, nobody held themselves back.
If not for Liang Dong’s determined, patient and relentless “persuasion” (read: violently pulling away), he might even have thrown up from drinking too much at the bar.
An alarm set on his mobile phone lying nearby started ringing at an extremely low volume. Soon after, his phone started ringing from a call.
Qiao Yanzhou yawns and answers the call.
“Oh my good Lord, you finally picked up!” Liang Dong exclaimed with some noise in the background.
“I just woke up.” Qiao Yanzhou furrows his brows. “’Sup? It sounds noisy on your side.”
“What do you think? I am at my part-time job.”
“So hardworking.”
“I know.” Liang Dong is actually not that humble. “It’s already half-past five. Gramps, you should get up. I thought you said last night that you’re gonna have to sleep under a bridge if you don’t stream today?”
“It’s only half-past five. The night is still young for youngsters like us….. Wait, hold on….. HALF-PAST FIVE?!”
“Yeah… why?”
“FUCK!” Qiao Yanzhou jumps out of bed.
“Fuck who?” Liang Dong is perplexed.
Qiao Yanzhou is too lazy to make any explanations. He jumps out of bed as though he is just struck by lightning and scrambles to his computer. He switches on the computer and plugs the charger into his phone that is low-batt at the same time. He finishes all these actions smoothly in one go, as his sluggish face fills with energy within seconds. Meanwhile he starts chanting, “EG, EG, EG…”
“Are you possessed?”
“I missed the live broadcast of EG’s game!” Qiao Yanzhou screams, feels as though it was not enough, and screams again. “I missed it!”
“Well, you overslept and have only yourself to blame…”
“Shut up.” Qiao Yanzhou logs into League of Legends SPL’s official site, clicks on the Tournament News tab, and is astounded for a few seconds.
EG vs NTG 1:2
Sensing that the air on the other end of the phone is different, Liang Dong coughs and says, “Actually, I saw a bit of the game…..EG lost…”
“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Qiao Yanzhou presses F5, and the page refreshes. But deep down, he knows that this will not change a thing.
“Before the game started, I called you more than twenty times, and you were still asleep… Now that you’re awake, EG’s losing game has ended…”
Qiao Yanzhou is fuming at what Liang Dong has said and decides to ignore him. He searches for news articles on the game and cannot believe what he is reading.
“EG Defeated. Is Siler the One to Blame?”
“Oh My Eyes! EG’s God of Mid Lane Siler Makes Multiple Mechanical Mistakes.”
“Bad Form? Siler’s Teammates Are Now ‘Afraid’ of the Champion.”
“[Video] Siler’s Bad Mechanics Compilation.”
After reading these sensationalised headlines, Qiao Yanzhou is uncertain whether he should feel bad for missing the broadcast or happy that he has missed it…
“Siler played Orianna… Missed his Flash Ultimate twice… Dived and killed by the tower and even…” Liang Dong is still harping on it unaware of his friend’s feelings.
Qiao Yanzhou clenches his fist. “Stop it! You loud mouth!”
“Geez, do you have to be like this over a game…” Liang Dong tsks and pauses before continuing. “But I get you. Since EG lost this game, it’ll be hard for them to win the spring split.” He said hesitantly, ”I mean, Siler’s form today was really bad. I think you shouldn’t watch the rerun.”
Although Liang Dong’s words are ringing in Qiao Yanzhou’s ears, he does not hear any of them. He feels upset reading each and every headline. Qiao Yanzhou has played this game for almost seven years now, and Siler’s existence has been his motivation and goal in this game, or even a god-like existence.
Since Siler joined EG three years ago, he has risen to be the King of Mid Lane within a few months, feared by the other teams. Qiao Yanzhou even feels that he is turning gay because of Siler.
He watches every one of Siler’s game, and every brilliant mechanic and accurate prediction always stir his mind so hard that he cannot sleep. Even as he works toward being a Challenger player from Bronze, he learns most of his game know-how and skills from watching Siler.
Of course, Siler did make mistakes in some of his past games, especially when the other teams were focusing on him after realising early on that he held the key to victory. But for him to make this many mistakes is a first in the past two years.
Qiao Yanzhou is upset and frustrated to say the least. The main problem is that he bet all his “Cat points” on EG’s victory…… He has turned into a pauper overnight and now suffers a second emotional blow. The most frustrating thing is that he still has to stream more than six hours later…
Although this is not the first time that life has dealt him a bad hand, this is the first time he feels that life is making him play Russian Roulette.
He hangs up on Liang Dong impatiently and opens his streaming software and League of Legends with a dead face. As he is hungover, Qiao Yanzhou can imagine how horrifying he looks right now and decides to close his webcam.
He re-adjusts his mind and starts queuing for a ranked game while lazily responding to the greetings from the viewers. After thanking viewers for gifting him, Qiao Yanzhou starts his six-hour stream with a heavy heart.
Dairytea: What do you think of it so far? I wonder what happened to Siler~~~ OAo

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