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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch13

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia, Fin
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 13
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Chapter 13
Dark clouds loom over Qiao Yanzhou’s head.
Why didn’t I take up a decent job after graduation instead of becoming a fucking streamer? Earning only a few hundred bucks a month, I have sold my soul and worked like a dog, and soon I might not even be able to protect my body! Yikes!
It’s one thing to turn on the webcam during the horror game stream but it’s another to ask for a crossplay!
“Guys… I, your most beloved streamer, am one big guy who’s over a hundred and eighty cm has only one hobby, which is playing games. Where the hell do I find female costumes for myself?!” Qiao Yanzhou cries at the computer screen. “Could you guys not make so many requests?”
The audience doesn’t give up despite Qiao Yanzhou’s desperate pleas. Though he keeps it from his viewers, who are the bosses who pay his salary, he feels extremely annoyed. The only one he can blame for is his big mouth for mentioning the idea.
“All right, all right. Let’s make another deal.” At last, Qiao Yanzhou succumbs to his viewers who are still flooding the chat window. “If EG loses the next game, I’ll do it.”
Anonymous452: DEAL!
Anonymous962: I’LL BE WAITING!!
Anonymous092: YES! GOGOGO!
Frankly speaking, Qiao Yanzhou believes it’s impossible for EG to lose two games in a row, which is about the same probability in the SPL, same as the possibility of him crossplaying.
After managing to appease his audience, he can now finally stream in peace. He leisurely clicks into a ranked game room while launching WeChat on his phone. He finds himself receiving a message that was sent just a few minutes.
Star: I added you here since I usually don’t make calls
Qiao Yanzhou is pleasantly surprised – he’s right about the identity of the sender!
YZ Qiao: oh I hope that wasn’t too much of a trouble for u senpai
YZ Qiao: and sry was streaming, didn't see ur message
Star: np
YZ Qiao: wanna rank?
Star: nope, not free now
YZ Qiao: ok, imma stream now. Thx for the tix!
Star: np
Qiao Yanzhou is even more excited after knowing that the godly player added him.
So this is how it feels when you are friends with a good player huh!
Although Qiao Yanzhou has always despised players who try to curry favor with good players, it dawns on him that it could have been because he had never found any suitable candidates before!
And now he seems to be blown away by that godly player’s game skills, even to the point of losing his sanity.
There’s nothing wrong to want to climb higher on the ranked ladder right… Qiao Yanzhou thinks to himself.
What position should I play today? Mid? Support? Jungle? Qiao Yanzhou hesitates for a moment before selecting “Jungle”.
Qiao Yanzhou rarely plays this position, as players tend to blame the jungler for everything that goes wrong during the game.
Top laners blame the jungler for not ganking when they get ganked, mid laners blame the jungler for not helping when they cannot get a kill, and the bottom laners blame the jungler for not appearing when they are losing lane. This is why Qiao Yanzhou usually avoids queuing up for this position, as he is someone who is really bad at arguing with his teammates.
But, perhaps because he is now friends with a godly player, Qiao Yanzhou suddenly feels godly as well and decides to go for the position he is least familiar with.
After the game is matched, players go through the usually exciting pick-and-ban phase. Looking at all the champions that are banned, Qiao Yanzhou is glad that the enemy team has banned champions that he doesn’t know how to play.
The players start picking their champions after the banning phase. Qiao Yanzhou, who was gleeful a moment ago, starts having trouble with choosing a champion as he scrolls through his army of heroes.
Hm… Who should I go for? Elise? Zac? Nidalee? Rek’Sai? Evelynn? Ivern?
Qiao Yanzhou finally locks in Elise, the Spider Queen, ten seconds before the countdown timer runs out.
Elise is considered to be one of the older champions in LoL. She has great mobility and damage, is quick in clearing jungle camps, and is a jungler worth buying for her power and balance. However, her health level is lower, she has a high skill cap and requires good teamwork.
Qiao Yanzhou has played Elise twice, but gave up because a lot of time is needed to be good at this champion and he was sprinting down the road to be a Challenger.
It’s been years since Qiao Yanzhou has brought Elise out and he is unsure of how he will fare. To be honest, he’s not very confident.
When the game starts, Qiao Yanzhou goes straight to the Raptors’ camp instead of the usual red buff as he intends to gain experience points faster.
His mid laner, Orianna, understands his intention and helps him out. After clearing the raptors, he sees that the red buff has been taken to low health by his bot laners and smites to kill it.
For a jungler, the early game is always long and lonesome. He has to travel alone in the vast Summoner’s Rift with unfriendly jungle monsters as his only company.
Elise is a typical “carry jungler” who heavily relies on getting kills to get stronger. The bloodthirsty Qiao Yanzhou walks around the map and finally finds a good chance for a gank.
The enemy’s top laner, Rumble, is already ahead by a few CS facing the allied top laner, Kennen, with his burst damage in the early game. Rumble has also managed to push the minion wave towards the allied tower.
Rumble is a ferocious champion who wears a black mechanical gear that is equipped with a flamethrower. Smoke billows out as it freely torches Kennen. Although Qiao Yanzhou wants to help him, he has a feeling that something is off.
Rumble’s health is already low as he takes damage from Kennen and the minions, and yet he is still playing so aggressively. Perhaps the enemy jungler is around? Qiao Yanzhou speculates.
Though Qiao Yanzhou is unsure, he can sense the enemy jungler lurking around. Maybe the opponent has already discovered his presence, and they’re waiting for a good chance to launch an ambush. Kennen’s health diminishes quickly, and if not for Doran’s shield, he might have gotten killed already.
Qiao Yanzhou concludes that Kennen is not going to help even if the enemy jungler jumps on him and beats the crap out of him.
He considers for a moment and signals Kennen to be careful before leaving the top lane. This is Qiao Yanzhou’s jungling style – ever adaptable and flexible.
Since the enemy jungler is waiting for an ambush in the top lane, Qiao Yanzhou sneaks to the enemy’s bottom side of the jungle to see if there’s any more gold to harvest. Ro his disappointment, he finds nothing but a scuttle crab. He then turns back to his own jungle after helping the ADC (?) to hold the lane as the he recalls to the base to get some items.
Just as Qiao Yanzhou is becoming bored with roaming in the jungle, he sees the mid laner, Orianna, asking for assistance.
Shifting his vision to the mid lane quickly, Qiao Yanzhou notices that the enemy mid laner, Vladimir, has extremely low health but continues to kill minions by staying safely under the turret. Qiao Yanzhou is now in a dilemma: he is afraid that if he appears for a gank but fails the mission, he may be the one killed instead.
However, Orianna seems to disagree as she throws the ball, usually floating around her body, towards Vladimir after sending a signal to attack. The enemy is now one auto-attack away from death. Orianna quickly gives herself a shield before flashing under the turret where she intends to bag the kill with one auto-attack.
Orianna probably thinks that she has secured the kill as she backs away quickly after taking one turret shot - but to her surprise, Vladimir suddenly levels up and regains a sliver of health.
The mid laner seems to be taken aback, because she suddenly mispositions herself.
This means that she will be taking three turret shots of damage instead of returning to the safe zone after taking two. She does not have enough health for these three shots.
Fortunately, Qiao Yanzhou reacts quickly. He flashes in and cocoons Vladimir, stunning him as he turns around to kill Orianna. By doing so, Qiao Yanzhou manages to take the turret shot instead before transforming into the spider form with skill R. He then kills Vladimir with an auto-attack after the spiderlings take away some of his health.
First blood!”
Qiao Yanzhou’s champion, Elise, is now left with flashing red health. But Orianna, whom he successfully rescued, does not seem to have any intention of giving him a shield.
He has no choice but to trigger skill E to ascend into the air and land safely behind the mid lane minion wave. His audience cheers wildly as he shows off his smooth and effortless mechanics.
“Phew, that was close!” Qiao Yanzhou mutters to himself before changing his tone in a cocky way. “Doesn’t my Elise remind you of Deep’s Elise in the finals?”
The one Qiao Yanzhou is referring to is Qi Chen from EG, who chose Elise and won last year’s championship finals.
“Hey, isn’t he a big fan of yours? Why is he mentioning me?”
Nobody could have imagined that Qi Chen himself was actually watching Qiao Yanzhou’s mechanics, that are as good as Deep’s, from Gu Zixing’s computer screen.
“There’s still a skill gap between his Elise and yours in the first three minutes.” Gu Zixing strokes his chin before giving Qi Chen a smile. “But he will reach your level at minute five.”
“My dear Xing-xing, have I just lost your respect?”
“But seems like it’s true that he did do some research on how to play this champion.” Qin Xiangnan, sitting right beside them, ignores Qi Chen and continues while looking at the screen. “His positioning and game sense are really close to the pro level. I wouldn’t say he is trying to mimic Qi Chen, but it’s obvious that he did his homework.”
Gu Zixing does not say another word but listens intently and carefully to Qin Xiangnan’s comments.
“Shall we go? Coach should already be waiting in the practise room.” Qin Xiangnan pushes his glasses up his nose before packing up his notebook and says, “I heard we’ve gotten some first-hand info on WG’s last game.”
Gu Zixing stands up from the chair and stretches himself.
Then he clicks the “follow” button at the top right hand corner of the streaming site before switching off his computer.
TN: In the next chapter, Qiao Yanzhou keeps his promise and plays a horror game! XD.

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