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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch12

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia, Fin
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 12
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Chapter 12
At EG Esports Club.
“Did you see that? I was leading Gu Zixing by twenty CS during the first fifteen minutes in today’s scrims!
Qi Chen walks out of the practice room holding his head up high. The team’s manager, Qin Xiangnan, follows him out.
“Did you forget to credit Yao Le who was your support? Ol’ Gu only has himself,” Qin Xiangnan tsks.
“Wouldn’t that make me look bad?” Qi Chen asks, spreading his hands out as if he was stating the obvious. Yao Le, who is playing with his phone while walking behind them, chuckles upon hearing their conversation.
Qin Xiangnan replies, “Hmph, I should record what you’ve just said and send it to Zixing. We’ll see how he shoots back at you.”
“Oh, can he though? Is he capable of that?”
“What are you talking about?”
Qi Chen turns around and sees Gu Zixing standing in front of the lobby vending machine holding two bottles of water.
“I said I was beating a boosted monkey by 20 CS during scrims just now.” Qi Chen’s face brims with confidence. He reaches to grab the unopened bottle from Gu Zixing, but his hand is slapped away.
“You’re right.” Gu Zixing narrows his eyes and gives him a mischievous smile. “Seems like you didn’t waste a bit of your energy doing over two thousand push-ups.”
“You’ve still got the nerve to mention that! I covered a thousand and five of those push-ups for you!”
“You’re the best.”
“And you’re welcome. Just gimme that bottle.”
“Okay, okay.” Gu Zixing gives up and passes him the unopened bottle.
When Qi Chen opens the bottle and raises it to his mouth, he notices Manager Qin gesturing towards Yao Le with his eyes.
Qi Chen suddenly understands what he means. He eagerly passes the untouched bottle to Yao Le.
“Come on, have some water! Good job during scrims!”
Yao Le lifts his head from his phone screen. He hesitates while looking at the bottle, observing Gu Zixing from the corner of his eye. He shakes his head and says, “It’s alright. I’m heading to the dining hall.”
Yao Le then walks away by himself before Qi Chen can say anything.
Watching Yao Le leaving, he wonders if he has done something wrong…
“What?” Gu Zixing, looking at his phone, is unaware of what happened.
“Sorry, I didn’t know this bottle was for Yao Le!”
“No worries… What?” Gu Zixing furrows his brows. “Who said it was for him?”
“Huh?” Qi Chen looks at him blankly as does Manager Qin who is also wearing a similar expression.
“I had extra coins and just bought another bottle.” Gu Zixing finally lifts his eyes from his phone. He looks at Qi Chen. “What has it got to do with Yao Le?”
Nothing to do with him? Really?
Qi Chen senses something odd in Gu Zixing’s tone, but Gu Zixing stops him from asking anything by changing the subject.
“Did you ask the HR department to check out that support?”
“Yeah, how did you know?”
“They sent me a message to confirm whether I’d agreed to that.”
“Yeah, but I don’t think I spoke to HR? Just uh… some department that scouts for new players.”
“Yup, that is HR.”
“Oh.” Qi Chen shrugs. Aside from practicing games, he’s usually uninterested in club matters.
“It’s part of their job anyway. I saw that you seemed really interested in that guy, so I sent them his game ID and server to check him out.”
“You really do have nothing better to do.” Gu Zixing furrows his brows, seeming to disapprove of his actions. Yet, he continues, “So… did they find out anything about him?”
“Ah-ha! I knew you’d be curious!” Qi Chen is entertained by his reaction. Though Gu Zixing’s habit of keeping things to himself can be annoying at times, Qi Chen finds it adorable that Gu Zixing is quite different on the inside.
“He’s a streamer who signed with ToothCat, the streaming platform. His name is Qiao Yanzhou and he’s been playing League for six to seven years,” Qi Chen rattles on, as if familiar with the person in question. “This is just what they've found from his Weibo. I didn’t ask them hack in or anything.”
“How old is he?”
“Twenty, I think.”
“He’s a little old, but a few trainers who had watched his stream said that his basic mechanics were good enough. Even if he can’t be a starter, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to be a sub, training partner or part of the scouting staff.” Qi Chen pats Gu Zixing’s shoulder. “C’mon, he’s also a loyal fan of yours. Give him a chance.”
“Well then, ask the staff to keep an eye on him. ToothCat is one of EG’s subsidiaries. I don’t want to see such talent being poached by the other clubs,” Gu Zixing demands before instructing. “Send me his streaming ID later.”

Qiao Yanzhou has gone back to sleep after hanging up Liang Dong’s call and wakes up at noon.
Since he has to clock in ten streaming hours today, he decides to start at two in the afternoon.
Qiao Yanzhou yawns.
Scrolling through his WeChat while brushing his teeth, he notices a new friend request.
Star sent you a friend request.”
Huh, who’s this? The profile pic’s a silly-looking fat pug…
Qiao Yanzhou considers it for a moment and accepts the request after deciding that this account is nothing like those salespeople or advertisers.
YZ Qiao: ??
Qiao Yanzhou casually sends two question marks to ask for their identity. Other than playing games, he is extremely lazy about using his hands for anything, even when it comes to jerking off.
But there is no reply.
Qiao Yanzhou sits in front of his TV after washing up, still staring at his phone. He checks out their profile page and finds… emptiness.
There’s only a single post on his profile though - a post shared from elsewhere four years ago.
The heading reads: “2014 EG Esports Club Officially Launches Pro Gamer Training Program. Now Recruiting!”
Qiao Yanzhou nervously exits the profile and opens the conversation.
No reply.
Getting impatient, he decides to start his stream first.
Ten hours… What should I stream today?
He launches LoL out of habit while he’s still considering but, to his surprise, many of his viewers start protesting.
AnnieTibbers: switch it up, c’mon!
WhatsGreenWithForgiveness: didn’t u promise to stream a horror game if EG lost?
LooLoofa: chicken dinner!
Pigeon: Overwatch ranked lets goooooo
Qiao Yanzhou reads the endless incoming chat and already feels drained. People say that it’s impossible to please everybody – ugh, so true.
He actually has a large collection of games and consoles, including a PlayStation 4, a PlayStation VR, an XBox and a Switch. He even owns an obscene number of games on platforms like Steam and Uplay on his computer.
As a long-time gaming otaku, Qiao Yanzhou has never been hesitant about choosing which game to play. This time though…
Before EG lost, Qiao Yanzhou had thought that the game was pretty much a certain victory. That was why he’d sworn to stream horror games if EG lost. He’d even downloaded a bunch of horror games, thanks to his viewers’ fervent persuasion, such as Outlast 2, Resident Evil 7, Layers of Fear, Five Nights at Freddy's, The Evil Within, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Silent Hill: Downpour…
What the viewers didn’t know was that horror games were his biggest weakness. He can’t even finish watching the trailers without almost pissing his pants.
But there’s no return for Qiao Yanzhou now. He digs his own grave. He reaps what he sowed.
At this moment, the chat window is bursting with requests to stream a horror game. Qiao Yanzhou sees that his viewers are getting out of hand and hurriedly says, “My dear friends, it’s broad daylight now and not the best time for horror games. Shall we do it tonight instead?”
LiangCi: u’re chickening out again
TakeMyMagicSword: im sure u’re gonna dodge tonight
BabyFace: c’mon dun be scared
Qiao Yanzhou is at his wits’ end. He bites his lips and clenches his fist before displaying his resolution. “Alright, I’ll change the name of my stream to ‘HORROR GAMES @ 9PM OR I’LL CROSSPLAY’. Will that do?”
Anonymous972: Okay.
Anonymous712: Okokok.
Anonymous152: Deal.
Qiao Yanzhou’s suggestion receives approval from all his viewers, and his chat window is now filled with mood of celebration.
Anonymous734: It’d be perfect to turn on ur webcam for tonight’s stream!
Anonymous982: actually i feel like seeing ur female cosplay rn!
“Say one more word and I’m pulling out my LAN cable.” He clenches his teeth.

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