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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch16

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia, Fin
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 16
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Chapter 16

Although Qiao Yanzhou now knows that the godly player is Siler himself, nothing dramatic has happened in his dull life. Instead, he feels that everything has been going downhill lately.

Siler hasn’t logged into the “Thosestolenbluebuffs” account since revealing his identity to Qiao Yanzhou, nor has he appeared on WeChat. Meanwhile, Qiao Yanzhou has continued his life as usual playing solo ranked games.

As for “Outlast,” Qiao Yanzhou has left the game on the table and not touched it again since that night’s thirty-minute stream.

Since then though, whenever Qiao Yanzhou accidentally shows his desktop while streaming, a number of viewers with extremely sharp eyes would notice the game’s icon and start pressing him to stream that horror game. Qiao Yanzhou had no choice but to hide it somewhere in another discreet folder so that it disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Why don’t you just uninstall it?’ Qiao Yanzhou had thought to himself, but he really couldn’t bear to uninstall this game that cost him so many dollars and hours to install.

Let’s just leave it. Who knows, I may play it again in the future.’ Qiao Yanzhou smiles to himself wryly.

Now that the match between EG and WG, the first and second seed of group A and B respectively, is nearing, it is inevitably in the spotlight. At the same time, this is also the deciding match for both teams to enter the quarterfinals in the SPL spring split.

The match results get more significant as the split comes to a close.

The players, team coach and SPL fans all understand this.

This includes Qiao Yanzhou who has been sitting in front of his computer, staring at the SPL news site for almost twenty minutes, his hair turning gray from all the thinking and analysis.

Currently, EG and WG garner 51% and 49% of fans’ support respectively, which shows that it’ll be a rare, close fight between these two teams in the SPL. Qiao Yanzhou thinks to himself that if he bets all his Cat points on EG, the odds are 0.48. But if EG loses, he will not only be losing all his fortune, but his “lovely” viewers will definitely press him to crossplay, and that will be a second blow to him.
On the other hand, if he sets aside one-third of his Cat points to bet on WG, the odds are 0.64. Even though he may lose some points overall, he can minimize his losses by winning some points if EG loses.

Hm, what should I do…

Qiao Yanzhou is now thinking like a calculating housewife.

Although he’s praying hard that EG will win, when it comes to the Cat points that he has painstakingly earned through streaming, he has to be more cautious. If EG loses, though he’ll be heartbroken (and forced to crossplay), he might be able to earn some Cat points. At the very least, he won’t feel like stabbing himself as much as after the last game.

So how much should I bet… Hm… The odds are always changing. What if the odds of WG winning become lower than EG?

Qiao Yanzhou’s head is about to explode. He decides to open LoL’s homepage to see if there has been any relevant news that can help him come to a conclusion.

As he clicks open the application, he realises that “Thosestolenbluebuffs” is online.

Wow, is today my lucky day?

BoatIdlingby: hi shldnt u be practising now?

Thosestolenbluebuffs: shldnt u be streaming now?

BoatIdlingby: Im still staring at the odds

Thosestolenbluebuffs: what odds

BoatIdlingby: do u think I shld bet on EG or WG?

Thosestolenbluebuffs: in the case where the odds are close, u shld always bet on the lower one

BoatIdlingby: so what do u think are the odds of EG winning WG?

Qiao Yanzhou almost kicks himself for saying that to Gu Zixing. He hurriedly types another line:

BoatIdlingby: Siler-sama im not doubting ur team’s abilities, I know u guys r super strong since ive been a huge fan of EG!

Thosestolenbluebuffs: it’s ok idm

You’re already almost one of us anyway.” Gu Zixing thinks to himself.

BoatIdlingby: the thing is I told my viewers that if EG loses I’ll crossplay on stream

BoatIdlingby: I rly dun wanna crossplay…

Qiao Yanzhou’s contempt for crossplaying seeps through each and every word he types.

Gu Zixing can’t contain his giggles.

Thosestolenbluebuffs: seems like it’s not so bad to lose this match after all

BoatIdlingby: ……

It suddenly dawns on Qiao Yanzhou that though Gu Zixing may seem cool and serious on the outside, there’s a very mischievous side to him.

Thosestolenbluebuffs: u cn bet everything on EG, we are not losing

BoatIdlingby: what if EG loses?

Qiao Yanzhou knows that it’s not very nice to ask this question, but he’s not very good with words and was unsure how else to put it.

Thosestolenbluebuffs: the coach will probably give us a good lecture if we lose

BoatIdlingby: I mean what will happen to me…

Thosestolenbluebuffs: didn’t u say that you’ll be crossplaying? now, send me your streaming site

Thosestolenbluebuffs: ……

Qiao Yanzhou feels down now.

After much consideration, he decides to bet all his Cat points on EG. Although he went bankrupt the last time he went all-in, he can’t help but be captivated by the “demonic” prowess of EG.

Thosestolenbluebuffs has invited you to play in a game.

Mode: Solo/Duo Ranked.

Qiao Yanzhou is stumped by the pop-up message.

WWWTF? I’m invited by Siler-sama himself? I can make up some stories and brag to the world!

Qiao Yanzhou accepts the invitation immediately and quickly types in the dialog box.

BoatIdlingby: shall we voice chat?

Qiao Yanzhou is relieved that they’re communicating through text. If he were to say the same thing, it would probably sound like:

“Sssssshalll…. We… uh…… vvvvvvoooice cchhat?”

He stutters whenever he gets nervous. This is why he became his ex-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

Even so, Qiao Yanzhou is getting impatient. The idol that he has been thinking of during the day and dreaming of at night is sitting right on the other side of the screen. Wouldn’t it be painful to only communicate through text without talking at all?

Thosestolenbluebuffs: someone may come in to speak with me ltr, im afraid u may hear something u shldnt

BoatIdlingby: oh so ure playing ranked while discussing secret strategies?

Thosestolenbluebuffs: I dun think it’s something confidential but our manager urged us to keep it a secret

BoatIdlingby: oh u can end the voice chat when that person comes!

After Qiao Yanzhou’s fervent persuasion, Gu Zixing finally concedes and picks up Qiao Yanzhou’s WeChat call.


A cold and aloof voice comes through, and Qiao Yanzhou feels like he is already on cloud nine.

As he’s watched many of Siler’s interviews, and heard how he communicates with his teammates during EG matches, he’s not unfamiliar with Siler’s voice. But he had never imagined that one day he would be hearing that same voice straight from his own headphones!

“De…nonono, Sil…Sil… Siler-sama!” Qiao Yanzhou is so happy that he had almost called him “dear!”

“You can just call me by my name.”

Gu Zixing has probably found his dense personality amusing because Qiao Yanzhou can hear that Gu 
Zixing is actually half laughing, and finds that it's very pleasant to the ear.

“Nonono, that’s too… rude.” Qiao Yanzhou rejects Gu Zixing and says, “How does your teammate address you?”

“Old Gu or Captain Gu.”

“Doesn’t sound good to me.” Qiao Yanzhou thinks for a moment, trying his very best not to fumble his words, before saying, “I’ll just stick to Siler-sama.”

“I’m okay either way.” Gu Zixing chuckles.

“I’m Qiao Yanzhou, Yan, as in inkstone, Zhou as in continent. You can call me Xiao-Zhou.”

“Alright, Xiao Qiao.”


Gu Zixing starts the game’s matchmaking.

Although this is not the first time playing with Gu Zixing, Qiao Yanzhou still feels extremely nervous and is starting to feel tongue-tied.

Both of them are given the bot lane again, but this time around, Gu Zixing is the support and Qiao Yanzhou is the ADC.

“Huh, why am I the ADC?”

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t think I’m very good at this role.”

“Don’t worry, I’m here.”

It only takes one simple sentence from Gu Zixing to calm Qiao Yanzhou’s whirlwind of emotions.

That’s right, the world champion is right with me. What’s there to worry about!

The pumped-up Qiao Yanzhou enters the champion picking phase after the banning phase.

Seeing that Caitlyn, a strong ADC in the current patch, is still available, Qiao Yanzhou quickly grabs that champion for himself.

“What support do you want?” Gu Zixing asks as he scrolls through his champion pool.

“Something tanky or with higher damage. Otherwise, I’d feel insecure.”


Qiao Yanzhou sees the profiles of different champions quickly flashing by as Gu Zixing decides on one. Finally, he stops at Zyra and confirms his choice.


Nobody has actually seen Gu Zixing play the support role in a professional match before, so this will be a good chance to witness his prowess.

The game loads after all the other players finish picking their champions. While it’s loading, Qiao Yanzhou hears Gu Zixing’s chuckle.

“What’s wrong?”

“The enemy ADC is Leng-Leng,” Gu Zixing says, sounding even more amused. “Just try your best.”

Leng-Leng? Rio?!!

Gu Zixing is referring to Yuan Yaoleng, game ID: Rio. He is known to have the most unusual name in the professional scene, and everyone calls him Leng-Leng. He is team TR’s current ADC.

TR is known to be one of the few teams that are on par with the veteran teams EG and WG. The current line-up of TR has even won the world championship once before, by beating EG. And in this ranked game, Qiao Yanzhou will be facing against the world champion ADC!

What a coincidence!

“What the fuck, what should I do!” Qiao Yanzhou panics.

“What are you worried about? I said I’m right here,” Gu Zixing tsks, not bothered a single bit.

“But that’s a world champion ADC!”


“Oh, but you’re also a world champion mid,” Qiao Yanzhou suddenly realizes. But blurts in the next second, “But you’re a support now! How can we win against them!?”

“Just focus on your CS.”

Actually, the one that Qiao Yanzhou lacks confidence in is himself, not Siler..

If it’s Siler versus Rio in this game, Qiao Yanzhou has full confidence that Siler will beat Rio. However, if a noob, compared to a pro player, is added into the equation, the results will become much harder to predict.

“Come on, let’s show them what we’ve got.” Urges Gi Zixing from his headphones as the game starts.

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