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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch15

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia, Fin
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 15
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Chapter 15

Sometimes, Qiao Yanzhou doubts his own intelligence. Hell, even a birdbrain is smarter than him!
Especially since he’s currently digging his own grave to spread happiness to the world, by playing a horror game in the middle of the night instead of sleeping!
Now, Qiao Yanzhou doesn’t feel that the night is long and lonesome anymore, for it seems like he can sense “beings” hiding under his bed, standing behind him, floating outside the window, walking along the corridor… Jesus, they’re everywhere!
If only they were real people. If they’re something else… Oh Lord, how am I gonna survive the night?!
But hey...aliens are people too, right?
Qiao Yanzhou isn't even speaking in a coherent manner anymore, as his perturbed mind conjures up one absurd scenario after the other.'
“Tell me, if I open this door and a monster jumps on me… Should I first save my mum or girlfriend?”
Even his viewers are dumbfounded now.
Playing “Outlast” typically takes about two hours, but since Qiao Yanzhou has chosen the easy mode, as long as he doesn’t lose his way or get stuck completing one of the tasks, he would be able to complete the game in an hour and a half.
However, his viewers can already sense that this easy mode is transforming into “hell mode” for Qiao Yanzhou due to his overactive imagination.
Nope, it’s impossible for him not to lose his way in this game.
“Why can’t this creepy guy stop chasing me?! Ohmygod, where should I go? WHERE SHOULD I GO?! Wasn’t I just here just a while ago?! SHIT, I LOST MY WAY!!” Qiao Yanzhou screams as his character walks around in the asylum like a headless chicken while holding up the camera.
His mental condition seems to be in a worse state than the crazy freak chasing right behind him with a weapon.
“Damn, a dead end again?!” For the sixth time, Qiao Yanzhou has unknowingly come to that dead end. It’s always the same dead end, the same scene, the same world, and the same dream…
Resigning himself to his fate, Qiao Yanzhou turns around before dashing towards the monster, saying, “Motherfucker, take my camera!”
Like a fearless hero, or so it seems.
Lifting him up by the neck, the monster kills him effortlessly by hurling him onto the ground before he could even do anything.
Anonymous702: MISSION FAILED x6
Anonymous1533: poor guy working overtime to count the number of times he’s failed
Anonymous241: what a noob but cute streamer
Qiao Yanzhou feels defeated.
Only after being stuck at this part of the game for ten minutes does he realize that there is a space above the dead end he can access.
“Jesus, I’m so stupid!” Qiao Yanzhou slaps the table angrily.
After finally making progress in the game, his heart rate and blood pressure ease slightly.
Qiao Yanzhou composes himself for a moment before speaking to his viewers.
“It’s been half an hour already. Let’s call it a day guys.”
His viewers are, of course, rioting. But Qiao Yanzhou can’t bring himself to continue any further. He imagines that if he faints due to shock, those “beings” underneath his bed, outside the window, behind him and in the corridor won’t be able to help to call 911.
So, he decides to disregard his dissatisfied viewers and leave like a willful princess.
Qiao Yanzhou calms himself down before opening his streaming dashboard, something he always does after he finishes streaming. Even before he started to stream the horror game, he had had a feeling that there would have been a sharp spike in the number of viewers.
And sure enough, there is an increase of five to six hundred viewers in just one night, and he even received twice the amount of gifts as usual!
If not for his weak heart, Qiao Yanzhou would seriously consider streaming horror games full time to become a millionaire overnight.
It’s a pity he’s really not the sort who sacrifices his life for money. Even with endless wealth, a person can only live once.
This has always been his life’s motto.
After switching off his computer, Qiao Yanzhou is still a little shaken but feels good overall, since he has painstakingly made some good money.
He opens Weibo and posts a new status:
“Digging my own grave by choosing to play a horror game, but I made it past 30mins! GO EG! [/doge]”
As he soaps himself up, he naively thinks that he can call it a day.
It’s already one in the morning after his shower, and Qiao Yanzhou lies on his bed after sloppily blow-drying his hair.
His intentions are to browse on his phone for a while before sleeping, but to his surprise, there are a total of ten miss calls from Liang Dong!
What the hell…
Qiao Yanzhou furrows his brows as he makes a call back.
They answer the call almost immediately.
“Huh?” Qiao Yanzhou didn’t know he has been promoted to being a divine being in his friend’s heart after not seeing him for just a few days. But he continues naturally, “It’s okay my son, just ‘daddy’ will do.”
“WHY DID SILER LIKE YOUR POST?!” Liang Dong ignores Qiao Yanzhou and goes straight to the point.
“My Weibo post?” From his tone, Qiao Yanzhou doesn’t think Liang Dong is joking and opens Weibo immediately.
However, he doesn’t see anything other than his followers sharing and discussing screenshots of him freaking out while playing the game. His face is now almost red with embarrassment.
“Idiot, you’re kidding me right? Where’s the like from Sil….” Before Qiao Yanzhou can finish the sentence, he notices one of the comments are different from the rest.
There are more than ten replies to that comment, and Qiao Yanzhou hopes that he’s not on a prank show or something.
He anxiously expands the thread.
Egirl_bunny: omg I SAW IT! And it was cancelled in a flash! As expected from our Siler and his quick reflexes!
MarryMeSiler: yeah I wanted to screenshot that but was too late!!
TwoCats: im sure these memes have subdued even Siler-sama! He couldn’t control himself and liked the post lol
QiChen_TeachMe: Zhou-zhou is ToothCat’s streamer and EG is owned by ToothCat, it’s perfectly normal for Siler to follow him
Seriously? These people talk so much but none of them actually captured the evidence of Siler liking my post.
Qiao Yanzhou’s nerves are killing him.
“Hey! Why’ve you gone quiet suddenly!?” Liang Dong is getting anxious too, on the other end of the phone.
“Do you have a screenshot of it?” Qiao Yanzhou says after calming himself down. He wants to conceal his overwhelming emotions as Liang Dong may tease him by not showing him the screenshot even if he has it.
“Nope, Siler unliked it immediately.” Qiao Yanzhou knows that Liang Dong is not hiding anything from him as he can hear the disappointment in his voice.
But if Liang Dong and his followers aren’t imagining things, why did Siler like his post for no reason?
Although one of the comments mentions that it’s perfectly normal for Siler to follow streamers that are under the same organization, Qiao Yanzhou begs to differ.
There are hundreds and thousands of streamers on ToothCat, with half of them streaming LoL. Qiao Yanzhou isn't one of the most successful ones, why would he follow him?
Could it be…
Qiao Yanzhou bites his lips and hesitantly opens WeChat. The earlier conversation with that godly player remains at the top of the interface.
Could it be this person is Siler himself?
“Liang Dong…” Qiao Yanzhou’s voice quivers as he calls out to his friend. He is already unsure if he is being excited, nervous, happy, or scared.
“I may have an idea why Siler liked my post.”

Late at night.
Gu Zixing lies down in bed scrolling through Weibo. Moments ago, he rashly hit the like button for a recent post made by the streamer who had played a few games with him. Though he has already unliked it, looking at the comments, it seems as though it didn’t escape the eyes of some of his followers.
However, he must say that those memes that Qiao Yanzhou’s fans make of his face and post in the comment section are pretty adorable. Gu Zixing knows he’s having a gay moment here as he can’t control the corner of his mouth creeping upwards whenever he sees these memes.
Seems like he’s pretty popular with his fans.
Gu Zixing is still in his thoughts when he receives a message.
YZ Qiao: senpai!
Star: ?
YZ Qiao: I wanna ask you a question, but promise me u won’t get mad
Star: go ahead
YZ Qiao: Are you from EG?
Star: yes
YZ Qiao: part of the team?
Star: yeah
YZ Qiao: currently?
Star: what do u wanna ask exactly…
Star: yeah
Qiao Yanzhou is sitting on his bed with his phone and almost coughs out a pool of blood the moment he sees his reply.
Why is he answering this question so casually!
YZ Qiao: then y didn’t u tell me, am I bothering u?
Star: i wasn’t hiding at all
YZ Qiao: then y didn’t u tell me!
Star: well u didn't ask…
Qiao Yanzhou’s hands are starting to tremble at this moment. Having had the chance to play a few games with Gu Zixing and being able to add him on WeChat was exciting enough already, but the man was even promising to give him EG’s GML Tickets!
Since Gu Zixing’s identity has now been revealed though, he’s afraid that Gu Zixing will go back on his word!
YZ Qiao: Siler-sama, tho I’m a big fan of urs, im rly not the crazy type
YZ Qiao: I promise not to intrude ur life!
Star: how r u able to intrude?
Oh right… Unless I appear right at his club’s entrance? Qiao Yanzhou suddenly finds himself looking like a clown, or rather, more like an idiot.
YZ Qiao: I’ll always support u! Thx for the tix!
Star: lets play agn sometime
Happiness comes too quickly, and Qiao Yanzhou can’t believe what’s happening.
He re-reads Siler’s invitation to play together soon and feels at peace. He even feels that he can set off fireworks, open a bottle of champagne, play a thousand horror games and hold a wedding with Siler in France.
That night, Qiao Yanzhou has a dream.
He dreams that he becomes a part of EG’s line up, and somehow Siler is playing as the ADC. Together, they win the game by dominating the bot lane within ten minutes, and Gu Zixing was so elated that he gives him a kiss.
Aw damn, that’s so gay!
Qiao Yanzhou laughs at himself even in his own dream.

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