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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch14

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia, Fin
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 14
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Chapter 14

At EG Esports Club’s Practice Room.

Five EG players sit around the meeting table while the other practicing partners and substitutes sit at the back of the room. Coach Chen strokes his chin as he intently watches the replay of the game between WG and NG on the screen.

WG crushes the game with an overwhelming victory of 2-0.

The video showed WG’s mid laner Lier getting a solo kill with Orianna against NG’s mid laner, who was using Taliyah, at the eight minute mark. He even managed to pressure NG’s jungler, Jarvan VI, to leave the lane just with half of his health left. Coach Chen presses the stop button.

Even though this guy, Lier, is a rookie in the pro scene, he’s already gotten MVP twice.” Coach Chen says as he highlights an image of Lier at the bottom left of the video with a laser pointer.

According to my long term observations, his most common tactic during the laning phase is either exposing his opponents’ mechanical weaknesses or taking advantage of the champions’ weak early laning abilities themselves. This creates a snowball effect that quickly leads to him dominating the lane.” Coach Chen opens another window tab as he speaks.

It’s another video of a match between WG and HNG held last month.

In this game, Lier, with the champion Zyra, managed to make use of the HNG mid laner’s hesitation in casting his spells and quickly poked his opponent down in lane. There were also a few instances where WG’s jungler was near the mid lane at crucial moments and could provide assistance swiftly. In addition to that, Orianna is not only a champion that can dominate lanes easily. She also has AOE skills, and that made HNG’s mid laner lose his lane.”

Lier only entered the scene six months ago, and the only one who’s played against him is Gu Zixing. Care to provide any other useful information about him?”

Gu Zixing thinks for a moment before pointing at Lier’s champion, Syndra, on the screen.

He tends to move towards the top after clearing minion waves,” Gu Zixing says, speaking in a regular tone. “From my observation of his laning style in the past ten minutes, he moves up every seven out of ten times when he finishes a minion wave, and whenever he moves down, his jungler is right at the bottom side of the opponent’s jungle.”

Everyone in the room listens to Gu Zixing intently because he always manages to catch details that many others don’t.

This wasn’t obvious the last time I faced him. I just realized it when I saw the replay. I’m not sure if he’ll try to change this habit for the next game, but from this piece of information we can conclude many things.”

Such as?”

Such as WG’s jungler’s tendency to hang around at the top side. This means our top laner should go for champions that are more mobile, such as Camille and Kennen who are some of the meta champions this patch. As for the bot lane, since the jungler spends more time at top, there’ll be a lower chance of ganks there. So, our bot laners can go for champions that are strong during the laning phase.”

Gu Zixing then points at the HNG side of the jungle.

HNG lost most of their jungle camps at the twenty minute mark. This means that WG tends to pick junglers that focus on farming. Also, they’re known to have a high killing rate for barons and dragons, so…” He pauses and looks at Qi Chen.

Gu Zixing’s stare sends chills down Qi Chen’s spine. He hastily asks, “So what?”

So…a hundred push-ups for losing a dragon, five hundred for a baron.”

Qi Chen really feels like strangling this brat at times like these.

Sometimes I’m really glad Gu Zixing’s one of us,” EG’s top laner, Fu Xiaohai, whispers to Tang Xuan as he listens to what Gu Zixing has said. “If he were on the other team, it feels like he’d see through all of us.”

He’s already done that,” Tang Xuan chuckles. “You have no idea how I felt when I was in HNG. Whenever we heard that we’d be facing EG, the whole team would be living on edge for the next few days.”

Has HNG ever won against EG before?” As Fu Xiaohai came to EG only this year, he’s not familiar with any of the previous games between the two.
Tang Xuan shakes his head without any hesitation.

If I’m right about WG’s tactics, they might choose to ban either Camille or Kennen. If they don’t, I’d put Camille as our top priority as she’s crucial in team fights.”

Being the top laner, Fu Xiaohai quickly nods his head. Even Coach Chen nods subtly in agreement.

In the past, Gu Zixing rarely spoke up during strategy meetings like this. He understands the importance of this game though, as EG cannot afford to lose any more if they want to make it to the World Championship. 


The clock strikes nine before he knows it.

Qiao Yanzhou shudders as he launches the horror game, “Outlast”.

The “Outlast” series has been out since 2013, and this year the developers have released the new 

“Outlast 2.” However, Qiao Yanzhou still hasn’t been able to bring himself to finish watching the trailer in the past four and a half years.

There’s no escaping for him this time.

The story of “Outlast” begins in a psychiatric hospital named Mount Massive Asylum with an investigative (or rather, nosy) journalist as the main character of the game.

To uncover the story behind this creepy hospital, Qiao Yanzhou has to fight all sorts of enemies in the asylum including serial killers, cannibals and even evil spirits.

Qiao Yanzhou has always felt that this journalist must be insane as well. Otherwise, he can’t understand why the journalist has to investigate an asylum in the middle of the night instead of sleeping at home. He’s just asking for death.

Regardless, Qiao Yanzhou has to bite the bullet and play this game.

The game starts with the main character in his car driving up an eerie looking road in the wee hours.

Can I please only play for ten minutes…?” Qiao Yanzhou quivers as he moves his mouse.

Of course the answer would never be yes; Qiao Yanzhou knows that, even without looking at the chat window.

He passes through the entrance of the asylum and sees a shadow standing in one of the lit windows staring at him. The shadow then disappears…

Uh… Guys? Seems like tonight is a good night to go to sleep early. Shall we? Hm… Or why don’t I stream ‘Heroes of the Storm’ instead?”

Qiao Yanzhou finds himself identifying with the main character of the game as he rambles on in a confusing manner.

He controls the character by holding up the camera and switching on the night vision, as there is almost no light in the building.

Putting down the camera before jumping up to the second floor, he notices that the room is extremely run-down. Qiao Yanzhou’s overactive imagination is now preparing him for any monster, zombie or ghost that might jump on him at any time.

What the hell is this place…” Qiao Yanzhou looks around curiously before holding up the camera again and turning on the night vision.

But once he does that, hanging dead bodies suddenly appear on his screen!

Qiao Yanzhou screams and almost throws his mouse.


Anonymous486: ooh don't they look like bacon? yummy!

Anonymous247: HUMAN SASHIMI!!

Anonymous632: oh lets do it while its still hot baby!

You guys are fucking disgusting!” Qiao Yanzhou furrows his brows. He stares at the dead bodies not knowing whether he should keep going.

Anonymous632: awww u look so cute when u frown!

Anonymous756: u’re so cute i wanna fuck u

Qiao Yanzhou calms himself down for a few seconds. Though he decides to walk away quickly, there is suddenly a “thud” sound, and he sees one of the bodies lifting its head, looking at him. “They killed us. They got out. The Variants. You can’t fight them. You have to hide.”

OHMYGOD, he’s not dead! He just talked to me!! Can I save him and form a team?!” Qiao Yanzhou pulls in closer and sees a metal hook jutting out from his neck. He can almost feel the poor man’s excruciating pain, but he seems to have taken his last breath after speaking.

Oh well… A hero’s path is always a lonely one.”

He continues exploring the asylum and sees walls covered in blood. He can’t imagine what has happened to this asylum. Or rather, he doesn’t want to.

Let me tell you guys…” He swallows nervously before continuing, “I know I’m looking like a wimp right now, so let’s keep this between you and me, all right? If anyone dares to screenshot this expression and make memes from it…”

Anonymous775: whatwillhappen! whatwillhappen!

Anonymous809: so what if we do?

Anonymous1415: DONE.

Oh c’mon guys… Please…?” Qiao Yanzhou is already on the verge of crying. “You see, I worked so hard to gain some viewers. What if my viewers leave me because of these memes! I’ll turn into pauper overnight!”

Anonymous2715: awww ure such a qtpie

Anonymous1519: time to get urself a bf to protect u!

Anonymous238: me! I’ll do it!

Qiao Yanzhou decides to continue with the game as he finds his viewers scarier than these horror games.

He walks to the second floor hallway, which is the most well-lit place in the whole asylum.

He feels a little more at ease. But before he can heave a sigh of relief, a huge bloodied hand appears and grabs his character’s neck!

A hideous looking zombie with its face covered with blood then appears in front of Qiao Yanzhou without any warning.


Author’s notes: Streaming “Outlast” is actually banned in China due to copyright issues but I would recommend it because it’s really exciting to play! You may search for the game related videos online but I prefer “Outlast” and “Outlast: Whistleblower” (which is a DLC and prequel to “Outlast”). Do give it a try if you’re a fearless one!

Dairytea: In case you're curious, here's a clip for that scene in the game 😱=> link

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