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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch11

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 11
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Chapter 11
GML is a three-day large-scale offline event organized by Riot China, the game developer of LoL, and various Esports teams participating in the SPL league.
Last year was the third time the event was held, and its popularity continues to rise as it enters into its fourth year.
Even with a massive venue, it is always jam-packed on days when GML is held.
Qiao Yanzhou clenches his fist and knits his brows as he reads the bolded line in red on the GML official site: “2017 GML TICKETS SOLD OUT.” He is so furious that he almost gives himself another punch on the face.
Qiao Yanzhou lies on the bed and stares at his ceiling sullenly, like an aimless man who has pathetically lost his only dream.
What should I do? Should I get it from ticket scalpers on the day itself….
Qiao Yanzhou heaves a deep sigh. GML has been going on for three years, and he has attended them all, but this year…
The thought of missing this year’s GML annoys him further. As it is probably going to be another sleepless night, he decides to get up and launch the game on his computer.
He takes a glance at his friends list and realizes that the godly player is online.
BoatIdlingBy: hi senpai let’s hv some fun
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: I tot u were gone
BoatIdlingBy: I was but came back as I cant sleep
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: y?
BoatIdlingBy: it sounds ridiculous but
BoatIdlingBy: I intelligently missed the chance to get GML tix that I’ve been looking forward to the whole yr! HELL YEAH!
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: ……
BoatIdlingBy: come, lets get a pentakill to calm my mind
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: I hv a few tickets, u want it?
BoatIdlingBy: my gd lord, no jokes pls
BoatIdlingBy: …… wait, r u serious?
Wow, is he one of those ticket scalpers?
Qiao Yanzhou initially thought he must be kidding, but come to think of it, he does not seem like the sort who fools around, so he might be telling the truth.
In any case, he must be one of the best playing scalpers! Qiao Yanzhou thought to himself.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: but its for restricted seats, not the general one… general tix are only available online
There are two types of tickets in GML – general and restricted seating. He is referring to restricted tickets that only allow ticket holders to participate in events involving a particular Esports team, as well as sitting at the front row on the side of the team during the event.
On the other hand, general ticket holders can attend any team’s events but only once. Moreover, as it is free seating, getting the best seats depends on one’s luck.
Once Qiao Yanzhou realizes that he’s talking about restricted seating, he quickly asks:
BoatIdlingBy: Which team’s?
After sending that line, Qiao Yanzhou waits for his reply nervously, feeling more anxious than a groom on his wedding day.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: EG
BoatIdlingBy: OMG DADDY!!!!!!!!!
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: ……
BoatIdlingBy: quote a price! i offer double!! includes postage!!!
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: ……
BoatIdlingBy: my gd lord, dun jus send me dots!!
Qiao Yanzhou now understands why Liang Dong said he sounded hysterical, like a cock trying to lay eggs.
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: look for me on the day itself, u can also bring a few friends along
From the sound of it, Qiao Yanzhou feels that he is more like an organizer than a scalper.
Qiao Yanzhou does not hesitate further as it also seems like he is not urgent about the payment and that it can come later.
More importantly, Qiao Yanzhou does not want to let this second chance slip by!
He quickly sends him a string of numbers.
BoatIdlingBy: this is my number
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: k
BoatIdlingBy: thank u! u’re the best, u beat the rest!!
ThoseStolenBlueBuffs: still wanna get pentakill?
BoatIdlingBy: of course!
And the back-to-life Qiao Yanzhou and Gu Zixing play ‘til three in the morning before going offline.
Qiao Yanzhou is all smiles as he lies on the bed. He knows that a restricted ticket is a rare gem for a typical fan like him, but to that godly player, it sounds as though it is nothing special.
There are only two possibilities – he must either be one of the Riot staff, the organizer of GML, or part of EG and possibly one of the current players.
Qiao Yanzhou is putting his bet on the latter but does not put his hopes too high.
Later the same morning, Qiao Yanzhou’s phone rings while he is still asleep.
Keeping his eyes closed while searching for his phone, he then randomly slides his phone screen and places it at his ear.
Still asleep, Master Qiao?”
Yeah…” Qiao Yanzhou knows it is Liang Dong. This man goes to sleep later than an owl, gets up earlier than a rooster and is still as energetic as a monkey throughout the day.
I asked around while I was working part-time. Someone knows a ticket scalper.”
What scalper…” Qiao Yanzhou yawns. He is really sleepy as he stayed up till three in the morning. His brain is now hardly functioning.
Didn’t you say that you couldn’t get the tickets? I am also in need of one more, so I went to ask around at the store.”
Oh…” Qiao Yanzhou turns over in bed. “Do I have to pay for that?”
Of course… have you lost your IQ in your dreams?”
Forget about the scalper then… I think I may have gotten some tickets…”
May have?” Liang Dong is perplexed. “What do you mean? Where did you get them from?”
Someone in game… he said he has a few tickets, and they are the restricted ones.”
Restricted?” Liang Dong laughs on the other side of the phone. “It takes so much pain to get the general tickets, and you managed to get the restricted ones? Which team’s?”
I think you’re either still dreaming or have met a scammer, idiot.” Liang Dong cannot be bothered to explain to Qiao Yanzhou further.
EG restricted tickets? HAHA, what a joke! Give me one hundred Qiao Yanzhou, and I’m sure they are not capable enough to get these rare tickets!
Did he meet a scammer?
As Qiao Yanzhou was too excited the night before, he only thought about whether that player was Riot staff or an EG player and forgot about the possibility of him being a scammer…
But since he is so good at the game, why should he scam? He can even earn tons by joining any Esports team.
How much is he asking?”
Free. He only asked me to look for him on the day itself…”
A scammer is selling counterfeits without asking any money??” Liang Dong is even more confused now. “Is he intending to kidnap you at the event and sell you to the mountain villages?”
Qiao Yanzhou rolls his eyes and replies, “Can you just shut up?”
Then explain it to me. My mum always tells me that there is no free lunch.”
I don’t think he’s a scammer.” Qiao Yanzhou gets up and leans on the bed frame. But to be honest, Liang Dong’s question did raise his suspicions a little.
I played a few games with him and he was really good. I was even thinking he might be a professional player.” Qiao Yanzhou did not mention his suspicions that he might be Siler, otherwise Liang Dong would be rolling on the floor laughing.
Just be careful, gramps,” Liang Dong tsks. “Who knows? He might be one of those boosters that are out there to scam innocent young boys.”
Qiao Yanzhou could not contain his laughter; this sounds even more ridiculous than that player being Siler.
Even though Qiao Yanzhou is not one of the most popular streamers on ToothCat, he has a steady stream of viewers. Only someone as imaginative as Liang Dong could come up with the idea of someone getting a booster just to scam him.
If you’re afraid of scams… feel free to get it from a ticket scalper, and pray hard that he is not a scammer.”
What about you?”
I believe he’s not a bad guy.” Qiao Yanzhou recalls their conversation last night and says, “I even offered to pay him double, and he didn’t respond to that. What kind of scammer would reject such easy money? Nobody scams like this.”
But still, I don’t feel he’s reliable.”
Then go get the tickets from a scalper!” Qiao Yanzhou is getting sleepy again and wants to end this conversation.
Do you mean that if I don’t buy from a scalper, your friend can still give me a few tickets?”
Well, he said I can bring a few friends along.”
A FEW?! I hope you didn’t fucking meet the CEO of EG.”
Well, well, well. Reserve one for me if this is true! JUST ONE!”
Call me daddy.”
Good son, reserve one for daddy, ‘kay? Daddy will bring you to a good meal! Aw, what a good son. Muack!”
Call. Me. Daddy.”
Aw, good son.”

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