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Spring Once More ch15

Translator: ayszhang
Editor: Marcia
Beta reader: Dairytea

Spring Once More chapter 15
(Traditional Chinese cover scanned by Dairytea)

Chapter Fifteen

What Xiao-Shun said is keeping me up all night.
It’s a clear sign for me to implement drastic changes. Otherwise everyone will see Ma Xiaodong as that perverted, cut-sleeve prince, Chai Rong.
First thing in the morning, as soon as my feet touch the ground, I command Xiao-Shun, “Summon all nineteen masters from their courtyards!”
Goddammit, if I’m going to make changes, I’m going all in!
Seeing my determined expression, he hesitates for a moment before gingerly suggesting, “My Prince, your health has not fully recovered…nineteen at once is too… How about we summon four or five for the moment…”
Fuck! I almost pass out from choking on my own spit. My face darkens. “I have important announcements today! Get them all here! Assemble in the main hall after breakfast!”
Probably reassured by my stern expression, he races off to arrange things.
Sure enough, the manor’s staff is very efficient. Just as I push away my empty bowl of congee, Xiao-Shun returns to report that the nineteen men have been assembled.
Although I knew the stories behind them, this is the first time seeing the Mona Lisa. Oh dear lord! Oh praises to heaven! I pass my gaze over the nineteen of them, and every single one is a beauty. Dark, luscious brows as elegant as willow leaves, flowing hair like the trickling creek in autumn, rosy cheeks supple like ripe peaches and slender frames that looked as if they might topple over with the gentlest breeze – they could all go to Thailand and back without a single operation done. My Yan Ni would look like a pile of dirt next to them. Holy Christ! The sixteenth one is just a head taller than a chair. He must be twelve or thirteen. OMG, that son of a bitch prince!!! I wave the little fella over with a smile. “Come here.”
The boy shuffles over nervously with his head lowered. I pat his head. “How old are you?” He steals a glance trying to squeeze a smile. “My Prince, you’ve forgotten that Lianwo is thirteen this year.”
That !@#$... He basically targeted anyone with a beating pulse, didn’t he!!! Even this good son of the motherland! Even giving a name like Lianwo![1] Lianwo, a name clearly meant for a sissy!
I feel the flames of righteousness burning from head to toe. “What was your name before?”
Lianwo looks up again and starts shuttering, “Yo-Your Highness, my name was once Tianbao.”[2]
I rub my forehead. “What was your family name?” He shakes even more violently. “Hua.”
Thank goodness, at least his family name is not half bad. Hm, Hua… Oh, yes. The Hua house was seized by the court, and Chai Rong asked the emperor for him because he found the kid cute. That bastard literally looted a burning house!
Lianwo is still shaking with his head hanging. I think back to my days as a thirteen year old, to my little brother, Xiao-Shi, when he was thirteen… The youth and the passion! How did this good, healthy bloke become this androgynous thing?! But it’s okay! Your big brother has come to guide you and turn you into a virtuous hero!
I rub his head again and then slap a hand on the table. “From today on, you shall be called Hua Yingxiong!”[3]

[1] Literally ‘pity me.’
[2] Literally, ‘heaven treasure.’
[3] Literally, ‘hero.’

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"Yo-Your Highness, my name was once Tian Bao"

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