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Spring Once More ch16

7/18 update: added manhua pic
Translator: ayszhang
Editor: Marcia
Beta reader: Dairytea

Spring Once More chapter 16
(Traditional Chinese cover scanned by Dairytea)

Chapter Sixteen

As soon as he hears this awesome name, his back straightens and his eyes brighten. I swear his voice got deeper, too.
See the effect of a good name? I nod smilingly. Not bad, not bad. He looks like a new person. “Hua Yingxiong, I will hire an expert to teach you martial arts and build your muscles. Now, I have some more things to say to everybody. Go find yourself a seat.”
Hua Yingxiong looks at me for a second with teary eyes before sitting down. I beckon to the others. “You, too.”
Pei Ruoshui takes a seat while the rest share a look and then turn to Su Yanzhi. They wait until Master Su sits down before following suit.
I clear my throat, ready to commence. “My fel–” Geez, I almost said ‘my fellow comrades.’ I cough before restarting. “Everyone, I have gathered you here to make an announcement.” As I scan the group of pretty boys, the sense of responsibility grows within me.
“Perhaps you have heard already. After the recent incidents, I have recognized the true nature of my many wrongdoings in the past. The old Chai Rong was truly an evil sinner who deserved something worse than death. Therefore, I wish to implement some changes from this day forward.”
Murmurs rise from the group. I immediately dive into the main topic. “In the past, I did unforgivable things to you, and I don’t ask for your forgiveness. From today on, you are all free men. If you want anything as compensation, just say it. Those who wish to leave are free to leave. The prince’s manor will not cause any trouble for you and your families.”
The hall falls dead silent. I continue, “If there is anything you need, just name it. I will do my best to help everyone.”
“Your Highness.” The voice runs through me along my nerves once again. Pei Ruoshui’s long eyes are squinting at me. “If I understand correctly, Your Highness wishes that we exit the manor?”
I nod. “You could say that.” I scan the group to find their expressions bizarre. Are they too excited to hear the good news of freedom?
Seeing Pei Ruoshui remain quiet, I’m about to proceed when someone else steps out. “Milord, if you would allow, Chenfeng wishes to pose a question.”
Chenfeng?[1] What about Wanfeng?[2] Shui, Feng, Lianwo – the prince’s literacy level is so fucking lame. Just you wait, I’ll find this gentleman a good name!
I furrow my brows. “Please.”
The young man in a lake-green robe, his face eerily pale, asks with what seems like all the determination in the world, “Your Highness said that our families would no longer be affected. Are those words good and true?”
I knew it. They’re having a hard time with the wonderful reality. I smile a gentle smile like the saviour himself. “Of course. My words are truer than true! I was also thinking –”
The man brings his fists together and bows. “If so, then Chenfeng has no other request. By your leave.”
Huh?! I didn’t even finish speaking! My mouth gaping, I watch as the others all do the same and, one by one, turn and leave. Hua Yingxiong looks at me, then at the others and scrambles out of his chair to run after them. I find myself ditched in the hall, staring bewilderedly at the lone Su Yanzhi.
“What the heck just happened?”
He shakes his head at me, but his expression shows that he knows more than I do. “Milord, it’s too complicated to explain now. I will follow them in case something happens.”
I scratch my nose. Could it be that my news made them so excited that they need some time to digest it? Su Yanzhi just said ‘in case something happens.’ Fuck! What could happen? There’s no happiness disease that I know of!
I holler at the attendant, Xiao-Quan, for a plate of five-spiced broad beans to nibble on. I still have two grand plans to announce… Oh well, one at a time. I’ll let them take it in, and I’ll have my speech this afternoon. I can take the time to drink water and protect my throat. Oh yeah, that Chenfeng, what should I change his name to? Kuangfeng?[3] Jinglei?[4] Batian?[5]
“Oh no! My Prince! My Prince! Something terrible!”
I put down my tea. “What is the matter with you, screaming and shrieking?”
Xiao-Shun practically skids into the hall, hand pressed on his heaving chest. “Your Highness, Master Su asked this servant to come inform you that something terrible has happened! In the courtyard-the courtyard right now! Master Pei jumped into Lake Wangxing. The third and fourth masters have drunk Poisonfeather wine. The eighth master cut his throat, the eleventh master hanged himself, the thirteenth and fourteenth… any-anyway, please go see for yourself!”

[1] Literally, ‘morning wind.’
[2] Literally, ‘evening wind.”
[3] Literally, ‘wild wind.’
[4] Literally, ‘frightening thunder.’
[5] Literally, ‘dominate sky.’

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