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Spring Once More ch7

Translator: ayszhang
Editor: Marcia
Beta reader: Dairytea

Spring Once More chapter 7
(Traditional Chinese cover scanned by Dairytea)

Chapter Seven

Mars just crashed into Earth. Bush just bombed bin Laden. No word or expression in this world could possibly describe my shock right now.
If I were someone more timid, I would have foamed at the mouth and died on the spot. But I, Ma Xiaodong, have seen things in my years, and let’s not forget about the heavenly judgment. I stay frozen for only six second – only six! – after hearing the pretty boy talk.
And after those six seconds, I do what anyone would do. I dash towards the creature and pull open the loose robe. Flat. Definitely a man.
I look at him. He looks back at me.
“My good man, are you Ruoshui?”
He flashes a smile. I crack open my mouth back at him.
Then I grab the jade pillow from the bed and smash it against my head.
The world goes black, and I start floating again. The hills are there. The bridge is there. The department chief is there, too.
“What have you done now?”
“What am I doing, you ask?” Once again, I find myself clutching at the old man’s collar. “I’m hunting you down and demanding a refund! You sonuvabitch! You tricked me! That li’l prince was a homo who keeps men around, wasn’t he?!”
The chief chuckles weakly. “It is indeed a tiny flaw, but nothing is perfect!”
“A tiny flaw?! I fucking told you that I want lots of beautiful women, and you gave me a damn faggot! I’m so done with this shit. You deal with it, and find me a normal body. Now!”
The chief’s wrinkled face turns blue, then red and finally white. “Son, you really are too stubborn and can’t see the truth.”
The truth? I scoff, “Where do I find truth in that?”
“Now, slow down there.” He claps my shoulder while taking me aside to the base of the bridge and presses downward until I am squatting. “You youngsters always have difficulty seeing the root of the issue. Allow me to analyze this for you. Now, who have you become? Chai Rong. And who is Chai Rong? The little prince. In the Daxing Empire, is there anyone above the little prince aside from the emperor? No, there isn’t. The prince indeed indulges in the passion of the cut sleeve, and to be frank with you, he died because of it. Hey, hey, hey! Take it easy and listen to me. So the little prince is a cut sleeve. Who made him like that? No one. He is a cut sleeve because he is happy being a cut sleeve. That is the key here.”
Fucking hell! I slap my thigh. “What’s key about the prince being a cut sleeve?!”
The chief pats my shoulder again. “Son, are you a cut sleeve?”
I spring up. “You’re a fucking cut sleeve!”
He pushes me back down on my ass. “Well, there you go. The problem is solved.”
I glare at him. “How the hell is it solved?!”
“Why can’t you see?” He shakes his head. “The prince is a cut sleeve. No grudges, no regrets. No one forced him. He likes being a cut sleeve, so he is. Now you’re the prince, and you answer to no one aside from the emperor. If you don’t want to be a cut-sleeve, then you don’t have to be, and nobody can say a thing. Am I right or am I right?”
I consider it for a minute and admit he has a good point. The chief continues persuasively in my ear. “There are twenty or so male concubines in the Prince Tai manor. It took but a word from Chai Rong to get them all there, so likewise it would take but a word from you to get rid of them all! Whatever you want – as long as it’s not the wife or the throne of the emperor – you can get with just one utterance. You have all the power you can ask for, son!”
“Chief.” I nod approvingly. “You are a genius.”
He beams as he pulls me up. “Then what are you waiting for? Hurry back before they put you back into the coffin again.”
I interrupt him, “Wait.”
He stares at me. “What else do you need?”
“I need to figure out exactly what Chai Rong did in his lifetime.”
I could see him struggling internally before finally letting me read Little Prince Chai’s life. Simply put, it is an epic revolving around the capture and collection of male beauties.
At one, he stopped breast-feeding. At two, he learned to read and write. Then at the tender age of thirteen, he began his life as a cut sleeve until the age of twenty-one, at which point he had collected nineteen concubines. Behind each was a horrendous, bloody story, and each was more farcical than the last. In order to get a nice round number, he found his arrow aimed at the newly appointed tanhua.[1] After bribery and threats failed, he kidnapped the tanhua while the gentleman was returning home. And finally, he died in bed strangled by the tanhua.
Goddamn, this guy got off easy being strangled!
“You have collected many yin merits, son, just by returning the body to life,” the chief explains to me in the end. The little prince is the most dear to the empress dowager’s heart, and the emperor absolutely adores him as well. After the prince was strangled, the emperor sentenced the nineteen concubines to be buried along with the prince and the tanhua to death by slow slicing. As soon as I returned to life, I saved nineteen lives just like that, and the tanhua is currently being kept on death row until the emperor decides his fate.
“So, it’s all in the hands of destiny, son,” he rambles on, embellishing his thoughts. “Think back over your previous two decades of life. Was there anything you wish you had accomplished?”
I think back to my eighteenth birthday when I learned to accept that I would only ever rise to the level of ordinary. After that, I considered ambitions and aspirations only in my daydreams.
“It’s a different story now. You have been given a second chance. Here, you’ll be able to make a name and a new world for yourself.” My mind begins to broaden. I got money and power. The sky’s the limit!
“A man must have ambition, aspiration, a fighting spirit and his own empire. Now that is a real man! My boy, you must cherish this rare opportunity. Bring fortune to others, and most importantly, make a bright future for yourself!”
Standing on the Bridge of Hopelessness, I see before me a world full of life and possibilities.
An ambitious vow appears in my head: From today onwards, the world will know what a virtuous hero the new Prince Chai Rong is!
I bring my fists together and say to the chief, “I’ll go back now.”
He claps my shoulder once again. “I will send you back, young man. Quickly now. Wangqing[2] is still awaiting my help.”
“Wangqing?” What an elegant name. “Guy or girl?”
“A lady, of course,” he says as a sweet smile finds its way to his face. “She’s my darling. Every soul that crosses the Bridge must drink a bowl of Wangqing Water. Haven’t you heard of it?”
“Wangqing Water? Isn’t it Meng-po[3] Soup?”
His face twitched. “That was the old name. My wifey said Meng-po made her sound old, so she changed it.”

[1] The tanhua was the third-place in a national examination.
[2] Literally “forget sentiment.”
[3] The suffix -po refers to an elderly woman. Meng-po is the Chinese goddess of reincarnation who met the dead at the bridge to the afterlife. She served them her broth of forgetfulness before leading them across the bridge to their next life. She is usually portrayed as an old woman.

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