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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch17

Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia, Fin
Editor: Ayszhang
How Dare You Attack My Support! chapter 17
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Chapter 17

If Qiao Yanzhou had been playing solo, he wouldn’t really be afraid to face a world champion in a match. At worst he would only be losing one game, and if he were lucky, he might have even had a chance to solo kill a professional player.
But what’s giving him a headache is that Gu Zixing is playing alongside him. Qiao Yanzhou thinks , ‘What happens if Gu Zixing no longer wants to play with him after he throws this game?’
On the other hand, Gu Zixing apparently is not worrying a bit. He confidently leaves the base right after getting his items.
Qian Yanzhou follows him, walking towards the ally side of the jungle.
Gu Zixing walks back and forth before deciding to play it safe by placing a ward at the river. Coincidentally, he also sees an enemy walking by from the other side of the river.
Qiao Yanzhou panics and curses, “What the fuck…”
“As our jungler will be starting from the Raptors’ camp, the enemies won’t be invading because it’s near the mid lane,” Gu Zixing says, sensing Qiao Yanzhou’s nerves. He adds, after thinking for a moment, “Let’s help the jungler with the red buff.”
The ally jungler champion, Warwick, is one of the typical “bloodthirsty” jungling champions in LoL. But after being nerfed in this new patch, the good ol’ Warwick is gone, and players hardly see Warwick anymore on the Rift.
After helping out with the red buff, Qiao Yanzhou and Gu Zixing move towards the bot lane, commencing an exciting laning phase.
Yuan Yaoleng plays the champion, Jhin, while being supported by Rakan. The duo is considered to be strong during this phase and also a popular bot lane pick in the current patch.
“After finishing up these minions, I’ll teach you how to kill Leng-Leng in ten minutes,” Gu Zixing says calmly. Hearing this, it catches Qiao Yanzhou up in a whirlwind of emotions.
“Get Guinsoo’s as your first item. Tell me when you have it.”
“A’ight, a’ight.”
Qiao Yanzhou gets pumped up. To have a chance at solo killing the world champion, he would gladly get not just one, but ten Guinsoo’s!
As for Yao Yuanleng, although he knows that he will be facing LoL’s king of the mid lane, Gu Zixing, he is no weakling in this game.
“The mid lane may be Gu Zixing’s turf, but not the bot lane,” Yao Yuanleng muses.
Holding this thought, Yao Yuanleng continues his usual daring and aggressive play style in the game.
True to his nickname, whilst Yao Yuanleng is usually rather dense in life, he transforms into a different person when he games. His fearless and merciless playstyle leads people to wonder whether he has been playing dumb all this time.
“Push the minion wave further,” Gu Zixing says, helping Qiao Yanzhou hit minions that might otherwise have been missed. “Don’t miss too many CS.”
Apparently, Gu Zixing does not want to disrespect his opponents.
“We are at a disadvantage at level five, so just focus on farming,” Gu Zixing says while placing a ward at the nearby tri-bush.
“Look at him.” Gu Zixing marks Yuan Yaoleng’s position and says, “He always unconsciously takes a step back after his fourth shot during the reload.”
Qiao Yanzhou gets pumped up after hearing this. “Why! Are we gonna take this chance to gank with the jungler and kill him?”
“I meant that you can take this chance to kill a few more minions.”
Qiao Yanzhou knows that he is getting overeager. But it is understandable. What are the chances for someone like him to solo kill a world champion? He’s gonna kick himself if he doesn’t seize this opportunity.
“The enemy’s jungler is coming,” Gu Zixing reminds Qiao Yanzhou, before casting the Grasping Roots towards the bush nearby.
Qiao Yanzhou thinks Gu Zixing is only forcing the jungler to move, but to his surprise, Gu Zixing actually manages to snare an enemy who has been hiding in the bush waiting for a chance to make an ambush.
“Oh my god! You got lucky!” Qiao Yanzhou exclaims.
“Let’s keep him here for a while longer, since our jungler is stealing their blue buff.” Gu Zixing is starting to get unusually serious as he ignores Qiao Yanzhou’s quip.
Qiao Yanzhou does not utter another word and places a trap at the feet of the jungler. The support flies towards their jungler using skill E as he gets snared for the second time, giving him a double shield as he cast on him twice. However, the jungler still loses a third of his health as Qiao Yanzhou triggers his passive ability that gives a critical strike.
Although he receives a few bullets from Yuan Yaoleng’s champion, Jhin, Qiao Yanzhou successfully pressures the jungler into retreating.
Qiao Yanzhou assumes the attack has ended, but Gu Zixing has a different idea. He chases for the enemy jungler and happens to meet the ally jungler, Warwick, walking towards them with the stolen blue buff, looking confident and fearless.
Qiao Yanzhou quickly follows up. Yuan Yaoleng and his support, Rakan, also rushes towards their jungler. Though the situation is dire, they do not want to leave him in the lurch.
However, nobody thinks that Gu Zixing is merely creating a diversion: as he is chasing the enemy jungler, he suddenly turns around and casts the Grasping Roots towards the bot laners who are coming for their jungler.
Gu Zixing speaks calmly as he swiftly places two seeds and casts skill Q to activate them. They turn into plants that fire poisonous purple thorns towards the snared enemy ADC. He then immediately hurls a few basic attacks.
When the snare time is over, Yao Yuanleng places a lotus trap (which can slow down enemies when stepped on) and quickly retreats towards the tower.
But the trap is not enough to drive Gu Zixing, a difficult and annoying opponent, away. Although it is said that Yuan Yaoleng is an aggressive player, the truth is, Gu Zixing is even more aggressive than he is.
Just as Yuan Yaoleng is backing off, Gu Zixing reaches level 6. He casts his Ultimate skill after flashing forward, snapping the enemy ADC and support within her twisted thicket.
The enemy support, with a depleting mana level, manages to provide a shield for his ADC. But the effect of a level one skill is limited. After two seconds, his ADC is being knocked upward within the large circle of twisted thicket under the tower. Qiao Yanzhou is finally in range and gives Yuan Yaoleng a headshot.
The shield on Yuan Yaoleng is already gone and Yuan Yaoleng’s health bar finally diminishes.
First blood!
“NICE!” Qiao Yanzhou yells even before the word “blood” is being announced.
“You better watch out the next time you see Leng-Leng.”
Gu Zixing’s composed and rational voice reminds Qiao Yanzhou that this is not the time to be too happy.
“He bears grudges.”
Qiao Yanzhou feels a chill down his spine after hearing what Gu Zixing says.
“What should I do then!
“Well, you’re responsible for your own actions.” Gu Zixing is apathetic towards his situation.
“Why do I look up to someone like you…”
“Siler is so cool today! As always!”
The small team fight gives Qiao Yanzhou and Gu Zixing an edge at the bot lane and more breathing space to survive their weaker, early laning phase.
Yuan Yaoleng does not allow the same thing to happen twice, having become extra careful after respawning, keeping his mana level constantly at three-quarters during the laning phase.
“I’m recalling to get some items. Be careful not to be killed under the turret,” Gu Zixing warns him and adds, “Be good.”
Hm, dying under the turret… that shouldn’t happen. Qiao Yanzhou grumbles but decides to retreat under the turret.
Yuan Yaoleng realizes that Gu Zixing is absent and pushes the minion wave towards Qiao Yanzhou decisively and quickly.
Qiao Yanzhou suddenly has an ominous feeling about this, sensing a large army marching his way.
At that moment, Qiao Yanzhou notices someone lurking behind him, who is using his skill Q to mark him under his tower.
Shit, I’m dead for sure.
Qiao Yanzhou tries to compose himself. Apparently, there are three enemies surrounding him.
Are they thinking of diving the turret?
Qiao Yanzhou’s thought turns into reality in the next second, as the enemy jungler, Lee Sin, kicks him towards the ADC and support.
In that instant, Qiao Yanzhou feels as though he is watching a classic scene from a high school bullying story in Anime – where a group of people corner someone and beat him up.
Yes, that is what is happening to him right now.
Just as Qiao Yanzhou is about to give up struggling against these bullies, he suddenly has a flash back to what Gu Zixing said earlier: “I’m gonna get some items, don’t get caught baby, be good~ ”
Qiao Yanzhou suddenly transforms into a mad dog after remembering what Gu Zixing said. He flashes back into the turret and places a trap at the feet of the support.
This flash surprises all three enemies, as it unexpectedly messes up their plan to rotate taking the turret shots. The support takes two shots and is unable to give himself a shield.
Qiao Yanzhou seizes the opportunity and, with the fastest moving speed, hits the support with two basic attacks before placing another trap for the ADC. However, Yuan Yaoleng finally manages to kill Qiao Yanzhou after the death of his support.
You have slain an enemy!
You have been slain!
Qiao Yanzhou stares at the screen, feeling extremely satisfied with his top-notch performance as he exchanges one kill for his own life.
“Siler-sama! How’s that! I actually killed the support in a three-man dive!”
“Are you marvelling at my god-like mechanics!”
“Uh, I went out for a while because the manager called me. Why are you dead?”
“Who killed you?”
“I’ll find that out myself.”
“It’s Rio!” Qiao Yanzhou cries in exasperation. Gu Zixing actually missed the perfect display of his exceptional mechanics!
Gu Zixing chuckles, seemingly to understand Qiao Yanzhou’s feelings.
“Hey, it’s okay. I’m sure I’ll get to see it again in the future. Now, let me avenge you.”
“Pwetty please~”
Is he treating me like a baby…
Qiao Yanzhou decides to keep this thought to himself after staying silent for a while.

Chapter 18

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