Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Turning the Corner to Love You ch1

Translator: Kris
Proofreaders: Marcia, Fin
Turning the Corner to Love You chapter 1
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Chapter 1 A Mandarin with Nowhere to Go

It was past ten on a night in March. The sky was a thick black, with the chilly evening wind burrowing its way past the collars into the warmth inside, causing people to hurry along with their necks withdrawn.

The neon lights on either side of the street seemed to blur into a disarray of colours. Cars vroomed by. Street vendors vied for customers. Oranges on tricycles flooded with yellow light under the streetlamps.

In an alley that connected two main streets, a tall silhouette blocked the light. His slender fingers held a cigarette, embers flickering in the darkness.

Chi Yue was dressed properly – tux, white shirt – but no tie, and his cuffs were open. Only his hair was left immaculately styled.

Part of his well-defined face was shrouded by shadows while the rest displayed a muddle of emotions.

Escaping his lungs, a cloud of cigarette smoke left by his mouth and nose, hiding his restraint, desperation and affection in a casual banter.

“It’s not like you don’t know that I like you.”

Lu Xi seemed as if he had just woken up and thrown on a thin wool cardigan that fell off one shoulder, showing his striped pyjamas. Leaning against the wall, loose bangs slightly hanging over his eyes, he was leisurely peeling a mandarin.

In that narrow and empty alley stood two tall and hunky men. Just past the mouth of the alley, people were going about their evening pursuits.

Lu Xi’s eyes were hidden in the dark but were still radiant.

“Do you have to like me that much?”

The long-time painter’s boney fingers were now popping a piece of mandarin into his mouth.

He raised his gaze, an enigmatic twinkle in his eyes.

“Big Cock Chi.”

A car sped past on the street, its engines roaring in their ears like thunder.

Lu Xi jutted out his chin, his glossy eyes reflecting the car’s red taillights. Hidden in the darkness, his face seemed to be ignited, releasing a dangerous yet alluring signal.

Exhaling another puff of smoke, Chi Yue stared at the other man with gleaming eyes, like a lion staring at its prey – a cunning and hard-to-tame fox.

He was forceful and dominant, yet was stumped as to how to handle him.

Two pairs of eyes watched each other through the wisps of smoke. There was a moment of uneasy silence.

Like two male animals in a stalemate, neither wanted to submit.

The butt of the cigarette suddenly died and was thrown to the ground and stamped out by a dress shoe.

Chi Yue closed their distance and trapped Lu Xi against the wall.

The confined man’s lashes cast a gentle shadow as he slowly looked up.

Who would be the ultimate winner in this risky game?

Chi Yue grinned, his handsome features relaxing as he exuded overwhelming pheromones. He discreetly slid a hand over Lu Xi’s left wrist.

Lu Xi narrowed his eyes as his weak point was grasped by the other.

Hand still holding onto his wrist, Chi Yue slowly fed a piece of mandarin into his own mouth all the while keeping eye contact.

“This isn’t the type you usually get,” he licked his lips and commented in a slightly raspy voice.

The scent of sweet citrus seemed to explode between the two, contrary to the usual bitterness.

Lu Xi pursed his lips and brought his right knee up towards Chi Yue. As the man sidestepped, he easily escaped from the confinement.

Like a fish that could not be caught.

“How mean,” Chi Yue grumbled as he wiped the juice from the corners of his lips.

The escapee had already sauntered to the mouth of the alley, leaving behind his lonesome shadow on the path.

At the foot of the wall, a mandarin slowly rolled out from a plastic bag.

It was a mandarin that had nowhere to go, just like he who had nowhere to go.

“It wasn’t the first time he kicked me out.” The man, who was nearing thirty, muttered matter-of-factly as he crouched down and poked the innocent, but abandoned, mandarin.

“It’s already time for FIT’s graduation show again.”

Overhead, an impenetrable gloominess had already replaced the starry night sky.

They had both grown up.

Chi Yue picked up the bag of mandarins that was left by Lu Xi and headed in the opposite direction.

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