Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Turning the Corner to Love You by Mao Ye

Translator: Kris
Proofreaders: Marcia, Fin

Surprise! Happy Lunar New Year everyone~ 
Kris, our new translator, will be working on this project. Let's all welcome Kris!

Novel Title: Turning the Corner to Love You 拐个弯儿来爱你
Alternative Title of C-drama adaptation: Fly in Shallow
Author: Mao Ye 猫野
Genre: Romance, Modern day

Translator's note: 
The literal translation of the title would be "Turning the (a) Corner to Love You", but there are a bunch of word play in play here:
弯儿 can mean corner, or bend, and it's a play on turning someone bent as 弯男 is Chinese slang for a gay guy. 

I personally also think the title also refers to how many u-turns it took before the two leads got together. In a sense it was a long ride with a bunch of misunderstandings and hence there were a lot of "twists and turns". 

Author synopsis: 
After five years, Chen Duo had returned home, and three friends were reunited. Together, they launched a subversive company within the fashion industry; and slowly, the truth of the arson case from the past surfaces…


More synopsis information: link

Chapters: 1 // 2 //....

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