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Brother - ch44

Translator: ayszhang
Editor: Marcia
Chapter 44 of Brother!


In the distance were only the wild flowers amassed by death
The moon hung high and bright, a mirror over the millennia
The sound of my music cried but without sound
Alone, I rode through the prairie.

–Hai Zi, September

The telephone in the living room kept ringing for a long time before switching to voice mail after a loud beep. The sun was high in the sky, shining into the room through the glass.
Xu Ping’s lashes fluttered in the golden rays. He furrowed his brows before his eyes opened, and he raised an arm to block the sun.
His brother was fast asleep lying sideways next to him. He was completely naked save for the blanket over his waist, and he had an arm draped on Xu Ping.
Xu Ping gently eased the arm off and struggled to sit up.
There was not a muscle in his body that did not ache. His skeleton seemed loose too like an old chair that would creak when it was sat on.
He sat on the bed and spaced out until his skin stung from the sunlight.
He buried his face into his hands.
The latter part of his memory of last night was cloudy like a cassette tape after exposure to high temperature. After the first time that he was fucked to orgasm by his brother, he felt light and floaty as if he had smoked marijuana. All the trouble, all the pain and all the fear regarding his future and fate vanished with a poof along with the thick semen that shot out of him. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. Whether it was life or death, it all seemed out of touch like a spirit in the other dimension. All that mattered was the present.
He wagged his tail and begged like a dog, grinding his brother’s penis with his crotch like a bitch in heat. With his hands and mouth, he cared for it until it became hard again, and he fed it into himself impatiently. He gyrated on his brother, legs splayed wide open, without a care in the world. His face no longer carried tolerance and pain but instead a lustful joy. As though the constraints on his soul had been entirely torn apart, the most evil and indecent side of Xu Ping had been uncovered and released.
He played with himself without any restraint, rubbing on his own penis and massaging his sac. He even stuck his fingers in his mouth, wetting them before toying with his own nipples, squeezing and pulling on them until they were red and swollen.
He begged for pleasure and then some more as he imagined his brother’s penis thrusting into him like a long sword. He no longer felt pain, no longer felt sorrow. His body had turned into an instrument for sex, and every penetration gave him incredible bliss.
Forgetting himself, he let his voice go free, screaming louder and louder. He wanted to just die in his brother’s hands.
He was full of semen to the point it would drip down his thighs whenever he moved.
He stayed entertwined with his brother like two snakes. Unable to leave the man, he kept seducing him.
The last bit he could remember was being exhausted physically after his brother shot his load into him for the nth time. His brother pulled out and fell back onto the bed panting furiously, but Xu Ping was still unsatisfied mentally. He parted his legs and fingered his hole making semen dribble out continuously, and then he spread it over his penis and inner thigh. He held his legs up, and with his right index and middle fingers he propped open his abused entrance beckoning his brother softly and lazily, “Xiao-Zheng, come lick Gege.”

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