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Brother - ch43

Translator: ayszhang
Editor: Marcia
Chapter 43 of Brother!


I returned the distance to the prairie
One was called wood, the other horsehair
The sound of my music cried but without tears

–Hai Zi, September

Xu Ping did not move for a long time.
Pain pierced through him like a spear. He felt as though he was being ripped apart.
He couldn’t do anything but clench his jaws and bear it.
Even breathing hurt.
Xu Zheng pushed away the hand on his eyes to find the shocking sight of his penis buried in his brother.
Oh so very warm and tight.
The pain sent light tremours through Xu Ping making his muscles contract. His insides tightened and loosened like some kind of living being.
Xu Zheng was overwhelmed by the bliss that his brother’s body brought him. He had no idea he could do such a thing with his gege. For a while, all he did was stare dumbly at the man straddling him.
Xu Ping was in so much pain his brows were scrunched up in pain and his member had wilted.
His brother tried to sit up.
Xu Ping let out a groan and held the man down by the chest. “Don’t move.”
Xu Zheng propped his upper half up before stopping. He could see the pain in Xu Ping.
“Stop this. Gege hurts.”
He reached out to lift Xu Ping off from him.
Xu Ping shook his head. He flashed a weak smile. “Dummy.”
He leaned in and kissed his brother.
He pulled his brother’s hand to his member and led it in stroking it.
He let go and tilted his head.
Xu Zheng paused and looked at his brother before resuming the stroking.
Xu Ping arched his neck and closed his eyes. He felt his brother’s hand massaging his penis. The man’s palm was fire hot.
Xu Ping began to move. He eased his hips up and then slowly back down. The magnitude of movement was tiny, but the pain it brought was severe. His brother was so hot and hard that it felt as though his insides were being scorched away by the sheer friction. It took all his strength to stifle his voice.
But Xu Zheng let his go free. He had never experienced sex, and the blissful friction in the tight cavity tossed him high into the air.
Gege!” He shouted.
Taking him by the hand, Xu Ping let his brother sit up.
Hugging him by the neck, he tilted his head to join his brother in a deep kiss.
His brother’s arms were tightly wrapped around him, and his thick shaft was buried deeply in him.
He started moving, sliding against his brother, this time much harder. He felt his brother grind against his insides, but before he left his body, he sat back down.
His brother let out a loud moan and curled his toes.
Xu Ping felt as though he were about to be sucked into a bottomless whirlpool. His body was sending him alarm signals telling him to stop, but his mind was in a state of divine ecstasy. He felt like he was a medieval cleric praying while being flogged; the physical pain only brought spiritual pleasure.
He pulled himself up before slamming back down.
His body had become a tool, and his soul was standing so far away he could not see it.
His brother’s coarse hands roamed his backside, and one of his butt cheeks was being kneaded roughly.
His brother was getting impatient and thrusting his hips upwards.
I won’t be able to hold him down much longer. Xu Ping thought with his eyes closed. He is a good learner.

He clung to his brother’s neck as a survivor at sea to a piece of driftwood.
Xu Zheng’s arms encircled him, and his member was penetrating him with unstoppable force.
Pain exploded in his mind like a signal flare obscuring even his vision.
Too fast. Too painful. This isn’t what I had in mind at all.
He was holding on to his brother’s shoulders, his nails digging into the flesh.
He wanted to scream, but his throat was a trumpet stuffed with cotton completely unable to generate sound.
He was flying into the air with every thrust, rocking like a ship about to be tipped over by the stormy waves. He stopped trying to move like a sailor ready to face his destiny at the bottom of the ocean.
His brother was attacking him as though he were a beast, his body tense from the excitement. The taut muscles, the slick skin, and the veins on his neck about to burst all gave him an overpowering, wild charisma.
Everything cultivated and worldly had left not a single mark on his body. He lived in his own world where he was a lion wandering the vast, empty planet.
“Don’t abandon your brother.”
This utterance suddenly popped into Xu Ping’s mind, and he let out a wail as though he had been pierced through the middle.
Violently and mercilessly, he bit down on his brother’s shoulder. He tasted the trickling sweat drops on his neck, salty and bitter.
The unexpected pain only made Xu Zheng more excited. He grabbed Xu Ping’s thighs and forced them farther apart. He wanted to bury himself deeply inside his brother, not only because Gege’s warm, tight body gave him a pleasure so intense he could not describe it, but because he felt a tiny seed of glee blossoming inside him. He had been living in the dark all his life pursuing a light that he could not comprehend, and when this light appeared before him, dazzling despite its miniscule size, he became so thrilled he did not know what to do other than race towards that single source of light with everything he had.
He held his brother tightly, more tightly than he ever had held another person. Sweat dripped from his forehead and hit Xu Ping’s back. He spread it out over the clean span of skin. Now Gege was his from head to toe. It was the first time he had felt like this. That which he had thirsted for but which he had never obtained – his brows, his eyes, his mouth, his neck, every single bone in his body, every drop of blood and piece of flesh beneath his skin, the only light in his life – was now his, totally and absolutely. It was all his.
Letting out a roar, Xu Zheng pushed himself in even more deeply. His brother was enveloping him, enticing him with the cavity he could not see. He thought he was a honeybee who was attracted by the rich fragrance exuded by the flower before him. His stinger pierced the flower’s tube, but every time he thought he had reached the end he would only discover that it was longer and deeper.
He moved his brother from his lap and laid him onto the bed.
Xu Ping’s skinny body was glowing white and blooming like a queen of the night.
I’m a bee. Xu Zheng told himself.
He parted his brother’s legs and slowly plunged his stinger into the depth.

Xu Ping could not do anything at this point. His mind had stopped working.
He was like an insect pinned onto a board in order to be made into a bio-specimen. Occasionally he would shudder from the pain, but the rest of the time he could only hang from his brother’s neck and let the man do as he pleased.
He lost track of time. The long night seemed without an end, but daylight – Xu Ping prayed – daylight had better never come.
He wrapped his legs around his brother’s waist to pull the man closer to himself.
His brother leaned down to kiss him and steadily continued to penetrate him while doing so.
Xu Ping recalled a childhood memory of him washing his brother in the big basin. Xu Zheng was tiny, and his hands and feet were so tender. The boy would mewl like a kitten when soap got into his eyes because he could not talk clearly then. Xu Ping was only seven years old in second grade. The sun then seemed that much brighter, the sky that much bluer. The world was simple and clearer. Even the flowers all bloomed with their own unique hue.
Xu Ping remembered his brother sitting in the basin playing with the water. He approached holding a towel, and his brother looked up with his big, bright eyes. Under the sunlight shining through the window, he held out his arms for a hug.
“Mmmmm…” Xu Ping could not stifle the moan.
The member inside him seemed to have grown bigger, the scorching length splitting him open like a wedge and then filling him up. Every time it left his body it was as if his soul was being sucked away.
His groin was numb to the pain now, but deep inside another strange, new sensation was arising. At first it was a weak seedling that lent him a helping hand amidst the seemingly endless pain. Then it started growing silently along with every one of his brother’s thrusts, extending new branches through his blood vessels. They crawled along his thighs towards the rest of his body, and every time his brother brought him pleasure a tiny white flower would bloom. After one wilted, new tendrils would start growing thicker and constrain him more tightly.
“Ahhhh…!” Xu Ping started shouting.
He pounded his brother’s back with his fists. Pain he could endure, but this ecstatic pleasure was about to shatter his inner organs.
For the first time he feared his own body.
“Stop it! Get off of me!” He screeched.
His brother obviously heard but pretended otherwise. He ignored the hands beating and clawing on his back and grabbed Xu Ping’s thighs pushing them apart to an incredulous angle. In reality, he had opened Xu Ping up in his entirety before his eyes. He could see his brother’s gracefully shaped penis, bulging sacs and the entrance that was filled with him.
He saw the lubricant that had thickened and become white stuck to the base of his member.
He pulled out a little before pounding back in.
His brother kept screaming and shaking while his insides convulsed. His expression seemed painful but also displayed a mysterious bliss.
Erotic beyond description.
He dipped down for a fervent kiss.
As Xu Ping screamed, his brother pumped in and out of him like a wild beast. Every wave of pleasure pushed him high into the air. His remaining rationality was the only rope tying him down, but it was about to snap very soon.
“Ahhhh… No, stop it! Stop it!” He cried words that he did not understand either.
The monstrous waves were only growing in stature, threatening to drown him.
I’m going to die. Xu Ping thought.
He writhed for his life, kicking his legs trying to unlodge his brother, but the man had him securely locked beneath him. His two hands clasped onto his legs like metal clamps.
The muscles on Xu Zheng’s face were tense in a peculiar way making him appear strange and dangerous and even an awesome icon of authority.
Xu Ping had never before seen this expression on his brother.
Tears streamed down his face.
He no longer was feeling pain, only the pleasure hitting him again and again. He felt that something deep inside his soul, the identity of which he did not know, was about to be set free. It had been dormant in the dark for too long, but now that his body was being torn apart by his brother, that thing was going to escape from their confines deep within him.
He tightened around his brother.
Xu Zheng squeezed his brother’s butt forcefully as he pushed in harder than he had ever done.
Xu Ping gaped as his breathing stopped and his eyes widened.
He was tossed high, high into the sky, past the clouds to where the blinding sun was.
He came as though he were urinating, the white fluid landing all over his chest and belly.
And before he fell back down from his climax, his brother pulled him up and with a roar planted his seeds into him.

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