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Till Death Do Us Part - ch9

Translator: ayszhang
Proofreaders: coolostyne, happyBuddha, m@o, Marcia, ying

Till Death Do Us Part chapter 9! NSFW


The truth was that the “lovely lady,” Mr. Shen Jr., was not so diligent as to serve Ch’in Ching every second of the day but was quite considerate during those two days nevertheless. He only went to the office for a quick patrol each morning and returned home to Ch’in Ching at noon. They chitchatted, read the papers and played chess – the loser had to smooch the winner. These all gave an impression of infatuation.
Only at night were they separate because Ch’in Ching was too bashful to sleep with Shen Liangsheng again with the servants around. Shen Liangsheng did not pressure him either, and got the servants to clear a guest room for him. They would wish each other sweet dreams when night fell and go to sleep on different beds with different dreams.
Nor did Shen Liangsheng slack off when Ch’in Ching went back to work two days later. He drove to Nanshih in the morning to pick up the schoolmaster and brought along a vacuum flask with soup from his own kitchen for him to drink on the way.
In the evening, Shen Liangsheng picked him up and drove him home, taking the opportunity to interrogate Ch’in Ching about his lunch. He warned the man against eating off-limits foods. Ch’in Ching found the nagging businessman amusing and couldn’t help mocking, “Yes, mom. I promise I’ll only eat congee and nothing else. Happy now?”
Ch’in Ching sounded so sincere calling him “mom” that Shen Liangsheng just about mistook the breaks for the gas pedal. He managed to keep a straight face, but he reached over with his right hand and pinched the man’s thigh. Then, he slid up and patted his crotch. “Next time you start being cheeky, I’ll be pinching this buddy instead.”

Ch’in Ching was skinny but healthy, nonetheless, and was alive and kicking after a week of care. He refused to eat any more congee and swore to have a feast on Sunday.
“What do you feel like? Nothing spicy or fried. Anything else is fine.”
“Who said I’m eating with you? I need to go over to my actual godmother’s house for dinner. You know, Hsiao-Liu’s house.” Ch’in Ching took this opportunity to act superior. “You can go do your own thing.”
Hearing “my actual godmother,” Shen Liangsheng knew he was referencing the joke from before. He shot a look over to the passenger seat, and the schoolmaster immediately behaved fearing the consequences of tempting the taller man. Ch’in Ching quickly added, “I really do have something to do. It’s winter now, so I have to head over and help Hsiao-Liu with some chores. Can’t count on him to finish it all on his own.”
“What kind of chores?”
“Probably making briquettes.”
“I see,” Shen Liangsheng responded casually, but he didn’t feel so great inside. It was not because of missing one meal with Ch’in Ching or concern over his injuries, but because of his possessive nature. He drove him around and cared for him for a week and thus took the liberty of declaring his ownership over this human being. He wished he could just keep Ch’in Ching to himself like an owner would a pet and not let him be involved with anyone else.

Ch’in Ching spent Sunday morning making briquettes at the Lius’. After lunch, he chatted with his godmother, and only when she left, yawning, for her afternoon nap did he tell Hsiao-Liu he wanted to wash off the sweat at the bathhouse.
“Sure. Let’s go together. You go back and get your clothes, and I’ll wait for you by the road.”
Accordingly, Ch’in Ching returned home to gather a change of clothes. Just as he was picking out a pair of clean socks, he heard a knock at the gate. Thinking Hsiao-Liu was getting impatient, he shouted out, “Come in. It’s open.”

“Can’t you hang on for just one second?” Ch’in Ching complained as he walked out with his clothes only to find Shen Liangsheng in his yard wearing a short, black coat, hands behind his back. He let out a gasp of surprise. “What are you doing here?”
“Why, sick of seeing me?”
“No, but you would’ve missed me if you came any later. I was just about to leave.”
“To do free labour?”
“What? No, it’s not free labour.” Ch’in Ching shook the net bag in his hand. “It’s the afternoon now. I’ve finished. I’m on my way to the bathhouse.”
If he wasn’t too happy about Ch’in Ching helping Hsiao-Liu with chores, there was no way that he would be happy to hear Ch’in Ching being stark naked in front of other men at a bathhouse. He immediately walked over and took the net bag of clothes from Ch’in Ching. “You can bathe at my place. And eat supper, too.”
“Sure. Let me go tell Hsiao-Liu.”

Ch’in Ching didn’t think much of it and told Shen Liangsheng to start the car while he found Hsiao-Liu at the entrance of the hut’ong to notify him.
The Lius lived adjacent to the road, and Hsiao-Liu saw the black automobile when it first pulled up, finding it familiar. Then, his eyes narrowed in suspicion when he saw his childhood friend walking out side by side with Shen Liangsheng.
The Lius owned a teahouse and Hsiao-Liu had been in charge since the passing of his father. He knew more about how people worked than Ch’in Ching and was not as simple-hearted. The previous time that he’d seen them he could tell that the two were relatively close, but he’d thought that the businessman had no reason to cheat them and didn’t take it to heart. However, this time Ch’in Ching had nothing in his hands while Shen Liangsheng was carrying his friend’s clothes for him. The intimacy made Hsiao-Liu stop to think twice.
However, Ch’in Ching did not look at all feminine nor had any other traits to make one think in that direction, and Hsiao-Liu didn’t consider it either. He only thought that his friend was an honest person and feared that Shen Liangsheng would take advantage of him.
“Ch’in Ching, you’re pretty close with Mr. Shen Jr., aren’t you?” he questioned straightforwardly.
“Yeah, you could say that.”
“Well, I’m gonna come right out and say it. The rich can be cunning. You should look out for yourself. Don’t be a gullible lil lamb.”
“Mhm, I know.”
“So if he wants you to sign anything, don’t do it. Come to me first.”
“Pfft,” Ch’in Ching had been nervous but now burst out laughing. “No way.”
“Nothing wrong with being cautious. Your ma left you in our hands. The only way I can redeem myself if anything happened to you is to kill myself on your ma’s gravestone.”
“My goodness. Knock on wood.”

Shen Liangsheng sat in the car and watched the two old friends talk and laugh on the other side of the road. His hand seemed to act on its own as he honked at the schoolmaster to leave.
Hsiao-Liu said his mom’s making stewed pork feet.” Ch’in Ching was in the car but his mind was on food. “So, how are you going to make it up to me?”
“How do you want me to make it up to you?” Shen Liangsheng started the engine. His left hand was on the wheel while his right reached for Ch’in Ching’s. He locked their ten digits and ran his thumb gently between the man’s thumb and forefinger.
Though they had last seen each other two days ago, their relationship was at the stage where they couldn’t bear to be apart for even a minute. Ch’in Ching’s heart fluttered at Shen Liangsheng’s touch, and he brought his hand up to his lips.
Shen Liangsheng glanced over with an enigmatic smile and did the same, planting a kiss on the man’s hand.

The car rolled into the Shen manor. Ch’in Ching went straight to his guestroom to bathe, and Shen Liangsheng told the kitchen to add a pork foot to the menu, emphasizing to make it tender.
There was a boiler built in when Shen Liangsheng purchased the manor, and pipes ran throughout the house. The water came quickly and warmed the entire room. Ch’in Ching let out a sigh of relaxation as he soaked in the hot water. He reached for the shampoo and was about to spread it on his head when Shen Liangsheng suddenly came in wearing only a shirt and long pants.
“What are you doing?” Ch’in Ching questioned warily as he felt threatened in the nude.
“Calm down.” Shen Liangsheng approached and patted him on the head. “Just wanted to see if you wanted anything else for supper.”
“I am calm.” Ch’in Ching let out a shaky laugh and began to apply the shampoo onto his hair with his head down. As he lathered, his legs that had been splayed apart closed on their own.
He was right in that Shen Liangsheng had special intentions. Shen Liangsheng felt his groin burn seeing the man close his legs unintentionally. He rolled up his sleeves and sat down on the tub ledge. Not minding getting his clothes wet, he joined Ch’in Ching in cleansing his hair, their intermingling fingers giving rise to soft foam.
Ch’in Ching let the man help with his eyes closed. It was only a hair wash, but Ch’in Ching felt arousal upon him. He shifted uneasily into another position to hide it.
“Don’t move.” Shen Liangsheng brought the shower head over and rinsed out the lather. He suggested softly as he watched the white bubbles dissolve into the water, “Let’s get a new tub of water.”
“Fine.” Ch’in Ching was waiting for the chance to escape the man’s hands and quickly leaned away for the plug.
“Turn over.” Shen Liangsheng laid a hand on his back.
“Let me see if your wounds healed.”
“I thought we agreed,” Ch’in Ching declined nervously, “that we wouldn’t do it today regardless.”
“No one said anything about that. I just want a look. Come now.”

The water glided down the drain to reveal a wet, naked body. Ch’in Ching couldn’t go against Shen Liangsheng and proceeded to kneel down on the porcelain while holding onto the ledges for stability.
Shen Liangsheng leaned in and began caressing his hips with his right hand. His fingers slid to the hole between the butt cheeks and explored the areas around it. “Seems fine.”
Ch’in Ching had felt a bit chilly without the hot water but now began to heat up again.
The fingers behind him wandered around his hole, kneading it softly at times and scraping along the crack to his sac. They did not proceed any further, nor did they skip over to his member in front, but Ch’in Ching saw it harden under the feather-like touches, stretching taller and taller.
“Are you hard?”
With the reply, Shen Liangsheng sprung up. He began to unbutton his shirt while plugging the drain and turning the water back on. Soon, his clothes came off, and he stepped into the tub taking a seat across from Ch’in Ching.
The guestroom tub was not as large as that of the master bedroom, and two tall men proved too much for it. Ch’in Ching sat between Shen Liangsheng’s legs but had to open his legs, too, to let the other man in. Their groins touched and their semi-hard dicks rubbed against each other unintentionally.
“Come closer.” The taller man pulled him closer and held his waist, caressing the curves.
Abashed, Ch’in Ching looked down, not wanting to make eye contact, only to see the two members flanking one another. Their pubic hair tangled together, gently hovering in the rising water.
“Look up.”
As though a puppet to Shen Liangsheng’s voice, Ch’in Ching lifted his head up and was met with the man’s kiss and heavy breaths. His lips were pried open and his mouth explored by the invading tongue. His own tongue was taken and thoroughly sucked on.
He couldn’t help hugging Shen Liangsheng and reciprocating his passion with his own tongue. They were joined at the groin, their dicks engaged in a heated dance of their own. The sacs rubbed against each other underwater, and the hard erections poked at each other’s stomachs from time to time.
“W-wait.” Ch’in Ching was faintly aware of the water reaching the top and overflowing. He patted the other man’s back, interrupting, “Close the tap first.”
As though he couldn’t bear to part from his lips, Shen Liangsheng grabbed the schoolmaster’s head and forcefully resumed the kiss while reaching around to turn the water off. Afterwards, he stretched into the water and began beating their dicks together.
Shen Liangsheng was endowed down there, but Ch’in Ching was not bad either. The two cocks were too much for one hand to hold, and one would always slip out, adding to the frustration. After a while, he opted to only stroke the tips, cradling the two heads in his palm. The dilated urethra leaked juices of passion only to melt into the hot water.
The stimulation on his sensitive head made Ch’in Ching groan out loud. The sound was muffled by their kiss and came out more like an ecstatic moan during orgasm. This succeeded in pumping more desire into Shen Liangsheng’s swollen member. He pressed harder on Ch’in Ching’s head and stuck his tongue deeper into his mouth. He felt the man reciprocating fervently, and it was as though the bathroom became completely sealed in with boiling waves of lust instead of air. They were suspended in the hazardous substance, and the only way to survive was through their kiss.

The tingly sensation on the head contrasted with the lack of stimulation elsewhere. Ch’in Ching reluctantly retracted his arms around Shen Liangsheng and reached his right hand into the water. He stroked the two members consecutively before continuing down to their sacs and cupping around them, kneading gently.
He could feel from his fingers and balls the other man’s balls through a thin layer of skin. The pleasure was beyond words and raised the tension by the second. He tried to hold it in but could no longer. He grabbed Shen Liangsheng’s wrists and broke free from his lips.
“Stop,” he husked.
“Why?” Shen Liangsheng stopped his hands and asked quietly, “Does it not feel good?”
“No,” Ch’in Ching closed his eyes and frowned. He gave a suggestive reply. “I can take no more.”
“What do you mean no more?” Shen Liangsheng wanted him to say it even though he knew what he meant.

After seconds of deliberation, Ch’in Ching finally abandoned all rational restraint. He leaned into Shen Liangsheng’s ear and whispered the most indecent words. Hearing them made Shen Liangsheng’s stomach tighten and his member twitch with lust. He felt just as the man had said – he was no longer able to stand it.
“Ah!” He ducked down and latched onto the perky, little nub before his eyes. The sucking and biting made Ch’in Ching yelp out loud. He felt a sting on his right nipple that also tingled. After the initial pain, what remained was the erotic tingling that seeped into his bones. Abandoning the last of his shame, he thrust his hips up and moaned, “Down there…I want it there, too.”
Shen Liangsheng gave the dick that was nearly touching its owner’s stomach a good jerk before instructing huskily, “Get up.”

Only after standing on his feet did Ch’in Ching feel weak in the knees. When Shen Liangsheng took him into his mouth and began sucking, he could barely stand and managed by holding the wall. His thighs, however, were shuddering uncontrollably, and his moans intensified and echoed in the bathroom.
It was Shen Liangsheng’s first time blowing a man, but he did not feel any discomfort. What he did feel was a wilder arousal that only multiplied with every sound the man made. He knelt in the tub performing oral while he jerked his own erection furiously, coming at nearly the same time as the other man.
Ch’in Ching managed to remind Shen Liangsheng before he came but still did not pull out in time. Most of his thick, white cum fell on the man’s face.
As he rode out his orgasm, he looked down – he stared, transfixed, at Shen Liangsheng masturbating with a frown and his sperm on his face, and at the white tendrils unfurling in the tub a few moments later – and could not look away for the longest time.

“Are you going to pick at your food the entire night, Ch’in Ching?”
Ch’in Ching was not himself even by suppertime and tried not to look at Shen Liangsheng – he would think of the scene from the bathroom earlier – whereas Shen Liangsheng behaved normally. He brought over some food to Ch’in Ching’s bowl and tapped on it with his chopsticks.
The servants had been dismissed by Shen Liangsheng, and the two of them sat across from each other at the dining table. Ch’in Ching put his chopsticks down and rested his elbow on the table.
“Shen Liangsheng….” he sighed with his hand on his forehead.
But Ch’in Ching did not finish. He only let his eyes flutter shut while a smile found its way on his lips.

It was a smile that only those totally lost in happiness would sport.
As sweet as the wind in August carrying the scent of sweet osmanthus in full bloom.

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ayszhang says: So much smut omggggg. I might have a delay in the next few chapters T_T well, the difficulty of translating smut and the fact that I did absolutely nothing during winter break means I might only release three or four chapters instead of the five that January promises.

On another note, I've released the other story I've been working on, Brother. Please check it out! Please read the info page in detail beforehand, though. <3

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