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The Rental Shop Owner - ch8+9+10

Translator: ayszhang
Proofreaders: krabbykabbi, Luzo, Pau (9-10), Red

The Rental Shop Owner ch 8, 9 & 10


“Call me ‘ge’.” I liked it when he called me ‘ge’. It felt nice.

My name was just too outdated.

Ge.” He flashed a meaningful smile. “Yes or no?”

I wanted to try it. Although I had considered becoming a monk many times, being a virgin boy was nothing to be proud of.

I was very nervous but I did not want him to know. I was the ‘ge’ for goodness’ sake.

Thank goodness I sometimes stayed over at the shop so I had some towels and soap and stuff. I pushed him into the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash up—face, feet, butt, everything—while I made the bed.


“Who’re you to say that?” I retorted. I had not forgotten about that pig sty.

The little punk went in to wash up unwillingly.

I suddenly had a thought. I wondered if it was his first time. Meanwhile, I started peeking.

“Ahh! You creep! Pervert!” I felt utterly embarrassed being called out by him.

“What’re you screaming about? You’re going to alarm the neighbourhood watch!” I then added after a short pause, “And so what if I look?”

His butt was really pale.

He insisted on turning off the lights and I was too shy so I did.

The metal cot was very narrow so the two of us could only huddle close together under one blanket.

I thought about this too many times to count. I caressed everything from each rib bone along his torso, the two small, hard nipples and his waist and back to his firm butt and member.

“We got all night,” he panted roughly. “There’s no rush.”

I was in a rush. I sealed his lips with mine; it tasted like Colgate. He had thirty-two teeth. Damn, I only had twenty-eight.

I was already hard. I knew what to do but I had never done it before.

Unexpectedly, he chortled and then grabbed it with his cool hands and stroked it.


I bit hard on my bottom lip.

Damn that feels good.

A hundred times better than my own hand. His hand—oh my god!

It’s his mouth. I’m in his mouth. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I was up in cloud nine, literally.

By the time I landed on solid earth again, we were both sticky with sweat. His member was poking my thigh. I reached out and grabbed it.

Oh shit, I’m sorry.

I used a bit too much force as it was my first time. He hissed out in pain and I freaked out, but he only chuckled. He put a hand over mine and started moving slowly.

The result of our two hands stroking his member was that I got hard again.

“Pretty enthusiastic, aren’t we?” He breathed in my ear after coming once.

I was in a rush so I rubbed myself against his thigh. I had thought I would have a monk’s life: I did not even have any desires of this kind when I was twenty. I suppose I just never met the right person.

He started joking with me, reaching behind and pressing on my backdoor. It gave me a fright.

Not this. Not this, right?

“Pffft! Look at you, all scared.” He took his hand back but that made me feel bad. “Do me, ‘kay?”


He turned around, spat into his hand and reached for his own behind. He only smeared it a couple of times before trying to stick my thing in.

Anyone with the tiniest amount of common sense would know that place was not made as an entrance. It was not going to be easy.

“Ju-just use your hand.”

“Shut up!” I could feel the daggers flying at me even with the lights off. He really wanted me to fuck him, huh?

The arrow was nocked and ready to go so I couldn’t stop myself. With his hand’s guidance, I steadied his waist and went for it. I had prepared for failure and even was considering with the remaining brain cells the possibility of using vanishing cream as lubricant when I went all the way in.

He was tight but it was definitely not his first time, nor his second or third time, but his nth time. But I couldn’t care less. It felt so damn good. I just kept going and going and going. Only when I was done feeling good did I notice he was quivering a little. Okay, not just a little. He was practically shaking like a leaf and his back was covered with sweat.

“Does it hurt. I’m–”

He didn’t make a sound but I spotted his hands clinging tightly onto the bar on the side of the cot.

How could I be so stupid? I quickly reached down to his butt. It wasn’t bleeding. I knew it wasn’t bleeding but his little guy was all shrunken up.

Binbin , does it hurt? I’m so sorry. Say something, won’t you?”

“I’m. Okay.” It sounded like he was speaking through clenched teeth. “I’ll. Letchu. Off this time. Just you. Wait ‘til my turn.”

It made me feel even worse seeing him taunting me and trying to make me feel better while suffering so much pain.

Really, this guy.

I held him and let him lie on top of me with his chin on my shoulder. He liked this position.

I swept my hand back and forth on his back. It was not as smooth as his thighs. I guessed there were some scars.

After some deliberation, I still asked, “Did that Wu guy do anything to you when you were in the detention centre?”

I felt him stiffen. He did not reply.

I felt so guilty.

It was completely understandable for him to not have pleaded for homicide out of self-defense. I mean, who would want other people to know about those things? Yet, what I had just done…

The next thing I knew, he was kissing me.

“It wasn’t self-defense. I started beating the crap outta him before he could do anything.”

I didn’t believe him.

“Believe it or not.”

“But Binbin–”

“I just hate people like him.” I could hear the chilling, murderous intent in his voice. I believed him.

Is that so? But then why?

I really wanted to ask: Before me, who else did you…

But he was so tired, I couldn’t possibly ask that.

Let the past be the past. I just wanted to be with him.

When I woke up in the morning, he was already getting dressed.

There were many pale, white scars on his back, only a bit lighter than his skin colour—probably old wounds. There was also a brown, fist-sized scar near his waist of unknown origin.

Ding Hongmei’s lover was a sadistic brute.

He noticed that I had woken up so he whisked around. “You’re peeking again!”

I stuck my arms out. “Come snuggle, Binbin.”

“Cheesy.” He dived on top of me. Thank god the cot was sturdy.

I hugged him tight, really, really tight. “You fuck me next time.”

“Don’t need to say that twice. I’m a pro.”




He went to Shanghai the next day.

I wanted to ask him to stay. But I was a bit too shy.

He laughed at me.

And promised to study hard and not go down the wrong path.

But he broke that promise.

Vanishing cream was a popular skincare product in the last century and was originally made in Shanghai.


A few days after he left, I had to go to Shanghai to stock up on some merchandise so I was planning to come back with him. His old lady, Ding Hongmei’s second death anniversary was coming up.

It kind of blew my mind when I thought about it.

I got on the eastbound train. For some damn reason, there was a ton of people going to Shanghai even on a Sunday and the train was packed. I had only bought the regular ticket so I only got a seat after some people got off at Suzhou.

I had not gone to Shanghai for stocking purposes and I was most likely going this time because he was there.

He went to Shanghai and I really missed him.

I really had done it with him.

Every time I thought about this, I gulped nervously, which I still did even after a long, long time.

An earthquake was about to upset my little world.

I was a bit scared, well, not exactly scared but nervous, excited and wary. I would think about it and my hands would get so sweaty. Things went way out of hand and I had allowed it to for some reason. It was just that I couldn’t care less. When he looked down and looked back up again, and he said he liked me, just for that moment, I couldn’t care less.

I doubt I was as calm as I thought I was.

I wanted to smoke.

I couldn’t help but think about the future.

I couldn’t and didn’t want him to leave my life. But…

Then again, I was kind of confused. I wasn’t as determined as him. I wondered how he could be so certain. What if I had rejected him? What if I didn’t like him? What if I said bye-bye after fucking him?

He was younger so he was braver, or maybe he was just braver than me.

Recalling his quivering spine as he took me, I clenched my teeth.

I was his ‘ge’ after all; I could not be worse than him.

Wen Miao was swarming with people. Luckily, I managed to get some cartoons from a small vendor on the outskirts. Cartoon was starting to get popular at that time, the kind you played on the computer. The quality was bad. You could only sell it and not rent it because it would go bad after being watched a couple of times. However, there were lots of good stuff.

We’d better take the coach back. The train station’s security is pretty tight.

By then, I had found out why those girls were climbing over each other to borrow my books. Most of them came for this thing called BLboy’s love. Why would girls want to read these strange, new things? I actually tried asking Ah-Fen. From what she told me, she would not even be here working for me if she made the same efforts on her university entrance exam as she did reading BL. I didn’t know what to say to that. She also said something like, ‘it’s real love, you won’t get it.’

Tsk, tsk. Yeah, yeah, I don’t get it.

At first, it was only made by those Japanese people. By then, there were some coming out from Taiwan, too, but the quality was quite different.

I felt kind of guilty for renting these out to young girls. They were a bit too young. But how could I let business slip away? Then the thought occurred to me that those Japanese were still pretty fucked up after reading BL for so many years. Maybe if you gave your children a fucked up education, your children would not get fucked up by other people.

I left Wen Miao and started asking around for directions with his security service company’s address. No one knew the directions and when I got to a policeman, he said, “First take the ×× bus then the ×× bus then the ×× bus, and then walk for one stop.” But his colleague disagreed, saying it was better to “take the taxi to People’s Square and take the subway to ×× Station and then take the ××× bus,” because even though it would cost an extra buck or so, I wouldn’t have to walk.

I did not know who to listen to. Shanghai was just too damn big.

I managed to find the place. It was a high-rise building. The good news was that I dressed decently so the guard out front did not give me a hard time. I found “VM Security” on the twenty-fifth floor. The company was in a three-bedroom, two-living suite. There was only a young kid, younger than Shen Bin, probably because it was the weekend.

“Oh, you’re looking for Bin-ge. He’ll be back really soon.” He was a warm kid, poured some water for me and showed me to a seat.

Soon after, he came back with five or six muscles behind him. His cheeks actually flushed red out of shyness when he saw me after coming in. It was only for a second or two but flowers were practically blooming in my little, beating heart.

He was dressed decently, too. T-shirt and jeans. His hair had gotten a bit longer.

“This is my cousin,” I heard him telling the men behind him. Those big guys all nodded to me respectfully—so I guessed that he was their boss. It felt sort of off, though, and I couldn’t pinpoint what exactly.

Afterwards, we went to a small shop and ordered a few dishes and two cans of beer. He did not sit across the table from me but right next to me.

He seemed to be doing well in VM (violent men?) Security so I did not want to ask him to help me back home.

He drank some beer and glanced at me without saying anything. I kicked him under the table. Why, was he being shy?

“I thought you were mad.”

Huh? I looked at him.

“’Kay, good that you’re not. Um. So what did you think about the company?” He dug into the food without looking at me.

“It’s good as long as it’s nothing crooked.”

He suddenly thought of something and fished it out. “The company bought these for us. Nice, eh? Samsung’s newest model, N188. It’ll be easier staying in contact with this. You can call me. If you called me today, I would’ve gone to pick you up in an instant.” He was still young and couldn’t help but get excited with new things. “I’ll get you one too when I get my paycheque in a bit. Yeah?”

Cell phones were quite rare at that time. Not like now, even people living in the dumpsters have one. The one his company bought was imported too—it had to be almost four hundred bucks. I actually did want to buy one but I thought there was not much of a need.

He puckered his lips after not seeing any reaction from me and stuffed the phone back into his pocket, looking embarrassed. He looked cautious like he didn’t want to anger me and I felt really bad. Why was I such a jerk?

Putting down my chopsticks, I stuck my hand into his pocket. “Huh, were you afraid I was going to steal it? I tell you, from now on, I’m going to call you every single day and you’re going to pay for the minutes. I was just a bit worried that your paycheque won’t be able to handle it.”

“I’m taking your word for it. No take-backs!” He burst out laughing right away. “If my paycheque’s not enough, we can always use yours. I mean you’re the boss.”

He changed so much. Before, he used to be snobby and disgruntled. What had made him change? Growing up, life in prison, his mother’s death—or me?

You’re thinking too highly of yourself there, I laughed at myself in my head.

“Hey, what’re you laughin’ at? C’mon, let’s see you laugh now. C’mon…” He pinched my waist. I was extremely ticklish and almost spewed out all the food in my mouth. He kept laughing amusingly while patting my back.

I was really happy to see him laughing without a care like other guys his age.

I hoped he would from now on, too.

Anyone use one of these antiques before? Samsung N188


When Shen Bin was still locked up, his buddies and I went to visit his mother on her death anniversary. After all, she had led a sad, pitiful life. Or maybe, there had already been something special about her to me—she was Shen Bin’s mom after all.

This time her son was here too. It was probably his first time visiting his old lady’s grave.

I say grave but there was no mound of dirt or headstone. It was just one of the most basic marble urns that took up the cheapest spot in the columbarium wall that cost forty bucks a year. It wasn’t easy finding it out of nearly a thousand other urns.

No. 779 Ding Hongmei.

The picture in front of the urn was a picture of Ding Hongmei in her earlier days when she worked for the cotton factory. She was wearing a blue sweater and had her hair tied into two pigtails. The dimple on her right cheek made her look sweet and innocent. Seeing this picture reminded me of the old woman clutching my wrist before dying. This was a cruel world.

We tidied up a bit, wiping the dust off the cubicle and replacing the red cloth on the urn with a new one. Then, we placed the fruits, pastries and flowers down.

Then her son performed the bow first.

Lin Dongfu and the rest were well-behaved and did not make a peep. I watched from the side as he bowed three times and took out a small, pretty bottle from his jacket. It was perfume. He placed it by the urn and brushed the one-by-one photo on it with his finger. It was the photo from her identity card in which her age was already evident.

I’d rather he cried. She gave birth to him and raised him after all. She might have lost all her reputation and lived miserably but she still loved her son. Ding Hongmei’s illness acted up after he got locked up so that day at the hearing was probably their last time seeing each other.

He bowed three more times before calling me over.

I heard him whisper, “This is Qian-ge. He’s really good to me.”

I tucked my head down and couldn’t lift it up again—I was crying.

The youngsters were really considerate and prepared the joss paper to burn in the allotted place given by the cemetery.

“Why’re you crying when I’m not even crying? You’re such a softie,” he mumbled beside me before coughing a few times. Burning paper money created lots of smoke. “Well, she had it good at one point but she got her shit completely messed up.”

He attempted to smile more naturally but his eyes got red. Quickly, he tilted his head back and closed his eyes.

He had done the same thing when he was brought out of the court hearing.

Oh you, silly boy, acting all tough like that.

I really wanted to squeeze him tight in my arms but all I could do was pat his shoulder and massage his nape with my thumb. Thank goodness he was not too much taller than me or else that action would have been fairly difficult.

“Just let it out, Shen-ge. You’ll feel better.” His loyal brothers were rubbing at their eyes, too. Lin Dongfu stuttered in between his sobs, “Aunty was…actually really nice. It was just bad luck…meeting that fucking bastard…”

“I’m the one with the dead mom and I’m fine. What’s the fucking deal with you guys actin’ more miserable than I am?” His voice was a bit hoarse but he looked fine when he opened his eyes.

I did not know how to console him because lots of things do not mean much even when uttered.

I had a typical bossy dad and affectionate mom and our family was harmonious. I couldn’t understand the pains he felt.

All I could do was continue to rub his back.

He reached back and grabbed my hand. “Thank you, ge.”

You don’t need those formalities with me, silly.




We went for a walk after the visit.

He said there wasn’t much work recently so he could stay for a few days.

Lin Dongfu and the guys left first. Those little punks were more grown up and started to do proper things. One was doing an apprenticeship at a poultry shop. He said that all he did other than chop white cut chicken was chop more white cut chicken, and that he wanted to puke whenever he saw a chicken. Another one was waiting at a hotel and learning to make Western pastries so as to have a skill. Lin Dongfu’s family was pretty well-off owning a motorbike shop—the brand sponsored by Gong Li. He had been helping with the shop keeping.

What would Shen Bin be doing if he hadn’t gone in? He might just have gotten into university. I mean, he got a diploma in the slammer, right? And even if he hadn’t gotten into university, he could have learned hairdressing or cooking or chauffeuring…

“Whatcha thinking ‘bout?” He kicked me.

We had already walked quite a distance, almost to my old school. It was a well-known, key high school of our province and had several famous alumni, including the former minister of foreign affairs, Shen ×. My dad was so happy when I got in that he got stinking drunk.

“Hey, I’m talking to ya.” Then he saw the school’s gates. “Ohhh! You graduated from this place, right?”

He puckered his lips, his face screaming ‘so what’s the big dealio?’

“Yeah, so?” I wanted to laugh so hard seeing that face of his. “Look at where I am now, just running a tiny shop back home.” I was probably the one doing the worst in my graduating year.

“It’s good enough. You’re your own boss and you like what you do. Those people working in those companies may look nice and fancy but at the end of the day, they’re still workin’ for someone else and they could get fired whenever. I don’t see the big deal in that. Plus they don’t make that much either…”

Huh, this guy had only gone for a few days but sure sounded like a smartass now.

“So why are you working there?”

“I got no other choice!” He glared menacingly at me and beat me on the chest with his fist. “All you do is judge me. I’m lucky ‘nough to have a place to go to. I can’t be picky.”

“You’re good enough.” You really are.

He looked at me before lowering his head, his neck a bit red. “Only you’d say that,” he breathed.

Really? I hooked my arm over his shoulder and planted a kiss on his neck when I saw no one was around.

His hand, one more youthful than mine, grabbed mine. “Don’t tease me ‘cause it’s your turn next!”

Sure. I shrugged. Come and get it.

That got him happier than a kid on Christmas.

We took a turn into the school. The students were on holiday and there were only a few old grandpas and grannies exercising on the field.

The school had built an all-new, modern dormitory but it had no personality at all. None of us old graduates liked it.

The brat was in a better mood and was looking around the school. “Damn, this school’s really somethin’. The tech school I was at before was so shitty. They were all a bunch of hooligans and I was their boss. You know, I actually came once to settle the score with a fucker. He stole Lin Dongfu’s cousin’s gal. The dweeb fucking peed his pants before I even lifted a finger.”

I was witness to his prowess so it was easy to picture the confident and violent him.

Had he changed now? Watching him brag about his old adventures like a kid with a new toy, I found it so adorable for some reason.

I didn’t know why.

“Whatcha smilin’ for? Huh?” He stepped on my foot. So violent. “Quit laughin’. I know you look down on me. You’re a university grad and I’m just a hooligan. Hmmph!” He turned his nose the other way.

I wasn’t sure if he was really mad. I poked his arm.

“You’re a university graduate too. Didn’t you get that

“Bullshit! You’re judging me, aren’t you! Just you wait, Qian Jiying. I’m gonna even the score tonight.”

I saw that people were beginning to notice us and pulled him away.

He began telling me, a bit delightedly but also a bit shyly, that he studied like his life depended on itcomputer programming, mathematics, English and everythingall because of that “study hard” that I had said to him.

When we passed by the gates of the school, he suddenly became a bit depressed. “I could’ve made it into this place, actually, if only…”


However, he didn’t continue. There were some things he was going to keep confidential after all.

Was it

Suddenly, his phone started ringing. He had chosen the ringtone himselfThe Bund—but it was not the chorus. He said it showed his “unique taste.”

He glanced at me before picking up the call quietly and hanging up soon after. Before I could ask, he said something came up at the company and they wanted him back.

Go then.

He bit my shoulder really hard before he left. “Just wait ‘til I get back!” He growled. 

I wondered when he would get back.

And I became a bit depressed, too.

White cut chicken!

ayszhang: Soooo, this isn't a very smutty story XD Hope you guys aren't disappointed. Seriously though, why do I keep translating these smut-less stories when I love smut v___v

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