Saturday, February 14, 2015

It Might Be a Hottie by Hua Lou

Translator: ayszhang
Proofreaders: Red, LSL, Art_emis, Gwen, krabbykabbi
(art from the drama adaptation)
Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Singles Awareness Day~<3
It Might Be a Hottie
[ENG TRANS] 虽然那是一个帅哥 BY 画楼

Title标题: It Might Be a Hottie 虽然那是一个帅哥
Genre 类型: romance爱情, drama剧情, supernatural 灵异
Disclaimer 声明: The original story is not written by me. The author has not been active and I could not find any contact information. This is a translation project undertaken by me completely out of personal interest. Furthermore, this story contains homosexual relationships. Reader’s discretion is advised. 此故事原作为网络小说家画楼所作。作者已多年不再活跃,寻找不到联系方式。此作的英文翻译纯属本人个人兴趣,无意贩卖盈利。此外,此作含有同性恋爱情,请读者注意。
For more information contact 如有问题请联系:

PDF Link: one-shot
Extra: audio drama
Dairytea's comment: Btw, if you listen to the audio drama, listen to the ED song for an extra that's not in the writing. (highlight for drama spoiler hint)=> The drama extra gives the story a happy ending~<333


  1. Replies
    1. man that was soo sad ><
      come on why not a hppy ending TT^TT so tragic

    2. *pats on head* >3< it's okay~~~Their love was so beautiful though

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  3. Lol at the title but looks interesting. Thanks and happy valentine's day to you too(≧∇≦)

    1. ^^ it's the first sentence of the story haha
      Its not that long so have a read~

  4. Why another sad story? I cried like hell TT~TT

  5. Hi and thanks!!! I will go read it!!!!
    How was your Valentine's Day? Lot of chocolates? Me it was pizza night with my sister!! ^^

    Big kisss

    Persse. ^^

    1. Hey~I hope you like it!
      I went out for waffles and a movie with some friends! ^^

      >3< mwah~

  6. SOBS and WHINES

    There aree happy moments but...oh my damn shitty,reckless drivers! You destroyed a good love and blooming friendship. If both of them live I bet they will have a very wonderful ending.

    As I was reading the ending I can't really tell if erasing one's memory was the right answer. You shouldn't really forget but move on and take some time to heal the wounds. but yeah who am I to judge,right. It just so pqinful. :(

    The first one forgets, the second one dissapeared but the third one will be the one living in misery and solitude. ( coz he remembers everything the good and the bad moments..well, until he dissapears too. the point here is that he's like a catch basin of all their feelings,memories and emotins) *sigh


    1. The third is actually a girl XD Cuz Hottie called her 'ma'am'

      But yeah :( I cried when Handsome started to drink the water TAT wahhh

      This short story just stood out to me 'cause not many BL are written from an outsider's view, but I felt as though this made the narrative even more powerful. She's left with all their pain in the end. I do wonder what happens afterwards...cuz it seems like Handsome still held on to some of it?

  7. i bawled my heart out. T_________T

  8. Oh wow... I never expected it to be like this. Poor girl. She meets them for one day and everything gets destroyed that one day. I feel really bad for Yu and Yun. :( Yu basically ended his life for Yun. Ugh. The feels. Sometimes, when one can't move on, being able to forget is priceless. But at the same time, it's just running away. I mean, even while he was supposed to forget, he just instinctively knew he lost something. Just... ugh, my heart.

  9. A good piece of art always makes you think and I think this short one-shot does exactly that. Was it really the best thing to do? I personally think one day he would remember him again. I believe his love is strong enough, stronger than magic. >3< Does that mean the spirit would come back too???!

  10. i finally was able to read and well...
    how can you do this to me huh?! TTATT

    but *sniffs* thanks for sharing *sniffs* gonna go listen to the audio drama to lift up my spirit, hopefully! lol

    but yeah, thanks for translating. :)

  11. TUT *sniffs* I bawled when I read this the first time too.
    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  12. sniff....T_T i cried a bucket of tears while reading this, from Lun never forgetting and still loving Yu and until Yu made Lun forget him by letting him drink the water with the thousand forget balloon...

    the story is short and heartbreaking but it's still a good story...

    thanks for the translation;)