Thursday, February 26, 2015

Change to Disqus and Mobile Version

It is time to say goodbye to Blogger...

...and say hello to Disqus.
I wonder how many people will read this. This is ayszhang and I am working on the translation of a short story called The Book Rental Shop Owner. I'm not sure as to when I will release it but if you happen to find this, then email me at with the codeword 'binbin loves jiying' and I will send it to you before it is released here. <3~ thank you for the support and hope to hear from you.
Wait, wait, we don't mean we're leaving this site! Take a minute to read this, please.
Due to some technical difficulties with the Blogger comment system, we have opted for Disqus, an external comment service. Unfortunately, this change-over meant that we would lose the comments on the pages (e.g. Links, Requests, etc.), but not on the posts (e.g. Love Late ch 2, etc.). We did our best to read through each comment before doing so and we hope everyone will like Disqus.
Please let us know if there are any problems with Disqus.

In addition, we have also added a mobile version of the site for our mobile users. Please let us know if there are anything that needs modifying!

And sorry for trolling you. (; u ;) <3~

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  1. Yay! Glad to hear that!

  2. Oh my god. I didn't think anyone else said that too!! :D

  3. I meant the "cool beans" thing. XD

  4. I didn't know cool beans was a thing XDDD

  5. This is great because i read the chappies on my mobile when i'm at work hahaha less paranoia for me that my colleagues are sneaking up on me to check what i'm working on on my laptop hahaha! Cheers!! ^_^

  6. ^^ Glad to hear that~~ I use my phone to reply to comments a lot too so I totally feel the pain of navigating a desktop site on a tiny screen XD and hahaha sneaky reader >u>

  7. I didn't either haha. I've always been told I talk funny XD Who knows where I pick up these things?

  8. This site is improving more and more XD

    I really starting to like using disqus to comment on the releases because I can easily monitor others comments and replies too!

    Good job bltranslation group! I hope this site and reader fanbase as well continue to grow :-)

  9. :D Glad to hear that!
    We hope so too~ <3