Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Water Goes Drip-Drop by Feng Qi Lian Yi

Translator: ayszhang
Summary proofread by: Gwen, Hiro, Lulu & Red

Title: The Water Goes Drip-Drop - 水滴聲聲
Author: Feng Qi Lian Yi - 風起漣漪

Title 标题: The Water Goes Drip-Drop 水滴聲聲
Author 作者: Feng Qi Lian Yi 風起漣漪
Genre 类型: supernatural 靈異,romance 愛情,drama 劇情,suspense 懸疑
Disclaimer 声明: The original story is written by Feng Qi Lian Yi and the translator has received verbal agreement from the author for the story’s English translation. The author has retired as a writer and can be found at This is a translation project undertaken by the translator completely out of personal interest. Furthermore, this story contains homosexual relationships and gory content. Reader’s discretion is advised. 此故事為網絡小說家風起漣漪所作,翻譯家已收到作者的口頭授權。作者已宣告退出,現有微博聯繫方式。此為微博賬號:。此作的英文翻譯純屬本人個人興趣,無意販賣盈利。此外,此作含有同性戀愛情與血腥內容,請讀者慎入。
For more information contact 如有問題請聯繫: Author 作者 Translator 翻譯

It is not unusual for students to play some spooky games when bored and for a freshman in university, they never get boring. I have tried them all, the Ouija Board, whatever, you name it. No harm has come from playing these games until three of my roommates and I played a mysterious game in a dark room.

The fifth person that mysteriously appeared. The sharp drip-drop of water. The large water stain on our dorm wall… No one from Room 308 is going to be spared. Fear of the unknown and tremors of precognition enshrouds us all. What are the continuous trickles of water? Are they the tears of the dead who yearns for life or the cries of injustice formed by the blood of spirits who have lost their voices?

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Chapter 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // finale

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ayszhang's comment: In the spirits of Halloween, we present to you a week full of BL goodness. Please stay tuned OvOb

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  1. So excited XD My two favorite things are BL and horror, very rarely do the two mix. When they do, it's usually very satisfying. I can't wait~
    Thank you thank you thank you!!

    1. 8) I'm very excited tooooo for all your reactions!
      You're welcome!!!

  2. this is a novel Horror???
    Noo...i really scared for the all horror...
    What the mean of this "we present to you a week full of BL goodness. Please stay tuned OvOb"??
    there is a update for tomorrow?

    i'm really sorry for my very bad english...

    1. Yesss a horror BL novel 8D

      That means there will be updates all week long! Which means there'll an update tmr OvOb

    2. Yeeeeeeeeeeees! More chinese BL novels! Thank you!!!

    3. You're welcome! :) thank u for your comment and be sure to drop by tomorrow!

  3. Thanks!! I can wait!! It good but must be hard on the translator... So thank you very much for your hard work!!!

    1. Can't... sorry it's "I can't wait!!"

    2. Haha :') You're welcome. I cant wait to read your comments 8)

  4. Interesting...Awesome way to celebrate Halloween :D...Thanks

    1. Thanks for the comment! Chap 1 will be posted today!

  5. Thank you. I am looking forward to reading.

  6. oh a new story so glad to see this i am going to read it now but i have something to usk u will their be an update for cold sand since it a schedule

    1. D: so sorry i didnt see your comment until now!

  7. Can I ask how many chapters is this interesting novel?( given that it's a one volume one). Thank you for the translations!

    1. There are 11 chapters and one very long epilogue :)
      Youre welcome!! Be sure to check back on Thursday for ch 5

  8. Okay, A comment before the conclusion starts now!

    This novel is really cool because it has bl and horror combined!

    It really scared me shitless reading this because I know for a fact that I made great taboo when istarted this: reading it late at night. It did give me goosebumps plus a wild imagination it turns into a

    While covering my whole body with a blanket and always anticipating that someone or something will touch my back while reading it, I mustered the courage to finish it up to chap 11. and just wow! The tag and touch game just scared me. The room 308 gang has the typical friendship and rivalry going on and it balances it.

    I like cute Cubs, the Pres is cool, MuMu is brag, Ling Lin has guts but alas, they're all dead.

    Xia Yu and Yuan Fei's bantering makes the story livelier, I can sense that they have chemistry and yeah, I can feel it in my veins that they will be a couple.

    Sun Le, is a the best twist of all, it's nice to se that the author present him as a shadow becuase somehow it shows the representation what happened to him after the accident: fallen from a building, broken,removed his skin and organs and then cremated. His beauty is long gone,literally and figuratively. oh, his humanity is gone too. he became a venngeful spirit. nothing is left now but rotten emotions.

    so I realized because of that all the killings is equivalent to justice to Sun Le. so yeah, I won't debate about that because somewhat I get it.

    but what about the doctor who operated and the likes. I believe he saw his face and also be brought to limbo too.

    and yeah, another love late scenario because of a bet. pitiful . the emotions are there but then it is just a memory forever.

    I really can't wait forthe conclusion to happen, and the *cough.. smut. but I guess that won't happen. this is horror.

    Drip Drop. I never thought what this sfx means until I now know the truth about it. I swear, I didn't care about why is it happening and such because I'm really scared. After kno wing the truth I feel somewhat emotional specially the flashback with Xiao
    Yu. I cried.

    yeah,that is all for now. I want to listen to the audio drama but I'm a coward. gosh, so lame. :p

    cheers for another work to be finished again. one chap to go.


    1. Yay! I get comments to read in the early morning~ TGIF!!

      I would recommend reading it again after the conclusion cause the second time around you'll see soooo many new things you haven't noticed before! Well that and also to relive the horror ;D

      Haha yeah i don't think smut would fit well into a horror story XD but fanfics are always possible!

      I can't wait either! \ >_< / it's been a great time with all you lovely readers<3

  9. How great! Can't wait for the pdf file!!!

    1. ^o^ We're just making final adjustments to make it all purdy and what not ;D

  10. thank you for posting the pdf files, they look great and congratualations again on fishing your first novel ^^

  11. Thank you so much for the pdf files :) i'm waiting for it. and thanks again for translating this. good job <3

  12. Hello. i have a quastion about the autor..
    is there a way to contact the author??
    i have a friend who is willing to continue the story of LeLe but she has other things she is writing at the moment so she is not sure weather to write it or not..
    i really want to see the novel she'd write about LeLe so i though i could help her somehow...
    i want to ask the author to tell me the idea she was thinking of writing about but dropped.. i thought maybe it could help my friend write her story and publish it..
    And thank you.. sorry for troubling you

  13. Hi! thank you for the interest :D i would love to read the sequel!

    As written above you can contact her through weibo or email. I don't think she is able to communicate in English though :s so you would have to find someone who is well-versed in Chinese!

    Let me know if there's anything else! :)

  14. Myyyyyy.. i have the worse luck ever ><
    by the way.. congratulations on finishing this novel.. a friend of mine told me about this novel and she said it was awesome, both of us share the same intersts soo i came today..

    you probably know her... her name is nii_san... she says she writes long comments so you probably would know her easely ^^
    anyway.. i don't really have a long time to read and study in the same time like her soo i still haven't read it yet.. but since she told me about it, it must be soo intersting ... anyway thank you for the help.. i'll see what i can do from here on.. hhmm maybe translate with google would be easy.. see you next tiiime (summer probably, then i can read to my heart's content, i am not as carefree as nii_san ><)

  15. Oh~ a friend of nii_san's! Welcome ^^
    It's definitely a good story! A lot of people say it's kinda scary though o_o but it's definitely worth the scare XDD if that makes sense hehe
    Look forward to seeing your comments in the summer! <3