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Love Late vol. 2 - ch13 part a

Proofread by: Mion Sakamaki
Love Late Vol. 2 
This is about one-fourth of the chapter and where part two of the audio drama ended.  If you hadn't noticed, I put up a poll as to whether I should translate part two of the drama first or continue translating chapter 13.  *6/29/13 update: Poll is closed. I'll continue translating the novel.

Chapter Thirteen

Because I felt awful, I requested a leave of absence to take a trip and unwind.

To immediately request a two weeks leave for some trivial reason when I just had the cheek to return to work was a conduct that would obviously leave a bad impression.

But I won’t itch from too many lice nor worry from too much debt. I still walked grandly when I was overwrought with work left and right.

Once my vacation came to an end, I doubted I would be more diligent upon returning. I had no intention whatsoever to make amends. On the contrary, I became more careless and lazy—my movements slower than ever.

Ke Luo found me facing my paperwork for a long time, not turning a page, as I pressed my chest and rubbed my lower back—a damn image of someone who had taken too many “days off.” Although he was accustomed to me slacking off, he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the matter?”

“Ah, my back is sore.”

Ke Luo looked at me, and I gave him an ambiguous smile full of meaning.

An employee like this would likely have his salary deducted. But I knew Ke Luo wouldn’t do so now.

I’d heard that Shu Nian’s operation was a great success. If it didn’t recur within a month, it would indicate a full recovery.

So Ke Luo had been in a great mood lately. All day long, he kept smiling, never refusing a request. He couldn’t bother to bicker with me on such things.

Even though I behaved so badly, Ke Luo still resolutely asked me to join the celebration on the day of Shu Nian’s discharge.

Fuck, I didn’t want to celebrate.

There were men and women who visited the ward. There were some I recognized and some I didn’t. It was quite a lively crowd. No need to even mention the Xie family there. Lin Jing, that guy who wasn’t on any side, came, of course. Zuo Wen Yang also came. Even Lu Feng and Cheng Yi Chen attended.

This man’s popularity truly was so much greater than mine.

They had probably bribed the doctor as, upon closing the door, everyone cheerfully shot party strings, blew out the candles, cut the cake, and freely poured champagne in the hospital.

Separated from the swarm of people circling around the man, I watched him from afar. He and I had similar faces, yet he was so far away.

I stood near the entrance and listlessly ate my cake. I was prepared to leave once I finished eating. I didn’t find any enjoyment in it at all. And besides, no one would notice if I was gone.

Someone entered, pushing the door. He used too much force and nearly sandwiched me behind the door.

He murmured something into Ke Luo’s ear. Ke Luo, who had been smiling, gradually stopped. He had a strange expression. He finally smiled and said to Shu Nian, “Even though I wanted to invite the donor here, we couldn’t find him anywhere. He not only requested the doctor to keep his profile confidential, but even his registration data was false.”

Everyone was a little surprised.

“That’s strange.”

“Maybe he doesn’t want to be bothered?”

“But, with a need to express our sincere gratitude, we’ll always feel indebted like this.”

“Some people just want to do good deeds.”

“Ah, a nameless hero.”

I didn’t know what these people were thinking. I almost vomited from listening to them. I rolled my eyes from the sideline.

The door opened again, and I was caught by it once more.

The man who entered seemed to be the surgeon in charge of the operation. He warmly smiled. “Please excuse me. I arrived late…”

Before I could recover, I was sandwiched yet again a third time. I was even struck in the head. “Damn it…”

“Sorry, sorry,” the man who arrived apologized again and again.

I only heard the doctor in front said with a smile, “This is the man who helped to collect the bone marrow, Dr. Zhu…”

—I froze, but the hand, which had covered my forehead, had already dropped.

The young doctor gave out an “ah.” Before I opened my mouth, he smiled and said, “You came too? We’ve all wondered why we couldn’t contact you at all. And here I thought you left a false address because you didn’t want to meet the patient.”

I stiffened. More than ten seconds passed before I reacted. I chuckled and pointed out to him, “You’ve got the wrong person.”

The doctor was taken aback. Terribly awkward, he replied, “Ah, m-my apologies. My memory isn’t so great. Haha...”

Apart from him and me, no one else laughed. Everyone in the room looked at me.

It became more difficult for me to maintain my smile. I suddenly couldn’t stand it. “I have something to attend to. Excuse me for leaving first.”

I ran like the wind, playing deaf and mute the entire way.

But when I pulled open the cab door, another hand quickly landed against it.

“Uncle Lee.”

Ke Luo was slightly out of breath.

I smiled. “You need something?”

Ke Luo’s expression was somewhat complex. “…I chased you all the way out here.”

“Is that so? I didn’t realize.” My expression was sincere. I firmly said: “If you have something, save it for later. I’m in a rush.”

“Thank you for saving Shu Nian…”

“It really wasn’t me,” I abruptly interrupted. “The doctor was mistaken.”

“Uncle Lee.”

Here he goes again. He only knows how to call my name.

Despite how many times he called my name, I couldn’t always rely on these two words to guess his mind.

I repeatedly tapped my foot on the ground with irritation. “Young master, I still have matters to attend to. Don’t waste my time.”

He furrowed his eyebrows, like a small animal baring its teeth. “Why hide such a big matter as donating bone marrow from me?”

I helplessly spread my hands. “I didn’t do it, so what do I have to hide?”

“You’re lying.”

This stubborn little brat.

“Alright.” I brazenly laughed. “If you want it to be me, it’s fine. I’m not at a disadvantage anyway.”

Ke Luo slammed the car door shut.

The confrontation between the two men made the cab driver uneasy. The car started at once and sped off, leaving a streak of smoke.

It really had my style.

“Thank you, Uncle Lee.”

I’d known him for so long and had heard it all before. But this was the first time I heard the words “thank you” from him. I was so scared on the spot that I repeatedly waved my hands. “No, no, don’t thank me. Or better yet, write me a solid check.”

The mention of money during this sentimental moment undoubtedly killed the mood. Ke Luo was clearly shocked. He was a little distraught. “In any case, I truly am grateful to you this time…”

I coughed. I felt incredibly disgusted to be mistaken as a hero. Goosebumps rose on my back. There was a false feel from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, like a hypocrite.

I wasn’t a hypocrite. I was a true scoundrel.

“Like I’ve said, you might as well sign a check, otherwise don’t mention it.” I waved him off rather shamelessly. “Don’t write me some thank you letter. I don’t need useless things. There’s no room for them yet.”

Ke Luo stared at me for a long while, and then sighed. “You can ask for anything.”

How generous.

I didn’t feel any joy. The reward he promised was great, but I felt like I was only holding a cold bowl of porridge.

“Anything?” The leering smile on my face didn’t drop even a bit. I tilted his chin up with my fingers. “Including your body?”

Ke Luo’s face flushed. He parted his mouth, yet he was rendered speechless. Although he had grown up so tall and mature, he remained faintly naïve within his bones.

Another cab approached with a vacant sign lit. This time I wouldn’t let it slip through the net. I shot my hand out to stop it and made a hasty retreat after I had taken advantage of Ke Luo.

Not long after the car had started, we were stuck in traffic on the overpass.

The semi-old car closely followed the truck that carried live pigs. With each slow step, the foul air took the opportunity to pour in through the half-opened car window. I choked and groaned uncomfortably in the back seat.

Luckily the feel of his skin still remained on the tips of my two fingers. I could recall the lingering touch.

That young, smooth, tender sensation.

I knew being frivolous was very bad. But if I wasn’t frivolous, I wouldn’t have been able to fish out even this little touch. What else could I do?

Ke Luo sent me a text. It was still a “thank you.”

My teeth ached from looking at it.

There really was no need to thank me.

I wasn’t a hypocrite. To this day I still hadn’t the slightest good opinion toward the man. Apart from disgust and envy, there was nothing else.

Maybe someday, on impulse, I’ll throw a sack over him and brutally beat him up.

If only he had died. Natural disaster, man-made disaster, anything would have been fine.

Yet he’s still alive and well.

I didn’t know what I had been thinking when I had endured the needle. How idiotic.

Perhaps it was just a spur of the moment.

Or maybe I truly was too lonely.
Comment:  Lee's big secret has been exposed!  Surprised? It seems like quite a few people guessed right that the donor was Lee.  Looking back on it, little hints have been dropped, leading up to the big revelation.  And Lee had some really cute moments in this chapter, like how he kept getting sandwiched b/t the door and the wall. >//u//< xoxo


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