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Love Late vol. 2 - ch20 part1

Translator: dairytea
Proofreaders: ayszhang, Marcia, Kai
Love Late Vol. 2
Chapter 20 will be separated into 3 parts. Happy reading! :)
Chapter Twenty Part One

Ke Luo stayed two more days before he had to return to T City.  Lately, he had been occupied with flying back and forth between the two places and lost so much weight that his chin had become sharp.  Given that I had already recovered, Xie Yan invited everyone to go soak in an indoor spa to properly relax.
In fact, I didn’t buy this “relax.”  As if four gay guys soaking in one pool could manage to “relax.”  We’d be lucky if the married couple didn’t do anything indecent.
Plus I didn’t know whether I’d have an embarrassing reaction upon seeing Ke Luo half-naked.  If I made a fool of myself, Xie Yan would never let the chance to poke fun at me slip by.
Letting my thoughts run wild, I took off my clothes, wrapped a towel around my waist, and somewhat uneasily walked out of the changing room.
In fact, I really thought that Ke Luo had been treating me very well as of late.
Even so much as a bit better than how he had been treating Shu Nian.  I had no idea whether or not it was just my imagination.
When I reached the poolside, I saw that the three men were already in the water.  The atmosphere was strange.  Xie Yan could hardly conceal the snickering and teasing across his entire face.  Shu Nian was somewhat embarrassed.  And as for Ke Luo, I looked at his slightly flushed, embarrassed face, and then looked into the water.
The little bastard already had a reaction.
My heart only pounded once before it settled back down. 

I was kind of pissed off and felt the urge to boot him to Mars, eliminating a hazard for my brother.
However, the one to actually migrate to Mars should have been me. 
I loosened my towel as well and calmly went into the water.
It would always be like this.  Even if he had responded back a little when I had forced a kiss on him, he was still the most impulsive when he was with Shu Nian.
I suppose the hot spring was nice regardless of whether I enjoyed it.  I took a couple of deep breaths and closed my eyes to rest. 

The crisis wrap-up could be considered satisfactory for all.  Tong Shan’s end was settled with the help of Lu Yu.  Shao Yan and I went our separate ways.  Xie Yan could continue to securely manage the company in his hands.  And I, hereafter, could once again indulge in a life of debauchery, chasing all kinds of beautiful young men.
Life is too short, so you have to enjoy it to the fullest.
Everyone, including the past me, was all busy coming and going: giving up on a relationship and later starting a relationship, giving up on a flavorless one and searching for the next suitable one.
I had once been so carefree and awake.  Why wasn’t I doing that now instead of getting tangled up with Ke Luo, happy one moment and disappointed the next?  I should be playing around until I was fifty years old, fifty-five, or even sixty. 

Just as I was about to enjoy a whole new, vibrant, restraint-free life of seeing the rainbow after the wind and rain, the atmospheric pressure at home began to drop again with a faint sense of a storm arising.
 My brother and his husband had always been an affectionate and harmonious couple.  When watching TV, Shu Nian’s legs would inevitably become Xie Yan’s pillow.  After a meal, they would wash the dishes together.  And when they had ice cream, they would always just have one cup to share.
However these past few days, they hadn’t been watching the eight o’clock soap opera on schedule.  Even at the dinner table, Xie Yan was nowhere to be seen.  His phone calls and personal matters increased.  He didn’t even have the time to eat the cake that Shu Nian had spent an entire afternoon painstakingly baking.  To put it simply, that love-crazed man who would stick to his wife like chewing gum seemed to have vanished.
It wasn’t just Shu Nian who was a little concerned; even I sensed something was wrong.  But when I asked Shu Nian if they had some kind of conflict, he could only shake his head at a loss.
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We had originally agreed to go skiing together for the weekend; even Ke Luo flew over from T City, yet Xie Yan didn’t show up.
I oddly asked, “How come he’s not here this early in the morning?  Don’t tell me he didn’t come back last night?”
Shu Nian quickly explained, “Some relatives arrived yesterday.  He’s responsible for receiving them, so he had to spend the night at the main residence.”
“Why didn’t you go with him?”
Shu Nian somewhat awkwardly turned around to reach for the phone and said, “I’ll call him to hurry it up.”
The conversation seemed very normal.  It’s just that the tone of voice wasn’t the hair-raising, sappy kind it had been before.  What’s more, it was brief.  He had hung up after talking for only a short while.  Shu Nian smilingly said with embarrassment, “They’re all elders.  It’s rare for them to come pay a visit, so he has to accompany them for an entire day.  He won’t be coming back today.  How about you guys go out and have some fun first?”
Ke Luo and I exchanged looks for a moment.  We could tell that he was in a depressed mood.
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Shu Nian shook his head.  “I’m scared of falling anyway.  You guys go have a good time.  I’ll stay at home and prepare snacks for you guys to eat when you come back.”
Shu Nian wasn’t going, and so Xiao Jia, who would always stick to him, refused to leave home.  I had no choice but to go with Ke Luo, just the two of us, to the skiing slopes. 
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Compared to Ke Luo, who was an all-around athlete, I typically just knew how to play golf and sweat in the gym.  So when it came to skiing, I was a total newbie.  After fully equipping myself, I went to start out from a low ski slope with my heavy skis in tow.
I wholeheartedly wanted to display my dashing posture, but who would have thought that as soon as I set out, I took a tumble.  Ke Luo suppressed his laughter as he helped me up.  I made an effort to appear calm as I continued to strike a pose.
I’m usually more composed.  After listening to Ke Luo explain and instruct me on how to control my speed and watching him demonstrate how to ski down, I pulled myself together and started to ski again.
At last, I gradually got a feel for it beneath my feet and, just as I was so proud of myself, I heard from behind me some newbie crying out, “Move!  Move outta the way!  Watch out!”  I hadn’t learned how to control my direction yet, so how was I supposed to move out of the way?  The little girl brushed past my side, and I unsteadily took a swerve.  I actually didn’t fall down right away, and I even uncontrollably skied down again for a little while.
I was about to kiss the ground and, just as I was thinking that my ass was very likely going to fracture from the fall this time, Ke Luo caught up with me.  He reached out and caught me.
We tumbled to the ground together.  I didn’t fall hard, and yet I firmly crushed him beneath me.  I couldn’t stop feeling embarrassed.  The kids nearby all quickly burst out giggling.  I just about lost my old face.
Ke Luo looked up at me from below and rubbed my back.  He smilingly asked, “You okay?”
My heart beat wildly again, and when I stood up, my legs felt weak.  “I’m okay, I’m okay.”
When I’m with him, I would always display a plummeting performance.  And after experiencing that roll just now, my ability to tumble reached a whole new level.
On my final attempt, I succeeded in breaking my skis.
The awesome fall had stupefied everyone who had been watching.  Even the staff members froze, thinking that it was most likely fatal.  Without a second thought, Ke Luo had come up to me and thrown his arms around me.  He had actually broken out into a cold sweat.  This guy really had a fondness for the injured and sick, didn’t he?
Even I was surprised that apart from twisting my ankle, I came out practically unscathed.  I didn’t know if it that meant my skills were superb.  Upon seeing Ke Luo’s overly startled pale face, I smilingly said, “How was my fall?”
“Yeah.”  He nodded and smiled.  “It was spectacular.  You’d get a ten.”
I laughed and watched him patiently help me remove the skis that were caught with my boots.  The brat seemed to have developed a sense of humor. 
If not for the precious Shu Nian being in the lead, I really would have thought he had fallen for me. 

After skiing, we went to eat while we were at it.  For the sake of consoling the injured, Ke Luo treated me to an expensive dinner.  We chatted and ate.  The topic gradually turned toward the number of things that weren’t quite right between Shu Nian and Xie Yan.
“My guess is that they’re fighting.”
Ke Luo pondered for a moment.  “That’s odd.  Why on earth are they fighting?”
Indeed, I couldn’t really figure out the cause either.  From the looks of it, the two were really well-matched; even their slightest habits and tastes were in tune.
In the end, I could only conclude by say, “Well, sex life is very important.”  If it isn’t worked out, it could definitely cause problems.
Ke Luo laughed.  “Like you would know.”
I let out a sigh after finishing one glass.  “I know it the best.”  When it comes to sex, if I’m not an expert then who is?
Ke Luo broke into laughter again. 
It wasn’t much at all, and few of his teeth were exposed, yet it was dazzling.
I stared at him in a daze and poured another drink.  I drank and drank, then said to him, “You little brat, you seem to have gotten hotter.”
Ke Luo was stunned for a moment, a bit embarrassed.  He no longer blushed that easily; but when he lowered his face to conceal it, the appearance of him lowering his head and then touching a finger to his forehead was very captivating.
“What’s there to be embarrassed about?”  I shook a finger at him.  “I won’t ask you to sleep with me ever again.  No worries.”
Still wanting to take advantage of the effect of alcohol to continue my bold words, I suddenly heard a man’s voice slightly rise up, “Waiter, check.”
Ke Luo and I simultaneously looked up.  That man sitting diagonally in front with his back toward us... wasn’t that Xie Yan?
It wasn’t strange bumping into him here.  There were only a few restaurants that people like us would choose.  It’s just that the person sitting across from him wasn’t some rickety-old elder, but a pretty young woman with fine makeup, wearing a black tube-top knee-length cocktail dress with gold borders, and fully adorned with jewelry.  Hung on her chair were her Chanel coat and cashmere shawl.  This was certainly not the kind of clothes you would wear for some chance encounter or dining out with a co-worker or friend, but rather the attire for a formal dinner.
A handsome, elegant gentleman, a charming, well-dressed young lady, a first-class romantic restaurant—such a picturesque scene.
I thought of that idiotic man, who would only bury his head in work, diligently cleaning, cooking all day long, and looking after the kids; who was too timid to wear anything too flashy because he saw himself crippled and scarred.  Even just the two of them eating out was a huge matter—being reminded by his “parents-in-law” that two men sitting together on a banquette was too ostentatious and would bring Xie Yan unwanted trouble.  Thus, apart from going to work, he would hole up at home all day.  After all these years, they still had not gone to the cinema once together.
I put down my drink and shot up.  Ke Luo got up after me.  I strode on over and stood in front of the couple who was just about to leave.  “Young master Xie.”
Once Xie Yan saw us, his face changed immediately.  His look of uneasiness and surprise made me even more pissed off, so I smilingly said, “Who could have thought that your elder would be so young and pretty.”
The beautiful woman was slightly puzzled, but still smiled in greeting.  And I never really paid any mind to the object of the affair.  I would only thrash the hell out of the asshole who was having the affair.
“Lee, Ke Luo, may we speak in private?”
“No rush.  You still haven’t introduced this charming lady to us.”
Upon hearing my words, the woman cracked a smile and reached out to naturally slip her arm through Xie Yan’s arm.  Feeling slightly awkward, Xie Yan drew back his hand and said to her, “I have a matter to discuss with them.  You go back first.  The driver is waiting outside.”
How considerate.
I’ll slightly restrain myself this time so as to avoid security intervention again.  We went to the restroom.  As luck would have it, there was no one inside.  With a pale face, Xie Yan said, “It’s not what you think.”
I smilingly said, “Then what else could it be?”
“I don’t like her at all.”
“And?  You have the nerve to say it’s not a blind date?”
Shortly after Xie Yan hesitated, I had already given a hard blow to his face and then to his stomach.
Those two were for me.  The rest is on Shu Nian’s behalf.”
Xie Yan struggled up and made only one utterance, “Don’t tell Shu Nian.”
If it weren’t for Ke Luo holding me back, I probably would have really beaten him to death.

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