Tuesday, August 25, 2015

City of Endless Rain by Julie

Translator: Ying
Raw provider: dairytea
Synopsis proofread by ayszhang, Mion, Gwen, krabbykabbi, kyinskies, Pau, Red, Art_emis

Title: City of Endless Rain -終雨之城
Author: Julie -朱莉
NSFW warning

Dairytea's comment: Let's welcome our new translator, Ying!  She'll be working on this mystery novel~ Are you guys excited?! I am! >u< /


This city has its secrets.

Whether it's comfort or chaos, rain or shine, everything is dependent on a single person. People who live here don't get sick, nor do they get hurt. Once they enter, however, they can never leave. Unless they pay with their life…

Tang Shan wakes up, only to find himself in an unfamiliar house.
A stranger tells him that he is his lover— Li Yuanyu. He says that Tang Shan has been in this city for quite some time. Tang Shan doesn't believe it, because he's obviously not gay, so how could he fall in love with a man? But there's Li Yuanyu's affectionate and attentive care, the artwork in the attic, the nostalgic warm smell of Borscht...

Memories of the past begin to resurface, proving that both of them were in love.
That is, until he discovers the message he left for himself before he lost his memories, telling him he has to escape, no matter what it takes...

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