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Cold Sands (Beyond the Frore Dunes) - extra 2

Translator: ayszhang
Proofreaders: krabbykabbi, Luzo, Pau & Red

Cold Sands extra 2
 As promised, here is the second release! I dedicate this to Michaela~
NSFW warning!!!

Extra II I Love You

New Year’s Present – Fluffy Extra

*Muyun comes wearing a red and black quju dress with her hands clasped* Happy New Years everyone…

*Countless eggs, bricks and tomatoes come flying* You evil stepmom! No more angst for Xin and Yu! We want fluff! We want happy ending!

*Muyun gets out a pot lid for protection* Erm… *wipes sweat* At this celebratory time of the year, I would like to give my season’s greetings to everyone. Wish everyone and their families a happy new year. Wish all your wishes will come true and for money to keep coming in. And now I would like to present an extra for everyone as a new year’s gift.

Special disclaimer: This extra takes place in an unspecified universe and unknown location. The characters stay the same but you can just pretend the supporting characters like Heng Ziyu, Yuwen Yuan and Xiao Qinyun never existed.

*Heng Ziyu rages* I must protect His Majesty!

*Xiao Qinyun whines* I don’t care. I wanna be with my darling Yu!

*Muyun glowers, beats the two unconscious and drags them away by the collar*

P.S: To avoid confusion, Xin will still be called Han Xin.

*Muyun dabs tears* The guy I liked in senior high was named ‘Xin’ as well.

No-strings-attached Extra – I Love You

Tiny, faint snowflakes had been drifting in the sky, hitting the branches with soft thuds. The yard that had been swept clean had become a white field of jade once more. An icy draft attempted to push past the windows but got blocked by thick drapes. The room was insulated and the carpets were heated so one would not feel the slightest chill.

It was one of the coldest days in the year and though it was freezing outside, inside the room it was as warm as spring.

Murong Yu got up lazily from the brocade blankets and gently pulled his arm out from under the person beside him before moving it around. He smiled while leaning down after the numbness went away and planted a light kiss on his forehead. The person snuggled closer to him with a soft grunt as if he had felt it but his eyes remained shut. Murong Yu pushed the hair off his forehead and began to examine his face.

A faint pink blush floated on his fair cheeks. His eyes were closed while his lashes rose and fell along with each breath. A ghost of a smile spread on Murong Yu’s face as he reached for the man’s face and then traced all the way down along his slender neckline, past the neck and chest dotted with love bites, stopping stop at the waist.

The bluish, purplish marks were all evidence of their sweet love last night—a sign that only belonged to him.

The smile on his face deepened by the second, and his strong brows were slouching lazily like a relaxed person, making him look warmer.

The bedroom was absolutely silent save for the sounds from the red candlelight flooding it. Han Xin always needed light to sleep. Murong Yu had asked him why, to which he shrugged carelessly, saying he didn’t like the dark. The speaker might not have meant much, but the listener sure read between the lines. Murong Yu had immediately called to mind the time he had had a nightmare in his arms. After that, the candles stayed lit every night in their bedroom.

A loving emotion rising from within, he put his arm around Han Xin and began to study him again, from the corner of his eyes to his lashes, from his nose bridge to his mouth, again and again, until his gaze finally fixated on those slightly parted lips.

All those maddening moans came from this place right here.

Recalling the ecstasy last night, he felt as though a fire had been lit from his chest down to his abdomen. He was breathing harder and harder while the desires in his heart multiplied. All he wanted to do is suck on those moist, petal-like lips, wake him up by the kiss, enter him, and make him feel his passion.

Just when Murong Yu was about to give up all rational thought and initiate action, the person in his arms suddenly rolled over, wrapping the brocade blanket around himself before slumbering again. Only then did Murong Yu remember that Han Xin disliked continuing affairs in the morning. After much deliberation, he got out of bed after planting a kiss on his forehead.

Picking up and putting on the long-sleeve shirt from the ground, Murong Yu walked to the windows and lifted up a corner of the drapes. A gust of cold wind pushed in, making him shiver. He touched the bits of snow stuck on the windowsill and felt the cool wetness. He couldn’t help but smile, thinking, this feels just like his skin, like the highest quality silk, smooth beyond comparison. While he thought he glanced over to Han Xin who was still sleeping soundly.

After being together for so long and facing so many hardships, the happiness that they had didn’t come easy at all. The two understood and shared each other’s wish to stay together for life. To be able to be together would be the best thing in the world, even if they did not have wealth or power.

However, Murong Yu still felt a bit unsatisfied.

And that is the fact that Han Xin never said those three words.

Not even at the most passionate and delirious moments in bed.

He felt very depressed all of a sudden. Why hadn’t Han Xin said it yet? Had he not done well enough?

Han Xin actually had already woken up when Murong Yu touched his cheeks but the warmth of the bed made him reluctant to open his eyes. Not to mention there was a free massage from a tender hand so he took advantage of the opportunity.

He could feel Murong Yu getting off the bed and, after a while, hear his quiet sigh. Only then did Han Xin blink open his eyes. He only sat up for a moment before the cold air made him retreat back into the blanket. He rubbed his eyes and saw Murong Yu’s tall silhouette in front of the window. Han Xin put on some clothes and shuffled over barefoot while glimpsing Murong Yu’s downcast expression.

Out of nowhere, he felt his heart ache.

He drew near and hugged him around the shoulders before waiting for Murong Yu’s reaction. Resting his chin on his shoulder blade, he kept rubbing his face on his neck and kissed it from time to time.

“It’s windy here. Don’t just stand there zoning out,” Han Xin said as he let the drapes down again.

Murong Yu turned around and hooked his arms around Han Xin’s waist, looking at his cheeks that were still pink from just having woken up. “So early today. What’s the special occasion?” he joked.

Han Xin shot him a dirty look and pursed his lips. “As if I could be an early-riser when someone always goes straight to sleep after making me suffer all night!”

Murong Yu just smiled at his apparent discontent and pulled him closer into his arms. Han Xin was only wearing a thin, white pajama robe that was undone. His skin that was as fair as jade was spotted with alluring, red marks.

“When have I ever not been gentle with you?” Murong Yu asked as he reached up and touched the man’s lips, caressing them. With that, Han Xin just let himself go limp in his arms and reached into Murong Yu’s robe with his right hand, massaging.

“But still you can’t just start whenever–”

Murong Yu suddenly grabbed his wrist and glared at him, warning, “Xin, looks like you don’t want to leave the bed today.”

Han Xin’s reaction was very enigmatic. He answered with a light smile, “Hmm? You mean?”

Before he could finish, Murong Yu ducked down and sealed those red lips that he had been craving. Han Xin faltered for a moment before hooking his arms around Murong Yu’s neck.

Han Xin felt Murong Yu sucking on his tongue and stirring the inside of his mouth, his tongue sweeping over his teeth and the sensitive roof of his mouth. Their tongues entangled with each other, fervently gyrating. Their breathing became rough and heated.

Murong Yu’s hands were busy, too, ripping off the belt on Han Xin’s robe, reaching in for his lean, sturdy waist and continuously kneading it. Han Xin let out a muffled grunt which aroused him even more; the fiery passion that had just disappeared seemed to be lit up again. It burned even brighter and hotter, to the point that Murong Yu could no longer suppress his urges.

He slid his hands down to play with the two elastic, round globes. Han Xin tried to break away from his lips to catch his breath but Murong Yu pursued his lips relentlessly, not allowing him to leave.

Murong Yu only let go after a smoldering long kiss. Han Xin’s face had become bright red, his starry eyes slightly closed and hair tousled. Murong Yu couldn’t begin to describe the attraction he felt towards the man.

Murong Yu’s hand lingered on his hairless chest, gently kneading the nipples which soon hardened. He teased in Han Xin’s ear, “Xin, it’s a bother to stand. Why don’t we move to the bed?” In the meanwhile, his other hand that was holding Han Xin by the waist kept rubbing his butt cheeks. The silky skin felt absolutely wonderful.

A fire had already started to burn from within Han Xin. The nipples that were being played with by Murong Yu, which had been slightly sore, were now starting to feel pleasure. Heat has rushed down to his abdomen too and is looking for release after the lightest caressing by Murong Yu.

“No.” He loosened his arms from Murong Yu’s neck and spotted the overwhelming lust that had accumulated in his eyes. “I wanted to bathe after getting up.”

“Oh?” Murong Yu glanced meaningfully at him before flashing a wide grin. “You mean you want to bathe with me?”

“Can you not be horny for just one second?” Han Xin pushed his hand away and fixed his robe. Just as he tried to walk away, Murong Yu pulled him back by the waist.

He puckered his lips and kissed the corners of his lips. “I know you’re worn out from last night so I’ll take care of everything today.”

Turning around the corner of the corridor, Murong Yu lifted the veils and a hot cloud of steam came rushing forth. Speedily, he stripped Han Xin and himself. The two soaked themselves in the spring water; the warmth encircled and pampered them.

Han Xin was already dizzy from Murong Yu’s treatment so he just let himself slump onto his shoulders and let his lover scoop the water up and wash him. Seeing the fine body before him, the fire burning inside Murong Yu grew stronger. He massaged Han Xin’s chest along with the sleek currents and kneaded his butt with the other.

“Why don’t we just do it right here?” he asked seductively in his ears. Han Xin had been soaking in the water while being caressed by him so he was limp and burning all over. His only support was Murong Yu.

He suppressed his pants and looked up, dragging his fingertip along Murong Yu’s jaw line. “Whatever you want. You’re not gonna rest until you get your way anyhow.”

Murong Yu had originally thought that Han Xin wouldn’t agree to it. Now, without a worry, he planted a kiss on his neck before catching onto his earlobe and suckling it. Then he moved down to his chest and suddenly latched onto a nipple. Han Xin gasped as a violent shudder ran through him. His temperature rose a few degrees higher and he wrapped his arms around Murong Yu’s neck. Seeing this, his reddening cheeks and the delightful moans coming out from his mouth, Murong Yu felt even more swept along and then began to work harder with his hands.

Han Xin felt the hands moving back and forth on his back, sparking fires as they travel down his spine and to his hips. He clung onto the man’s shoulders as rushed moans escaped his lips.

Impatiently, Murong Yu licked his own lips. His lover had taut muscles, smooth skin, a cute and firm behind, and not to mention, the secret entrance. He gently massaged that place with the help of the warm water and carefully poked a finger in.

Han Xin tensed up immediately but gradually relaxed again under Murong Yu’s kisses. He frowned a little at the feeling of something going into him but the hot steam from the pool helped a bit. He looked at the man in front of him, his red lips and clear skin… He couldn’t help but smile—only Murong Yu could do this.

Han Xin’s faint pants only aroused Murong Yu more. He ventured in further and the snug walls enveloped his fingers. The slippery touch made him wonder how ecstatic it would be for his member to be in there.

Han Xin couldn’t wait much longer. He started squirming in Murong Yu’s arms while digging his nails in his back, repeating faintly, “Quick…Yu, quick.”

Murong Yu licked his jaw, successfully getting a response from Han Xin. “You want it?”


The seductive voice and the twisting and turning body utterly bewitched Murong Yu. He forced his roaring urges to enter the man, but instead planted tender kisses on Han Xin’s flushed body while slowly wriggling his fingers. He had to be careful not to hurt his beloved.

He continued to play with the hole, making it contract which in turn excited him even more. He worked faster and found the little nub inside. He had only pressed on it when Han Xin began to groan.


Han Xin felt he was being surrounded and baked by fire. Numb was no longer sufficient to describe what he was feeling. He had no strength left, only the wave after wave of desire.

“Yu, c’mon…hurry.”

Murong Yu’s member was already harder than steel and after he heard this invitation, he spread his legs apart and wrapped them around his own waist. After rubbing the entrance a few times, he thrusted in.


The two let out a cry at the same time, Murong Yu out of pleasure and Han Xin out of pain. Seeing his frown, Murong Yu started comforting his member and the sensitive parts along the inner thighs, caressing and kneading in hopes to alleviate Han Xin’s pain.

Han Xin gasped for air while straddling on Murong Yu and following his every move. Murong Yu kissed his lips gently and asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Han Xin shook his head and kissed him back. “No. Go faster.”

Licking his lips that were dried from lust, Murong Yu nodded. He held Han Xin by the waist and started ramming into him. The moans that came out from his mouth became louder and louder. Han Xin felt that he couldn’t move his waist anymore; it was just trembling on its own. He was drowning in ecstasy and the only things in his world were Murong Yu’s eyes, tender lips and burning passion.

His member was being taken care of while even more pleasure came from his behind. His lover was going in and out of him, at first slowly before gaining speed and turning into a violent ramming motion. Pushing in, pulling out and then pushing back in again, Murong Yu continued his assault over and over again. Han Xin could not do anything else other than cling onto and move along with him.

Han Xin’s expression was one of indulgence and he was tingly all over. Murong Yu was savoring the rushed and blissful whimpers of his lover and the cozy feeling of his member being engulfed by his tight insides.

“Ahhh. Uh…hmmmm.”

Splashes, and also the sound of skin slapping, filled the bath chamber as the two naked, scorching bodies grinded against each other. The two had their foreheads together; they moaned as they looked into each other’s eyes without saying a word. They just embraced each other and felt the heat coming from the other person.

Then Han Xin yelped a few times. All he could feel were the powerful thrusts coming from behind. A thick, white fluid burst out and landed on Murong Yu’s chest and his own stomach. His muscles started to convulse and strangled Murong Yu’s member. He grunted and his own juices sprayed out into Han Xin.

Han Xin rested his head on Murong Yu’s shoulder while Murong Yu rested against the side of the pool. He stroked Han Xin’s back lightly as they panted and looked into each other’s eyes.

Steam floated in the air, obscuring the idyllic scene.

“You feel good, Xin?”

“Yeah, you?”

“It felt wonderful inside you.”

The two of them went back to the bed. Murong Yu pulled the brocade blankets over and enclosed Han Xin in his embrace. The man closed his eyes a little as if about to drift to sleep.

Murong Yu had wanted to ask Han Xin about those three words every time they finished making love but seeing his drowsy state, he would stuff the question back.

He thought, it doesn’t matter whether he says it or not as long as he stays by my side for life, does it?

Suddenly, Han Xin opened his eyes, his cheeks still flushed. He hugged Murong Yu around the neck and went close to his ear. He smiled lazily and whispered, “I love you.”

Murong Yu was a little sleepy but the next moment his eyes went wide. Surprised, he stared at Han Xin, not able to form anything with his mouth.

Delightedly, Han Xin snuggled into his arms. “I knew you wanted to hear it. Now can you go to sleep?”

But how could he sleep? He immediately pushed Han Xin down beneath him.

“Say it again.”

“Quit it. I don’t like repeating myself.”

“Say it again!”




“Not gonna say it? Well, we’ve got lots of time, Xin.”


The rest of his utterance dissipated with the clashing of their lips.

The canopy swayed gently along with the shadows casted by the red candlelight.

Outside the room was the brutality of winter; inside the room was the affection of spring.

Sorry for the confusion but this is not a cosplay of our story >< 
I just thought it was pretty ^^

ayszhang says: For those who don't know, I promised to do two releases this week if I get 100 comments on ch 27. Michaela worked really hard ^^ and of course, thank you, those who had been quietly reading but dropped by and said hi! <3

Chapter 28
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