Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Hangover by Ye Teng

Translator: ayszhang
Proofreaders:  Artemis, LSL, Luzo & Red

The Hangover

[ENG TRANS] 宿醉 BY 夜藤

Title标题: The Hangover 宿醉

Author 作者: Ye Teng

Genre 类型: doujinshi同人, romance爱情, supernatural 靈異

Disclaimer 声明: The doujinshi is not written by me. The author’s blog can be found here and The author has given permission for this English translation. This is a project undertaken by me completely out of personal interest. Furthermore, this story contains homosexual relationships and adult content. Reader’s discretion is advised. 同人故事為網絡小說家夜藤所作。作者的博客網址如下: 。此翻译得到作者授權,并纯属本翻譯个人兴趣,无意贩卖盈利。此外,此作含有同性恋爱情与成人内容,请读者注意。

For more information contact 如有问题请联系:


This is a doujinshi of Grave Robber’s Chronicles (Kylin X Wuxie).

Novel Translation links:
ch 1+2 // 3+4 // 5+6+7

Audio Drama link: here

PDF download link: here
ayszhang says: ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿ Our first fanfiction translation~ The pic at the top is the cover for the audio drama, which shares the same name as the fanfic but is not based on it.
For those who do not know, the original series, The Grave Robbers' Chronicles, is extremely popular in China and especially amongst funv or fujoshi. Countless fanfics have been written on the main CP, Kylin Zhang x Wu Xie.

The reason as to why there are so many fanfics of this CP is because the original story has a BE! :(
That's why we need to think of a HE for them ourselves =3=
We hope you enjoy the short story! ^^ Please feel free to ask me any questions as to references to the original story! I'll try my best to answer them.
Happy Saint Patrick's~


  1. congratualations on posting your first fanfic translation ^-^ it must be great

  2. 第二!! I haven't read it yet but thank you for your hard work ('∀') btw, what's a CP and a BE and an HE? sorry I'm kinda... lol

  3. Congratz on first :)) and thanks haha i hope you like it!

  4. Haha >< CP = couple. BE = bad ending. HE = happy ending <3

    I hope you like it 8D

  5. Thaaaaank youuu!!!! At last I can read some of this in english!!! ( I have some gorgeous pics for this Grave robbers (hehehehe)

  6. 8D Yay~ you've read or know of the original I'm guessing?!
    Care to share ;D

  7. Is chap 3+4 not working? ._.

  8. It'll be posted in a few hours! ^^; sorry about that