Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Please Don't Eat Me by Hao E O

Translator: ayszhang
Proofreaders: Red, Gwen, & LSL
(art from the drama adaptation)
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Please Don’t Eat Me
[ENG TRANS] 請不要吃掉我 BY 好餓哦 

Title标题: Please Don’t Eat Me 請不要吃掉我
Author 作者: Hao E O 好餓哦 (So Hungry)
Genre 类型: romance愛情drama劇情fantasy 奇幻
Disclaimer 声明: The original story is written by Hao E O (So Hungry). This is a translation project undertaken by the translator completely out of personal interest. Furthermore, this story contains homosexual relationships and adult content. Reader’s discretion is advised. 此故事為網絡小說家好餓哦所作。此作的英文翻譯純屬本人個人興趣,無意販賣盈利。此外,此作含有同性戀愛情與成人內容,請讀者慎入。
For more information contact 如有問題請聯繫: 翻譯


A little mouse who thought he would get eaten finally eats the snake that has been hankering after him.
As for what he used to eat with? You know and I knowho ho ho~ *crow-like cackling*

Dairytea's comment: We hope you enjoyed this cute story. Once we hit the new year (12AM EST), check back to find out what else we have in store for you.(*^3^)/~♡


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    1. kyaaaaa.. sooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute ><
      MY GOd i never seen something cuter, i kept laughing when xiaoshu was afraid and shaking like a leaf it soooooo cute, also the development of the story made it the more cuter i'm sooooooooo in love with this story
      and that part when ling she was doing him and he thought he was going to eat him(well he was if you look at it from a different vew) i sooo funny that i couldn't keep my tears from droping
      HAHAHaHA he was starting to eat from THAT PLACE<<<< KYAHAHAHAHA soooooooo funny hahahaha and not just that after all what happened down there he was still thinking he was going to be eaten HAHAHA
      althought it was pretty funny theactions of xiaoshu but the ending was so great
      it tooooooo cute i really want more... ><
      anyway i LOOOOOOOOOOVED it, it was cute and funny thank you for posting i knew i wan trust you in giving me surprises i'll see you tomorrow then i'll be waiting for the extra surprise and thank youuuu again hehe^^

    2. XD I knooow it was so cute :3
      I fell in love with it at first read toooo hahaha
      >3< Happy New Years~~~

  2. Interesting name. Totally fit with the title lol
    Anyway, thank you! I can't wait for more releases. I love the holidays for many reasons. This is obviously one of them. Thanks again! XD

    1. \^o^/ yay im so glad you liked it! Happy New Years!

  3. LOL. I would've totally liked to see more development in the end, but a cute one shot nonetheless! Xiao Shu was super adorable but very dense, haha. Ling She was hilarious. I can totally imagine his shy expression though I'm pretty sure he isn't actually shy. XD

    As always, thanks for all your hard work! And Happy New Years!


    1. >.<! I agree! But its still so cute :3
      Happy New Years!

  4. hyaa.. the extra was soooo (///0///)
    i laighed so hard when xiaoshu said he liked the kitchen better (what a luck you've gor kitchen-chan) haha
    i kinda felt pity for him because he pleaded so much still it is so cute..
    thank you for the extra chapter ^^

    1. ^3^ i'm glad you liked it! Hehe <3
      Di Xiaoshu is so dumb (in a cute way). Hahha maybe oblivious is a better word for it. XD

  5. Thanks a lot :*********** and...

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!!!

  6. I was bored so i found this. I don't really get the synopsis and don't get the humor in the joke either what's so funny about it (-_-) is this story good?