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Love Late vol.1 - ch7

3/15/14: minor edit

Love Late Vol. 1 NSFW warning
Chapter seven finally!  For those who don't follow my other blogs, I updated the translation for part one of the drama, filling missing translations and fixing mistakes.

Chapter Seven

I didn't think that Ke Luo would really come the next day just because he had said so.
When I slept with pretty boys, I’d be in high spirits and would always say I’d pluck the moon for them. 
I had gotten fed up of eating so much of the food yesterday that I lost interest in those takeouts with the same old taste and suddenly began to miss the taste of home cooking. 
When I came across the supermarket, I went in and picked up some groceries.  It had been so long since I’d bought grocery food.  I had no idea what side dishes to pick.  I looked east and west.  Anything that I may possibly use, I bought.  In the end, I carried two very large bags. 
Back home, as I crammed them into the fridge, I felt a bit troubled.  I currently couldn't afford to hire someone.  If I wanted to eat, I could only make it myself.  So I crouched down in front of the fridge, racking my brain for recipes. 
Don’t look down on me.  Of course I can cook.  I wasn't a young master born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  There’s no sense that I wouldn't know the basic survival skills.  I just had no interest in it.  Cooking is a survival instinct for when there’s no money to eat out.  There’s nothing fun about it.  A rancid smell rose from the hands I had used to cut the meat.  Smelling it made me uncomfortable.  Although I had washed my hands several times, I couldn't disperse that smell.  And when I wanted to stir-fry green peppers, I couldn't decide for a while how many I should put and whether I needed ginger and scallions.
The shrimps jumped about wildly in the bag.  Leaked water dripped down the table, making the kitchen floor wet and tempting me to kill them quickly.  But I hadn't figured out what to do with them.
I blindly prepared some side dishes and didn't pay any particular attention to whether they looked good or not.  Placing the pan, I waited until it was hot to pour some oil.  After the oil heated up, I threw every bits and pieces in.  Then when it crackled, I hastily began stir-frying.
Hearing the noise from the pan made me panic.  Because the hot peppers and garlic were overcooked, the kitchen filled with smoke.  The kitchen exhaust hood was useless. 
I’m a man whose body should emit the smell of decent cologne or the faint smell of cigarette smoke, not a man who would make people recall from a sniff green pepper and shredded meat.
So I had come prepared to guard against the invasion of the smoke odor by wearing an old bathrobe that I would later change out of and a shower cap on my head.  I stood on full alert as I cooked.
The activity in the kitchen was so hectic that I couldn't hear any outside sound.  When someone suddenly spoke in my ear, “Are you preparing dinner?”  I nearly tossed the pan as well.
“Did I scare you?”  Ke Luo chuckled.  “I greeted at the door, but you didn't hear me.”
He had just come back from the company:  fresh white shirt, black woolen suit, no accessories, yet very simple and handsome; he still had the impression of a big boy.
“Hah, no.”  My chest pounded.  I laughed dryly and continued to cook the stuff in the pan as if nothing had happened.  My face revealed a composed demeanor, but inside I wished I could do Munch’s scream.
He actually saw me with a shower cap in the silly appearance of wearing a shoddy bathrobe!
I blindly cooked the last portion and forced a calm composure as I put the green pepper and shredded meat together into a dish.  I tried to discreetly take off my shower cap and quickly tidy my hair.  Displaying a carefree posture, I asked, “Why are you here?”
“Didn't I tell you that I’d be coming here for dinner?  Did you forget?”  Ke Luo gazed at me for a moment with searching eyes.  “Yeah, it seems like…it’s…very aromatic.  What dish will you make next?”
“Shrimp and fish.”
“How do you plan to make it?”
“…by cooking it thoroughly.”
Ke Luo looked at me, smiling.  “I’m hungry.  Perhaps I’ll have a go at it then.  Quick.  Once sauced, one steamed, alright?”
From watching his posture as he clutched the pan, he appeared very experienced.  Ke Luo swiftly rinsed the pan clean and wiped it dry.  Then he took the bag of shrimp over, poured some boiling water, de-veined the shrimp, and drained them.
He took two of the mushrooms I’d bought and cut them into thin slices.
Next, he poured two spoonfuls of oil into the pan, added hot pepper and smashed garlic, and then the slices of mushroom.  He quickly stir-fried them and put in the shrimp, followed by the soy sauce and cooking wine, going in one by one.
His hands and feet were much swifter than mine.  I watched him pour into the pan and stir.  His motion of lifting the pan was precise and orderly.  Although he was quick, he carried it out in a poised manner.  Even the crackling sound of the contents in the pan sounded pleasant to the ear.
Before making the shrimp, he had already smeared the store-processed turbot fish with table salt and cooking wine on both sides, sprinkled it with scallion, hot pepper flakes, and ginger, and placed it into the microwave.
Not long after the cooked shrimp was placed onto a plate, the microwave dinged.
It was a great success.  The time used wasn't even half as much as the time I had used.
“Your cooking skills are pretty good.”
In fact, even if he blew up the kitchen, I would still praise him.
Ke Luo smiled as he started to sprinkle some soy sauce on the steamed fish.  “Shu Nian taught me.  He’s the one that’s really skilled at cooking.”
I gave out a cough.
Well, I can cook, but only the kind that involves cooking it thoroughly, eating it the way someone who’s poor eats and just to fill the stomach of someone who’s lazy.  It wasn't until later, when I had the financial capability and became particular about dishes and the taste that I refused to do it myself again.  So naturally my culinary skill can’t compare with that of Shu Nian’s.
And I don’t need to make comparisons with him either.
My dish looked a bit ugly, but the flavor was okay.  It reached the standard of being edible and capable of filling the stomach.  Ke Luo’s was much better.  It suited well with both the rice and wine.  In two, three servings, I had eaten clean one side of the fish.  I then picked at the remains.
“Here, there’s more on this side.”  Ke luo pulled out the middle fish bone.  He tapped his chopsticks.  “Don’t be picky.  You have to eat the fish skin too.”
I stiffly forced a laugh and watched him put the delicate meat of the fish’s belly and the heap of slippery fish skin together into my bowl, as if he was my uncle.  Sometimes there would be a feeling of role displacement between us.
After finishing a suitable homemade meal early, before the sky was entirely dark, I somewhat didn't know what to do.  If we were lovers, we’d directly whisper sweet nothings to one another and then tumble between bed sheets.
We were so awkward, but I couldn't bear to let him go.
Ke Luo sat beside me for a moment.  He then suddenly said, “Lee, want to go see a concert together?”
“I have two tickets.”  He drew out neatly-folded tickets from his coat pocket.  “It starts at 7:30.  It’s not far from here.  Do you want to go?”
I looked up in surprise.  My gaze shifted from the tickets to his face, and our line of sight met head on.  I felt somewhat shy.
I didn't know whether this could be considered as asking me out, but I felt happy.  I couldn't control the expression on my face.  “Okay.”
I didn't know much about young people’s popular music.  Ke Luo liked the singer, Xu Yan.  I could only recall his good looks.  I had fantasized with his poster before.  That was all.  I didn't entirely understand it.
However what matters wasn't what we’re going to see, but who I was going to see it with.
After entering the venue, I realized why Ke Luo had asked me to wear comfortable shoes before coming out.  I originally thought we’d sit and enjoy the concert.  I had no idea everyone would be standing.
As soon as the lighting effect came on, before even Xu Yan’s figure appeared, the crowd seethed with excitement, screaming.
In this sort of atmosphere, it really was difficult to sit still.  Everyone was standing.  If my seat was any closer, I’d still only be able to see someone’s back while sitting.
The concert seemed pretty good.  The stage design and performance both had great momentum.  Xu Yan was, after all, a male beauty who exudes hormones all over with irresistible charisma.  A man like me, who was out of loop here, was watching in high spirits as well.  Discarding my sense of shame, I joined the yelling.
No matter how infatuated I was with the sexy idol, my leg strength couldn't measure up to adrenaline-pumping young people in their teens and twenties.  Gradually, I couldn't stay standing any longer.
Knowing that Ke Luo was standing and tilting ever so slightly behind me, I, to some extent, leaned toward him with half of my back against his chest.  Ke Luo didn't move out of the way.  Instead, he slightly straightened his body and supported me.
In a flash, the figure on stage that had the look of the number one handsome idol was thrown to the winds by me.
The vivid stage lights beamed on the practically-boiling venue, and I was only aware of the young man bracing me from behind.  It was a somewhat hot where we touched.  I felt the strength contained in his chest, which has yet to show itself, and the rhythm of his heartbeat.  This really was the best concert I had ever seen.
After the concert, I staggered along with my head in the clouds.  Ke Luo, who had made himself hoarse by fervently yelling “encore” along with everyone before the end of the concert, was so adorable.  I didn't see him as childish.  I only saw him as being full of vitality, letting himself go with such undisguised enthusiasm.  It’s the privilege of a young man like him.
I didn't want us to split up and go home just like that, so I plotted to secretly slip my wallet or cell phone with him.  Once he realizes, he’ll naturally take me home.  In that case…
Before I could pull my hand out of his coat pocket, he sensed it somewhat and looked down, seeing that sneaky hand of mine.  “What’s the matter?”
“…”  No matter how fast my mind turned, I couldn't think of any rubbish.  “Heh, I thought it was my pocket…”
Ke Luo chuckled.  “I don’t really have anything for you to steal.”  Then a hand squeezed in and wrapped around that fist of mine, which was gripping the cell phone in an unsuccessful attempt.  “You’re cold, right?”
The palm of his hand was warm.  I wasn't the least bit cold.  Right now, I was thoroughly warm inside.
Keeping my hand in his coat pocket, we walked on for some distance until we reached the parking lot and drove out together.  I really had the urge to push him down on the driver’s seat and kiss him.  But seeing the contours of his rather tall, refine profile and the slight trembling of his fine, long eyelashes, for some reason I felt a lack of confidence and short of breath.
“It’s still early.  If you don’t have anything else, come to my place and sit with uncle.”
I knew why I lacked confidence.  It’s because I was like an unhealthy pedophile.
“Yeah, okay.”  He thought for moment.  “The water heater at my place broke today.  I don’t know if it’s fixed yet.  Let me borrow the shower at your place later.”
I suddenly felt like a donkey.  He’s just like a visible carrot that I can’t eat, dangling before my eyes.  Swaying so much that my head became dizzy and my eyesight blurred.
Before Ke Luo went into the bathroom, he took off his outer clothing to avoid getting them wet.  After he stripped off his shirt, I saw, from behind his bare upper body, the smooth, powerful lines of his back.  It was hard to restrain the beast inside.  I couldn't help but stare. 
Ke Luo turned around and saw my expression.  He slightly blushed, but still took off his pants.  He roughly wrapped the bath towel around his waist, obstructing my view.
Somewhat bringing contempt to myself, I said, “Kid, you’re not very generous.  In life, doesn't everyone have to experience having their bare ass seen by their elders?” 
He actually wrinkled his nose at me.  “The last person who lusted after my rear is still lying in the hospital to this day. “
Hard-mouthed, I said, “Don’t worry.  I’m not planning on doing anything.  It’s not like I've never seen it before.”
He turned into the bathroom, not immediately shutting the door.  Even though I knew from the bottom of my heart that I shouldn't be so short of resistance, I was still mysteriously propelled to follow him in. 
Ke Luo held the shower nozzle to adjust the water temperature.  He turned around and saw me standing behind him.  His expression changed to what seemed like a smile, yet not a smile.  “Uncle Lee…”
“Don’t get me wrong.  I’m just coming for the toilet.”
With the shower nozzle in one hand, Ke Luo watched me sit my behind on the toilet.  “Uncle Lee…if you’re using the toilet, granted that you’re embarrassed to take off your pants, whatever the outcome, you should still lift the toilet lid first.”
“…actually…I don’t want to go all of a sudden.”
“Huh?”  Ke Luo smiled and seemed to be waiting for my next words.
We both clearly knew very well what I was thinking and what I wanted.  But I couldn't now say out loud something like “help me resolve my need.”  There’s a moral to the phrase, “suffering defeats in every battle.”  I didn't have much confidence in being able to overpower him.  And forget about openly begging him to let me top him.  If what I’m asking him was to let him top me, then wouldn't that be putting myself too low?
Pride and lust were fiercely struggling with each other, and in just a few seconds, I held back rather insufferably while Ke Luo remained smiling.  Seeing him there waiting for me to justify myself as if intending to laugh at me, my blood suddenly started to boil.
“It’s nothing.  Go wash up.  I’m leaving.”
Don’t wish to, then don’t.  What’s so funny about leaving me suspended like that?  I’m not that starving. 
Ke Luo called out from behind, “Uncle Lee.”
I knew he was sorry and wanted to make it up, but the chest had been jabbed in one breath.  I slammed the bathroom door shut. 
I don’t need him.  Having sex is a matter of entertaining each other.  I suffered in pain on his behalf each time I saw him so charitable.  It’s not like I’d die if I don’t do it with him.  Why should I pester someone again and again in something so futile?
“Lee.”  Ke Luo opened the door and poked his head out from the bathroom.  He looked at me.  “Did I make you mad?”
“No.”  I gave a cough.  “Hurry up and shower.”
“Well, um…”  Ke Luo kept his head tilted.  “Don’t you want to shower with me?”
Is it so fun to tease me by holding a visible meat bone that can’t be eaten, making me run around in circles?  I was suddenly aggravated.  “Wash, my ass.”
Yet Ke Luo gave out a chuckle.  He walked up to me and squatted down.
You…”  His hands held my face.  “Being difficult when you’re at such an age.”
I thought my face definitely swelled into the color of a pig’s liver.  “Go away.  Kid’s spouting nonsense.”
I wasn't being difficult.  He wasn't understanding me at all.
I was about to have a fall out with him.  Ke Luo, on the contrary, seemed to think it’s amusing.  He kissed me hard on the lips.  After that, he wanted to kiss yet again a second time.  I pushed him away.
I should stand firm in return.  I can’t be like a hungry shameless dog that looks longingly at a meat bone every time I see him, with only a share of disgrace.
“Wash quickly and go home.  I’m going to bed.”
Not overlooking, nor sparing, Ke Luo grabbed both my arms.  “I’m not going back tonight.”
“Then go sleep on the floor.”
Ke Luo laughed.  “Ah, can you bear it?”
I faced the little beast’s shiny white teeth and my blood boiled yet again.
He knew I couldn't bear it either.
No matter how I ignored and concealed it, he still saw it clearly and thought it amusing.
But that pitiful ego of mine wasn't a funny thing. 
There seemed to be a fire burning in my chest.  I gathered my strength and fiercely shoved him away.  Ke Luo only slightly swayed, and then effortlessly grabbed my arm.  He pressed me onto the sofa and kissed me.  His lips retreated back a little, as if he wanted to see my delirious reaction.
“What the heck are you doing?”  I bared my fangs.  “I don’t want to do it.  Get off.”
Ke Luo still smiled, not the slightest bit stirred.  He just pinned my four limbs down hard and pursed his lips.  Then lowering his head, he kissed my neck.  After a steamy kiss, his moist hot breath blew into my ear, “This is beyond your control, Uncle Lee.”
As he sucked on my ear, my back couldn't help but tingle.
It had always been me who coerced others in bed.  I still hadn't experienced being coerced.  It’s so strange. 
It was truly unexpected that he would be so active in taking the initiative.  I had thought that, to him, I was only an inconsequential chicken rib.  A chicken rib that he would only be forced to gnaw on if shoved into his mouth.
The spacious sofa under my body was soft, while, on the other hand, the tightly-pressed bare chest on top was sturdy and powerful.  I could still feel that vivid heat even through our clothes.  To say my heart wasn’t stirred, would be a lie of course, but I still cursed from my mouth.  “Get the fuck off me!  I don’t have any interest in you.”
Ke Luo turned a deaf ear and firmly pushed down on me.  He kissed from top to bottom and licked me part forcibly and part teasingly while leisurely looking up at my expression.  He was just full of confidence.
But as I was kissed to the navel by him, I quickly lost the strength to voice out.  The member between my legs had already risen up. 
He definitely had confidence in his assets.  There was no way I could produce antibodies against him.  His inevitable victory was quite clear in his heart and in mine. 
My lower body was itchy and hot from being teased by those skillful fingers of his.  My vision turned hazy.  Suppressed, I was wrapped around and fiddled with between my wide-open legs.  My breathing was unbearably coarse and heavy, and my waist tensed up.  I instinctively pressed close to him, seeking for a little more intense friction.
It wasn't until I had finally stimulated to my peak and released into his palm that my legs weakened all at once.  With perspiration down my back, I was numb and could only lie there, waiting for him to top me.  My body was burning and my face flushed red.  There was nothing but the shameful feeling of throwing away my shield and armor. 
Ke Luo’s smiling face magnified before my eyes, and then became fuzzy.  My waist was embraced by him and raised high.  Something rigid pressed against my rear entrance, insisting on squeezing in. 
I was somewhat unable to take much more and blurted out, “S-softer, damn you.” 
Ke Luo briefly stopped.  As soon as I took one breath, he all of a sudden drove in.  My scream choked in my throat.  “Fuck…” 
With no time to adjust my breathing, his pace became more fervent.  Sweaty bodies overlapped, rocking and colliding.  Every sound became indistinguishable as the gasping and moaning gradually thickened.  It was strangely scorching hot where we joined. 
Our uncontrollable movements.  The heavy, rough breathing.  The sex organ that was thrusting repeatedly inside was a little too ruthless.  Ke Luo's desire seemed to surge up as he tightened his grip around my waist and rammed into me.  After being so wanton, he still wasn't satisfied.  “Open your legs wider.”
What did he say!?  I firmly glared at him, stubbornly unmoving.  I had to defend my dignity as a senior. 
Ke Luo simply spread open up my legs while he lunged more deeply.  I couldn't help but open my mouth and curse out, “You want to fucking kill me…” 
My lips were blocked up once again.  The deeply penetrating kiss devoured my remaining words.  I sensed that he was really exerting all his strength on hand.  I was afraid that my muscles would be torn off.  I was about ready to scream.  But my legs were successfully pushed to the angle of his satisfaction, almost close to the side of my head. 
Surprisingly, Ke Luo seemed to give out a sigh.  “You’re so soft…”  Then he pressed up his entire weight, penetrating in exceedingly deep.
Fuck.  You think my body’s made of rubber that you can fold however you want to fold?  I’m almost forty years old! 
But I couldn't emit a full sound.  Under his movement, there was a powerless feeling of being controlled, as well as an inability to hold back.  Pleasure surged. 
Ke Luo and I were compatible in this aspect.  And it was quite relaxing.  It’s rare for the agreement level of two bodies to be so high.  This may be the only driving force for him to maintain a physical relationship with me.
Our patterns for making love were undeniably a lot.  Some positions made even my shameless thick skin blush.  I believe that there would never be so many shameful positions if he was with Shu Nian. 
He wouldn't be able to bear letting him feel shame.  Not to mention, what would he do if his body was folded into a thirty-degree angle and was injured by the strain? 
Well, it’s nothing bad.  Men love from sex.  To this kind of one night stand population, if the feeling in bed is good, then there’s a greater possibility to take one step further in the relationship.  Maybe there would certainly be a day when he would abide by the choice of his physical instinct.
After tossing and turning a number of times in the living room, we returned to the bedroom bed.
In the end, I lacked the physical strength.  And as so, I was in the position of lying on his body as I was penetrated, focusing on gasping for breath and covered in sweat.
But I didn't call for him to stop.
Even though I didn't say it, he already knew how infatuated I was of him.
My senses were sharp amidst the intense rhythm, yet my consciousness was hazy.  I vaguely heard him call out, “Uncle Lee.”
“Huh?” I forced out a reply.
“Uncle Lee…”
The voice came out from the depths of his throat, carrying moist, hot breaths.  I looked down and saw his fiery black eyes-- half-narrowed, beast-like fervent eyes.  He didn't have anything to say.  He was merely calling me. 
My insides were fiercely rammed into.  Bursts of spasms still continued.  I suddenly couldn't restrain myself any longer.  I tightly clutched him, and my lips stuck to him. 
After the madness reached the breaking point, we both lay down with our strength shed off.  Each of us adjusting our breaths and steadying our heartbeats.  I waited until there was some strength in my body, and I struggled to climb off.  I chose to sit properly, leaning against the headboard of the bed. 
Despite being topped, I still had to be handsome and charismatic.  I took out a cigarette to smoke contentedly, creating the kind of scene of having a cigarette in heavenly bliss after X.  Just as I smoked about a half of it, two fingers crossed over and seized my cigarette.
“Smoking too much is bad for you body.”
The damp hair scattered on his forehead looked really sexy.  The upward curve of his lips was also very mouth-watering.
“But if I don’t smoke, my mouth will feel idle.”
Ke Luo chuckled.  His lips drew near and blocked up that “very idle” mouth of mine.  A twisting and turning, tender kiss.  The inside of my entire mouth was warm with his breath.  I was actually kissed until my old face was thoroughly red.  Damn, this little demon was a little too captivating.  Ke Luo moved his lips away and embraced me.  “Let’s shower together?  I’ll rub your back.”
He was in fact a bit too passionate toward me today.  I couldn't help but indulge in fantasy.
The both of us soaked in the bathtub, pouring water on ourselves every once in a while.  We did a lot of things that had nothing to do with bathing to the extent that the water turned cold.  We had no choice but to refill the water once more.  
We finally began to seriously bathe.  Ke Luo grabbed one of my legs and helped me massage the leg that nearly pulled a tendon.  Drowsiness pleasantly swept over me. 
Not knowing whether it was because I was easily lightheaded from being wrapped by the heat, I gradually became careless. 
Although there were some questions that were better off not asked, I wanted to hear the answer.  If I don’t ask, who would say it for me to hear? 
Just think of this as a gamble on my fortune today.  There would be a day when I would need to ask for clarification anyway. 
I poked him with my other foot.  “Ke Luo.”
“Uh-huh?”  Ke Luo slightly smiled and used his toes to catch me.
“Doing it with me, compared with doing it with Shu Nian, which is more comfortable?”
His expression paled.  It couldn't be considered grave, but it wasn't far from it.  In unbearable silence, he bowed his head and scrubbed, without uttering a word.  A moment passed, and he said, “Shu Nian is always the best.”  I brought my hands to the back of my head.  Damn it.  This is just great.  Why do I always love bringing disgrace to myself?  If I don’t endure a couple slaps in my face, my entire body would suffer then?
“Uncle Lee…”
I pretended not to hear as I hummed a song.  I stood up and attentively smeared the body wash on myself.
“Uncle Lee.”
“I’m sorry.”  He was a little hesitant in his apology.  “I didn't know if you’d mind.” 
With my throat a little itchy, I gave out a “ha.”  I washed off the foam on my chest.  “Mind about what?”
“Uncle Lee, although it’s impolite, I don’t think we should have an ambiguous relationship.  I also don’t want to trouble you.  To be clearly honest with you, I will always love Shu Nian, even though he won’t love me back.”
“…”  I snorted.  “I know.”
“I’ll accompany you, but my feelings for Shu Nian won’t ever change.  You and I aren't in love.  We’re only friends with benefits.  If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me then.  We’ll change to a different way of getting along.”
When he spoke, his eyes were very open and clear.  They weren't reflecting me at all. 
I washed my chest clean and laughed out loud.  “You're thinking too much.” 
His young, honest face.  Those clear black and white eyes.   
Sitting in the bathtub, lukewarm water swept over my chest.  The water pressure was too high, so my heart ached somewhat.  I smiled and flicked his forehead.
Afterwards, for a long period of time, I didn't invite Ke Luo to my house again.
I only saw him at the firm for business, nodding my head in greeting.
“Uncle Lee.”
He handed over a steaming hot cup of tea.  Ke Luo had helped me brew tea.  He even placed a small dish of hazelnuts on the side.
I smiled.  “Thank you.”  I liked to slowly grind the nuts between my teeth.  It’s good for the mind, stomach, and teeth.  If you don’t want to get old, then you have to be active everywhere.
Ke Luo was quite friendly toward me.  Every few days, he would bring me something.  Sometimes it would be a few sweets, sometimes a small box of shrimp dumplings, or coffee in a heat preserved cup.  Sometimes a polished apple was set on my desk.  Children’s plaything.
Actually our relationship was pretty good.  It was merely pushed outside of the ambiguous line.
“Pretty, right?”  A light-colored plum blossom was delivered before me.
“It’s from the garden downstairs.  It unexpectedly bloomed, so I brought you a flower.”  Ke Luo's smile dazzled.  Then he smoothly inserted it into the flower vase that only contained, after an immeasurable number of years, two leaves.
“…”  I couldn't help touching my chin.  There’s nothing better in the south of the river than a twig of spring bloom to send.  So cultured.
Giving me these small trivial things, it’s as if to win me over or to compensate me.  And it couldn't be helped that they were a bit too cheap-looking.  To him these were all obtained in passing.  If he tasted an unexpectedly delicious chocolate, he’d just get two for me in passing.  If the recently obtained walnuts he cracked were very tasty, he’d just place some on my desk.  That was all.
I just didn't know what his mindset was with these kinds of action “in passing.”
Ke Luo still didn't have anything to do, so he leaned against the edge my desk, idly looking to me for conversation.  “I wonder if it’ll be nice and warm these next two days.”
“Why?  Does it matter?”
“I invited Shu Nian over to play.  If it’s too cold, I’m afraid he won’t bear it.”
I gave out an “oh” and continued to slowly grind the hazelnuts between my teeth.
“Uncle Lee, are you free this weekend?”
“What’s going on?”
“Want to see a game together?  I have tickets.”
“I've invited someone to play golf.”
Ke Luo looked at me.  “If you want to play golf, you can call me.”
I laughed.  “I dare not trouble your gracious presence.”
If by any chance, half-way into the game, Shu Nian whizzes him away with a phone call, how would I muddle on.
Being with Ke Luo was just like eating a sugar-coated pill.  A sweet feeling turning so concentrated and then all of a sudden, gives off a bitterness that caught one unprepared.
How can someone old eat it?  My mouth wouldn't be able to stand it.
Ke Luo looked at me for a while.  “Uncle Lee, you’re mad at me.”
He said it as if he was stating a fact.  I didn't want to put on an act either.  I looked up at him and said, “Is it very important to you whether I’m angry or not?”
Ke Luo suddenly felt a little awkward.  “You’re my senior.”
“Just remember I’m your senior.”  I smiled as I tapped away on my laptop keyboard.  I began to bustle about, no longer talking to him.
When Lee received a plum blossom from Ke Luo, he had quoted lines from a poem written by the poet Lu Kai to Fan Ye.  The entire poem is translated here.
Interesting tidbit from wiki:  The plum blossom, which is known as the meihua (梅花), is one of the most beloved flowers in China and has been frequently depicted in Chinese art and poetry for centuries.  The plum blossom is seen as a symbol of winter and a harbinger of spring.  The blossoms are so beloved because they are viewed as blooming most vibrantly amidst the winter snow, exuding an ethereal elegance, while their fragrance is noticed to still subtly pervade the air at even the coldest times of the year.  Therefore the plum blossom came to symbolize perseverance and hope, but also beauty, purity, and the transitoriness of life.
My comment:  lol.  Ke Luo is like a big puppy dog in this chapter, playfully teasing his master.  There are noticeable differences in how he treats Lee here in comparison to how he had treated him in LA.  He clearly sees that the man he's sleeping with this time is Lee.  This is shown when he calls out Lee's name during sex.  Unfortunately, his mind hasn't caught up with the fact that he's already falling in love with Lee.  Ke Luo, hurry up and fall deeper in love with Lee!


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