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Love Late vol.1 - ch5

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Love Late Vol. 1 NSFW warning
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Chapter Five

Over the weekend, I panted heavily as I did yoga in my apartment.  I was now facing a mid-life crisis.  My physical strength can’t be compared with when I had yet to reach thirty.  The physical condition is like a parabola.  Every year you feel it slide down.

Back then, I’d never get drunk after a thousand drinks.  And now I could barely stand after a few hours of drinking, much less in bed.  Add in foreplay and it would be over in roughly ten or so minutes.

Merely going to the gym wasn't enough.  I’d desperately take vitamins and drink soup as supplements and I’d feel a surplus of calories.  I was afraid of fat accumulating, becoming a spider person with slender arms, slender legs, and a big belly.

It’s said that yoga can make the muscles nice and fit, building up physical strength, and can prevent heart disease and depression.  It’s like that in the treasury of knowledge, so of course, I had to do it.

Unfortunately, such a big man as I had muscles and bones all stiff as a board.  I felt like I was climbing a great mountain as I stretched.  While I stretched midway, I froze right there, almost getting a cramp.

When I heard the door open, I was doing a camel form—kneeling, hands grabbing the ankles, body arched, and butt forward.  I frantically struggled to straighten up.

“Eh?”  The visitor seemed to be taken aback, “What are you doing?”

It was Ke Luo.  He had the key to this place.  Lu Feng intended for me to raise him as my adopted son --a close relationship without ill will.  So for the most part of a day, I’d have to face him.

“Oh…”  I was intruded upon.  What’s more, I couldn't muster any strength.  I was entirely in a mess of a position.  My arms and legs flailed for a long while until I managed to free myself, scrambling to my feet, “I’m, uh, cleaning the floor.”

Ke Luo broadened out into a grin, displaying his white, even teeth.  He even wore a sports jacket.  His hair was a little wet with sweat on his forehead, and he held a bag.  By the looks of it, he went to play ball again.  It’s good for young people to love sports.  Their shoulder lines are more beautiful.

“Oh, yeah, this is for you.”

“What?”  I took out and opened a box that wafted with the smell of meat.  Inside was a golden roasted leg of lamb.

“I think you’ll like it.”


“The mutton at this place is made extremely well.  A lot of people buy it.  However, people who don’t have ab muscles won’t be able to snatch any~”

This made it appear as if we now had a seemingly pretty good relationship.  Ke Luo was very friendly to me and would often bring me a little something.  He’d even help me sweep the room, sort the shelf, and whatnot.

Who knew whether it was because of his nature that he’d often treat people around him well, or that I was his senior, or that he felt guilty toward me?  However, it didn't matter to me what the specific reason was for being considerate of me.  At least the consideration was real, and I had no reason to rebuke his good intentions.

“Are you ready for this evening’s cocktail reception?  Uncle Lu told me to come pick you up.”

These days, Ke Luo was still driving me to and from.  Two days ago, my new car was lent to a boy from film school that I had a one night stand with.  As a result, the kid was too flashy.  Once he took it out for a drive, he crashed.  Then, it was sent to the shop for the moment.

“I don’t think I’m going.”

“Ah?  Why?”

“Um…my stomach is uncomfortable all of a sudden…”

The truth is, the architect I had slept with last night was on the guest list.  That one time with him was, in fact, boring.  It had been worse than using my own hands to resolve it.  While I was working hard at it, I could hear the next apartment’s door open and close.  I was even able to take the time to ponder which restaurant to go for vegetarian food tomorrow.

With such a bad experience, it would be awkward for the both of us if we were to meet again.   

Ke Luo was about to speak of my slackness, but hesitated.  At last, he politely said: “Is that so.  Then rest well.”

To me, what resting refers to naturally isn't just one person lying on the bed.  There needs to be at least two people.

In the evening, I went to a nearby bar, well dressed.  In fact, the drinks at this place were expensive and bad, but the waiters were very handsome.  I had noticed it when I came here last week. 
This time, I noticed that it wasn't only me who had such thoughts.  Since the drinks were so awful, the bar was naturally full of those sitting with ulterior motives, wanting to catch a pretty boy.  A fierce battle was inevitable.

Even as I sat, drinking for three hours, I was still unable to settle the matter with the man that had eyed the same handsome waiter as me.  My stomach was already filled to the brim with garbage, and I really was a tiny bit unwell.  Looking at my opponent drinking until his face had a touch of red then a touch of green, wanting to vomit, but not, and actually persistent as hell, I knew I couldn't win.

One has to stop before going too far.  I intended to pay the bill and leave.  I had always been very clear-headed.  No matter how pretty the boy was, it wasn't a fight worth throwing my life for.

Unfortunately, when I was feeling for my wallet, I realized that I wasn't clear-headed enough.  I had actually forgotten such an important thing at the apartment along with the apartment key.

Calling Ke Luo to come to the rescue was, of course, the worst move to make; but when you have no other choice, there isn't a good move.  I had to bite the bullet and make the call.

Sure enough, when Ke Luo arrived, his face wasn't pretty.  He was angry at me for lying.  Luckily, I can take advantage of my old age.  I had the nerve to talk nonsense: “Alcohol can warm the stomach, so I came to drink a little.”

“Still warming the stomach.”  He uttered a humph, paid the bill, and then grabbed me.  “We’re going back.  Be careful of your footing.”

I watched him walking in front of me.  This was killing me.  I liked looking at his shirt-wrapped waist.  The young man was pliable and tough with strong contours.  His appearance was inherited from his father’s gene: body proportion excellent, legs long and straight, and capable of stirring someone’s heart without any frills.  It’s a pity he’s not mine.

Getting in the car, I had to sit in the passenger’s seat at any rate.  I refused to lie flat in the back.  Ke Luo was helpless against an elder like me.  And after watching me unable to fasten my seat belt for a long while, he leaned over to help me fasten it properly.

His hair brushed over my mouth.  I could even smell that kind of soothing scent from his body.  For some reason, I laughed.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing really.  I was thinking that the waiter’s ass was really sexy.  Didn't you notice?”

Unable to tolerate me, an elder who didn't respect others, he looked me in the eye.

“I think it’s better if you pay more attention.”  He politely considered his wording.  “Today several people were looking for you at the cocktail reception.  Could it be that, even to the newly recruited accountants, you've-   If the relationship gets too complicated, it wouldn't be convenient then.”

“It’s not that complicated,” I strongly waved my hand.  “A relationship between two men is the most simple.  There’s only one thing to take note of, and that is to...” I was a bit tipsy.  Chuckling, I leaned closer to his ear and whispered, “…remember to use condoms.”

Ke Luo suddenly furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me in disapproval.  Happy and giggly, for some reason I kept leaning his way.  In fact, I really wanted to kiss him.  All those pretty, handsome men added together actually couldn't even compete with him alone.

Helpless against my harassment and unable to really push me out the car, Ke Luo could only implicitly say: “I’m driving.”

“Oh?” I exposed a lecherous old uncle’s smile.  “Then later when you’re not driving, it’s fine?”

He slightly furrowed his eyebrows and glanced sideways at me.           

I laughed out loud, amused with myself.  Of course not.

But I was no gentleman and I didn't care about the moral sense of shame.  As soon as we’re upstairs and Ke Luo digs out the key to opening the door, I’ll simply act drunk and press my entire body against him.

“Mo Yan, you drank too much.”   He half carried and half dragged me to the bedside.  “First get a good sleep then.”

Since I had drunk too much, if I did do something a bit out of line, then he wouldn't protest too much over it, right?

I decided on that spot to use alcohol as a means to assault him.  I seized the opportunity to hold him and ruthlessly pressed him down onto the bed.

He immediately reacted.  His hands used force, but it was used to push away my action.

Shit!  We still obviously had a passionate relationship before.  There wasn't a need for me to reach over with a brazen face, and he’d take the initiative to lay his lips on me himself.  In the sheets, he’d playfully kiss here and there, and after an entire morning, he wouldn't feel bored of it yet.  Now this kid was turning to one side, pretending not to know me, like me touching him was an offense to him, as if nothing had happened between us in the past.

In a flash, my heart grew a bit cold, but it quickly became nothing.

Who cares what he’s thinking.  Just take me as a perverted no good, old uncle.  I only wanted the body anyway.   I didn't care about his attitude.  I had no other interest.  I just refused to sustain a loss with nothing gained back.  That was all.

This kid had better wise up.  Be good and let me top you once, then we’ll call it quits.  I won’t care for him afterwards.

We tossed about in bed for more than ten minutes.  The both of us panting heavily.  Even if I can’t eat him, Ke Luo won’t be able to break free.

It wasn't my physical strength that gave me the upper hand, but my brazenness.  In other words, I’m his senior.  He won’t take a bedside lamp and knock me out.  What’s the use of struggling in such a reserved manner?

I had confidence in the effectiveness of wearing him down.  Wait until my persistence consumes all his strength, then I can start my move, enjoying fine food regardless of life and death.

So what if I’m taking advantage of my old age?  Huh!

I tightly pinned down Ke Luo’s hands.  I seemed to be a bit tired.  My shoulder slackened.  Panting, my face flushed slightly.  I took a deep breath and leaned in to kiss.  He dodged a bit too slow and was only able to press his lips together.

It felt as if it had been a long time since I had kissed someone.  Not knowing why, my hands trembled a little and my heart pounded.  Ke Luo just tightly kept his mouth shut in silence.  I patiently licked him.  My hand reached up and repeatedly stroked his head, using my fingers to fondle the side of his ear.  I knew he liked this.  Well, he at least liked it at one time.

While I was working to please him with caresses and trying to pry open his mouth, I, in fact, really wanted to kiss him.  I missed the feel of intertwining tongues.  He always had such fresh, warm taste in his mouth.  Unfortunately, Ke Luo didn't respond.  His mouth shut closed like a clam.

I tossed about for a long time, just like kissing a stone.  I was a bit tired and straightened up, smiling.

Ke Luo sighed with relief.  He propped his elbow on the bed to sit up.

I let out a chuckle, then took hold of him and pressed him back down.  While he was still in shock, I quickly unbuckled his belt with agility and tore off his pants.  Don’t have a reaction?  Then don’t have one.  It doesn't matter that you won’t let me kiss.  If you think I’ll let it go like that, then you’re gravely mistaken. 

I yanked down his underwear and buried my head between his legs.  I felt his body snapped up looking greatly startled.

He probably never expected I’d go straight to the central point.  Upon seeing that I had a “don’t nicely obey, and I’ll bite you to death” attitude once more, he suddenly didn't dare to move about again.

Although it was intimate, kissing and this were two completely different things.  In all honesty, I didn't have much confidence in kissing.  A person’s lips feel to be too complicated.  And this is too overly simple.  A man’s lower half is almost all the same.  The reaction is almost the same.  Even if a dog licks him, he’ll get hard.

I skillfully approached him, lightly touched him with my lips, and then latched on.  Sure enough, once my tongue started to move, Ke Luo trembled a bit.  I looked up at him.  His face was thoroughly flushed.

I smiled.  If you’re just talking about sex, it’s very easy.  Moreover, I knew myself and my opponents.  I was experienced and had read countless people.  That Shu Nian definitely wasn't my opponent.

Ke Luo no longer struggled.  Generally under the circumstance, when a man’s weak point was served between someone’s teeth, he dared not struggle.  Nicely lie down without a fight, little brat.

The muscle of his inner thighs tightened.  He was clearly very tense.  I teased him with my mouth and tongue.  My hands slowly explored backwards.  As his hot blood boiled, he relaxed, feeling a sense of relief.  After I succeed, I won’t think of him anymore.

I left Ke Luo hanging there and wanting to come but unable to.  I straightened up and vaguely gazed at his face that was flushed with shame.

This time, when I drew near him and kissed him, he didn't resist.  His lips were trembling and even responding.  I kissed him more firmly, wanting to wedge in between his legs.

We went on heavily kissing.  Both cocks pressed against each other at a continuous, rising state.  The friction made my entire body fire up.  I could barely hold it in and hated that I didn't swallow two pills beforehand.

We both really were very suitable for each other in bed, but something seemed to be a bit wrong…

As I explored his hips, a pair of hands reached behind me.  Initially, it was simply rubbing and fondling, then a finger squeezed in by itself.

Fuck!  In your dreams!  Did I force myself on you just so you could top me?

I rushed to be the first to part his legs.  First I’ll pinpoint the region to enter in any case, and then we’ll talk.  There’s no turning back the clock once it’s done.  And he wasn't that much of a struggle.

Suddenly, there was a weight on my shoulders.  And before I could react, my center of gravity was unsteadily flipped over out of the blue.

We both started to fight hand to hand yet again.  My persistence a moment ago had consumed a great amount of my strength, and now I couldn't flip back over for the life of me.

Seeing that the situation was far from good, a wise man doesn't fight when the odds are against him.  Refusing to consider my body’s hot fervor, I hurriedly called a halt:  “Hey, hey, hey, stop here.  I was just kidding!”

Ke Luo was lying on top, heavily breathing.  He looked down at my face from above.  Not knowing whether his blazing lower half muddied his mind, his eyes were actually quite gentle. 

I believed his gaze must have passed through me again.  He had wandered into his own delusion of that beloved of his.  The veins at the back of my head immediately throbbed.  I wanted to make a move and give him some bruises to look at.  But after struggling for a little while, I realized that I was actually unrelentingly restrained.

“Hey, hold on a moment!”

He leaned over and firmly kissed my lips, then my chin, and my neck.  My hair stood on its end.  Refusing to think about it, I cried out: “I’m telling you, nicely let me top you once and then we’ll call it quits.  I won’t bother you anymore or otherwise…”

Ke Luo’s lust had probably truly been stirred up.  He turned a deaf ear and heavily kissed me from top down.  He was no longer the river clam from the very beginning.  So much passion was of course all good, but couldn't we switch positions?

Holding my face all red, I couldn't shake off Ke Luo one bit.  My head was saturated in sweat.  You brute!  I didn't know whether or not his old man’s beast blood was at work; but as soon as the kid was aroused, he would suddenly burst out with uncanny strength.

Feeling something very hard and burning pressed against my rear, my blood froze.  I couldn't help shouting and screaming: “If you dare, then give it a try!  Dare top me again and I’ll never let it drop!  Fuck you!”

I swore loudly as he parted my legs and slowly drove in.  Painful and tingly, the sensation of being filled made the hair on my body stand up.

After Ke Luo fully penetrated in, he paused, lightly gasping for breath.  I clearly felt the throbbing of his erection and shivered uncontrollably.  For some reason, my front end, which had withered from the pain, swelled up.

The weak and numb feel of friction spread.  Ke Luo was already pumping in and out little by little.  Greatly stimulated and unable to hold back any longer, I started to cry out: “Don’t you move around.  If you move again, I guarantee that you’ll regret it, ah, fuck—“

Ke Luo simply wrapped around my waist and buried his face in the nest of my neck as his lower body delivered the thrusts.  I could hear the sticky wet sound of the intercourse.  I was practically fuming with rage, but my dry throat could only let out gasps.  I really couldn't curse out.

His face stuck to the side of my ear.  I could clearly hear his panting.  That scalding hot, moist breath gradually heated up the region where I was driven into.  Amidst the intense rhythm, my head became quite hazy, only leaving a fiery sensation in the collision of intertwining limbs.

Not knowing whose technique had advanced, it didn't feel as rough and uncomfortable as before.   With Ke Luo moving fiercely, the bed gave off a slight sound.  I heard the sound emitting unspeakable lewdness.

In fact, I couldn't bear the movement of deep penetration between my butt cheeks over and over.  I also heard my own harsh breathing and irrepressible moaning.  The intense thrill of my body’s conformity was somewhat frightful.

The rhythm persisted for a period of time.  Even the pain, which had me gnashing my teeth, disappeared.  I was in chaos as I was pressed down and tossed about; unable to fathom that, under such an uncomfortable situation, my lower part could harden with heat.

I could think of no other reason than that I probably hadn't done it in a long time.  And, as a result, I was easily excited.  He gnawed at my neck, and I shivered, almost unable to bear it any longer.

The area where I was penetrated became more and more dripping wet.  Ke Luo increased substantially and his breathing became heavier.  I was already catering to him for the sake of pleasure and release.  Both of us intensely moved our hips, causing the sheets to scatter into a complete mess.

Indeed it was great sex for both sides of the party, despite having nothing to do with each other.

A man’s lower body really has no principle to be said.

Again, Ke Luo began to go along my neck, my chin, deeply, heavily kissing upwards.  Lips, nose, and after that, he pulled back a bit.  He increased his driving force and looked down at my face.

I also looked at him.  He moved his lips with overly gentle eyes.  I hastened to firmly block his lips before he could open his mouth and utter a sound.  I was taking preventive measures.

Once he got stirred up, he would call that Shu Nian name again as a habit, and then, my long-awaited climax would be ruined for the day.

didn't want to be incapable of getting it up from henceforth because of such a brat yet.

When I woke up in the morning, my entire body had the feel of being stripped of strength from the over-excessive sex.  I still felt a bit like I was half-dreaming.  I gnawed at my lip, kicked off the very heavy quilt, and drowsily closed my eyes.

The bed situation last night was quite nice, casting aside that I had tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice, and not to mention the reality that I was topped.

Tossed and turned repeatedly for most of the night and involuntarily switched to a number of positions, I was almost rolled off the bed with the sheets thoroughly ruined.

You can only be so relaxed if there are no feelings between the two people.

If ever love is created, then such an intense night would also, in any case, create a bit of some by-product like “love.”

I heard a movement and peeked out with one eye.

Ke Luo had walked in.  Seeing that I had kicked off the quilt and was bare-naked all across there, his face blushed and he immediately looked away.

I chuckled.  For him be able to make love, that was strange!

“Are you awake?”

“Mm-hmm.” I mumbled and calmly opened my eyes.  I saw him place some clothes beside me.

“Uh, first take a shower, and then come have breakfast.”

Damn, when it came to touching, he’s touched, and doing it, he’s done it, so what was he blushing for?

I staggered into the bathroom.  I swore as I washed clean.  I recalled of the times I had helped young boys wash after spending the night when my mood was good, since a great part of their body was aching and inconveniently weak.  I felt that Ke Luo was a good-for-nothing.

Sitting at the dining table, in my vision, there were only two bowls of white congee, a dish of roasted dried cod, a plate of poached eggs, and a certain amount of spicy Chinese cabbage.  These past few days, I’d been eating out.  I was afraid that my fridge had grown bacteria since I hadn’t restocked anything for it—only eggs and a few canned food.  It was really pitiable.

I had tossed about for one whole night and came so many times.  Now, I was almost entirely numb from my waist downward.  With mental fatigue and slacken eyes, I listlessly sipped the congee and ate the pickled cabbage in front of me.

“I fried some eggs.  There’s one that’s double-yolked.”


Fiercely ambitious when raping someone.  It always ended like this.  I felt that it wouldn't naturally go anywhere good.  I had no strength and was in no mood to talk.  I just recalled that I had even let out cruel words at the time, saying something like I guarantee you’ll regret later.

didn't know what ability I had to make this heartless little brat regret.

“Eat this.”  Ke Luo gave a piece of roast dried cod to me and placed that double-yolked poached egg on the small dish in front of me.

I smiled.  His compensation really is childish.  In fact, I didn't need it at all.

“I’ll add another serving of congee.”  Ke Luo stood up again and took my bowl, naturally helping me to a bowl of congee.  It was windy this morning, and the air was fresh and clean.  The curtains behind him slightly fluttered, setting off his gentle, young face.

Two people like this—eating a simple breakfast together face to face after waking up; him filling up a bowl of congee for me, me sitting and waiting.

For a split second, I had a slight misconception.  I came back to myself and shook my head, smiling.

For the sake of watching him stand up and fill a bowl with congee, I had a total of four bowls.

Translator comments:  Adfghk~ when they're together like this >//u//< --how Ke Luo gets swept by lust at night, but is shy the next Lee can't stay mad at Ke Luo for long and let's himself be spoiled by Ke Luo.  They fit each other so well~<3  I hope there are more cute moments in the next chapter!


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