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Please Don't Eat Me - extra

Translator: ayszhang
Proofreaders: Red & LSL
(NSFW warning)
.*・゚☆ндрруヾ(*^-^*)ノЙёш Чёдя☆゚・*.

Smut Extra

Ling She and Di Xiaoshu had recently moved into their new home.
One night, they were lounging on the sofa watching TV as usual. They chatted while watching, Di Xiaoshu encircled in Ling She’s arms.
Ling She asked, “How’re you finding everything?”
“Great!!” Di Xiaoshu sprung up from his seat with passion and looked at Ling She like v. “I especially like the kitchen here!”
Ling She watched the cute, wife-material boyfriend of his and kissed him by the eyes before bringing him close and softly asking, “Do you like me?”
And of course, Di Xiaoshu’s ears reddened. “I do,” he replied in barely a whisper. “So do you like me more or the kitchen more?” Ling She further asked.
And Di Xiaoshu replied, “The kitchen!”

Di Xiaoshu wasn’t kidding when he said that—the kitchen in this apartment was no other than his dream kitchen!!
He had stayed in the kitchen for a very long time on the day they moved in, snooping around, checking things out.
Not only does the place have good lighting and a spacey layout, everything from the stove and the cupboards to the refrigerator and the oven is part of a dark-coloured series! It’s super cool!
And the refrigerator has double doors!
And the dishwasher is huge!
And the oven has so many different functions!
And in front of the oven is a L-shaped island! I’m not sure what I could do with it but, at the same time, I feel I could do anything with it!
Di Xiaoshu was a guy who gave his heart to his kitchen to begin with, so how could he not burst out tears of joy when he saw a kitchen like that?

Naturally, he began to daydream about his kitchen after answering Ling She’s inadvertent question and completely didn’t notice how Ling She’s face darkened in an instant.
“I’ll go get dessert!” Di Xiaoshu leapt towards Kitchen-chan2’s embrace with his little tail wagging back and forth, oblivious to the change.

The dessert tonight was fruit yogourt, healthy and tasty.
Di Xiaoshu was at the counter mixing the cubes of fruit with the yogourt when someone hugged him from behind.

It was probably an additional trait that carnivores had that allowed Ling She to constantly pop up behind him without a sound.
Unlike other carnivores, however, he didn’t eat him after he caught him, but instead he would do…those kinds of things.
Speaking of which, Di Xiaoshu felt that he had really gotten to know the lusty and desirous nature of the snake demons after their relationship advanced to the next level, as well as the essence of ‘anytime, anywhere’.

Di Xiaoshu was supposed to be an innocent, good boy who didn’t relate those things with anything except the bed, but now that he had been fooling around with Ling She for long enough….
On the sofa where they watch TV after dinner, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the dining table, in the car after grocery shopping…. They were all evidence of his long-gone purity.
Di Xiaoshu felt that he wasn’t far from becoming “the Mauzhertz that was not eaten but wrung out by a Lausenschlange.”

“Wh-what now?” It might have been chemistry or just experience but Di Xiaoshu could sense almost at once the difference between Ling She’s sexual advances and his playful teasing.
Ling She sucked on his earlobe and breathed, “I wanna do it.”
“B-but we just…” Di Xiaoshu nudged his arm weakly. “At least not in the kitchen.” It was too bright, not to mention a bit chilly.
But Ling She replied after a pause, “No, it has to be the kitchen.”
“B-but why?”
Di Xiaoshu was resisting a bit but Ling She had already reached for and cupped his crotch, kneading his genitals over his pajama pants a little bit too roughly.
“Mnnn…uhn!” Di Xiaoshu’s well-trained body was quick to react, his member coming to full attention. At the same time, he felt a hard rod against his ass crack.
Ling She still had his earlobe in his mouth while one of his hands snuck underneath Di Xiaoshu’s t-shirt to play with his nipples and the other hand began pulling down his pants.
Di Xiaoshu grabbed his pants in a panic. “I don’t wanna…here. It’s too cold.”
Ling She slowed down and snickered by Di Xiaoshu’s ear as though he thought of some lewd idea.
A shiver ran down Di Xiaoshu’s back.

Ling She let go of him for the time being and took out a pair of scissors from the knife rack on the other side of the counter.
“Wh-what’re you doing?” Di Xiaoshu retreated in fear.
“Hehe, be a good boy now, Xiaoshu. Don’t move~”
Ching! Tsssss! Ching! With that, holes appeared in Di Xiaoshu’s pajama pants and underwear, rendering them crotch-less.
Ling She began pressing on his hole as soon as he put the scissors down.

“How could you just…!!” (//////)
“This way you won’t be cold, right?” Ling She took Di Xiaoshu into his arms again and attempted to squeeze his middle finger into his small hole.
It might have been a little dry…
But the kitchen has always been a place of innovation.
Ling She grabbed the dessert and dabbed his fingers with yogourt. “Xiaoshu, do you like eating yogourt?” He chuckled.
Di Xiaoshu wasn’t exactly well-versed in the love game but even he could see what Ling She was planning to do. He furiously shook his head in alarm.
Of course, Ling She turned a blind eye to his resistance and smooched his cheeks. “C’mon, it’ll feel good,” he persuaded before inserting his finger in along with the yogourt.
The cool yogourt made Di Xiaoshu shudder.

Ling She worked Di Xiaoshu’s peewee over his underwear with one hand while preparing him with the other.
His finger went in without any trouble with the aid of the yogourt lube. Soon, he added his index finger and kept rotating and digging and rubbing on Di Xiaoshu’s sensitive spot. Di Xiaoshu was the most defenceless with this kind of play; his member was harder than he could bear and even his underwear was wet.
“Ling She…ah-uhn…no more. Stop touching that….” His legs were a bit shaky. “Can’t take it…mhmmm.”
“Why…. It doesn’t feel good?” Ling She asked on purpose.
“Mmmm, I wanna come so bad….” Di Xiaoshu sobbed as he grinded against the hard rod behind him in hopes to please.
And of course, Ling She couldn’t take it anymore. He stretched the holes in Di Xiaoshu’s pants a bit more, unfastened his own pants and thrust it in.

Di Xiaoshu rested his upper body on the counter, pleasure and shame made him blush as he bore the thrusts from behind.
His clothes were perfectly in place except for the hole in his crotch that was made just to fuck.
At the same time, Ling She’s thrusts were making him quiver from pleasure.
Ling She’s huge head was rubbing back and forth against his G-spot, making his already-leaking dick shiver even more violently, but the poor little guy was still stuck inside a pair of snug underwear and could only peek its head out from behind the waistband.

“Uhnn…the front f-feels so…uhn, ah, Ling She, to-touch it…please.” Di Xiaoshu wanted so badly to masturbate but he was pressed down flat on the counter. All he could do was wiggle around helplessly and beg Ling She for help.
Ling She brought his large hand over and caressed the tip with his palm while stroking the length with his fingers.
“A-ahhh…c-coming!” Soon, he was about to climax. Di Xiaoshu’s eyes lost their focus and his insides were twitching, too.
Ling She was abusing Di Xiaoshu with his left hand while he used his right to hold him tight so that he wouldn’t be entirely on the cold counter.
“Xiaoshu…Xiaoshu…do you like me?” He asked right by Di Xiaoshu’s ear.
“Yeaa…I do…. I do…ah-haaa…you hit that place a-again…. There!”
“Do you like me…or…the kitchen?”
“....” Di Xiaoshu kind of sensed the crux of the problem in his woozy state. “You…mmhmm…I…like you the most. Ahhh…ah…uhnn, uhnn.”
Ling She stayed quiet but began thrusting forward with more power, fucking in the way he liked the best: rough. Every time he pulled out, he brought out milky love juices from Di Xiaoshu’s ass crack, fucking him to a pathetic, pleading state. Di Xiaoshu clung desperately onto the counter because he could barely stand on his legs, and then his body violently convulsed as he came in Ling She’s hand.

Ling She took a breather after Di Xiaoshu climaxed and gently kissed his neck and back.
After seeing him coming back to earth, Ling She slowly pulled out.
The back side of his pants were a complete mess. It was wet, sticky and covered in white patches. Di Xiaoshu’s pink, ravaged hole was contracting behind the cut fabric, pushing more fluids out.
Seeing this, Ling She’s eyes darkened. He swung Di Xiaoshu over his shoulders and strode towards the bedroom to finish what he started….


Dairytea's comment: I'm actually in Taiwan, celebrating the New Year there, which explains the weird times I've been posting the releases. orz ;;;
Anyway~ I hope you all are enjoying the new year.  We wish you many more happy memories to come~<333  (You can download the pdf files here. )


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