Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cover picture for Cold Sands

Hello lovelies,

First of all, Happy 2016~ We hope to bring you more BL goodies in the year to come!

I'm here because we are looking for someone who would be as kind as to make a cover photo, mainly for the PDF file of Cold Sands, which we might eventually update the existing posts with. Ideally, it's a portrait picture like that on a real book and there is room for us to add in the title. We don't have anything specific regarding the actual contents; it's up to the artist's interpretation. (Though I personally think something in cool tones might fit more with the story XD )

If you are interested, please email us: chinesebl(at)

Another way to show your support is by donating (just a click of your mouse ;)! And of course, what makes our day is always your comments!

Thank you for being awesome,
ayszhang on behalf of the Chinese BL team

p.s. solely for inspirational purposes...

we look forward to your drawings :)

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August 28, 2016 update

We have a brilliant illustrator working on a cover image for the story. This is the latest copy:

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