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Love Late vol. 2 - ch17

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Love Late Vol. 2
And the mystery man is !!!
Chapter Seventeen

Someone was calling my name.  It seemed to come from afar in my dream, blowing over like the wind.  And then I suddenly woke up.  The senses I had lost came back in a flash.  Immediately, I felt a splitting headache and a splitting pain from my ass.



I felt a shiver down my back.

Shit.  The little lamb who I had pounced on last night like a ravenous tiger was Ke Luo after all.  I buried my face into my pillow, acting dead asleep and wishing there was a hole in the bed for me to burrow myself into.

Although my memory of last night was hazy, I could vaguely recall the embarrassing scene.  Like tigers and wolves, I had been so crazy in heat towards Ke Luo that even Lin Jing had enjoyed the entire show.  How can I show my face around here?

Alcohol and sex, alcohol and sexI really couldn’t tell apart the alcohol from the sex.  Let alone, I had taken drugs too.

Ke Luo had bumped into me himself.  It wasn’t my fault.

“Are you awake?”

It was hard for me to continue pretending, so I had no choice but to open my eyes and give a yawn.

Ke Luo sighed in relief.  “Good, you’re alright.”

I forced myself to remain calm.  “What’s the matter?”

“Last night, I…er…”  He blushed all at once.  “I made you pass out.”

Seeing him so shy made my face flush and my heart skip a beat all of a sudden.  I recalled last night’s wild, crazy sex and my heart tingled.  I actually got turned on again.

Damn it.  My whole mentality was just like that of a middle-aged pedophile who had ravaged a young, beautiful man.

“Lee…how are you feeling?”

I continued to bury my face into the pillow.  Of course I wouldn’t give him a thumbs up and praise his unrivaled vigor or his outstanding, self-taught skills.

Our compatibility in bed wasn’t anything surprising, even so much that I couldn’t feel any gratification from it.

It’s no use just having the perfect sex.

After having passionate, physical pleasure and knowing this person wasn’t mine in the end would only deepen the pain.

Damn it.  I didn’t think there’d be a time when I’d be overly sensitive like this.  Playing the love game for all these years, I’d constantly taught others to separate sex and love—to not confuse the feelings with the body.  Life is short, so enjoy it to the fullest.  Having sex without love is enough.

But I couldn’t do it now with him.

“Lee?”  He nudged my shoulder cautiously.  “Are you alright? Last night was I too…”

“I’m fine.  I’m just sleepy.”  Struggling to sit up, I leaned against the headboard, and as soon as my fingers pressed together, I recalled that I didn’t have any cigarettes to smoke.  My imposing manner was slightly lacking.  Yet this didn’t hinder me from acting as an evil tyrant who had ravaged an innocent girl as I said, “Dammit, I was clearly in a bar sex orgy.  Why did it end up being you?  I don’t intend to do it with you again.”  After speaking, I looked at him and firmly said, “Boring.”

Ke Luo stared at me in shock.

This was perhaps the greatest insult for a man, yet he didn’t fly into rage out of humiliation.  He just widened his eyes, like a child who took it upon himself to diligently do some housework but was scolded by his parents.

My heart wrenched.  I really wanted to take him into my arms and flop down.  I gave a cough and couldn’t help but sigh and say, “Sorry, Ke Luo, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Ke Luo looked at me and gave out a “Mm-hm.”

“But I really don’t want to have a physical relationship with you again.  From now on, we should conduct ourselves with dignity.  Even if I’m burning with desire, ignore me and let someone else resolve it.  Got it?”

Ke Luo sat under the bed sheets with marks of last night’s passion from his chest downward as he looked at me in silence.

I patted his shoulder, “Thank you for your hard work last night.  Let’s go.  I’ll treat you to a meal.”

I had been hurt by him.  This time I returned the favor, wiping the slate clean.

Ke Luo really went with me obediently to eat.

I realized that once he sheds his bright and sunny disposition from his face, he slightly resembles Zhuo Wen Yang.  Even though one was warm and the other cold was cold, they were very similar inside.  Both were types of people who could endure a lot.

We didn’t talk much during our meal.  Ke Luo kept his head lowered as he ate, only taking the food in front of him, like a little lamb who had been ravaged by a big bad wolf.

I could sense his grievance and ate with tightness in my chest.  Why wouldn’t I be affectionate?  It would have been good to stay in bed all day long.  I was so discontented.  I wished I could tear him apart and swallow him up, leaving not a scrap for others.

I knew he treated me different from others.  He treated me well, sincerely, and purely and clearly.  Apart from Shu Nian, I was perhaps the only other person who he cared for the most.

But Shu Nian was the number one person he adored.  I couldn’t surpass him even by going all out with my pride ripped off.  If it was someone else, I would probably use other means.  But I hadn’t reached to that kind of ruthlessness towards my own brother.

And I couldn’t be happy with second place either.

People who have fallen to this point can’t stop being greedy.  Only if he was, from head to toe, from inside to outside, from his being to his heart, mine alone, would I have peace of mind and never again would I have the craving of not having enough, of not being full.

But I had let myself down, and in the end I didn’t have the capability to take him and swallow him whole.  The furthest I could go would only be to second place. 
In that case, the furthest we could go would only be to here.

It’s pretty good to end it with last night’s perfect sex. Damn it, could I ever have in my life a better ending than that?

After eating, I lit the cigarette I had bought on the road a moment ago.  I had wanted to smoke for quite a while today.

Ke Luo looked at me.  “Smoking is bad for the health.”

“I don’t smoke much.”  I immediately put out the cigarette and chuckled.  “I’m not addicted to it at all.”

“Well, don’t damage your lungs.”  He thought for a moment and said, “You took drugs last night, right?”

I smiled.  When I was young in LA, with that crowd of ours, you haven’t lived your youth until you’ve touched stuff like marijuana.  But because I’d tried it, I knew how painful it was for those who got sucked into it, and so my blind curiosity for it disappeared.  Because of my knowledge of it, I knew just how far to go.

I was extremely careful.  I boldly looked for pleasure, but wouldn’t really ruin myself.

The only thing in my life I would never stop being addicted to is him.

“It wasn’t E.”

“Okay, that’s good.”

Sometimes I really liked how he trusted whatever that was said.

“Lee, you need to take good care of your health.”  He thought a little bit.  “You’ve always been a great guy.  Don’t treat yourself poorly.”

To be told something like that by someone who was young enough to be my own son, I couldn’t describe what I was feeling inside me for a moment and could only smile.

He had wounded my heart, but he was, by no means, a bad guy.

His childishness of only going in a straight line when it comes to feelings made me suffer so much, but I liked that naïve innocence of his.

It’s only right that he’d offer everything to the one he loves, and it’s only right that he’d give me a limited amount of tenderness and care. 

It was even more so that he’d unwaveringly chosen to stab me when it came between Shu Nian and me.

It’s impossible to attend to both.  Your love for one person is bound to hurt those you don’t.

To pay attention to all.  To be all things to all men.  Not rejecting anyone, not wounding any hearts.  That’s a hypocrite who compares himself to a Don Juan.

I had been rejected.  But in fact, when I think about it, I was glad for it because Ke Luo luckily wasn’t that kind of man.

He was after all worth it for me to mindlessly fall for.

Apart from not being mine, everything was good.

“Don’t worry.  I love myself the most.”  Just as how I treated Lin Jing, I smiled and pinched his cheeks.


The beautiful young male trio finished their work and returned to T city.  I continued to hang out with my buddies, killing time.  I didn’t really intend to stay long in S city.  I was simply resting at the moment.  Sooner or later I’d have to hop to another place and set out to make a comeback even though Shu Nian would be heartbroken.

Tonight, Lu Yu and I drank together at a bar.  He had been depressed for a period of time, yet gradually got over it.  We wouldn’t get along at all as lovers, but we could get by just as friends.  Moreover, with our “professions,” there’s a possibility we could become partners someday.

A man like him who is direct and thick-headed was precisely good.  From the beginning to end, he had walked a straight line, directly to the end and quickly breaking it off.  We on the other hand swerved around too much.  No wonder we would always be in a tangle.

It wasn’t until after we were well-acquainted that I found Lu Yu to be an out-and-out man involved with the underworld and the boss of this district at that.  He seemed crude and straightforward, but he wasn’t an idiot either.  Seeing the way he handled matters, when he needed to be ruthless, he wouldn’t hesitate one bit.

But I felt that he was able to sit in the boss’ place basically because his father had been the boss.  He still lacked a bit of deviousness to be able to stand firm in a gang war.

We were drinking heartily when suddenly someone came over and said, “Boss, Brother Ling is here.”

Lu Yu jumped as if he was suddenly caught by a fishhook.  “EH?  Why would he come to a place like this?!”

I asked, “Who?”

Lu Yu said, “Oh, someone from my group.”  Then he stood up and hid several of the bottles that were on the table.

I saw that Lu Yu was actually vigilant.  I had no idea what kind of person this visitor was.  I imagined a man whose muscles were on equal terms with his and whose face could be compared to Zhang Fei or Li Kui.

When that man called Brother Ling came over, my mouth immediately dropped.  I just about drooled.

He had a Chinese style: fairly long hair with lacquer-like color and luster like that of jade.  When a man’s hair grows long, he could easily look effeminate or filthy or even artificial.  But this man was tall and handsome, bearing a composed expression.

Seeing an outsider present by the table, the man furrowed his eyebrows.  “Lu Yu, was it you who gave the order to stop investigating the Ding affairs?”


“What do you intend to do?”

“Forgive and forget.  It’s no big deal as long as they’ve learned their lesson.”

“I didn’t teach you the word, ‘forgive’.”  His tone was actually severe.

“But…”  In a moment Lu Yu couldn’t retort and had to scratch his head.  “A promise can’t be taken back once it’s made.  I can’t go back on my word.”

The man fell silent for a moment and said, “This time I’ll let it pass.  Be less soft-hearted from now on. Come with me.”

“Eh?”  Lu Yu looked at me.  “I’m still drinking with my friend.”

“You can’t neglect proper business for drinking.  Be more mature.”  The man furrowed his brows and looked at me.  “You can drink for another half hour.”

Once the man left, I quickly asked, “What’s his name?”

“Oh him, he’s actually the second in charge of our group.  His name is Ling Xia.”

“Are you blind?  You look for me even when you have this beauty?  Don’t you know the saying ‘first come, first served’?”

Lu Yu choked on his drink and quickly covered my mouth.  “Don’t talk nonsense!”


“He’s not that sort of man.  The H River is almost filled with the corpses of those who’ve had the nerve to have that kind of intention.  Even if you’re just blowing hot air, if he hears that, he’ll cut out your tongue.”

I quickly shut my mouth to protect my precious tongue and took a sip of my drink.  “Is he really?”

“Uh-huh.  When I was eight, he was already working for the group.  He’s only six years older than me but his experience is far greater than mine.  He’s my teacher to a degree.  He’s taught me a lot of things throughout the years, including martial arts.”

But even if he’s a senior, to treat Lu Yu like this, it was completely the tone of a superior speaking to a subordinate, also known as arrogance.  Lu Yu was no match for him in mind or approach.  It’s clear that the people working for him would listen to Ling Xia more.  You couldn’t tell who the boss was.  This was a sign of danger.

“Lu Yu, I think you should be more careful.”

Lu Yu wasn’t foolish and he immediately replied, “You mean Ling Xia?  He wouldn’t.”

“I’m not instigating you to do something.  Just be on your guard.”

Ling Xia’s domineering attitude was so obvious, yet there wasn’t even a hint of wariness towards it.  How could he have qualifications to live a life of danger?

Lu Yu slowly drew back his smile.  “Actually it’s also crossed my mind, but if you use a man, don’t suspect him and if you suspect a man, don’t use him.  He hasn’t done anything to me.  I can’t be so petty.  If he truly wants this position, he only needs to say so.  It’s not as if I won’t give it to him.  He’s been by my side like a real brother for so many years.”

I patted his shoulder.  This guy was too big-hearted.  He wasn’t fit to be involved with the underworld.

Lu Yu looked at his watch.  “Ah, it’s more than half an hour!  Ling Xia will scold me!” He then rushed to pay the bill.

“No need to be so punctual!”

He coughed.  “You don’t know his temper.  I’m doomed even if I’m late by just a minute.”

He really seemed to revere Ling Xia.  Seeing the figure in the far distance waiting, his ears drooped down, and with his tail between his legs, he scurried on over there.

I was left alone, continuing to finish my drink.  I had planned to come see a beauty appear and thought luck would come into my life again.  Who knew I couldn’t even strike one around me.

As I drank, my eyes swept my surroundings.  Looking around, my eyes suddenly lit up.

That man reclining on the bar counter, he was not only tall, he was really hot; not only was he really hot, he had excellent taste; not only did he have excellent taste, he was single; and not only was he single, I knew him too.

We had met at my previous job.  He was a young banker from a rich family.  He was tall and handsome with a lingering charm in his smiles.

At that time, I had only looked his way a few times.  He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had good looks.  He would always make common people easily think that God is biased.  It’s hard to imagine him as a fellow gay man.

I walked on over with a glass.  Smiling, I called, “Shao Yan.”

He was a bit surprised as soon as he looked up, and then gave a smile.  “Hi, I never thought I’d run across you here.”

I typically act as a gentleman all too well.  “I’m sorry to have surprised you.”

Smilingly, he said, “This is probably the best surprise I’ve come across so far.”

I laughed and sat down beside him.

In the past, it had only been strictly business between us.  We hadn’t even had a conversation before.  Because of the sex scandals of his that I’d heard so much of, his young age, and the actresses and top models that one after another had been in his grasp, no matter how you looked at it, he was a playboy who couldn’t live without women.  And I had no interest in a straight man who suffered cravings for the opposite sex.

And so seeing Master Shao at a gay bar indicated that his stance was different now.  I just didn’t know which he was more attracted to: men or women.

Watching him sitting there, his playboy front was a little bit out of practice.  It didn’t match up with his effortless skills from his former roving days.  I asked, “Is this your first time here?”

“Yeah.”  He shrugged.  “It takes guts, right?”

“Exploring some more while you’re still young isn’t bad at all.  The feelings between men aren’t all that different from those between men and women.  Just take it easy.  Master Shao’s charm has always been enough.”

He laughed.  “That goes for men too?”

I ordered a drink for him.  “Through my male perspective, it is.”

We both chatted for a while and unexpectedly hit it off.  It’s not easy to meet someone one could get along so well with.  What’s more, he was also handsome.  I’d be struck by lightning if I didn’t make a move on such a good opportunity.

Our conversation had a sense of propriety and the teasing was the probing sort, only gradually getting closer—fingers and arms constantly touching.  The feel of limbs vaguely touching wasn’t bad.

When we were about to split up in the end, before I could open my mouth, he said, “Lee, pardon my asking.”

I smilingly asked, “Are you asking for my number?”

“No.”  He smiled too.

“Oh?  It’s a shame ‘cause I very much would like to have your number.”  My opponent retreated and I advanced.

“Actually, I have your number already,” he smilingly said, “I was asking if I could call you.”

I immediately burst with joy inside.  I laughed out loud and said, “You’re too polite.”

“I’d definitely call too often and I don’t know if there’s someone who will be jealous of it.”  He charmingly raised his eyebrow.  “Do you have that jealous someone?”

I chuckled.  “Oh, don’t joke with this old uncle.  I’m probably in the same generation as your father.”

He raised his eyebrow higher.  “Then, Uncle Lee, are you reluctant to teach me?”

An electric current immediately sparked.  This truly was the light at the end of the tunnel.  My luck might just be turning.

The next day, we met up again, otherwise known as dating.  Both of us, who regarded sex as food, were unprecedentedly reserved, only holding hands.  It was so pure and innocent that it sent chills up my spine.

After dating a number of times, we finally kissed.  We kissed for several minutes.  His tongue skills were pretty good.  He was the kind of person who strongly emits hormones.  If needed, his body could emanate sexiness, and I could too of course.

The reason why we hadn’t progressed to the lower half of our bodies yet was because everything was the starter before the great meal.  He and I had a mutual understanding of this.  

Before the storm, the sky has to accumulate dark clouds.  The longer it accumulates, the more intense it becomes.  It’s most arousing before the eruption of the rising wind that heralds the coming storm.

Today ended with a kiss again.  We took care not to overdo with any other touching.  The two of us yearned for more, kissing to the verge of swallowing the other’s tongue.  I felt that the built-up heat was good enough.  Enduring any more of it probably wouldn’t be good for the health.

Sure enough, as soon as I got home, he called.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing, I just feel that it’s not enough.  I want to drink with you again.”  The voice on the other side huskily chuckled.  “I really regret not inviting you over.  If I had, we’d be having the best night ever.”

I felt like my line was stolen.

If I wasn’t living where promiscuity was prohibited, I would be the one to take him home, and then, revitalized, I could do it from the front door to the balcony. 

Afterwards we dated once more.  The place was straight at his house.  I was prepared for the good rain to come down.  We quickly headed from a connection at a spiritual level to the bed, and intimate caressing was something that would fall into place.  This was a heavenly thunder causing earthly flames.  Except for the real penetration, every other move was made.

Our moods were high and we couldn’t suppress it any longer.  Sparks flew all over as we fervently kissed, but we were stuck at the end.

“I’m only a top,” I said.

He slightly furrowed his brows.  “What a pity.  I’ve always been one too.”

You’re fucking one, my ass.  Can you be the one who’s topped when you do it with girls?

We both confronted each other, neither giving way—seeing who could endure it the longest.

Even though the mood was broken, I still held my poise and was in no rush.  What I had was patience.  I wasn’t worried that I wouldn’t be able to eat.

At last, it was Shao Yan who let out a sigh.  He opened his arms toward me and a bit helplessly and enticingly chuckled as he said, “Come on then.”

Smiling, I embraced and kissed him.

In fact, my reluctance to be the one on the bottom wasn’t because of my silly pride, but because I was extremely confident in my own skills.  I had no idea about what or how other people’s skills are when it comes to this.

Rather than taking the risk of not meeting the expectation in sex. I might as well be the one to lead.  I had the ability to be strong and could ensure that both sides would have a good time.  Only with Ke Luo would I take the risk.

I suddenly realized that I didn’t yield to Ke Luo because I’d been topped by him.

It was because I had yielded to him at first sight that I was willing to let him top.

Even I myself hadn’t known that I had loved him that much.  Of course, now he could disappear from my heart.  I thought I could tell him goodbye.  It’s not like I couldn’t find someone better than him.

I treated the man beneath me with single-hearted devotion.  Giving pleasure much more than taking.  Usually the feeling of being topped for the first time is hard to take in.  The uncommonly gifted me had never encountered it.  The first experience shouldn’t be bad of course if you want the other person to keep thinking about it after trying it.

Even though strength-wise, I couldn’t be on par with a certain wolf that could do it seven times a night, but when it comes to technique, I have a considerable amount of confidence.

The entire night I did my best to tease him with my touches.  From the start I caressed and kissed him with absolute patience and gradually made it earth-shaking.  Even Shao Yan, the playboy who had a wide array of experiences, was gasping in surprise.

We did it twice in a row.  Overall it was pretty good.  After it was over, we parted, the each of us lying down covered with sweat while adjusting our breaths.

Shao Yan panted for a moment and said in a low voice, “Only after I’ve come across you did I realize that all those girls in the past were a waste of time.  It turned out that you were the one I’ve been waiting for.”

I felt good.  I felt extraordinarily good.  These were the kind of words that I wanted to hear; kissing my ass right in the bull’s eye.

Ke Luo, the obstinate type who was dead set on his former lover, praising him with all his heart and soul, had tormented me badly.  And so Shao Yan was practically a revised version of Ke Luo sent from heaven.

Little sheep Ke Luo, I really don’t think I need you anymore.


Shao Yan and I clicked together.  He really liked me and I was all the more very pleased with him.  He was the young, pretty type.  His butt had a nice shape to it.  And he was as passionate as fire with a sweet-talking, smooth tongue.  He was better than Ke Luo, that pure college type who blushes at the drop of a hat, by who knows how much.

It’s rare to run across something like this.  Naturally, I was very pleased with myself.  I had already found the opportunity to have him eat out with the Xie Yan couple.  During the meal, I showed off my shiny, new boyfriend from every angle.  And Shao Yan was very gracious, speaking and smiling with ease.  

 “It’s hard to imagine that Master Shao walked the same path as everyone else as well.  Weren’t you still going out with that top model a week ago?  I hear that she’s pregnant too?”

Shao Yan chuckled and said, “After encountering Lee, the others are just like the wind to me.”

I was immediately perfectly contented, yet Xie Yan coughed and cleared his throat with a face like he was choked by a grain of rice.

Shu Nian however had not said much the entire meal.  He was always a man of few words.  Besides, so long as I liked the person, he would be happy for me, not like Xie Yan who had a big mouth and a love for taunting people.

Given that he had met my family, that was equivalent to receiving a pass to “have him stay over,” thus I began to bring Shao Yan over.

Of course, the intimacy was limited only to the bedroom.  Having restricted space really was distressing—to be in the midst of passion while worrying that the naïve Xiao Jia or Shu Nian would suddenly come knocking on the door.

The next day, after casually eating breakfast, Shao Yan left cheerfully.  I saw him to the door and inevitably gave him an affectionate kiss goodbye.

Shu Nian watched with his mouth wide open and his face flushed.  He waited until Shao Yan left.  He carefully sat beside me and watched the morning news for quite some time before he said, “Brother, do you really like him?”

“Of course, why do you ask?”

“I thought...”  He mulled it over, “that you’re rather fond of Ke Luo.”

I chuckled and said, “Huh?  Hey, you’re not thinking of making me pick up something you don’t want, right?”

Shu Nian flailed in panic.  “Ah, that’s not what I meant!  Ke Luo isn’t something I don’t want.  He’s a good kid, better than Xie Yan…”

Xie Yan, who was reading the papers on the side, instantly looked as if he was struck by lightning.

“Brother, I think you just need someone who is emotionally compatible with you.  In fact, I feel that you and Ke Luo are the most compatible…  Ke Luo cares about you very much and he suits you more than Shao Yan…”

I pinched his nose red.  “Idiot, Ke Luo doesn’t suit you and he doesn’t suit me all the more.  To me, Shao Yan is much better than him.  He’s basically not a potential candidate, got it?”


Soon after, Ke Luo came to S City again.  Lu Feng seemed to have let him be in charge of the business in S City.  He was raised in S City.  The Ke family was here.  What’s more, Shu Nian was also here.

In the past, as soon as he came, there would be unavoidable headaches and migraines, but things weren’t the same as what they used to be.  Within a few days, I had a complete change of luck and I didn’t feel the urge to run away at the sight of him either.  Now that I’d found a new lover, right when spring filled the air, I was happy more than anything.  What was there to hide from?

Different than the awkwardness from our former days when we saw each other, this time I was very open and in high spirits, laughing and joking.  I practically seemed like I could take off into the air.

Xie Yan with the cool eye of a bystander sneered, “Buddy, did you have a dose of stimulant today?”

I rolled my eyes at him and then invited Ke Luo out, “Are you free tonight?  I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Ke Luo was taken aback for a moment and smilingly said, “Okay.”

He seemed happy.  I usually go weak at the knees—an out-of-body experience—at the sight of his radiant smile, but now it’s different.  I already had another someone occupying my heart.  Shao Yan was my all-around upgraded defense system.  I would never crash—a system down—by a small Ke smile virus again.

When I took Ke Luo to the restaurant room, Shao Yan was already waiting, relaxed and effortlessly fashionable.  As always, he was handsome, bright, and confident with ease, thriving with youth and invincible from the tip of his hair to his fingernail.

I led Ke Luo inside and Shao Yan stood up and smiled in acknowledgement.  His tall stature was plainly visible and his face displayed his store-display killer smile.  He suavely pulled out a chair.

Ke Luo hesitated a little and slowed down his movement.  He turned to look at me.  “This man is…”  

I lively said, “Let me introduce him to you.  This is my boyfriend, Shao Yan.”

Ke Luo’s eyes widened.

Shao Yan was extremely cordial when he saw him and immediately extended his hand.  “Hello.”

Mm-hm.  There’s that demeanor.

Yet Ke Luo looked at me in a daze, then looked at Shao Yan.  He fell silent for a long time and seemed to be very shocked.  Evidently he actually had no idea of this.

I was a little surprised too.  I had thought that Shu Nian had already told him.  Their chitchats covered every little matter.  Even trivial things like how I’d gotten sick from just bad food were mentioned.  How would I have known that a big thing like this wasn’t said?

That made the meal unavoidably awkward.  It made it seemed like I had deliberately used this to show off after a long time of resentment because I had failed to receive love from him; as if I was attempting to take revenge on him by provoking him—a very low-level move.

In fact, what possibility would I have to provoke him?  It wasn’t as if he had never seen my frivolous habits.  I just thought that letting him know I was getting by well would be a good thing for us.

At the table, Shao Yan was very friendly with Ke Luo, a little too friendly.  Whether it was ordering dishes or selecting wine, he would give his opinion on each and every thing, constantly smiling at Ke Luo and going by his opinions.  Now and then, he would pour wine for him and place food on his plate.  He doubled his humor and wit and was considerably hospitable.

I was gradually becoming more aggravated.  When Ke Luo went to the restroom, I used the opportunity to ask Shao Yan in a low voice, “What’s up with you?  Are you interested in him?”

Shao Yan gave a look of innocence.  “It was you who said I should be nice to your friend.”  Then he gave a charming smile and held my hand under the table.  “Of course it’s because of you that I’d treat your friend well and you’re even jealous of it.”

When Ke Luo came back, we were in the middle of kissing.  We hastily parted and continued to eat and drink and laugh and talk as if nothing had happened.

After eating, we looked for another place to have a round of drinks.  It was getting late, and the night life of S City was just about to open its heavy curtains.

Shao Yan generously invited us to go to a club he recommended to participate in a late night showing of a certain “game” to have a real taste of carnal pleasure.

Ke Luo just shook his head and said with a chuckle, “Thank you, but I should go back and rest.  I have work tomorrow.”

This guy was practically a good boy who has milk before going to bed.

Shao Yan and I looked at each other, and then I shrugged my shoulders, smiling.  I was also baffled as to why I had been so captivated by such a dull man.

Even though I felt impatient, I had the obligation to take Ke Luo back to the hotel.  There was also the big bouquet of roses Shao Yan had just given me in the back seat of the car.  The delicate fragrance spread through the car.  It was corny and tacky, but between lovers the more of this kind of mushiness, the better.  Didn’t I kiss him goodbye a great number of times?

Just as I started the engine, I heard Ke Luo sneezed and sniffled.  I looked at Ke Luo.  “What’s wrong?”

He coughed and said with a reddened nose, “Um, I’m a bit allergic to pollen.”

“What do you think of Shao Yan?”

Ke Luo said, “Uh…his qualities are quite good.”

From that tone of voice, it sounded like there was a second part to what he was saying.

Sure enough, he said with hesitations, “but I don’t think he’s the type that would be faithful in love.  You should be more careful.”

My anger flared, but it wasn’t good to have it explode, so I could only laugh.  “I’m pretty sure you’re the one I know who is most faithful.  Even then, I’ve had my fair share of suffering.”

Ke Luo became embarrassed and slightly tilted his head to look out the window.  His cheeks flushed a little.  I saw him pressed his lips together and knew he wouldn’t speak out of turn again.

What a mood spoiler.

I’d already become someone who couldn’t tolerate the bitter truth.  Maybe because I was in too much of a rush to obtain perfect happiness and show it to others; every slander and hindrance, I would fiercely eradicate it all.
Dairytea: Aha! so it was Ke Luo after all!!! No one else can be a top for Lee~<3 Someone also noted that Ke Luo addressed Lee as just "Lee," and not "Uncle Lee," during ch16's xxx scene.  How he addresses Lee is an indication of his feelings for him. >//u//<  Looking back to the earlier chapters, it's interesting seeing where Ke Luo changes the way he addresses Lee. *u*  And what do you guys think of this new guy, Shao Yan???

Chapter 16b


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