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Love Late vol. 2 - ch16b

Translator: dairytea
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Love Late Vol. 2
Ohohoh~ NSFW warning!
Chapter Sixteen

The next day, Shu Nian and his husband wanted to hold a welcoming dinner for the three. I had to act like a gentleman, so I couldn’t even back out from the invite to the dinner party. Once their outdoor shooting was done, I personally took them back and dropped the three young’uns off at Xie Yan’s spacious apartment to play.

“Lee, let’s play ball~ We happen to have six people. We can have a match between teams of three!”

Lin Jing got a basketball from Shu Nian. From the looks of it, it was probably something from Xie Yan’s younger days. Kudos to him for preserving it so well.

“Spare these old bones of mine.”

“Even Shu Nian has agreed to play. Stop playing frail.”

My brother was actually urging me too, “Let’s go. We don’t usually get the chance to exercise. There’s a basketball court downstairs.”

Damn it, Shu Nian is captured already. Lin Jing really is likable. Who am I to blame that he has a face that people can’t help but smile at?

My fists were unable to withstand the pull of four hands, so I had no choice but to join. The basketball match had three players on each team. Shu Nian and Xie Yan were sure to be a team; otherwise Shu Nian would only be an extra player. They and Ke Luo formed a team. As for me, I embraced with my left and held with my right two beauties.

What gave me the chills was that Zhuo Wen Yang was quiet with a deadpan face even when he played basketball. His skills weren’t that much better than Shu Nian’s. Luckily, Lin Jing was a fierce combatant, so much that he could match Xie Yan. And just like before in LA, I was Ke Luo’s check.

I was already familiar with all of his steal techniques and dribbling strategies. Therefore, even though I couldn’t rival him in stamina, I wouldn’t lose to him.

With two teams of amateurs playing basketball, the scores were fairly even. When time was almost up, the scores on both sides were at a dead tie. At last, I stole the ball from them, but Ke Luo was relentless with his defense. Know thyself, know thy enemy. Naturally, I wouldn’t let him succeed so easily. I quickly passed it to Lin Jing who was hollering, yet that guy was unable to get away from Xie Yan who had him checked really well. He yelped and threw it back to me like a hot potato.

As I scrambled with Ke Luo to snatch the ball, we were a bit too close. I would have succeeded, but for a split second I almost brushed against his nose. I actually zoned out—frozen on the spot—for that emanating charm and hormones.

Ke Luo took the ball in a flash, and then, with a proper posture, he made a three-point shot.

Xie Yan and Zhou Wen Yang looked at me with darkened faces. Even Ke Luo, who had come back to himself after scoring, was somewhat at a loss. Only Lin Jing burst out in laughter.

That laughter from Lin Jing put me on the spot. I immediately straightened my face and said, “What’re you laughing at? You couldn’t have made a better steal. That’s what you call intimidation, intimidation! You haven’t experienced it before. Try going up against Ke Luo and you’ll know. I guarantee you’ll be shocked just the same!”

Yet Lin Jing, the damn guy, up until dinnertime, kept raising his hands upon seeing Ke Luo, as if he was too dazzling for his eyes, and shouted, “Uwah, it’s intimidation!”

I can’t stand this anymore!

I truly didn’t have the face to live through it. It was as if I was sitting on pins and needles. Tonight of all nights, not a single phone call came to my rescue.

With no way out, I was forced to find a chance to send a text to my buddies under the table. As soon as they called, I immediately answered, putting on an act with a “Hello?” and then acting surprised, “Oh, really? I’ll be right there!”

Shu Nian asked with concern, “What happened?”

“My friend is hurt! He needs me to go check on him.”

After a moment of silence, Lin Jing said, “You sure sound cheerful when your friend is hurt…”

I gave a cough. “Alright. In fact, a friend asked me to go have fun at a nightclub. You all know, that kind of need is like eating and sleeping. It’s an essential of life. You’ll have to excuse me for leaving first.”

Lin Jing happily exclaimed, “That’s right! All too true. I’ve restrained myself for so long, I’ve almost reverted back to being a virgin. I want to go too!”

The couple and Zhuo Wen Yang naturally wouldn’t want to go. Ke Luo was somewhat embarrassed as well. As a result, I had no choice but to let Lin Jing tag along.

After cruising through several places, it all seemed very boring to me. Faceless drinkers with bland words weren’t stirring up my blood. Clearly my frail nose spurted blood yesterday, and now when I wanted to have some fun, the sensual system in my body seemed to have shut down.

At each club, I would drink a glass, and then drag Lin Jing along to pay the bill. Lin Jing asked, “You can’t be taking the census of the gay bars in S city, right?”

Gradually my patience with drinking and flirting faded. I wanted just straight-out sex so much that I didn’t want the usual one-on-one.

When we entered the final bar, the muscular men on stage had reached the climax of the strip tease performance. Their briefs were stuffed full of paper bills, and a buzz of excitement ran through the crowd offstage. The lighting was dimmed with secrecy. It couldn’t be any clearer what those people were doing in the dark.

Lin Jing looked around, ordered a drink, and said, “I don’t think I’d want to make out with drunkards and drug users.”

But that was what I wanted tonight.

Someone brushed past me, glanced at me, and signaled me. When I drew out my wallet, Lin Jing looked at me with widened eyes. “Hey, no way!”

Smiling, I paid the money and took a small bag of pills. “There’s no harm taking some every once in a while.”

It wasn’t something that I’d get addicted to. As long as I kept a good control of myself and not overdo it, it’s unlikely there would be any harm from it. And I was the type who knew when to stop.

You only have one life to live, so you have to keep pursuing pleasure. To be so stiff and proper just wasn’t me.

What's more, if I don’t take them, how am I supposed to get high tonight?

The atmosphere on the dance floor was fervent. I was attracted by the increasing excitement of the decadent air. I moved closer to merge with the crowd.

There’s a risk to sex parties, but they gave extreme satisfaction. And I wouldn’t forget to use a condom.

Lin Jing grabbed my arm. “Hey, you’re not actually thinking about being that loose?”

Why is this guy suddenly so upright? It’s not as if we both haven’t played this before. I laughed and patted his face. “I’m going. Go back to the hotel early. Little kids shouldn’t play with adults.”

I took the drug with my drink and, as expected, I quickly felt high: vivid colors before me, my body feverish. I knew the drug had started to take effect as my mood brightened.

Lin Jing was still pulling me. I turned to look at him. Suddenly I thought he looked cute. Leaning toward him, I embraced and kissed him.

After a moment of kissing, Lin Jing cheerfully said, “Are you throwing yourself into my arms?” Then he said, “Not good, a rabbit doesn’t eat the grass by its own burrow. I’ll be beaten up. Hold on…”

My screaming blood was stirring restlessly through my entire body. Annoyed from his long-winded chattering, I released him and turned to kiss someone else close by.

As I was in blind passion with a stranger, I faintly heard Lin Jing holler, “Lee’s gone crazy! Hurry and come help me drag him back! We’re now at…”

In the end, I had no idea who was pushing who against the sofa, caressing and kissing, yet I was held from behind by someone and pulled off.

It’s quite common to be interrupted when in high spirits. At times like this, there aren’t any fixed sex partners. You can switch when you run across someone better, and there are plenty who want to join in midway.

I turned around, wrapped my arms around that person and pulled him over, kissing him heavily.

The man struggled for a while as I restrained him tighter. I probed into his mouth with my tongue, and I groped under his clothes.

It was an indescribably wonderful feeling. Skin, waistline, the touch of the lips. Everything about this person was exactly what I craved, even his scent.

My entire being was stimulated. I plundered and teased him with kisses. I forced myself between his legs, rubbing and pushing against him as one hand reached down to unzip his pants.

The man’s strength was extraordinary. He could actually struggle free under this kind of circumstance. Normally I should have switched to someone else and continue my pleasure. There were sex partners all over the place anyway. Yet, this man made it impossible for me to give up. I wrapped around his waist, wanting to forcefully push myself onto him.

Amidst the chaos, one more hand came out to handle me, determined to tear me away from that man’s body. Is this asking for a threesome? That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

My ears were still buzzing as I was carried out of the bar. Whatever I heard seemed to be separated by a wall. The light outside the bar was bright. I suddenly realized that Lin Jing was one of the two people, and the other was…

The lucid thought flashed through my mind.

But I was rational and clear-headed only for that one split second. As soon as I sat in the car and sensed that the man who I had been attracted to was beside me, I threw myself at him.

When I forcefully muffled his mouth, kissing him, I heard in my buzzing ears someone say, “Wow, you have got to be kidding me, to be in heat like this. Just be a gentleman and bear with it.”

During the entire drive, I was in the back seat twisting and turning. I’d kissed, bitten, groped, and pulled his clothes into disarray, and still the man wouldn’t let me have my way yet.

After getting out of the car, topsy-turvy, my head was filled with nothing but sex. I seized the chance to pounce on the man with the alluring scent and tried to arouse him.

The other man kept pulling me off him to stop my attempt and yelled, “Hey, Lee, control yourself. There’s a camera in the elevator…”

I finally entered the room. As soon as the door closed, there was only the two of us. All of a sudden, I unleashed the beast inside me and pushed the man against the wall.

The kissing and caressing became more wantonly. His shirt was torn off by me and his pants were finally stripped off.

I was already unbearably excited before anything substantial was done. My weak nasal cavity couldn’t hold it much longer. I pushed harder against him, fervently kissing him as I took off my clothes. Entangled, I stroked him and tried to force myself between his legs.

I could feel his beating heart quicken through our closely-pressed chests. When he struggled, the short gasps and groans made it even more so as if I was hit with another shot of stimulant. I embraced him tightly, intensely kissing him while eagerly yanking down his briefs.

At last, the arrow was nocked on the bowstring. I was already excited to the point that my throat was parched. I kissed all over his neck, nibbling and biting. Our cocks rubbed against each other as our bodies were about to burst into flames.

In the frenzy, he began reciprocating. We intertwined with lingering kisses as we caressed each other. My hand roamed all over his body from his chest down to his thigh. I nearly lost myself in the sensation.

My hands moved behind him and slid down to his buttocks, probing between his legs. I became increasingly impatient as I was just one short of a final push.

At this time, I managed to remember safety. In-between kisses I breathlessly said, “Condom…”

We parted slightly. He went to pull out my case of Durex from the clothes on the floor and, as I wanted, tore one open.

But he put it on himself.

A glimmer of rationality flashed through my mind once more, but it quickly submerged into thick kisses. We passionately rubbed against each other, kissing to the point that my lips painfully swell.

With my guard down completely, I felt my rear being filled and hot as it was slowly being penetrated by something hard.

For a split second, there was some pain and reluctance, but when my desire rose, I could care less for who was on top and who was at the bottom. What I wanted was to have some good sex.

Our overlapping bodies moved rhythmically a number of times against the door. Any hesitation I had was pushed down by pleasure as I gasped with bliss. His arms looped under my knees and lifted me up. Next thing I could remember was the feverish ramming and writhing. I was forcefully penetrated as I fiercely catered to him at the same time, causing lewd sounds to emit from the door.

But this was still far from enough. After that, we walked as we crazily made love, knocking over a ton of things.

I was vaguely aware that I was lying on the table as I let him do it standing. The next time I was clear-headed was when I was on the sofa, straddling on his waist, writhing and panting. I think we also did it once on some random glass door, dripping with sweat.

When we finally got to the bed, I was still aroused: the impact of both the drug and the intense sex. I couldn’t catch my breath. Bright colors flickered before my eyes. My heart pounded to the utmost limit, as if it would stop beating the next second. A suffocating, lethal climax.


“…” I felt dizzy, yet I was still relishing the jerking pleasure right to the heart brought by the rhythmic movement.

“Lee, are you okay?” As I was kissed, I vaguely heard him ask me in a low, ragged voice.

I’m probably going to die.
But that was fine. It’s good dying on the bed like this. There’s no flavor in living my days away from him anyway. I was well-off and laid-back in front of others, but at night, when the lights turned off, my heart felt empty.

Now it’s so wonderful like this, dying from bliss! It’s really my style. It was worth living until now for this.

As I wanted, I continued to enjoy a bit more of the world-shattering, great sex. And after that, while I was straining to kiss, I slipped into unconsciousness.
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