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Love Late vol.1 - ch8

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Love Late Vol. 1 
Why are all Lan Lin's characters so adorable~ >//w//<

Chapter Eight

That Shu Nian really had agreed to visit Ke Luo, and he even came alone.

For those few days, Ke Luo was exceptionally excited. His skin, that was originally bright and clean, seemed like it could really radiate light. He had such bright eyes and white teeth that one was unable to look directly at him.

He was like a young male beauty from dreams. Pity he had nothing to do with me.

For the sake of this visitor, Lu Feng provided the best hotel and dinner party. He personally held a welcoming dinner for him. If it weren't for the receiving party’s strong opposition, he would probably have sent a private plane to fly him in. In short, it was greatly extravagant. The approach was practically equivalent to receiving a daughter-in-law. It just lacked the red carpet for his son.

I was obligingly invited to the dinner party. Of course I didn't go. I didn't have that fine of a self-control. If by any chance, I could no longer restrain myself and I strangle to death that man, who was pure like Snow White, what then?

As an outsider, why give them trouble?

Over there, the spring night, high floor banquet started. Here, in a restaurant, I ate a simple meal with other colleagues. Both had nothing to do with each other. But hearing a few girls chatting about today’s order of a big luxurious bouquet, I thought, for some reason, of the one feeble plum blossom in that flower vase of mine.

Damn, the difference really was too great.

The welcome gift Lu Feng gave to that man was reportedly a rare jade. He even allowed that man to stay at his mansion, appointing people to wait upon him.

When I heard this, I was more or less envious for a moment.

That partly cold-blooded man actually loved his son dearly. Knowing his sexual orientation, he was far from making things difficult for Ke Luo and even generously cooperated. He would deem whoever his son liked as good. Father and son were one mind. In accordance to such offensive, even if he wanted to take home and marry ten Shu Nian, I fear that it wouldn't be difficult.

After a period of time, I’d probably have to deliver a congratulatory gift to Holland.

But anyway, all this had nothing to do with me.

After Shu Nian stayed for a few days, he soon went back. And Ke Luo gradually calmed down, yet he was still cheerful. Seeing him wear that smile on his face, I became a bit weary and was in less of a mood to talk to him.

“Uncle Lee.”

“You need something?”

“Tomorrow is Winter Solstice. Come to our house tonight for dinner.”

I was taken aback.

All around, there was only a Christmas atmosphere; yet there was no one to mention my own country’s holiday. I didn't know how many decades it’d been since I had celebrated Winter Solstice. By him saying so, I felt strange.

“I know you don’t have plans for tonight, and preparing dinner alone is inconvenient. Come eat with us.”

I was uncomfortable to have been seen through the fact of lacking a date, but I was indeed fed up with the same simple monotonous meals.

“The house you’re talking about refers to…”

“Uncle Lu’s house. I’m living at his place.”

I still thought we were going to that mansion of Lu Feng’s until I realized on the way that something was amiss. The car was heading toward an ordinary residential area.

“Where are we going? The villa isn't in this direction.”

“Ah, you don’t know? Uncle Lu hardly lives there. We’re living at that house of Uncle Chen’s.”

I rested my hands behind my head. Such differential treatment. Why can’t I ever be able to enjoy the generous hospitality of Ke Luo’s old man?

“Isn't that too wasteful for that villa?”

Who knows how much money was burnt to merely keep it? Forget about staying somewhere else every once in a while, but to actually live long-term in a common apartment. I don’t know what Lu Feng was thinking.

Ke Luo drove with a smile. “Uncle Lu just needs Uncle Chen to be happy. That villa is used to meet outsiders.”

Oh, can it be that I’m not an outsider? I no longer daydream with my imagination running wild though. I merely listened to the music as I looked out the window with casual indifference.

“That’s right, how many people will be there tonight?”

“Including us, a total of six: Uncle Lu and Uncle Chen, also Uncle Chen’s son, and another boy.”

Hearing that there may be pretty boys, my spirit lifted. I hurriedly used the rear-view mirror to fix my hair.

After pressing the doorbell, sure enough, it was a pretty boy who answered the door: tall, slender figure, large eyes, slightly curly hair, and honey-colored skin. It’s just that his mouth ungracefully opened into an “O” shape.

The corner of my mouth twitched. “Lin Jing?”


Ever since Lin Jing left, he intentionally cut off contact with me. We’re both people who were unwilling to wade in mud and water. I also didn't tell him about my dire situation of returning to the country.

I never expected to see him here. We somewhat forgot ourselves. Just as I reached out to pull him in, he had already thrown himself onto me. I couldn't keep my footing, so we clung together in a fluster.

“Lee…” The way he fiercely drew out the last sound was very adorable. “You've lost weight.”

My heart slightly ached. “Yeah.”

“You've aged too.”

“…” I hate the most when others say that.

Ke Luo watched us with a slight surprise. “Turns out you two know each other?”

Lin Jing chuckled and said, “Not just knowing!”

Our love affair wasn't anything decent. What’s there to be proud of?

We had arrived late, so when we entered the house, everyone else was already present. Lu Feng had just come out from a shower. His hair at home wasn't combed the usual neatness. His forelocks were scattered down. I was almost smitten to death.

He was obviously at that age, yet he was still so potent. It really is a crime for this pair of father and son to have such genes.

Zhuo Wen Yang, the son of that icy-jade like, clean and snowy white skinned, cold beauty, Cheng Yi Chen. Although I’d heard about him, it’s reasonable that this would be my first meeting with him. I didn’t know why, but he seemed exceedingly familiar. Indigo blue is extracted from the indigo plant, but is bluer than the plant it comes from; he was indeed better looking than his father and taller: a cold, detached, self-restrained look with indifferent eyes. I watched in a daze.

“Uncle Lee, sit.”

Only until Ke Luo forcibly pulled me did I come back to myself. Retracting my wicked, lecherous expression, I sheepishly rushed to look for a seat.

Ke Luo looked at me with a forced smile and spoke in a low voice, “You like him?”

My heart leaped. I stiffly swallowed my denial and laughed. “He’s not bad. Are you going to help introduce me?”

Ke Luo stopped smiling. Just as he was about to open his mouth again, he heard Lu Feng’s deep voice. “What words do you two have that must be spoken in hushed tones?”

I immediately broke out in cold sweat. It wasn't until I looked up that I realized he wasn't speaking to us at all, but to Lin Jing who had his lips to Yi Chen’s ear.

I wasn't being overly suspicious. I actually had a guilty conscience. To have Lu Feng discover that I, his former “colleague,” had an affair with his son. I was really afraid of the day when I would vanish into thin air because of a “man-made disaster.”

After the bustle, the dishes were set. We each took to our seat. Zhuo Wen Yang naturally sat beside Cheng Yi Chen. Lin Jing actually pestered to occupy the other side and was nearly killed by Lu Feng’s glare. I hastened to drag him back.

Everyone sat around the table: Cheng Yi Chen, Lu Feng, Ke Luo, me, Lin Jing, and Zhuo Wen Yang. For some reason, with this arrangement, I just felt that the relationship between the people at the table was truly strange. Fortunately, the atmosphere could still be regarded as harmonious.

Cheng Yi Chen sat right across from me. I couldn't help but glance over him a few times. He really was rather good-looking: still notably youthful, slender figure, very fair, extremely good taste; it’s rather rare to see a man so good-looking with single eyelids.

But even if he’s any more pleasing to the eye, when beside Lu Feng, I felt that he was somewhat lacking.

I had originally thought that the man who could make Lu Feng go crazy should be, how do I say, an extremely rare, unrivaled beauty. My expectation was too high. At that time, when I had first seen him in the flesh, I was hit by disappointment.

I didn't know what it was about him that caused Lu Feng to love him so much.

But now that I thought about it, what was it about Ke Luo that made me so infatuated?

However more beautiful Ke Luo was, it’s not as if I hadn’t seen people more beautiful than him. Boys for certain occasions have charms rarely seen on earth. What was Ke Luo to me? Even Zhuo Wen Yang may not lose to him. And at the time when I had more money, what hadn't I seen in this world?

I didn't know what was going on with me.

The dinner tasted pretty good: steaming hot homemade dishes. Ke Luo and Lin Jing, who were bantering with anecdotes and jokes as a bumbling duo, almost made me laugh to death. The more I ate, the livelier it was. Even Zhuo Wen Yang’s iceberg face was slightly thawing.

And the real king of cold jokes was in fact Cheng Yi Chen. You can’t tell, right? With an honest face and a solemn expression, he unexpectedly dropped two lines, making us go out of control: Zhuo Wen Yang grinned and Lin Jing was set off to keep shouting, “Uncle Chen, you’re so sneaky!”

I saw Lu Feng feigning indifference with his hand supporting his forehead. He had a cold and detached look, yet his shoulders were involuntarily trembling. It was unusual and amusing.

He seemed happy.

After eating dinner and cleaning up the table, two pairs of father and son sat down to play cards. Fathers and sons separated against family, playing with vigor and murderous looks. Lin Jing and I watched from the sidelines for a while, and then slipped away into the bedroom to speak in private.

“How come you’re here?”

“I refused to live together with my dad and his lover, so they brought me here under Uncle Chen’s care.” Then Lin Jing added, “Oh, yeah, Uncle Chen is the elder brother of my old man’s lover.”

My brain grounded to a halt. “Oh. So Cheng Yi Chen is your…stepfather’s older brother. You have to call him…brother-in-law? And call Lu Feng…Un-Uncle or Auntie?”

“…I don’t want this kind of aunt. And you? How come you’re here?”

“Hadn't I mentioned earlier? My undertaking in LA failed, and I came back to start from scratch.”

“Don’t brush me off with these formalities. Frankly speaking, are you and Ke Luo dating?”

I immediately retorted, “Nothing of the kind.”

“Then it’s one-sided for you?”


Lin Jing giggled, “Ke Luo and I play well together. I can help put in a few good words for you.”

“Go away.”

“Don’t put on an act.” Lin Jing squirmed. “Come on, come on, let’s swap secrets.”

How old am I? To even do such childish things with him.

I remained completely unmoved, and Lin Jing rolled his eyes. His skin was a bit tanned, but quite clear and smooth. And his eyes were dark and big. The look of him staring wide and rolling his eyes was hilarious. “Ke Luo is so handsome. It’s typical to be captivated by him. If he isn’t your type, then I’ll consider making a move.”

“Hey! Hold on a minute!” I glared at him with cannibalistic eyes. “Alright, I like Ke Luo…his…uh, body. Just don’t tell Lu Feng.”

Lin Jing had grown to about my height. No matter what aspect I looked at him from, he had competitive strength. Children nowadays develop so well. I felt more and more defeated at the acknowledgement.

“You should have admitted earlier!”

“It’s not like anything will come of it. This kind of disgraceful thing!”

“I’m hopeless like you.” Lin Jing scratched his head and sighed. “I seem to like Uncle Chen.”

I was shocked and immediately shot at him with eyes that say, “You’re insane.” “Have you had your head clamped by a door before?”

“When I first saw him, I had a strange feeling. I can’t clearly explain it. In any case, he’s the type I like!” Lin Jing spoke with a lewd look.

“Forget about it.” To snatch and eat the meat from Lu Feng’s mouth, are you fed up that life is too long? I good-naturedly guided him. “You can make a move on anybody; just don’t make a move on Cheng Yi Chen unless you want to make Lu Feng go ballistic. You’re familiar with what a RPG game’s final boss looks like when he hits berserk mode, right? Do you want to be crushed under his feet?”

Seeing him grieve with a shriveled mouth, I patiently explained, “Cheng Yi Chen and Lu Feng have a scabbard-and-sword relationship.”

Lin Jing gave me a look. “You’re so perverted.”

As soon as I was sentimental for once, I suffered a blow like this. “What? Where is your mind wandering to?! You little pervert!”

“You old pervert.”

I exploded with anger, “What are you saying?! Can’t you just say big pervert? What old?!”

For me at this age, it’s a taboo for others to mention age.

“Moreover, what can you use to fight against Lu Feng? Is your pocket deeper than his? Are you as handsome as him? Are you as muscular as him?”

“I’m young, and I have skills.” Lin Jing pondered for a moment and suddenly approached me. “That’s right, Lee, seeing as how we've been in friendly terms for so many years, how about you lend yourself to me for practice once more?”

I understood what he was referring to and instantly said with a smile, “Why so polite? With our relationship, don’t say one time. We've already done it one hundred, two hundred times. I’ll even keep you company ten to twenty more times.”

“I’m saying let me top you…”

I immediately scoffed, “In your dreams.”

I didn't know what was going on with young people nowadays. Their hairs aren’t fully grown yet, and they’re all in a hurry to be a top. Public morals are really getting worse by day.

The card game reached its end. Cheng Yi Chen set about making dessert. Zhuo Wen Yang also went into the kitchen to help. Lin Jing and Ke Luo sat on the living room floor, playing battle games. The video game controller clacked as they punched the buttons.

These two typically lived here and as young people were likely to play together.

Lu Feng signaled me with his eyes. I hurriedly got up and went onto the balcony with him.

Once I stepped out, I shivered. Light snow unexpectedly fell from the night sky. A slight chill penetrated my bones. It differed significantly from the temperature indoor. Lu Feng stood still, looking down at the glittering nightscape for a while before he opened his mouth. “You and Xiao Luo’s relationship is pretty good.”

My sneeze was stifled back in fear. Sweat drenched my back. “Not at all.”

“He often talks about you. When Xiao Chen finished brewing the coffee, he even insisted on getting a pot for you.”

I couldn't figure out what this man was indicating. I smiled awkwardly, not daring to say a word.

“It’s good this way, and I’m more at ease. Lee…” He looked at me. “If something is to happen to me, I leave Xiao Luo to you.”

I was taken aback. I didn't know whether his words were real or not and hurriedly laughed as I said, “What is this nonsense? What can happen to you?”

Lu Feng was by no means raised from a greenhouse as a young master. He had started bare-handed. His path up to now wasn't smooth at all. Relying on brains and absolute ruthlessness was his style. At a young age, he was like Asura: neither lenient nor afraid of death. His way of doing business wasn't anything pure. In those days, who knew how many people wanted to kill him and rejoice afterwards? But to this day he’s been safe and sound. This was evidently his handiwork.

Up until now, not many people in all of T city would dare to firmly mess with the man. Yet he suddenly looked to me to handle his future arrangements, taking in calculation his death.

In fact, even if he lived in a place like this that didn't have much of a security system, he surely had bodyguards in unseen places. It’s as safe as sleeping in a bank safe. I didn't know what he was fretting about.

Lu Feng nodded, not commenting on the remark. “You've seen Lin Jing, right? He’s actually the son of Xiao Chen’s enemy. You and I would never have expected it back then.”

I didn't dare speak out.

“I've happened to have done some things to him.” Lu Feng glanced at me. “Some you don’t even know about.”

A chill ran down my back. It was a long while before I forced myself to say, “Xiao Jing isn't so vengeful of a person, and he also has amnesia. There’s no need for you to worry.”

Lu Feng shook his head. “Lin Jing having amnesia now doesn't mean he’ll have amnesia for life.”

Hearing this, my heart shivered.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t do anything to him. Moreover, even if he doesn't remember, Xiao Chen remembers. I’m only concerned that Xiao Chen will take it too hard.”

I didn’t need to worry about Lin Jing’s personal safety for the time being. I breathed a sigh of relief, but then I heard Lu Feng say, “Perhaps Xiao Chen will kill me.”

I was startled. “That’s-that’s impossible.”

Lu Feng merely smiled. I was a bit shaken. To be able to destroy everything for his lover--these kinds of horrifying words actually came out of his mouth so casually. What kind of lovers are these two?

“I’m not afraid of it so long as he doesn't leave me without a word.”

Choosing my words carefully, I said, “I think you’re worrying too much. Anyone can see his feelings for you. Even if you've done...things he can’t forget, he won’t go as far as to blame you. In the end, all men cover up their faults.”

Lu Feng snorted out a laugh. He felt for a cigarette out of habit, but felt nothing. He had quit. “You won’t understand. Even though Xiao Chen loves me, he’ll never cover me.”

After Lu Feng had finished speaking, he hesitated slightly, and immediately corrected himself, “But then, I don’t need anyone to defend me.”

This man was clearly a cruel tyrannical guy, yet at that instant he revealed a weak side…it really makes ones nosebleed gush.

My perverted nature doesn’t distinguish the time and place. I suddenly wanted to comfort him a little. This time it wasn’t due to fear that I sucked up to him.

“It’s not as bad as you think. It’s been so many years for you both. To be together now isn’t easy. And it’s not as if he doesn’t know how to cherish someone. We’re not hot-headed teenagers anymore. You and I aren’t as impulsive, and neither is he.”


“He’s actually pretty easy to understand, right? Treat Lin Jing…treat those around him better and perhaps he’ll slowly feel at ease.”

Lu Feng quieted for a while, and then said, “I'm indebted to you for your kind words.”

He was so polite. I was really overwhelmed by the flattery and honor.

“Enough about this. How is Xiao Luo? He’s fairly sensible, right?”

“Yeah, he’s smart.”

“He also likes men. I was a little shocked.” Lu Feng chuckled. His expression softened. “But it can’t be helped. As long as he’s happy, he can do what he wants.”

I coughed. “He likes that…Shu Nian is it? You've met him too. How is he?”

“Not bad. If Xiao Luo thinks he’s good, then he’s good. I rather like him as well.” Lu Feng naturally continued, “These types are always good. I don’t have any objections to him being together with Xiao Luo. Gentle and polite, kind-hearted, and soft-tempered.”

These qualities were beyond thousands of miles apart from mine. My mouth turned up.

“Speaking of which, Shu Nian is a bit like Xiao Chen.” Lu Feng smiled faintly. “Our tastes are so very similar. He really is my-” He abruptly stopped half-way and looked at me warily.

I quickly pretended to have heard nothing and nonchalantly gazed down at the night scene, just gazing at the night scene. I wonder if a person becomes dim-witted in certain areas because he’s too smart. Anyone can see that he’s your son. Why put on an act?

As soon as we went back into the house, Lin Jing saw me and threw himself onto me, wailing, “Ke Luo's too cruel! How can anyone attack me in a game without a single shred left…”

Ke Luo just laughed evilly, “Let’s go for one more round, huh?”

Lu Feng faced them and stopped. Tall and frightening--no one dared to stick to him. Only Cheng Yi Chen walked over and cupped his face.

The pampering made me so shocked that my chin nearly dropped. That’s Lu Feng. He can bite. He’s not some small kitten or puppy.

Cheng Yi Chen wiped off the drops of melted snow from his eyebrows, caressing him. “Your face is freezing cold. There’s warm soup. Have a bowl.”

Lu Feng gave out a “Hn.” A bowl of soup could make him so happy.

I watched them for a while. I believe I might have hit the mark. Yet I vaguely felt that there’s something amiss.

Well, it’s someone else’s family affair, and I can’t get a word in edgewise anyway.

I’d even eaten the late-night desserts, if I stay any longer, it would be too late. I got up to take my leave. Ke Luo offered to take me home. In fact, I could have just called a taxi, but his etiquette was always so thorough.

Sitting inside the car, Ke Luo didn't drive out right away. He looked at me and smiled. “What did you and Uncle Lu privately talk about outside?”

If it was the former me, I would have made a pass on him by saying something like, “Your father has entrusted you to me. From now on, you’re mine.”

But now I wasn't in the mood. I just chose to say what he wanted to hear: “About Shu Nian. He thinks you both are very well-matched. With Uncle Lu supporting you, you really have nothing to worry about.”

Ke Luo froze. He pressed his lips and his face flushed. Bowing his head, he quickly started the car.

We had nothing more to say. After the car drove on for a while, I was somewhat bored and pointed out, “Turn right at the intersection up ahead.”

Ke Luo gave me a baffled look. “It should be straight ahead.”

“I’m not going home. You can just take me to Narcissism.”

An endless night of those gentle, pleasant, pretty boys--I really missed it somewhat. With this face of mine, I can get an acquaintance VIP discount inside. Cash is allowed, credit cards are too. Even putting it on a tab is okay.

Ke Luo frowned. “Uncle Lee, don’t go to those types of filthy places anymore.”

I didn't take it to mind and brazenly spoke out, “No need to worry about safety. It definitely passes the test. Do you want to have a go at it too?”

The employee benefits Ren Ning Yuan gave were pretty good. He would never casually bring out a questionable person. Comprehensive physical examinations were regularly carried out. Their medical insurance was probably better than mine.

But Ke Luo apparently didn't appreciate my proposal. He hardened his face, not responding. When he drove through the intersection, no matter how I alerted him, he drove his car straight ahead.

I wasn't in the mood to joke around. “What the hell are you doing?”

The young man’s stern expression looked so much like his father’s. “Didn't I tell you that if you have the need, you can look for me?”

I laughed. “I dare not trouble your gracious presence.” In view of my usual lessons, if I seek him, I might as well seek a vibrator.

“Park in front.”

Ke Luo stepped on the gas instead, making it explicitly clear that he wasn't planning on paying any attention to me.

I felt extremely frustrated at having my wishes ignored, but I didn't want to perform a jump out the window of a speeding car either. I was pissed off, and yet all I could do was watch helplessly as scenes of debauchery continuously flew past me.

Although he’s ruthless, I couldn't say anything. This was someone else’s car.

When had I become so stricken that I was short of breath in such a way? Even riding the car had gotten to the point that I had to look at the man’s face?

The car drove up to the stairs of the apartment. My mood to search for a fling had faded. I didn't want to bother shooting my mouth off at him. Exhausted, as I reached out to open the car door, I heard Ke Luo asked from behind me, “Can I go up?”

His intention couldn't be any more obvious.

Him coming to my house was the same as me going to Narcissism. The only difference was that he didn't even need to draw out money.

I sneered at him. “If you have the need, go to Nar then. Mention my name and you can get a discount.”

“Uncle Lee.”


He suddenly approached me and kissed me on my lips. I was caught off guard and blanked out for a moment—about six, seven seconds—then I pressed against his forehead and shoved him off. “Stop playing.”

How great does he think his kiss is? Tossing me that tiny bit of fish bait and I’ll fall head over heels onto his hook?

When Ke Luo approached me again, I dodged him. I patted his head and pushed open the door. “Goodnight, kid.”

My voice hadn't even dropped, and my mouth was blocked yet again. This time it was a passionate kiss. His tongue probed in. A moist, hot sensation that was incredibly captivating. On top of that, a strong, powerful embrace. I was momentarily breathless.

Although we were separated by heavy sets of clothes, I could still feel his scorching body and his caress. I was made hot and parched under his fervent kisses. Don’t tell me this brat is in heat?

He’s a hot-blooded youth after all. It was much more unbearable for him, who hadn't vented once in a while, than it was for me.

After a period of entanglement, my cooled-down desire was stirred up once again. Doing it in the car once was definitely enticing, and I did have a need to resolve. It was a pretty good sex to pick up so easily, and the quality of the sleep later on would be higher--good for the body and mind.

The kisses still continued. My fucking lips are about to be bitten off. What the hell is with this lengthy foreplay? Why not go straight to taking off the pants and be done with it? In any case, we've always just done it. The hollow kisses were too redundant.

Desire gained the upper hand. I had already intended to abandon my reason, following instinctive intimacy. With my belt half-unfastened, my hand slid into Ke Luo's pants, yet Ke Luo seemed to be startled. He loosened his grasp and straightened up, distancing himself from me.


I couldn't see his face clearly in the dim light, but I was sure that the clenching of my teeth was very much apparent to the eye.

“What do you mean?”

Ke Luo fell silent for a moment. “Sorry, I shouldn't have done that”

I gave a short laugh and put my pants back on. Damn it, go remain faithful to that Shu Nian of yours then.

“Uncle Lee”

“Get lost.”

Translator's comment:  Nooo~ Ke Luo, what were you thinking!? o(╥﹏╥)o

Also, as a side note, on Chinese names- The Chinese surname goes first, followed by given names.  For example, Lee is actually his last name.  His first name is "Mo Yan."  In Cheng Yi Chen, "Yi Chen" would be the first name.  Using the pre-fix "Xiao" (translated as "little") before the person's name shows familiarity.  In this chapter, Lu Feng calls Cheng Yi Chen, "Xiao Chen," and Ke Luo as "Xiao Luo."

* Additional information about Dongzhi festival aka Winter Solstice:  video link

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